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Juan Fernandes @juanfernandes Woodbridge, England

Freelance Web Designer / Interaction Designer #HTML #CSS #UX #UI #ACCESSIBILTY #SASS #DESIGNSYSTEMS #JQUERY #ELEVENTY #PATTERNLAB 🇻🇪 🇵🇹 🇬🇧

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@Rumyra oh this is cool. Cant wait to see progress @ScribblingOn Congrats @areoff yeah true. There are so many things now that rely on people having a smart phone that is leaving a lot of people in the dark. 😔 @areoff my mother in law, 70, has a smartphone, went into tesco and was scanning the clubcard leaflet qr code. One… @p0welly 🤣
Season 4 starts this week with @liz_e joining @Si to talk about the lack of career shortcuts, inclusive communities…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @iknowdavehouse I always wondered who knocked those over. 🤨😀
I noticed that my latest blog post wasn't showing the Nunjucks code within markdown code blocks. Turns out you need… out the preview doesnt work if you share it using the IFTTT URL. @StuRobson Thanks Stu📝 Automated Open Graph images with 11ty and Cloudinary: I wanted to find a way to dynamically generate a unique Op…, as in @Octopus_UK, are looking for a frontend dev to join me (and other devs) build software to help the people…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @MWSeymour @Keiron oh I see so its only if I create some. Interesting. @Keiron I have 14/3 😬
@Orangetronic welcome to the club @muzzlehatch_ I need to rewatch it. @chicgeek I have and love my Garmin Forerunner 35. Not as small as a tidbit, but not huge.
@muzzlehatch_ Awesome. One of my faves.There should be a worldwide ban on trophy hunting. Please retweet if you agree.
Retweeted by Juan FernandesLet’s have a freelancing round-up. If you are looking for freelancers for projects, get in my replies with contac…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @StuRobson Don't stand all day, alternate between sitting and standing. @robin_parker That view 😍
@MattHancock here is a rule I follow. DON'T LISTEN TO THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW WTF THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT. @shkliarau Congrats
Delete Facebook and Instagram'm still on the lookout for contract work - either frontend developer or interaction designer. Due to covid, loc…'re live with the BRAND NEW website! It would be great to hear your thoughts, anything it's missing or any issues…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesThe Four COVID Personality Types
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@MattHancock Looks like the Covid Test site has a coding error (see attached). Choose 'Change to walk-through' or '…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @ormanclark Hey Orman
@auareyou You can use OBS to record
Liquid Light are looking for a backend developer to join our team. Come and make kickass websites that look dope a…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes*coach not couch in my ear lol autocorrectMen in tech, please learn to start referring as developers in general in a more gender neutral way. Not all of us a…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesI'm on the hunt for a back-end developer to come and work with me. We currently have a primarily LAMP stack - full…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesFirst run without the Couch to 5k couch in my ear. Bit foggy this morning. #NoFilter #running #SuffolkCoast
Graphic designer for hire here! Not just for logos, but for flyers, tee shirts, posters, art for the home or office…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesHmm, I need to do better.'s the gender proportion you follow on Twitter? Many tech leaders mostly follow men. How diverse is your T…
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@KerriTwigg What tea did you have? 😀 @tidalsupport Any plans to make an Alexa skill for tidal for UK users? @AmazonHelp ah OK, thanks for letting me know. @AmazonHelp When I search for the Skill it does not show any Tidal skills in the results :/ @TIDALSupport Im trying to add Tidal to our Amazon echos and I read your guide on how to do this but tidal is not l… @areoff I was told by loads of people to get it, best machine ever. Bah waste of money. Knowing what I know now, I… @deanleigh my then 4 year old, £400 Toshiba laptop running Ubuntu with 16GB ram performed better. @StuRobson No, sorry 2018 one I think.I think the MacBook Pro should be stripped of its Pro title. Its far from a Pro laptop these days. Wish I had never bought it. Shame.
@ChrisPArmstrong Oh sorry to be the one that delivers the bad news.I just finished watching Into The Badlands on Prime and its sad they cancelled it. There's hopes Netflix will pick… who’ve done “regular” WordPress sites and done Jamstack sites: Would you say Jamstack has let you do the “we…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @deanleigh fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled Dean.
🎉🎉 STYLE ALERT 🎉🎉 It's that time again folks… we're ✨stoked ✨to announce another edition of London CSS! Get over…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @ChrisPArmstrong yeah same here when I switched to RBS. @ChrisPArmstrong Have you looked at Monzo business? @bealers Thanks. Yeah im definitely feeling it today @euperia Thanks Andrew. Oh no that sucks. I've been lucky not to get them. But getting back into it after a break,… 9 2nd run (final week) Need to push myself on the last run to get to 5k. #CouchTo5k #c25k
Today's #OneFixADay Attached two under desk cable tray and sorted out all the cables @sallylait @Farewill congrats SallyFirst run of September, also first since beginning of August as I took a break. Final week of #CouchTo5k #c25k
@geekygirlsarah You're going to be able to pick a time that suits everyone. Best thing to do would be to pick a sch… will be our 50th follower? Would a free sticker tempt anyone?
Retweeted by Juan FernandesHaha, using this excellent tip @kvlly shared on how to detect spammers on LinkedIn. Works a treat.
This is my bed for the night. #ChicksOfInstagram #chicks #ChickensOfInstagram people in their holiday homes abroad telling the British public that there's nothing to worry about and to…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @zuzana_kunckova @wesbos followed.Hey, friends! 👋 I’m still looking for a frontend web dev role with a focus on accessibility. ✨ If you know of any…
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Augusts' monthly notes are mostly personal and shorter than usual as I didn't get up to much - and that's a good th… you're interested in shaping the future of cities like I am, we (@sidewalklabs) are looking for 2 FREELANCE Seni…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes[Tweet importante] Estoy buscando laburo como desarrolladora frontend✨. Tengo exp en desarrollo en vue, react, html…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @saulcozens congrats Saul
Look how big these chicks are getting #ChicksOfInstagram #chicks @steffcarrington my pleasure. What part of Madeira are you going to? Or travelling all over? @steffcarrington Yes that is true, the test is free, it usually takes less that 12 hours, depends on what time you… @steffcarrington Be prepared for a free covid test on your arrival 😬 @VinylFanatiks I for sure would buy a pair :D @ScribblingOn all the time @StuRobson Happy Birthday mate. 🎉
@VinylFanatiks Hey Brent, have you recovered from your first VinylStarter yet? Quick Q, are you planning on doing…
@VinylFanatiks Nevermind, worked after a refresh. Sorted. @VinylFanatiks so once the campaign has reached the goal, you can no longer back it?
@adriantrimble @eleven_ty @strapijs @Ghost @NetlifyCMS Not sure if its open source, but I really like @forestryio -… @eduardoboucas Happy Birthday Eduardo 🎉WFH is not for everyone, but neither is working in an office. Companies need to assess & allow people to choose. If…
@stefanjudis @eleven_ty welcome to the club. @eleven_ty @catcarbn yeah I thought the same, as I looked at my linkedin profile 😬 @StuRobson @Tesco Yes very true @StuRobson @Tesco In theory yes, but someone touched those plastic bags, we never, even before the pandemic, invite… @StuRobson @Tesco Yeah I know that Tesco do take them back, but we will forget, since we put the shopping away afte… @StuRobson @Tesco Yeah, the red ones (even though I think thats crap) But the white bags, shoudn't have been used.Hey @Tesco, we ask for our shopping to be delivered withOUT bags. I'm glad you offer that as an option but its usel… @CraigGrannell highly recommend Guru -
What a load of shite. @StuRobson that looks like the real thing.So youtube decides to stop emailing new video notifications but doesn't bother to tell you directly or offer a way…
@Tesco Hey Tesco, surely a bunch of loose bananas should count as 1 item. You're forcing customers to opt for the b… @alexa99 any plans on including @TIDAL as a service? @MakeLifeWorkPod @stickermule 👋
I think I need to hire a designer. Anybody have any recommendations on the best way to go about it?
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