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JUBILEE @JubileeDJ Havent lived in MIA since 2012

@Mixpak, Magic City, @BBCR1, #R1Residency inquiries:

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@MAJORLAZER Old men just mad ppl are fucking and it’s not them @JubileeDJ never been about protecting life and always about control 😒
Retweeted by JUBILEEPro life ppl wanting death penalty 🤔 @kaylorikay Lollllllll I’m deadOmfggggg’s impossible to not feel like you should be achieving more, announcing more, looking more attractive, being more…
Retweeted by JUBILEE @djtara Yeah it’s really the last thing this building needs to be doing my bathroom door is falling off lol . Also… ART BASEL nothing short of legendary with @atrak @manniefresh @valee @jubileedj @lolozouai + more! Grab $…
Retweeted by JUBILEEwhen asked about their main influences, more artists, in many disciplines, should respond honestly: “my trust fund.”
Retweeted by JUBILEEMy buildings sad attempt at trying to be a gentrified new building is kinda hilarious. They got a FOB for a door th… health insurance premiums are tax deductible.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @NormaNow Maybe we can pretend it’s a merch dropGuys open enrollment for healthcare is right nowwwww and there’s zero advertising because we live in a scam so get on itPlzzzzzz stop tagging me in these plzzzzzzzzzzz I’m begging you need to cleanse my palette by watching Home Alonecool more mass shootings that have to do with men that are mad at a woman yay
@mrmitchmusic I give everything it’s own name lolThis is more than I wanted to know about the North Miami Beach Target
Retweeted by JUBILEEThe concealer situation around Tr*mps eyes just proves no one likes him. @jillianturtle When things are going great i always expect to get hit by a bus @eliesco This person also made this post @yunghoneychild These people should be screened before having children.Help @crissymilazzo Happy birthday and thank you for being greattoday i'm 28? this year i'm working to make a real search tool instead of a confusing sheet…
Retweeted by JUBILEE @stephmit Lolllll wow @TiombeLockhart Girl! I feel you.Where THE FUCK have I been all my life
Retweeted by JUBILEE @ryanhemsworth Lol me
@RAULIZM Hahahhaha i think he’s ok now i got him a smoothie and chicken fingers and excedrin migraine 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @jeffdonna @NIGELNASTY LOLLLLLLLL what did you do to this man ?I don’t think I’ve seen @NIGELNASTY this hungover in like 2 years he just asked me to throw him out a window @stephmit Texting you lolHmu if you wanna hear my unpopular opinion of A Star Is Born @keysnkrates Hahaha haha yeassssssssLol @piaforever calls my favorite cbd pen “O’Douls” @Nico_Adomako He’s on the new Kito EP
@theNelleke Hahahahahaha pro move @Plastician Lol at “airplane people”I’ve been out of my house for 5 minutes and I’m already thinking about being home and in bed later tonight @Nico_Adomako He is definitely around at the parties lolGod dammit no wonder i didn’t have it marked down lol @frikaan_time Nowadays @dances Steak Math @jessielochrie @cestcecilia Wow give them to me now @doctajeep Wow wow wow 🤠Haven’t seen a single Cuffing Season tweet since Red Dead Redemption 2 came outI’m loving the Latin wave in electronic music but noticing most of the main Dj’s profiting off it & getting the shi…
Retweeted by JUBILEEI recorded my set last night @tiffanycalver Obvs NYC lolMe hosting in a rave because there’s no MC on my set. Brain: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say…
Retweeted by JUBILEEI am at my absolute happiest when my jar of coconut oil is pure liquid
Retweeted by JUBILEE @sighmachinegirl This is true and what i say even though i do claim the miami rave @RealLifeKaz @khal I’m dying rnDoes the radio always play Laffy Taffy after There it Go before 10AM? Because if it does i might have to become a morning you ever get star struck by a restaurant you seamless from regularly but have never seen IRL and then finally you see it
Retweeted by JUBILEE @itsthelarge One of my fav things @mfastow !!!!!! ❤️ @ninalasvegas Ha hahaha me @ JFK @kaylorikay Definitely youSomeone needs to just cancel all Tiesto’s SHOWS and give them to @djmoma @smalltownpete Did you see the carpool karaoke!?Lol this girl whining to security for a whole ass 10 min that she wants to hear Wiz Khalifa while I’m standing here… @Judnikki thank godCatch @JubileeDJ in this back-to-back session with @SwingTing ft. Fox filled with sweltering dancehall club hits an…
Retweeted by JUBILEEIm happy that SEA still goes off on a Fri night
@mrmitchmusic You have kids you are allowed to say this it’s fineHere at @Mixpak the lighting in the studio is controlled by @dreskull ‘s phone @sosupersam Same @dangerlome No shameJust in the studio with @burtfox listening to “In a Dream” 2700xTonight! Don't miss @Brodinski @JubileeDJ @OutputClubBK
Retweeted by JUBILEE @nehapharris the world and this city is total trash and there’s a beautiful freak duck situation here it’s literall… @nehapharris LET US GET EXCITED ABOUT ONE PRETTY ANIMAL HERE OK @sdelsherpa Hahahaha i know like who even got paid to write thisLol “ruin” @LSDXOXO_ We all know that the G train is now the only functioning train because we are in the upside downYesterday someone was painting a completely naked man’s body on the G train in Carrol GardensTONIGHT | Tix: French producer and Bromance Records founder Brodinski brings his unique bl…
Retweeted by JUBILEEHot97 playing Fever right now and this snow doesn’t match#FGDayOff crushes Art Basel 12/8 with a crazy @atrak B2B @manniefresh set + your fav rapper @valee alongside party…
Retweeted by JUBILEELater tonight @OutputClubBK @JubileeDJ
Retweeted by JUBILEEso ur saying we get this bent leg crooked dick emoji 🦵🏼but still no flamingo emoji wow ok
Retweeted by JUBILEE @_itsamrit I need to listen @sosupersam @falconsbeats Cuban/Cuban/Cuban @bvdhai Yes huge party over here i never stop partyingI would like ONE day of chill just one @jillianturtle @stevegranelli OH MY GOD JILLIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cc @CAKESDAKILLA ) @nomizeichner @Delta Only an hour? @piaforever Lollllll like ... @nehedari Dude I’m just trying to have ONE day of chill over here
You never finish the song. You just release it and watch it run off.
Retweeted by JUBILEE @jillianturtle Lol people that say that have probably never even been to the UES tbh @BALOOGZ @jacquesgreene Bahaha he was the first person i texted @babysarahrulz I did it all the time in that building and @NIGELNASTY would always be like “one day this exact thin… @NIGELNASTY Lol when cruisin’ goes wrongLol everyone i had appts with texted me like “if you don’t want to come in it’s ok” I’m like it’s literally snow in the winter @KERINROSEGOLD My landlord and super hate him literally because of things like last night but he’s been there as long as i have @AnnieMac Lololol HELP"Hi, we are looking for a female to join...." The most patronising start to an email to any female imo. Sunny regards, Vagina
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