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Judie bo booty @judie_thai Philadelphia, PA

she/they 🏳️‍🌈🟨🩸🟨 game artist, programmer, IT apprentice. @blackcardmems Ambassador ✨ 💖@theactualcel💖

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@artsbynar Good luck!!If you're in Philly and want to do Global Game Jam, sign up!! feels so surreal to be hosting and helping with an artist alley. like; ive always wanted to be in one and hostin…
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(Reposting for their own tweet) Something for the Black Card Gala: my Pastel PYG Sketch commissions have done very…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty#BCMFeatureFriday presents @Slide20XX ! Check out his work here, and on his site #BCM
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im once again here to yell that y'all should sign up for this FREE event happening in a lil over two weeks!!!!
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyi love primary colors but they can be intimidating to work with so here are some variant palettes if anyone’s inter…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyya girl did their first coding test! 3 questions, time limit 3 hours. finished with 30 minutes left but I learned a LOT✨
a lot of game companies promised almost immediately to help and uplift black devs back in june and literally did no…
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@JellyfshFortuna omg congrats!!!Your girl is finally moving!!! 💜 I'm officially opening all my commissions to help save up for the move and purcha…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyyall should follow BCM's account!!
We are excited to announce the launch of our new program -- the Black Video Game Scholars Program – aimed at increa…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyhave you signed up for this event? did you know we have an artist alley? did you know we have people from small…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @TheActualCel hello bb 🥰How about a little giveaway? There will be TWO (2) winners for the Black Card Gala VIP Packs! Want a chance to w…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyhey #PortfolioDay !!! just stopping by to say I’m Dominique, an illustrator with a focus on backgrounds and visde…
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There is no reason that @CriticalBard had to be subjected to the deluge of racist cockwomble's today, on what shoul…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyIf you’re not actively protecting the marginalized users of your platform, you’re doing bad at weeding out hate fro…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyI cannot believe the filth that I’ve seen today thrown at @CriticalBard. He is such an amazing member and leader in…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyHey @Twitch , this whole 'pogchamp' rotation thing is cool and all, but can you put something into place to protect…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyThe idea of having a different person as the face of PogChamp each day sounded good on paper. But it is pretty obvi…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyI love the idea of the cycling PogChamp emote but I genuinely fucking hate that there is no safety to be provided w…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyThis harassment That @CriticalBard is facing due to being the face for the pogchamp emote is horrible...and dare I…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyWant to get into some mischief this fine Monday? Going live with Tenchu Z tonight for the stealthy.…
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Hiiiiii #IAmNonbinary I'm Tajae, a Black nb lesbian and I paint a lot🤟🏾 ◾️
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @TheActualCel sure 🥥 @TheActualCel hello bby🐥✨ @TheActualCel 😩 why am I walking up to cocogoat discoursefroggy and ducky pals! 🐸💛🦆 #GenshinImpact #原神
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyHey friends, here is something cool to break up your Twitter feed
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Two days left for the Panel and Artist Alley Applications!
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @tajmerk Good morning 🐥✨
WOOO DAY TWO! OPEN SERVER INVITE WEEKEND! (Day 2/3) Wanna join us and hear more about the Gala before it starts?…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyI am thinking about this headline
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please retweet and spread this shes in the philadelphia area
Retweeted by Judie bo bootymghghh baizhu when... noodly noodle
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyIT'S #BCMFeatureFriday ONCE AGAIN!! This week we're highlighting Shawntel, @shawntelco! #BCM #BlackCardMembers
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyCalling on @GameDevTV to find a new host for their community podcast after seeing horrifying support for violent in…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyStreaming more Danganronpa! Come hop in!
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I will keep on outing their names and more names repeatedly every time their faces show up. THREAD OF IDENTIFIED FACES:
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @chateautabi i too wish for the death of the imperialist, white supremacist state! I truly feel for those that have… @chateautabi Like I'm not saying that you can't ever make fun of America because I will be one of the first people… @chateautabi I'm not sure how to tell you that fascism is bad everywhere but go offThis has big "I'm glad I don't live in the South!!" energy. I'll point it out: the disdain from non-US folks at the… @nicholestrano stopppp I was just thinking about it!! what a d a yHey guys. I've created a Gofundme. Please. please share if you can. This is genuinely such a devastating blow. We n…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyMy first resolution in Congress will be to call for the expulsion of the Republican members of Congress who incited…
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Please also if you're in the DC area do not take random rides from white strangers unless they are VERIFIED Uber/Ly…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty*YOU* might not need an uber out of dc, but your moots might. thread of tweets offering ubers & places to stay:
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyreminder 2 white allies, be as supportive as physically possible of BIPOC especially Black Americans and Native Ame…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyOne giant fuck you to everyone who said people were overreacting to the 2016 election results.
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyfolks living in DC and surrounding areas, especially BIPOC, please stay safe. white allies, extend a hand now and o…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyExcited for the Gala? How about becoming a VIP? For the low price of $12 (+shipping & tax) YOU can become a VIP fo…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @IndieJulian Me with this Unity AR mobile app dev internship 😩👌 I'll keep you updated on what I learn 👁️👄👁️zhongli THICK (his shield has like 10k health) #GenshinImpact #原神 at the Golden House #genshininpact #原神
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@SleepyMia145 white people who have never felt the consequences of their actions love to deflect, center, and victimize themselvesNow, we need to re-follow everyone. If you're a game dev, content creator, biz dev, community manager, social media…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @GETWIGI A little mishap from a game that my team is working on... live with some Onsen Master dev work and resuming spooky domination in Okage: Shadow King! Come through for m…
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MAMA MIA... doodledan really just does not care
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyHello! Me and @alterego @handsyhoots @racfr_ @bbunbunbunn_ @ejknoodles are the organizers for #maysia a art event f…
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyDoes your upcoming game feature any of the following? 🌟BIPOC cast of characters 🌟LGBTQIA representation 🌟characte…
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@melonstellar my day has been great ☺️ ty and nice! starting 2021 nice and easy 👌the painter from pikuniku #pikuniku @PikuNikuGame
Retweeted by Judie bo booty[rts💕] MY SHOP IS LIVE BABYYY link in the replies!! Today we welcome 5 more members of the Soul Eater squad to the…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty“Whose Streets,” finished 2020!
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@melonstellar Hi 👉👈 I'm doing good! How are you~
@pianta_ im channeling for cel and they said get it for the ps4 cause the switch is JANKY‼️ SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ‼️ BCM will be hosting our first ever big cross platform event in honor of our 1st year an…
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🌌🌿beloved of the night🌿🌌
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @alterego 👉👈 @cypheroftyr @Xmiramira @EbonixSims omg congrats!!OMG WHAT?! I ... ok... well this is a shock. Thanks y'all Also, peep the homies @Xmiramira & @EbonixSims
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Go follow Trav!! @MackMacTlksBack I finished listening to your video and honestly--thank you for speaking up
@tajmerk the way my eyes widened when I saw the 47 page google document full of receipts... like home girl please seek help!!No, you weren’t deemed “Bad online” were accused of being racist in both personal and professional contexts and you…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @xavierck3d Oof... If anyone is looking for an alternative, @blackcardmems is hosting a festival that's celebrating… way that me and @TheActualCel play beiguang in-game... anyways i am love my wife on main 😌💕 @cordiallycontgo the glow up from both you and this scene this year!! we love to see it 🥺💕This is going to be huge!! BCM has grown so much in just our first year and we want to celebrate!! neglect to upload art of mine for months on end. anyways, more of these
Retweeted by Judie bo bootyI had to reorganize my shop so they're not listed anymore but if you're interested in these prints just shoot me a… @tajmerk just tell me what to do ma'am i'll take care of it right away @TheActualCel @tajmerk WHAT DID U DO BB? @tajmerk same ☺️#MAGFest is cancelled. Don't support events run by abusers. I've spent years working for @MAGFest and trying to wo…
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HELLO! @fancyfrogPNG AND I just uploaded our Film submission to @openanimation_ Make-a-Film Festival 2020!!! IS B…
Retweeted by Judie bo booty @ArcTangent19 Thank you ☺️ @TheActualCel you already-- nevermind @exhaustedtaurus @TheActualCel Girl why are you talking to yourself @TheActualCel said "the asian sensations are here" and i-- @bontmercy idk how Blacktober is considered 'fandom discourse' when there's no fandoms involved? black artists bein…
Heads up BCM Fam! We'll be going on a Discord Hiatus from January 2-3 2021! Meaning the entire Discord will be LOCK…
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