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FLAMINGO ACID @JubileeDJ Havent lived in MIA since 2012

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@dances Honestly how dumb is everyone ?If you guys think for 5 seconds that “hamberder” was actually a real typo... @itsthereal I would like to know who on the C train thinks this is “cute” just name one person plzLike WHAT is happening in these meetings ?????’s another awful one @CityMD u alright hon? @choitotheworld I thought of you the entire time i watched it also NEW YORK
@choitotheworld TOOK LONG ENOUGH @donetodeath Like 1/3 of my sportswear is from high school lol is it god levels “grow up Jess” @donetodeath Happy to say i dress EXACTLY the same as 1999, 2009 and 2029Bbs first 📸 show ! @atrak @davenada Hahaha wow i just outed myself as an old Jew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @davenada CEL RAYWhy are you so quiet today @Wendys ? @foxyneela It’s fine i owe taxes right now and there’s no one around to collect tnem so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Everyone’s government is collapsing right now one delusional tweet at a time @foxyneela Lol atleast it’s kinda working @high_keyz We are about to be back there soon too @dreskull sorry had to2009 vs 2019 vs 2019 @soniaaortiz I’m having this problem with shirts that have to do with miami @esqueeezy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i had to go to my old one that apparently still exists @jamesmulry Not sure but buying tickets anyways @jamesmulry Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh😫😫😫😫😫😫 @plattDJplatt What on earth @dances @TASH__P He’s not even wearing the green and purple sunglasses here @TASH__P @dances Even worse i am wearing a mishka hoodie as a dress @esqueeezy 2009 vs ... 2009 ⁦@dances⁩ TSA Workers Play Travis Scott’s ‘Sicko Mode’ on Loudspeaker at JFK Airport
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @ayeburt You never told me this !!!!
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @qrtrmusic Ohhhhhh @djvolvox Hahaha i think mines alive @Cat_Marnell Omg that is crazy @atrak Oh it’s such a troll move for sure @THEKIDMERO I’m waiting for your message @jillianturtle LOL i was thinking this exact thing today @sunnygicz Let’s see him at MSGLol could you imagine going to the White House and being served a quarter pounder ??? I’m fucking deadno this email does not find me well!!
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDThe girls working the desk at my gym are rapping along to itty bitty piggy and now i want a job at my gymwe got food at the house
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @abra LMAOOOO
@antbluejr That’s so sad @FriendlyGreg182 Lolllll ask @dances how i feel about these people @Ayy_G Lolllllll i was like um i know you are tweeting this while wearing a tracksuit now2009 / 2019 😂
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @THEKIDMERO Lol i can’t @MichelleLhooq @stareyezzz Also sucks when no one will actually buy tickets .Its cool that OC brought back Skidz but all im asking for is Baby Phat @eclairfifi GIRL IM WITH YOU BUT WE LIVE HERE NOWThey basically tell everyone “oh lol you don’t have rich parents? Also hipsters suck”“Funny” apartment finding ads on the subway are one of the worst things about NYC.There’s is nothing better than working with friends @_itsamrit lmao the scarjo jokes never get old to meNeither bc Cleopatra wasn't white. Do the right thing and give the role to Scarlett Johansson.
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @dangerlome Plz include me @chalravens Cc @ZuzukaPoderosa @RussellELButler yeah sounds about right. Sucks that you are in the middle of that. It shouldn’t be that deep but somehow it always is. @yu_whoooo @_savile @RussellELButler It’s pretty common with certain venues here yeah. @itsLiana @zackmars_ Don’t understand why this is so hard for some people lol @RussellELButler Also if it’s 2 weeks later you should be able to just announce after the original party and it shouldn’t be an issue @RussellELButler No one is making money except for big techno venues that should be paying you enough to be exclusi… @zackmars_ Serious question is would you want to play that persons music after watching that whole thing? Good filt… @RussellELButler I def deal with this all the time. Some of its completely unfair and other times i get it. Some of… @RussellELButler they aren’t getting paid much.@JubileeDJ crushing it on @BBCR1 last night is available for the next 30 days 😈
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDLol @mistervacation @mistervacation I guess we have to move to the UKAOC is putting on press on nails on the Amtrak to DC this is now an AOC Stan account unfollow me now if you aren’t down @jessielochrie @KatieRex_ I’m fucking screamingevery nyc dj heading to berlin to sleep on their friend’s couch for a week
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @djacslater Lol me and nigel had every intention of going to that spa but kept getting too turntHow do i get one????????? @the_flot Just you wait until that baby starts walking @jillianturtle @_itsamrit Her Instagram story is the wildest shit I’ve ever seen and im actually worried that people think this is normal @_itsamrit Dude im dyingOur president definitely hired someone recently to help him make jokes and i need to know moreTHANKS FOR LISTENING GUYSSSSSSLolllllll the Bronx vs AOC haters is going to actually make America great @desusnice ScreammmmmmmmWhen the brand is so strong random bypassers act as a Bronx group chat 🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @DJNIQUE There are so many people in and out of that apartment that i wouldn’t be able to point him out if my life actually depended on itmy shitty joke from 2013 just manifested itself into reality
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACID @donetodeath Ew @BBCR1 @JubileeDJ 👂
Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDLemme know if you are still listening @BBCR1 🔈Now Playing DJ Tunez, Wizkid, Reekado Banks - Turn Up @DJ_TUNEZ, @wizkidayo, @ReekadoBanks
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Retweeted by FLAMINGO ACIDON THE AIR @BBCR1 @KatSaysKill Oh yeah i know it’s the best @djtara Lmao literallyIt actually never ends min until @BBCR1
I love this website inspired by everyone that played Magic City on Friday night @salva @FlavaD @moistbreezy @LukeVibert you are real… @salva @jacquesgreene @LuckyMe Omg you just reminded me to buy a shirt