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🦁🦁 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️Conservative in New York💫✨Labor to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience. -George Washington 🔥☄️🌟

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@JLo hey!!! Wake the fuck up!!!! Liberals are fuckin retarded and destroying our country!!! I know you are smarter… in cages? TONIGHT (Thursday) @ 7pm EST, #WalkAway debuts EPISODE 4 of our series The Hard Truth starring A…
Retweeted by @JTSNailing it. So true @BlazeTV @BrandonStraka @ericbolling True. It’s true. You are nailing it. It’s all making me sick. SICK. @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews I really cannot take another WORD from Adam fuckin Schiff or Drunk Pelosi. I CANNOT take… @RedSanc Yes!!!! @iflyfonts @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump CAN YOU TELL YOU MAKE ME FUCKING SICK. Wake up!!!!! Go to Venezuela!!!… @FionasRevenge @aslibharat1 @georgiegirl1216 @MrFirestonetwo @JaredJConway @RoadMN @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @JesusMetal1689 @VMuselova @JackPosobiec Bernie Sanders and George Soros manipulation @VMuselova @JackPosobiec @JackPosobiec You are a FUCKIN idiot. Your idiocy @AOC gives me anxiety. I have 3 girls. YOU give me anxiety about… @RepMarkMeadows I despise this asshole clown. That’s all I see. A demon channeling through him. He is protecting Bi… @myjourneymyself @MichaelStrike10 I despise this asshole clown. That’s all I see. A demon channeling through him. H… @zackstaab @georgiegirl1216 @MrFirestonetwo @JaredJConway @RoadMN @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @zackstaab @georgiegirl1216 @MrFirestonetwo @JaredJConway @RoadMN @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @georgiegirl1216 @MrFirestonetwo @JaredJConway @RoadMN @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @TheFive @MrFirestonetwo @JaredJConway @RoadMN @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @TuckerCarlson @TheFive @DanaPerino @greggutfeld @IngrahamAngle I HATE LIBERAL SOCIALISM. This Entire Country is going to look@like the fuckin slums with these idio… @sunshineok127 @Breaking911 Seriously. I’m really starting to hate these Socialists. They want this Country to look… @iflyfonts @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump You and your stupid profile picture Russian chicken asshole @bell315159 @Breaking911 And this is why we are having an impeachment against Trump. To protect this psycho.... why… @Danstringer74 @Breaking911 @JTSEO9 @mydoghasagun @TheAdaptedMind Hahahaha @WokeJones @Breaking911 @Breaking911 @JoeBiden @Breaking911 @iflyfonts @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Russian Puppet being Bidens and Pelosis. You ppl are so fucked in the h… @BrandonStraka @JesseBWatters @greggutfeld @TuckerCarlson @SteveHiltonx @joerogan @DailyCaller @gatewaypundit @AOC @iflyfonts @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Really??( really cross eyed?? And I’m a Russian bot!!!! N yer Mama is a…
@IlhanMN do Liberals have the dumbest and fakest profiles.... owwwuuchhh grtting “told off” by another NYT. Whatever dude @HoltenJim @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Liberals @HoltenJim @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Not one ounce worth arguing a you pin heads destroying this country @HoltenJim @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump I”Isee you prefer to avoid the actual topic and apply the Ad-Hominem Fa… @JerseyM80121814 @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Yup!!!!! Anyone with at least half a brain @HoltenJim @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Aren’t they literally meddling in 2020 elections!!!!!! This is outrageous. Outrageous @IlhanMN AND!!! You do nothing but COMPLAIN about how terrible the USA is!!!!! BYE @IlhanMN You have broken laws. You disrespect our Laws. You are a traitor. You have no respect for 9-11. You side w… night (Thursday) at 7pm EST, #WalkAway debuts EPISODE 4 of our series The Hard Truth starring An0maly…
Retweeted by @JTS @BernieSanders Are you kidding me????? You people are fucked in the head. Fucking aspirations are to be Dictator of a 3rd World Country @RashidaTlaib @SenateGOP Who the FUCK wants to listen to his theatrics. Not anyone w half a brain or more @RashidaTlaib @SenateGOP You DISGUST me. Fucking FOOL @SenSchumer *Corruption. I feel bad. I’m free from the DemonCRATic Party two decades and feel free feee free. So cl… @SenSchumer So the people voting on impeachment are Senators RUNNING for President in 2020. Isn’t this ENTIRE impea… @Jericho3K @SenSchumer IDIOT @JeanseeJean @SenSchumer @SaltyProfessor @SenSchumer Are you kidding???!!! Don’t you see how the Dems are playing you!???? NY has THE DUMBeST voters!! @glassmeg @SenSchumer @SenSchumer You are going straight to Hell Schumer. Full of lies and bullshit. We see through your shit Chuck. ZERO respect for yourselfMedia refuses to expose the Democrats. George Soros and Liberal billionaire la who want socialism SILeNCE the media… @AOC Fucking LIAR. FEAR-MONGERER. Fucking ridiculous. @AOC SHUT UP.
A 91 year old Democrat. Just undressed @RepJoshG “I’m a Democrat & I’m sick” This sums it up. Life long Democrats,…
Retweeted by @JTS @db_foote @AaronFoote52 These Democrats and the lies are out of friggin control❤️❤️❤️ @stillgray @db_foote 😱😱😱😱 @db_foote @IlhanMN Yup. She’s a real piece of work this one. Unreal @IlhanMN But you were sad when Soleimani was killed and Baghdadi??!! You are a piece of work lady!!! I’m crying 🤣🤣😂😂😂 laughing so hard. Must watch. Snow flakes are nuts @BrandonStraka @JesseBWatters @greggutfeld @TuckerCarlson @SteveHiltonx @scrowder @joerogan @DailyCaller🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😱😱😱😱😱😱🤪🤪🤪🤪 @BrandonStraka @JesseBWatters @greggutfeld @TuckerCarlson @SteveHiltonx @scrowder @joerogan @DailyCaller coverup is Democrats in this impeachment covering for Bidens and Pelosis. Also isn’t this impeachment MEDDLING… @IlhanMN Only coverup is Democrats in this impeachment covering for Bidens and Pelosis. Also isn’t this impeachment… @AOC @JudicialWatch @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump And they are 10000% punishing him because he was about to uncover their corruption!!!! @JudicialWatch @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump Isn’t this impeachment with Senators running against Trump in 2020 an ab… @aircarrier @IlhanMN Yeassss!!!!!!! Yessss!!!!! Poor Ihlan!!! Boooo fucjing hooo. Damn she pisses me off. @IlhanMN Lady. GTFO. You quoting MLK is an abomination!!!!!! Don’t make that angel role in his grave!!!! @GovernorVA I think you escalated it @hollandcourtney My hope is you drop out and all Liberals go away. That’s my sense of hope I’m spreading
@BrandonStraka @davidhogg111 Of course they are! I didn’t see @AOC at the NYSOUA on Jan8th saying anything when peo… @FaithfullyBP @AOC @AOC believe Pastors in Black communities take money and bribes to preach the Democrats Agenda. Because half th… @nowthisnews @AOC Why aren’t you for a wall you ass!!!!!! I think the Dems pay all these pastors to indoctrinate th… @AOC Girl you are so whack in your logic. You don’t even think things through before you got our publicizing really… @Kanew @AOC This woman cannot be this..... 😳 Tell me. Please make it stop😳 @loisbeckett @AOC In your one little clip? Is that what im@basing this statement on @lorrie_e @SpeakerPelosi Sums up current Democrat Party @LynnB1441 @SpeakerPelosi She’s doing great👍 You all are. Yer doin good😬😂 @HillBeverlyhill @SpeakerPelosi Schiff could use you! @Nadojack @SpeakerPelosi They don’t want to believe lil Hunter did anything 😂😂😂 @gchris11 @SpeakerPelosi Speaker Pelosi is drunk, senile, corrupt. Cringe worthy when I was a Democrat. How can any… @socalaura @virginia_true @SpeakerPelosi Don’t kill babies full-term? Obama built the cages? Don’t encourage migrat… @SpeakerPelosi Here’s information you can use Nancy. A list of AA meetings in DC hosted on Sunday mornings when you…
Retweeted by @JTS @auctionman67 @SpeakerPelosi 💯!!!!!!!! These ppl want to believe a drunk medicated puppet @ZnationAnnie @BigKarl8 @SpeakerPelosi 😳 Are you really that.....?😳 @BigKarl8 @SpeakerPelosi Pelosi’s family and the Biden’s are guilty of illegal and corrupt dealing w Burisma in Uk… @irishson1916 @SpeakerPelosi @janetwooten1 @SpeakerPelosi Quid Pro Senile Joe is as much a rival to Trump 2020 as your Kenneth Cole pumps from 1985. Get real.… @SpeakerPelosi You disgust me. A disgrace to this Nation and our history AND future. Nancy, your soul has long been… @IlhanMN Unfortunately so is being dumb and Liberally indoctrinated to only vote for Democrats @IlhanMN Yes and in his name we will fight your lies and oppression Ihlan