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FLAMINGO ACID @JubileeDJ Havent lived in MIA since 2012

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did anyone actually finish true detective ? @Angelica21 hahahaha right? @OliveTonic like why would your restaurant deliver to my address then?????? why are you yelling at me? lolThe Mueller report
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @Eauxzown well now that I only tweet from my laptop you are in luck @ChaunceyCC lol wtf @KINGS0L0M0N they put the worst florescent school cafeteria lighting in our lobby I hope they change it back I feel like I am in jailJust got yelled at by a delivery guy he gave me my food and said THE RESTAURANT IS TOO FAR DO NOT CALL US AGAIN....??????
@NA_NGUZU that place is good lol @KINGS0L0M0N LMAOOOOOOOOICE T IS IN MY LOBBY AND IM NOT THERE I AM SO MAD @jamesmulry HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omfgggggggg BD WONG THE CAT LOLLLLLLsomeone was ringing the doorbell this morning and I didn't answer WHAT IF IT WAS OLIVIA ???????????? @ma_LESS hahaha it really isalso we are watching the Flat Eric Levis commercial in the studio rn fact that I am hearing a @WileyUpdates song bumping out of cars in NYC is SOOOOO NIIIIIIIICE mateTHE SONG OF THE SUMMER IS BOASTY AND I WILL FIGHT YOU IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME OR YOU ARENT THINKING ABOUT SUMMER RNladies, if a guy... -remembers your birthday -knows what you enjoy -saves your pictures -harvests your data -keeps…
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @MA_NGUZU and that's how I found out you CAN MAKE PHONE CALLS THROUGH FB @MA_NGUZU not Skype but my facebook fan page account is some next level shit @dangerlome for real?emailing and texting into thin air @chalravens @PhilipSherburne I stanBeen enjoying RBMA's series of 1999 articles, and this piece from @chalravens on Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat" is particul…
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID 🤲🏾
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @annalunoe ohhh I LOVE these daysim just saying @winningprotocol I think about this every dayMiami it’s about that time again! 😈 Bad Company Saturday March 30th! Holding it down in the bowl 🎳 w/ fresh/new tun…
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @thisisIRV hearing from many people that I haven't spoken to inn YEARS
#Leo: "I'm over it." *thinks about it 64738754 times*
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDAlignable is the new Linked In @addisongroove thank you I MISS YOU😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @ramyavelury I was like can you just wait literally 12 more hoursthat "issues" CVS banger is the same song as the Bieber Love Yourself songI got asked to work for free twice ON actual womens day @NAEEMmusic its so fucking creepy @LAURASTYLEZ worse than any night of drinking
I still send music out personally because I am still excited so there's that. @THEKIDMERO saw two bros in flip flops and shorts on Sunday and I thought they were the real groundhogs @antbluejr yeah because most people LEAVE and I have this place to myself =)I just got a targeted ad for the new Wu Wear collectionbeto standing on furniture is an unfortunate appropriation of bottle service culture and he will have to answer for this
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @annalunoe @FlavaD oh yeah I could totally see her ripping that one @haaidj @MicksGarageLdn hahahaha what a cute (also annoying) mistake @haaidj @MicksGarageLdn OMG lol @rejaniced dude the first time I actually saw that guys twitter I was like yeah wtf is UP with LA ????? @KatSaysKill @boysnoize ^_____^
@KatieRex_ girl.... @khal @atrak u alright? @ninalasvegas @sosupersam "awesome"Bronx - LOOSE COW running on the Major Deegan Expressway near 161 Street. #NYPD on scene trying to trap it.
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @StevenKlavier dubstep car commercials @kennybeats @Cat_Marnell plz help with this and the dembow collab I have with @THEKIDMERO @Cat_Marnell GIVE ME ALL YOUR SOUND BITES BABY @alejsabillon @_itsamrit hahaha I mean there are a few exceptions that we all love but imagine if when we were star… for Cat Marnell audio of literally anything tbh @_itsamrit also why are we GETTING MEN A JOB in 2019? @_itsamrit omg I get these ALL the time...I am like I for 10 years...put out like 5 radio for 6 years? @Crackstevens if you like unanswered emails it's great @bok_bok LOLLLLLLLLalso WHEN**** will my computer's autocorrect learn how to type it's TWO years old??????the is mercury out of reggaeton because I have alot of shit that really needs to get done before I leave on tourMan have to respect producer/DJ’s more, they don’t need us as much as we need them. They can throw a rave with ‘No…
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @stephmit I feel like its most of these people's versions of "doing it for the gram" and it's so annoying @CAKESDAKILLA they r all the same its finethere's a new study that says every single food will kill you @TOTAL_FREEDOM_ "U BUM" for a grammy plzHow did Lebron calling trump a bum not win album of the year?
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @jeanettehayes NO @puffinpie @donetodeath @1ISH I knew I could count on you ALL @donetodeath OH SIGN ME T F UP @puffinpie @1ISH BETTER TAKE ME @itsthereal @donetodeath LMAO NOOOOOOO @donetodeath I am just scared that London classes aren't psychotic enough for me tbh @Felipe2egundo @catchdini @THEKIDMERO he's seriously the worst LOLLLL
@THEKIDMERO inviting myselfhahaha I was literally scrolling Instagram a few hours ago and thinking about how annoying this must be @boysnoize haha the weed smell at LAX is really special to me @beccadat @1Rebel_UK @Kimmayco funny you should mention that....I discovered @dreskull on Myspace @beccadat @1Rebel_UK @Kimmayco good to know also come with me @beccadat @1Rebel_UK I love that place @bo_bliz whatever year she got married? lol @kelelam here for this @StevenKlavier if I stop working out I will kill ppl so.... @KatSaysKill there's no such thing as cool tbhtake me to your overly intense work out class in London plzlol I just remembered I DJed Eve's bachelorette party @rawiya !!!!!!!!!i wrote about eve’s first album
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDin 18 days @GIRLUNIT debut album drops - we have a rave the same day 💉💉
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDhappy st. patrick’s 🍀
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @iamKITTENS WHAT did you order? @dances also instagram is so annoying I wouldn't even want people there anymore
Miami Music Week came back so what's up with 2019 Diddy's house? @choitotheworld this is exactly why we r friends @iamnightwave Why'd you come around me with an ass like that? @nehedari sounds like Taylor Swift to me @nehedari the one that owns Oscar? lol