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playing guitar over stuff again oh god
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2021 Chick Corea
fucking finally about time @JesusChrist_alt genna wtfwell im back i guess
@JuanNotSoBot out of context
Retweeted by Juan🦆mf put in moonshine wtf know what would be fucking hilarious? if his last name was mama. joe mama! why is no one talking about this.
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @amitypls best ship dynamic!! @yeetus_skeetus idk man maybeGAME THEORY
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @yeetus_skeetus cameron I don’t know how to answer thatLMFAO
Retweeted by Juan🦆now what the fuck @ridha_____ i like the change in format! @nicothe421st holy shitthe oldest song in this is literally waka waka lmao @jacksfilms should do that kubrick stare trend on tiktok like that was his pfp on youtube for 10+ years @sergiopolarbear @RepMTG YOOOO BANGER!! @RepMTG this @RepMTG that mf when did they add magic the gathering to congress😭😭
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @jazz_inmypants but that’s probably wishful thinking @jazz_inmypants also it seems like if he just had a little more of green light after carmelo and everyone else came… @jazz_inmypants i miss linsanity and I wasn’t even a basketball fan back then @laswagna i vibed in the hospital for 10 days until valentines day cause god just made me too sexy, and also i have… @laswagna i was born a month early and my lungs did not work @jon_bois @FoolishBB when he was absolutely tearing it up in the majors pitching in one season in 2001Just say racist instead of bizarre
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@miguellocked but their about me tho @samuraiguit you can frick around all you want samurai guy
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @thexionxtra nah the dogs were great @thexionxtra bro that just means the throw was not great @sergiopolarbear @twit_nes this is a new one @rudy_betrayed this is a good one rudy!!
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @starrphires this was written very poorly my bad @starrphires mfs have to understand that age of consent doesn’t mean that 20+ can date 16 year olds it mean 16 year… @thexionxtra miguel watch the video it’s so funny @thexionxtra have you not seen knees: the american dream? im just stating facts @thexionxtra oh yeah that’s weird as hell the only knees that matter are eddy burback’s cause he jas the best knees @thexionxtra but you can enjoy the music so it applies to it you know? @thexionxtra the way he pronounces wap always gets me lmaooo @thexionxtra the best video on the internet gonna be honest @firelorddany yamguchi kinda but he gets screentime so ehThe SpongeBob SquarePants Movie - Frame 14150 out of 15688
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @thexionxtra me @thexionxtra @overcoverloon1 miguel if they fuck up the cut they deserve no career @thestabbiest me pirating all my guitar books:yo cuando los Demócratas hablan de Puerto Rico y se refieren a nosotrxs como sus “fellow americans”
Retweeted by Juan🦆If you were wondering what news Amazon was trying to bury yesterday with that Jeff Bezos announcement.
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @wokeupswagison his recent insta post has me dying how is he that funny @Dusty_Daddy_ i mean tbf tony’s parents were killed by winter soldier @chrissyteigen is it for tax purposes? @JesusChrist_alt thanks genna! do to a prior agreement we have made i will have to unfollow by the end of the day,… Birthday @JuanNotSoBot
Retweeted by Juan🦆I havent laughed this hard on here in a brick man LMFAOOOO
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @goodjokecenter fr @serumpity porque el español es un idioma bien lindo hablando claroim 18 banks should plaster this everywhere
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @amitypls @sh3riffwoody what’s up? @sh3riffwoody another hole😊 @JesusChrist_alt lol @riotgrrrlrevolt it’s such a genius thing I didn’t know i wanted;)
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @JesusChrist_alt oh wait how about me!!An apology.
Retweeted by Juan🦆doing choir homework wtf is this is still my favorite Chrissy Teigen moment
Retweeted by Juan🦆Scott pilgrim hate is stupid as shit. The movies fucking incredible but the main character is a toxic nerd. It does…
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @FunkyDiabetic1 if the celtics win then yes
@garbonzolover does failed to send voice tweets cause me pain @hotcommieteen my favorite color
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @sergiopolarbear @JesusChrist_alt big fan of this oneGirl what you doing in that castle the lakers need you
Retweeted by Juan🦆 @thattetrisman monkey @amitypls hey andy! @thexionxtra i do not think that’s how it works but i have no knowledge on it lmaomy english teacher is literally presenting a word document and telling to write instead of idk giving us the word document @chinesegon @YaLiekJazz yeah @Zebs888 had a tweet with the n word but also is homophobicreally should learn how to programJust got a time machine, fixing a few things...
Retweeted by Juan🦆chris pratt really went from the most liked guy in hollywood in 2015 to most hated man had to just shut up my lord @goodbeanaltalt it’s just so bad quality @Brittymigs im sorry @Brittymigs but women do be shopping tho @fore20skin yeah that’s their name‼️ @HDparx guessing she wants a break from twitter :(( @dstultz03 @1029pm_ oh yeah that’s definitely the other way to do it fr @1029pm_ @dstultz03 omg me too!! twins!! @JesusChrist_alt yes!!!!is that what a hive mind is ??