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Jim Townsend @jteurope Washington, DC

30+ years at the Pentagon/NATO working Europe/NATO/EU, final 8 years as DASD, now Senior Fellow at CNAS cohost of Brussels Sprouts. Wilson Center & ATA too!

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@wendyranderson I did and she whispered in my ear to tell you to be strong.RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg the route: almost there the route: RBG’s legacy the route: RBG’s legacy the route; paying respect to RBG on Capitol Hill Capitol Hill this afternoon; waiting to pay respects to RBG. pretty much every think tank and NGO
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @Ami_Marisol Congrats! See you at the hardware store on Saturdays! @ChrisBalster Your posts are great!!! @charlie_simpson I thought you would! See you later tonight! @ChrisBalster @kristina_wong Thank you for covering this, friend! ♥️🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @charlie_simpson You’re not alone! I’ve often read your tweets at 3:00am!!Go get’em Elissa!!!!
So true @RebeccaBillChav !!!We have to get house in order before we regain our standing in Europe too!’t miss it!!! @kath_hicks @gringa @csis_isp They need you big time back in the building Shannon!!!Actually, it was NATO’s intervention in 1999 that stopped the killing. And it is NATO’s continued presence there ev…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope When I tell my friends that a non-insignificant portion of my time abroad was ‘diplomatic damage control’…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend🇬🇧forces demonstrating their reach across the Euroatlantic region in last few weeks, from High North, and Eastern M…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendSo much work to do after November 3rd!
This looks fabulous!!! Is it too late for me @d_jackie_ramos ? @nickfshort @JamesMunro5 And thus earned your first promotion!
@nickfshort @JamesMunro5 Did you discover that you are prone to seasickness? @KadriLiik Great photo!Hundreds gathered on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to pay homage to Justice Ruth Bader Gingsburg #RBG (…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendListen: The crowd is singing Amazing Grace on the steps of the Supreme Court
Retweeted by Jim TownsendShe held the line for us. Until her dying breath. We WILL hold the line for her. Get in formation for Nov 3rd and beyond.. #NotoriousRBG
Retweeted by Jim Townsend"This is what struck me most during my conversation with Troye: she is young, only forty-three years old, with a lo…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendWe knew @senatemajldr has no soul. @lisamurkowski and @MittRomney apparently do. Looking at @BenSasse and Susan Col…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendThank you @lisamurkowski this is the right thing to do. And what will @SenatorCollins do? What other principled R’s…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendRarely has our country needed four Senators of principle more than we do at this hour.
Retweeted by Jim TownsendFor women in national security, the era of waiting has ended — now is the time for doing. I am proud to support…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendSO proud of @lc_wins and the 850 + badass women who are ready to serve this country in senior national security pos…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendAn inspiration for me, for women, for Americans, and for the world. We will miss you RBG.
Retweeted by Jim TownsendRuth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020) now belongs to the ages:
Retweeted by Jim TownsendThis will unleash an ugly period in our political and social history. @kellymagsamen @charlie_simpson + 100000
@Oriana0214 A proofreader who is knowledgeable about the military!!!!The most dangerous delusion is, “it can’t happen here.”
Retweeted by Jim TownsendAnd now the State Department wishes the Air Force a happy birthday by featuring the Navy's Blue Angels
Retweeted by Jim TownsendHilarious
Retweeted by Jim TownsendSTUNNING 🐋
Retweeted by Jim Townsend'Patriotic Education': Trump Says He Will Start New Commission : NPR No matter your political affiliation this is…“It Was All About the Election”: The Ex-White House Aide Olivia Troye on Trump’s Narcissistic Mishandling of COVID-… @KofmanMichael Agree completely🚨🚨🚨 NEW from @RVAT2020. Olivia Troye, VP Pence's lead staffer on the COVID task force, resigned two months ago. Now…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendTruth from a fellow “disgruntled former White House employ.” Olivia, thank you for speaking up.
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @naval_gazing @CIMSEC Are you all partnering with any think tanks? @AaronMehta Hilarious! @StuartHumphryes Babelised! I like it! (Of course in the States it would be “Babelized”).
Great advice: "Choose something that you’re passionate about and go deep. Establish some expertise, and pursue that…
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This is very sad news. Clarence was indeed a friend, and supporter of the Open Door policy. And a real ally at the…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope Jim, so sad to hear this news. Clarence was a great and wise man, a great friend to us. And Yes, he was o…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope Jim, Thank you although that is very sad news. He will now be enjoying the best 19th hole ever. Paul Flaherty
Retweeted by Jim TownsendClarence Juhl was a prince of a man and an indispensable member of the U.S. Mission to NATO for many years. RIP.
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope Oh no. Clarence Juhl was one of the first transatlantic stalwarts I worked for as a young defense profes…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendSorry to hear this news. Clarence Juhl was a transatlantic stalwart. Present at the creation of so many important…
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To the NATO clan, “Mr NATO” Clarence Juhl passed away this afternoon at his home in North Carolina. Not many shaped… of President William Howard Taft, born today 1857:
Retweeted by Jim TownsendInsightful meeting with 🇬🇪 Ambassador @Dolidzevictor. #Georgia has been a strong committed partner to #NATO, contri…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendWhy? Because Russia thinks that Germany will not go for confrontation & will back down. And that will be disastrous…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend'Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.' #BattleOfBritain Day #NeverForget
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To our small polar tribe, this is worth a listen @StephaniePezard @GoodmanSherri @dc_arctic could they not have released this? What a shot.
Retweeted by Jim TownsendThere's some horrifying conspiracy theories about the "deep state" and what it does Theory: gov't is full of evil…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @nickfshort guy cussing himself out is exactly what I needed today...
Retweeted by Jim TownsendI’ll be there! looks great!! @KirstiKauppi Great photo! @moonopinions Tears just from the smoke!Welcome to Washington Ambassador! You follow a distinguished line of fabulous Finnish Ambassadors who have made th… @cguyver I thought she was married to the guy who shot an elephant in his pajamas? @nickfshort Interesting!! Where is this churchyard? @nickfshort Love it! I collect them too.
Utterly absurd statement by @SecPompeo. 🙄
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @realDonaldTrump You mean this ad?
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @StuartHumphryes Get ready for a long run!!! @StuartHumphryes One day please do a coffee table size photo book!! @c_aromano Bandit @ExumAM How about a fellow DASD?
@jteurope @skipperdoodled1 I was in Moscow on 9/11 and the Russians covered our embassy with flowers and candles.…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope @sandibachom I was in London in 9/11 and the remaining days until the next Sat when flights resumed to th…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope Proof that while it goes through ups and downs, the Special Relationship is an enduring partnership!
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @CarolineRose8 @jteurope This makes me cry every time. So much love for those wonderful Brits
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @jteurope @SpiesVespers I remember the service in London's St Paul's. Had to watch it on TV in a nearby pub. Americ…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendEven 19 years later, this remains an extremely moving piece of film footage. A simple, but incredibly powerful ges…
Retweeted by Jim Townsend🇳🇴Norway #1. 🇩🇰Denmark #2. 🇫🇮Finland #3. Social Progress Index. I love #TheNordics but am honestly getting sick…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendOn the US Troop Withdrawal from Germany
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @klaasm67 Yikes!!! @klaasm67 Do you ever encounter “unpleasant things” when you go into these places?🇺🇲🇩🇪 friendship
Retweeted by Jim TownsendOn #September11 a heinous #attack was brought against all of us. 🇮🇹#Italy & all @NATO Allies stood up w/ the 🇺🇸#US
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @GermanyinUSA Thank you Germany!!!After 9/11, the crew of the German ship Lütjens passed the American ships USS Winston S. Churchill and USS Gonzalez…
Retweeted by Jim TownsendAmen. The USA couldn’t be luckier than to have such an amazing neighbor and partner like Canada 🇨🇦❤️
Retweeted by Jim Townsend @thorneh Nice!I didn’t know this happened on 9/11. It’s incredibly moving.