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You’re right pal! I’ll never forget when I was 6 and went on the building site to get some lunch money when my mom…
Retweeted by Jack Dixon📍Country Durham
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conservative HQ this morning
Retweeted by Jack Dixon“this is not what politics is about” but allowing children to starve is ? fuck up you scummy cunt
Retweeted by Jack Dixonannalise would convince me that i didn’t do it.
Retweeted by Jack DixonVotes on free school meals. Does this not tell you something? #ToryScumOut
Retweeted by Jack Dixon£79.7m to repair Big Ben £369m to repair Buckingham Palace Failed track and trace 10billion £252m on 50 million…
Retweeted by Jack DixonYou don’t need to be Nigerian to speak out🗣 what’s currently happening is devastating! My thoughts and prayers go o…
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1. Marcus Rashford is 22. Labour left power in 2010. 2. None of the children he is campaigning for live under a Lab…
Retweeted by Jack DixonThe Tories have voted AGAINST @MarcusRashford plea to feed hungry children during the pandemic. Never forget this.…
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When you go round your gran's house and she's ran out of biscuits
Retweeted by Jack Dixon"I've had my leg broken, I nearly broke Nani's leg..." @Carra23 defends Jordan Pickford after it was confirmed tha…
Retweeted by Jack DixonIf this was Andy Robertson, you’d all be sucking him off so stop crying about it.
Retweeted by Jack DixonAshamed of nothing, offended by everything FC staying true to their motto
Retweeted by Jack DixonYou could say that about any tackle in any game of football ever coz why the fuck would you tackle someone in the s…
Retweeted by Jack Dixon
BruceBall #NUFC
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @DomSim0ns Hahahahahah up to 76 now lad 🤣 proper frog city @DomSim0ns They couldn’t even punch Jasmines fanny crust in @DomSim0ns Another one who can’t comprehend sarcasm @DomSim0ns Posters of Gerrard in ya room been to Anfield 0 times @DomSim0ns Lad ya support Liverpool you from the damhead
@Billyy_Hutch painful innit especially with the attacking players we haveKarl Darlow our best player as per. Whole teams got a losers mentality with that defensive minded tosser as managerExactly what we deserve. Been absolutely battered all game. Lucks finally run out scraping results with these 10 be… is straightforward. You either are or you are not. Not VAR. Any changes have to be to the rule.
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @regannnm14 Aye I don’t agree with the rule like. More exciting for the neutral but infuriating when that goes against your own team @Jordan_Toddy Aye I don’t agree with the rule like but that’s how they do it now. Pickford shocking tackle 🤣 @Jordan_Toddy Na that was offside that but Pickford should have been off @regannnm14 Agree Pickford should have been sent off but that’s offside that
@Reecemarsden981 you put mayo on curry foying bastard @Reecemarsden981 well ya won’t see lad so man u see ya later taxi
@Jackxhamo @Jordan_Toddy Even Danny P would do betterBeat Iceland because we got gifted a penaltyWe’ve played Denmark twice in 5 weeks. Lost one, drew the other and didn’t score a goal in either Christmas kids... It’s also not for food banks to feed millions of British children but here we are. 250% in…
Retweeted by Jack DixonRemember when I said I was going to need your help... For the millions who do not have the platform to be heard.…
Retweeted by Jack Dixon
they’re gonna lose it when they find out what minorities go through lmao
Retweeted by Jack DixonSpot the difference ....
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @ReeceBowden_ 20 plate mercs only skeeeetownnnn😏accurate #Lockdown2 #WinterISComing
Retweeted by Jack Dixon
Boris being told by Maggie what tier level to stick Liverpool on
Retweeted by Jack Dixon
@maiseydavisonx @rachtullyx ohhhh that makes sense ffs @rachtullyx I think you have the wrong person?🤣 or 100% a fake account because I don’t have you
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @Jordan_Toddy Heard it loves football stadiums thoughSo is grouse shooting with 30 people but that’s allowed @duncandbbarlfc that literally has no relevance to what I said @jacklemaitre good point tbf lad hahahahGyms are the only thing that will have kept some people mentally above water these past few months. If the governme…’s not pretend there’s anything scientific about this Three Tier System; Tier 1 - Tory Stronghold Tier 2 - Marg…
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Retweeted by Jack Dixon3 rights backs, harry maguire worst centre half in country atm Eric Dier not far in front, pickford couldnt catch c…
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @maughany981 Different world mate proper fucked up some areas
@leer0binson Scum bag man first reaction was to grab his blade hope he gets killed in prison @Jordan_Toddy Fucking low life hope he gets banged up and slashed in prisonFucking disgusting. Death penalty for the little rat and nothing less’s the most forced laugh av ever heard
Retweeted by Jack DixonThis is a really bad move by the @premierleague to charge £14.95 for single matches that have been shown free for 6 months !
Retweeted by Jack DixonThat’s ... the whole ... joke ....
Retweeted by Jack DixonHow are people actually not reading the sarcasm in this tweet
Retweeted by Jack DixonThe people that don’t get how sarcastic he’s being hahahaha
Retweeted by Jack Dixon
@leahjamesonnn Hahahahaha i only did it cos i saw about 100 people post about it 🤣🤣trump said “they tested my DNA, and it wasn’t DNA. it was USA.” and no ones even talking about it
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @Reecemarsden981 @baileyprudhoe00 @HazMac_ @samwoodward9794 Hahahhhaha classHahahah mustard @baileyprudhoe00 @Farrelly18G pretty cool if ya ask meMuting this before some other thick bastard quotes it like ‘I’m not like other boys’. That’s the whole point. Dumb… @baileyprudhoe00 @Farrelly18G Hahahaha have to give him sometwhat yas reckon @baileyprudhoe00 @HazMac_ @Reecemarsden981 @samwoodward9794 ?I’m way better looking than all of them biggest decline in football
Retweeted by Jack Dixon"We disciplined, we fucking social distance, fucking masks, hand gel, come on!!"
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @Reecemarsden981 Fuming today aren’t ya lad everything orytPubs and restaurants have been opened since July? The spike happened late august/September in line with unis and sc…
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @Willllo Hahahha deffo not my intention that lad @Reecemarsden981 Hahahha sorry lad. Walk to the gym on saturday silly cuntRefuse to believe anyone has read this and thought it was serious. People are dense @HazMac_ @Reecemarsden981 You would say it and mean it #Beta @Reecemarsden981 Haz Mac seems to think so. Thing is that is something he’d say anorl @HazMac_ @jayhawkridge Was obvious really @conorb1406 howay lad I’d never go on like that 🤣Actually concerning how many people don’t understand sarcasm yano
Don’t mince your words, Patti
Retweeted by Jack Dixon @jessmcgheex @E_Dixon9 spread em. I’ll be there in half an hour @E_Dixon9 Sick of just going for food 😓 @Jackxhamo Books get me girls books get me girlsAnyone else reckon a date would be unreal here? Probs not I’m just so different in Finland 🇫🇮
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"North Koreans are brainwashed"
Retweeted by Jack DixonHow can 1 person possibly have so many dangerous views and still get elected
Retweeted by Jack Dixon‘Slavery was hard and so is this’, why?! @PureGym
Retweeted by Jack DixonFuck me how is this video still going round it’s painful local shops in Thailand. In 2 seconds scans my temperature and to see if wearing mask. Doors don’t open if not.…
Retweeted by Jack Dixonit’s the preaching of men’s mental health but being homophobic to a small child for me
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Retweeted by Jack DixonRoy Keane reload it
Retweeted by Jack DixonI hope this breaks the record for the most OFCOM complaints 💉💉💉💉
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