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@takagone_ new main || i do cosplay, make up and drums sometimes || follow limit kicking my *** || @inuthug 💞 @sinfulbash 💜 @astrotoofer ❤️‍🔥 @nankiller77 🤍

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@KamiKanSama Congrats goat 🙏 @0Danho @jachu____ Shut up !!! @0Danho @jachu____ ??????? Airing you for life @jachu____ @0Danho Erase better next time 👺 @jachu____ @0Danho Photoshop @hulkgamerxx Bleach hate, I feel like it’s a trend at some point 😭 @mikeydeji Good luckkkk @SagelyMortal Congrats omgg 🙏 @koyatase Berserk idk why but everyone’s on it recently so berserk @0Danho @jachu____ He is lying @SMan2308 Yes I remember youuu @ZorosLostEye Something happened? :( it was chill I rest all day haha @Papa_JoJo_ haaaa good luck lmfao @SuperDuperMyr You’re doing online school only? @jachu____ I follow you what? 😭 @Soul_Kenshi I followed you back wtf @WillSimpsRin I remember you dw 👩‍💻 @0Danho You’re the first person I followed on this acc you stinky nasty bum 👺 @bumassdude I have a lot but Nami owns a special place in my heart 👩‍💻 @ForcefulTom Oh cute there are in the middle the three of them hahaha @MysticArcher16 I can follow like 1 person by one but I have to wait like 5-10 min 😭 @Springtrap211th That’s great to hear! It was pretty good too, lot of rest hahaha I just read manga and sleep 😹if we were pretty close mutuals and I still haven’t follow you back, please say it to me so I can follow you back a… @will_niemand I feel like it too, I really did nothing but yk some days are meant to be like that 😹 @WallysR34 Also good, got nothing much to do today since it’s a public holiday so I really just rest all day haha @LordHavk 7/10 💆‍♀️ @XO_Demonss Pretty good too, rest most of the day don’t really do something 😹 @ForcefulTom Omg thats so cool, what kind of adventure ? 🧐 @brbtingz12 Oh that’s great that you got time to rest!! Well today was like a public holiday, so I had nothing to d… was your day? Let’s chat @ChainsawVespa 😹 @PsychoRequiem You can see it by logging in with the id they gave you, I don’t remember 😭😭😭tbh, if you don’t warn me that you’re gonna call me, I'll mostly end up not answering you 👩‍💻 @psyphul_ LMFAOOOOOO @PsychoRequiem 7/10 LFG @ZorosLostEye Phone call makes my anxiety go brrrrr @LordHavk Send me link @Full_Immersion Beautiful family @soulzkings Watch it omggi am so so disappointed, yall stink @fullmetaltee who tf is this? 😭 @mightbeflamy Yes I like it like that, it just a radical change haha but I prefer it like thataki looking hella good in my first page was all cute pink and purple vibes theme and I switched it to black and red theme 😭
Retweeted by takaku❀ follow limit @IslanderKevan @Saidiiiiiiiii mo vin at to lakaz, et bouss to liki @deadboyshit WHAT LMFAO @IslanderKevan @Saidiiiiiiiii pa coz com sa lor moi @ZorosLostEye 😹😹😹 stinky bum is my fav insult 😹😹😹 @Saidiiiiiiiii @IslanderKevan Ong 😭Daily Nami 🍊 @Aradagoat Gm araLETS MARRY RNWHO IS IT OMG @iputmilkfirst We big brain 🤯12, and that’s thanks to make up @OverallOtaku Gmmmm @JustHubbs They not gonna like that 😹 spittin tho @TheeLostKing ion wanna talk about my score.. @Kuraixo Kurai Im disappointed @TheeLostKing Send meeee @IslanderKevan Check recent 😭The way Kevan got 9 at mine and I got 5 at his 😭😭😭😭😭 @Kuro4V Help Im really not that secretive tho 😭Answer to my (easy) quizz!! 🤍 Put your Twitter name so I know who participate @LzzzZ__ Gmmm!! @flockyszn My bad I shouldn’t have sent this malediction @0Danho Shhh @JustHubbs 😹😹😹 @0Danho Yes @banreborn @OG_4PF 👩‍💻after a long break. I’m getting back on hitman reborn but the manga 💫 @Nairoda1刃物コック Whale Sword
Retweeted by takaku❀ follow limit @KameMadeJT NO WTF WHY BASH @Ayc013 Thanks 😃👍 @JustHubbs I know @Kuraixo ikr???? @EthricBlaze Im cold 24/7 😭 @FireFistAux I have a thermometerSpot the difference level hardcore feel cold but it’s so warm in my house tf is wrong with me AGAIN 🤧 @N4NAX_ Prettiesti dont have an eid outfit but i did my makeup ! :3 #EidMubarak
Retweeted by takaku❀ follow limit @Deggstar11 @Abykvn 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @God_of_Apples29 Enjoy, it was my first real anime 🙏 @God_of_Apples29 You watching death note? @Hamad_theGreat Gl Hamad黒沼爽子
Retweeted by takaku❀ follow limit @ChainsawVespa Gm vespa 🙋‍♀️ @Kuraixo Gm Kurai!Nap time 🐈🐈‍⬛ @FireFistAux Obviouslyalmost forget I’m getting tattooed tomorrow 🙆‍♀️ @Erenyeagersama 🥺🥺🥺🤍 @0Danho DIDNT EVEN SHOW THE NAME @IslanderKevan 👩‍💻starting slam dunk vol.6 👩‍💻 besties