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jubilee @JubileeDJ Havent lived in MIA since 2012

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It’s good that these people care about one parkland student that’s a start i guess @KatSaysKill Don’t do this @ill_baz Heaaayyy 🎂 @JubileeDJ Drink water!!
Retweeted by jubilee @JubileeDJ open for a surprise
Retweeted by jubileeIs @JubileeDJ staying hydrated?
Retweeted by jubilee @yu_whoooo NOW SHE IS!!!!! @ScratchaDVA @ShyOneBeats This actually happened to meNot a single one of you has done this I’m parched @HUXTABLEJULIANA My fav thing to do
You can tell immediately when a company has no women working there’s your man’s big day @RAIHAN_ Only white people would cry every day about not being able to say a word . I’m so embarrassed for us.does anyone have a space ship!? travel routing the next two weeks is 🤯🤯🤯 i need y’all to tweet at me every 2 hours and yell at me to drink water @high_keyz I’m so pissed that this collection wound up being where it is NGL NGL @high_keyz Hi @gabrielherrera OmgIm smiling at your dog not you bro @TOKiMONSTA Omg literally every time and then sometimes the flight attendant is even like “are you in FIRST?” befor… @kendollmusik Yes. Omg . But also literally everything she does.Incredible video of the crowd in Hong Kong making way for an emergency vehicle. 🇭🇰
Retweeted by jubileeI wish i could binge big little lies but I’m also so glad i can’t binge big little liesHappy Father’s Day to Meryl Streep.
Retweeted by jubilee @LochnessMobster I mean yeah if you wanna get really deep @annalunoe I’m livvvvvvvvingggggggg for her @JubileeDJ I WILL NOT NOT BE RICH lolol
Retweeted by jubileeOh god laura dern ILYSM @serota It’s so fucked a lot of us get them and i want to punch a hole in the Internet @serota And freezing your eggsTook my birth control out to pay for my dinner thinking it was my cc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Playing with two of my actual heroes this week. More on that later . @propervillainy Yes you must come
@ninalasvegas A “pre recorded usb” is a new one lolSF I’m playing Honey Soundsystem on June 30 and I CANNOT WAIT @ramyavelury I feel so attacked rn @oiiiemma Lol do you live in Jamaica ? @djvolvox Yeah and then somehow get lost going to the airport @DJBonics Hahahhaa like imagine complaining about a bakery in 2019????Someone just drove past me in Hell’s Kitchen blasting DJ Deeon I’m so glad i left the house today👋🏽 @Nico_Adomako You can literally buy a fridge of groceries in Berlin with that lol @Nico_Adomako Soooo cornyReminds me of me buying Club Mate in Williamsburg for 10$ cause I missed home lol
Retweeted by jubilee @telefontelaviv Lmao i mean that parking spot is really killing the grocery shopping vibeYes we are a very punk warehouse no photos here’s a $20 beerIf you are going to try and be a club with a “Berlin vibe” can you also make the prices Berlin prices ? Just a suggestion @blackmadonnachi Who wore it better? OJ SIMPSON @alexfrostick @ninalasvegas Why do you leave the house @ninalasvegas LOLLLLLLLLLL @doctajeep Depends on how their brunch is i guess @choitotheworld Lol no one “from ny” would actually grab someone’s shoulder on a trainAlso this that bothering you enough to take a photo and then make it your post for the day? LolHere’s another one @feldou This makes me more tired than anything @haaidj Lol cc @iamnightwaveOJ twitter still more sane than the man running our country @Plastician @ScratchaDVA @BLive Yea totally it is so dumb u hate it @induce1 @Roctakon @MichnaOfficial Classic @AllTheWayKay @NIGELNASTY We actually can’t remember lol @Judnikki @mbootyspoon Don’t move back this place is on its last half a leg @LOUISAHHHh Seriously holds such a fucking PLACE @Plastician Hahaha it’s soooo funny @Roctakon @MichnaOfficial We all love jemz and his 5am insults @Roctakon @MichnaOfficial HAHHAHAHA i mean have you met Adrian ? @MichnaOfficial @Roctakon HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA @Plastician @ScratchaDVA @BLive Like all these festivals that are like “_____ all DnB set.” How about no and just b… @Plastician @ScratchaDVA @BLive Yo!!! This is a THING and it really bothers meK now he’s playing sex on the beach so basically your local bar dj is playing better music than any rave option i have rnI put SMD “hustler” in my digital crate tonight . I didn’t wind up playing it. Now I’m having a drink at Mr. Fongs… @boilerroomtv @MiaCarucci Yesssssss @themjeans @BeyondMeat Yo their stock is going up like MAD rnTrying to get nigel to split our Uber with @mbootyspoon even tho he’s not hereI think OJ meant to get instagram
Retweeted by jubilee @sosupersam Wow the answers to this 🤯SO WHATS THE JOKE NICK?????? @Roctakon Because LA is better in the daytime and whenever i have a night off i pass out @Roctakon To sleep @sighmachinegirl Lmao you are such a bitch i love you so much @StretchArmy @atrak Yoooooooo MOMMMMM 🤯🙃🤯These French guys trying to talk to me at the bar started with “you’re a queen” and i can’t really be mad . Maybe A… @atrak The most fire reggae tunePlaying b2b with @NIGELNASTY and just left him with “short dick man”Where’s rod lee now much for a feature come onnnnnnnnn @UNIIQU3 Told you everyone is lit todayMy sister and i have an ongoing joke where we send eachother the worst FB statuses we can from people from our home… @HudMo It’s so goodYou know it’s a nice day when she’s leaving an angry break up voicemail outside the subway station @eliesco Oh and then put it in every dj record pool @eliesco Damn Shazam plz @blackmadonnachi Hahaha same NGL
@donetodeath That’s like the Mo Bamba of London @frigid_cookie seriously that alligator is my personal brandI have to name a bunch of songs now and it’s stressing me outholy shit
Retweeted by jubilee @maachewbentley I am....screaming @soniaaortiz LMAO BAR not BRAIN wtf @Leonce @CAKESDAKILLA oh COME ONNNNNNN there are so many other things you can come at me for but NOT this