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Jim Townsend @jteurope Washington, DC

30+ years at the Pentagon/NATO working Europe/NATO/EU, final 8 years as DASD, now Senior Fellow at CNAS working on Brussels Sprouts and The Dish

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@transatlantic Americans!This tussle between the US and Russia on the road in Syria is how the shooting starts!!! @AliRogin If you only got deja vu you got away lucky! @ProfPaulPoast @BobbyGulotty @SevaUT @jurpelai Thanks! I worked on Baltbat from its earliest days when I worked in…’s evergreen!!!! @BobbyGulotty @SevaUT @ProfPaulPoast @jurpelai What did they say about the Baltbat?Magnetic field visualised!
Retweeted by Jim TownsendOne of the largest wave a human has ever crazy surfing.
Retweeted by Jim TownsendThe US has on its plate (inter alia): Coronavirus Syria Russian hackers and spies Huawei Brexit Putin Iran Uk…
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👇👇👇👇 in the office today: SSG:... yeah you can use that to travel to NATO countries like Finland. me: Finland is…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend"Help from friends" includes European acknowledgement of all DEU has done to atone for its past. Encourage DEU to l…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendThis also happens in reverse, when folks complain about NATO not doing X, Y, or Z... and one has to remind one’s co…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendF.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Successful. – Robert Kiyosaki #quote
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Crossing the southern ocean towards Antarctica... 😱
Retweeted by Jim TownsendDolphin jump🙂
Retweeted by Jim TownsendMy key takeaway from @MunSecConf 2020 is that no amount of experimentation with ideas on European security can repl…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendTurkey became NATO member 68 years ago today. Support for NATO membership is still strong in the country and %38,8…
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@MaggieCaroline1 Oh wow! I’m so sorry. I think we’re learning that the flu is not just a cold.You’ll love it, Tim! And the rest of you all, listen to Bill Burns on Brussels Sprouts! @jteurope Listening to this episode prompted me to buy my own copy of The Back Channel, so thank you for the inspiration!
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope Marked for Wednesday!
Retweeted by Jim TownsendHello everyone! Once you’re over your jet lag from your trip to Munich, you need to listen to Bill Burns and gets… in Tokyo now and I can attest that this is occupying the government here at all levels. Major concerns about pot…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend60 Minutes is Brussels Sprouts big time!!!"A successful, prosperous, Western-oriented Ukraine provides a direct threat to Putin's hold on power. "He can't ha…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @RachelRizzo OMG!!! @FrankeBenedikt @MunSecConf I remember one year @FrankeBenedikt welcoming me with a salute but you were in your un… @e_sarotte @MunSecConf I CANNOT WAIT and I’m only embarrassed that I didn’t think of this first!!!Me too! This is going to happen. Maybe a special edition with @shifrinson and @JimGoldgeier ??? is so done!!!! Even without an autographed copy of your book you need to be on Brussels Sprouts like right no… Britain? The Sun: Royal Navy to be smaller than Italy’s after defence chiefs admit our new warships are de…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendGreat work by @60Minutes. Thanks for having me on to discuss Trump's false claims about what happened in the 2016 e…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendVery cool @AKendallTaylor
Retweeted by Jim TownsendGo Andrea!!!! you even have to ask?
To the men and women of DOJ/FBI: do NOT resign, stay strong, in all your actions be true to the oath you have sworn…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @ConnorJWangler Country Director for Germany in OSD Eur/NATO. @e_sarotte @MunSecConf That’s a great story! When do I get my autographed copy??? @shifrinson @PatPorter76 As you can see, your question is a hard one to answer. It would help to know what you are… @MurielDomenach Go Muriel!You likely need some Casablanca tonight finished listening to @kjmcinnis1 on @CNASdc #BrusselsSprouts and it was honestly what I needed to hear right now.
Retweeted by Jim TownsendIt's a beautiful afternoon for a walking audio-tour along #Berlin's oldest section of the elevated/underground rail…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend"This was a great audio tour and a nice alternative to other walking tours that are available :)" A review of…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend"There’s a lot of American citizens that do not need to be persuaded about the importance of American engagement, b…
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@nickfshort That’s a great piece! It must have taken years for the beaches to be swimable, given the metal debris.… when MSC was called Wherkunde!! @shifrinson @MunSecConf @JimGoldgeier @TobiasBunde @Journal_IS Cool!!!!!! @tskos @MunSecConf @Heritage @general_ben @IISS_org @markhleonard @camille_grand @KerstiKaljulaid @AtlanticCouncil @MaggieCaroline1 @AKendallTaylor @A_Sloat @wendyranderson It’s your turn! @MaggieCaroline1 @AKendallTaylor @A_Sloat @wendyranderson Any time, any where! But thank MSC too! @TobiasBundeSo glad you got in this year Maggie and I like the company you keep! Tell them all I said hello and to have fun!… @AlenaKudzko @MunSecConf @Europa_Nova Not “open heat” but “open heart”. Although heat works too! @AlenaKudzko @MunSecConf @Europa_Nova We are the new generation of the open mind and open heat! @AlenaKudzko @MunSecConf @Europa_Nova Wish I could have heard you!!! @RachelRizzo Of course! No worries!! @RachelRizzo We’ve got your back!Weather reporting in Iraq is a dangerous job
Retweeted by Jim TownsendHis classic pose at whatever desk he was occupying throughout the century. thus a Century was born. February 1901. Winston Churchill entered Parliament for the first time, as MP for Oldham.
Retweeted by Jim TownsendJohn F. Kennedy signs the ratification of the Partial Test Ban Treaty.
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@shifrinson @JimGoldgeier I agree!!! @stockotrader How about his sword? Do you have that too? @GLOBSEC @MunSecConf @TPetricek @fromTGA @PolandMFA @MKuefner Good luck guys! Have a great dinner. @elisabethbraw @PatriciaMary @IlvesToomas @AngusLapsleyFCO @NATOpress @JyShapiro @andrewmichta @rach_ellehuus @dylanpwhite @NATO @coalition @jensstoltenberg @CJTFOIR @EsperDoD @PentagonPresSec @lindareynoldswa @florence_parly @tskos @MunSecConf @NLinDeutschland Tell everyone I said hello! @FinlandinUSA @KirstiKauppi @NiinaNykanen @sirpanyberg @HelenaLiikanen @jarvelainensatu @TopsyTurvyWorld👇👇👇 @torrey_taussig @RNicholasBurns @D_Schwarzer @SangerNYT @ConStelz @A_Sloat @Josef_Braml @Ce_Moll @ThomasGomart, diplomatic historians, Europeanists, NATO-nerds, salivate over these newspaper headlines and sto… @transatlantic But I would spoil the joy of discovering new things! @transatlantic Give it a listen Jorg!This is one for the history books! Take a break from MSC2020 speeches and give this a listen!! guess...
Retweeted by Jim TownsendAgree with this, having watched Heiner in action for many years at NATO! @AlenaKudzko @MunSecConf @GLOBSEC @LucRybnikarova @MinoSolar What an impressive crew! Globsec rocks! @kellymagsamen And to you too Kelly!This is an impressive piece by Victoria Taylor @SpitfireFilly Americans should remember Dresden too...we were in th… @ConStelz Have fun and tell all my friends hello for me @nickfshort @RichardClem Well-respected by all @nickfshort @torkil_ts @DDROnline @blnensemble GDR shortwave radio broadcasts! @DDROnline Listening to GDR broadcasts on the shortwave radio. @nickfshort @RichardClem Also German Ambassador to NATO when I got there in 1998.If you are 100% sure that, in the circumstances of 1945, you would not have felt justified to order the bombing of…
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@DrJJoyner @charlie_simpson In fact it was during those “tiny shop last legs” days that I first met @charlie_simpson @ckafura @charlie_simpson For think tanks that’s a ton of money. So what will these new centers actually do? @charlie_simpson Holy crap! That’s a lot of money. Great expectations! @Jagarchefen The German Army will have tenders out for two tank ships? @TimRivera @MunSecConf For some, while others hold down the fort at home.👇👇👇👇👇👇 is a nightmare! @curtmilam I think the times call for both of us to suit up and get back in the game! The pros from Dover! @stockotrader @nickfshort My book would be interesting only if it was made into a movie with Tom Cruise playing me!
Yes, we were definitely in the same constellation! Appreciate your work too. Amazing times and great leaders to wo… you're like me and you're wondering how to even begin to understand the Defense budget, read this brilliant expl…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendPalais Wilson in Geneva was the first home of the League of Nations. The League’s fate taught us that disengagement…
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