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Juan Fernandes @juanfernandes Woodbridge, England

Freelance Web Designer / Interaction Designer #HTML #CSS #UX #UI #ACCESSIBILTY #SASS #DESIGNSYSTEMS #JQUERY #ELEVENTY #PATTERNLAB 🇻🇪 🇵🇹 🇬🇧

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@brad_frost 😬 ouchA must read thread 😂
Retweeted by Juan FernandesWorth noting also that many prisons are run for profit. Big business puts dollar signs over unarrested black citize…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @kapehe_ok @chrisoncode if your current terminal of choice works for you, why change? But iTerm 2 is great. @chrisoncodeGOVERNMENTS are endlessly REDUCING their support of the ARTS in schools. NOT ON MY WATCH. I've made a MASSIVE, 50-p…
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Yes, one less reason to have to fire up Chrome to publish the latest changes to that I have been sitting on. Not fully finished bu…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesReplacing Google calendar has been one of the hardest apps/services to replace. We use a shared Google calendar at… Twitter! Do you think vanilla JS is enough? Must we learn frameworks like React and Vue? Why or why not? I'd…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @zellwk I believe that you should first learn Vanilla JS and then it will mean you can use any framework.I really want to hear more underrepresented voices. Please send me links to your blogs and RSS feeds!
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @edwardhorsford are you skiing or snowboarding? What's Slovenia like as a ski destination? Expensive? (Sorry about all the questions) @MrAhmadAwais both working for me @hankchizljaw this is on my list to do as well, I just need to figure out how to consume an RSS feed from Instapaper.
FOLLOW + RT to be in with a chance of winning this selection of Suuuper Hot #Sriracha and Sriracha Wasabi. Tempting…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @Joaogala85 oh right I see. Well I wanted a new router anyway 😬 @m1ke_ellis Awesome. I've been trialing NextDNS for a few weeks and it's been fine. But I wanted to be in house.The next stage in my privacy control adventure is to setup Pi-hole at home. To do this I've had to buy a new router… @pixlz ❤️😢 @rem Not sure if you've noticed but the H1 title link on your links page is undefined.Planning on setting them up as GPS trackers for the carsMy estimote LTE beacons developer kit has finally arrived (made to order) - so looks like I'll be tinkering with th… @HugoGiraudel it's responsive
@nocturnalmonkey 😬What is your preference when you watch a video course? I was always unsure how to approach this when recording some…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @tpiros Prefer to see how you debug, unless it takes too long.Still not sure if you understand what the #JAMstack is? I have prepared a *free* course covering the fundamentals -…
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@HelloNikDesign oh wait I see how that sounded, it reminded me that I should delete my account, not prompted! @HelloNikDesign I don't use it anymore. @HelloNikDesign I got this too and it has prompted me to delete my account 😀 @tpiros Born in Venezuela, Portuguese parents, but have lived in the UK since I was 10, so about 28 years! @tpiros @eleven_ty @cloudinary Hola Tamas! (That's all the Spanish I can manage 😬) I understand Spanish but don't s… @bseymour @eleven_ty @NetlifyCMS @cloudinary Thanks Ben. Will do. There are so many features with Cloudinary - it's amazing. @deanleigh We don't do cards for any occasion now 😀Using @eleven_ty and @cloudinary? @juanfernandes released a helpful plugin to insert optimized images in Markdown…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @deanleigh Oh you didn't say hand made card in the poll 😀 @deanleigh Just flowers.I've created my first NPM package and it was surprisingly easy to do. 🤓 Now I need to update the install instructi… made a thing. I've created a shortcode for @eleven_ty so I can use Cloudinary images within markdown files. This…
@hankchizljaw @Naisstep 🤣🤣🤣🤣January has been a surprisingly busy month - it's normally a bit quieter than this. My contract was extended until…
Google raids your Gmail account for signs of transactions and collects them all on a separate webpage for your acco…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesWe are hiring for two Product Designers to join our Design Systems team. You will be working in a cross-functional…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesFresh N Clean #mercedesbenz #aclass #200d #carsofinstagram
Accessibility Tip: If you use og:image on your site, don't forget og:image:alt. ;-)
Retweeted by Juan FernandesWe have no privacy. I turn off my phone when I leave the house, turning it on only when i…
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My daughter asked me to Google what the world's most expensive car is. She looked at it and said "that's the uglies… handy infographic guides you through the maze of claiming for edible #expenses on business trips! ☕️🥪🍎🥐…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesI'm currently available to help with: - Web and product design; - UX ideation & prototyping; - Design research & a…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @hankchizljaw 😆 @StuRobson Please tell me you get to have an intro tune play as you walkout onstage??I should have one of those small banners on my site to say that's it's in constant development and sometimes things… an article by Scott O'Hara, I was surprised to see the summary and details working perfectly in the Instapa…
@michaelw90 dogs are such posers! @michaelw90 such a poser 😍 @rem !
For a privacy focused browser, like Firefox Focus - I was surprised to see Google as the default search engine. 🧐…🚨I'M HIRING🚨 Looking for a contract junior designer to assist me on client work and all my adventures (podcasts, b…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesExciting new role in our BT design team. We are hiring for a Design Systems Manager to help lead a cross-functional…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesDo I know any freelance WordPress developers in or around Taunton? Would be great to chat 👋
Retweeted by Juan FernandesRetweet and DM us and we’ll send you some Fathom stickers. First come, first serve. While stock lasts of course 😎
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@MissRachilli I'm loving @eleven_ty with @forestryio right now, but Statamic gets a lot of mentions, so it's defini… @MissRachilli yeah makes sense.
@MissRachilli give me a shout if you need to talk at someone about this - happy to help if I can. @jemjabella 🙂 I figured. Sorry wasn't offering that as a solution. (I realise it came across as that) @jemjabella I like taking these on and then removing Joomla 🤪 @davemccourt @Robb0wen I'm bias obviously because I have one, but I now take reviews with a pinch of salt. What I… @craigbutcher Thanks Craig @MissRachilli thank youHappy Monday! Why not give your Git repo a spring-clean:
Retweeted by Juan FernandesDone! Write up on providing page translations and constructing multi-language selects 🇫🇷🇯🇵🇩🇪
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @Robb0wen @davemccourt I'm fan too, we also have a safe blender. Not cheap but it's very well made. I had cheaper… @frontendben ha! I only put enough beans in there for making 1 coffee. Keep them store in a dark place 🤓 @Robb0wen thanks. I'll double check it. @Robb0wen hmm do you mean, that small part behind the main tray? I never make sure its pushed all the way, I just a… a tray for my coffee machine using wood from pallets I had leftover from the pallet wall. Coffee machines le…
@magicroundabout ok I can see why you're a bit apprehensive about doing this. @magicroundabout ...puts the Wii down... Yeah sure 😬 @magicroundabout 😯 had no idea about this
@euperia I'm stuck with messenger until my parents move off it 😕 @euperia ah I see. You'll have to wait until he is old enough to have his own phone. @euperia I think you only need it to setup telegram, so people have been getting temp numbers for the activation. I… had to get a background check for my job, and it turns out the report is a 300+ page pdf of every single tweet I’…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesAlmost ready to uninstall Google Hangouts from my phone. One out of two friends has switched to Telegram.…
@pixlz 🙄 @deanleigh my OCD wouldn't cope with that 😬 @deanleigh Middle.“It is possible to determine from the collected data what date and time the anonymized user visited YouPorn and Por…
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@hankchizljaw me too. @hankchizljaw RATM are back! USA only tour though I think 😕 @gracecarey Parks and Recreation if you haven't watched it yetDoes anyone have a lead on a list of front-end/CSS confs currently accepting talk proposals? I'd like to get seriou…
Retweeted by Juan FernandesI’m doing a talk in the summer called “minimum viable content”. I know what I think minimum viable content is. But…
Retweeted by Juan Fernandes @hankchizljaw 💯, also all the GTM clones too @deanleigh yeah it is shocking. I still have to use FB messenger, trying to convince my parents to use something else! @deanleigh I thought you were trolling me with a link to FB! But I clicked anyway because all traffic to FB is bloc…'ll be tagging these posts with #privacycontrol so you can tune out if you want. And I'll try and not out anyone o… @danjdavies oh nice one mate. Look forward to meeting you.It's been a week since #naconf and Laura Kalbag's talk on privacy - I've been reviewing my own privacy since then.…🔥 For every retweet, I'll donate USD 149 masterclass to students! Instead of wasting 💰 on…
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