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(he/him) I'm whatever I need to be to survive. do not own any art. 🔞parody #strangebrewcrew

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Loosing someone you love is never easy. This is so eloquently put. outfits through antiquity. @MMortemm You’re a wonderfully kind lady and I enjoy our interactions. Oh yeah you are beautiful as well.What if Winnie the Pooh was Freddy Krueger. @Krueger1428E is much less frightening this way.
Today’s movie theme is time travel movies. These two movies are very different in feel but both are more complicate… @musicmovienerd I vote a new hope as that was the spark that lit the fire of imagination and love of the franchise. @WKsFilms Well it was the mini series for Dune. But movie was fear and loathing in Las Vegas.Today’s shot of art, Christian Rex van Minnen - Deez Mothafuckin' Chakraz (2015, oil canvas) the fast and furious movies have gone down hill. people followed me and 10 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @SupGirl @Jonatha80958138 Trust is earned not given. @HarleyQuinnsMrJ It’s blobbertGoodnight everybody. @Demongirlofdark @Horror_Disciple @Raiton08 @DrHerbertWest1 @ArtTheCl0wn @Razzlyxghost @thesirenvenus @Krueger1428E the pandemic is over who wants to come over for horror movie sleep over? gang for life. @thepissytwitt It was a lot of fun. @MagicalOverload It really is. @MagicalOverload I have a lot of regrets but my biggest was not telling a particular person I loved them. @wanttobeleavin Enjoy the ride. @TommyDoyle47 You picked two of my three fwvorite horror movie. Picking between them is impossible sorry. @HorrorNHaunted @RickWrightNow False if aliens exist I doubt they would travel all that way to make grass graffiti.Why send a dick pick when you could humiliate yourself with a dancing penis video? person makes a great argument for Snow White being a vampire. @MrRealDeath You are a sweetheart @Krueger1428E @1carolinagirl @Demongirlofdark @LovesHaunted @ArtTheCl0wn @omar_syrinx2112 @CrazyRalph1980 @oliver665321 I’m sure he’d enjoy one with red lights. @RichardERock1 Yep proof of the afterlife sure. @1carolinagirl lights up as well. @MovieBlindspot Goes well with my mug and cereal bowl.Who’s ready for a skull shaped shitter?
@DrHerbertWest1 Seeing this as a kid really left a mark. This is the moment that scared the shit out of me. @RickWrightNow True unity and a real desire to make life better for everyone. @RickWrightNow I’m not surprised ash has a gun after all. @silly_boots It was okay @TheRealDee71 She looks warm. @HReview73 Childs play 2 for me.Who is the most powerful horror villain? @RickWrightNow Ash by a landslide. @HReview73 The Exorcist for me.1976 vs 2006 which was better? today is also the late Muhammad Ali’s birthday as well let’s celebrate it by remembering the time he beat up… @RickWrightNow She wants smooth legs?For today’s shot of art, Wat Samphran Temple a Buddhist temple in Khlong Mai, Thailand strut your stuff. @Demongirlofdark You know what I like. @Demongirlofdark I love goth girls lol. @CinderBomb99 @silly_boots If you don’t love Betty White we can’t be best friends. @ThatEricAlper Godfather. @Demongirlofdark You to my sweet friend.Happy 99th birthday to the ever lovely Betty White. She is truly a treasure. @MagicalOverload WItingHave a good night everybody. @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls From this list I’ll pick weird science. @marygar48875787 Very cute @kylloween Please don’t entertain those thoughts. @DrHerbertWest1 You are a great guy doc I hope you know that.If you don’t know this song you are to young for me. @AlyssaMyers93 Rango @ThatEricAlper The ThingI broke apart my insides (Help me) I've got no soul to sell (Help me) the only thing that works for me Help me g… @reviewwales may have wondered how to stop the blob like any reasonable meat balloon and I’m here to tell you that I’m not s… @ThatEricAlper @AldenLover1993 A nightmare on elm street. @SeasonDeeper
@J_F_Capps I may not know art but I know what I like. @cam_junge One of my all time favorite horror movies. @J_F_Capps There’s a reason he’s an option. @MagicalOverload Well the first was the death of my best friend.Who is the best horror director? @DrHerbertWest1 It’s hard to pin down the tipping point for me but I’d say The Shining. @jmr___18 It’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be imo, it’s not the best but it’s not that bad. @AngieMasinsin Happy birthdayRemember money isn’t everything. @HReview73’s nothing like having a pet to make your life more full of love and happiness. Follow me for more tips on liv… we must finally find out how to use this seal! I hope your friend @DrHerbertWest1 knows! Perhaps the necronom…
Retweeted by I am being blobToday’s shot of art, Dr Syn, Andrew Wyeth, 1981, when you least expect it. everyone. @govivaloco Yeah fuck that shit. believe severed crawling heads are underutilized in horror. If this thing crawled at me I’d be shitting myself.
Okay here’s a question for you, what is horror? @Girl2Tiffy Only if asked politely @Sheena_655321 @ufallb4me @BoxOfficeBeyond @Nacindia_family @cordisbored @Horror_Disciple @americanwitch40 today’s shot of art I couldn’t pick just one so I’ll highlight just a few of Scott Listfield’s wonderful art. laugh it up big guy. everybody. @thepissytwitt Looks like we can be friends. @cecetron Cheap in what way?One last weird fact. Did you know”Prisoners Arrived At Auschwitz Just Days After Mcdonald’s Was Founded (1940)”? @Spookyladyyy It would be funnier if it looked like an iceberg. @RickWrightNow Genuinely surprised no one had picked god yet. @MagicalOverload It is, time is weird.Did you know Ecstasy Was Invented The Same Year The Titanic Sank (1912) @CarolynJoTo Well it’s before the video game system was made. The company existed when Jack the Ripper was still being hunted. @evil_toast916 Weird isn’t it?