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@aprettybigmouth the allison mack storyline in that is....dark.i’m sorry but i cannot imagine the amount of white women lying about their race in places of power and we have to h… you have a moment consider that right now jeff bozos is probably negotiating a deal where he claims someone is trying to “lowball” him. @WithAnM there is NONE! bc if you give white women one OUNCE OF compassion that’s all they’ll run with.I CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND THIS AND I DO NOT WANT TO BECAUSE I HAVE NO EMPATHY FOR IT. NOBODY SHOULD.and i don’t mean compassionately. like use the word “crazy” here.can we talk about mental illness? often times the mentions are dark but whew boy every 3rd joke in the mentions is fucking GOLD. (not my m… @aprettybigmouth like the man us not even REMOTELY body is such an asshole bc it def tucked itself in at 9:45pm per usual and woke up at 5:30 like it’s not 60% tequila right nowstarting a newsletter was absolutely out of my comfort zone and I’m really humbled and honored by compliments like…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @notfolu always. so hyped for everything you do.for the record: i will subscribe to 100 @notfolu newsletters. never ever been so into a person who is equally intri… WOMEN DESERVE ALL THE PRAISE FOR THEIR, this woman’s talent is not based on how you feel week to week. she has successfully delivered a TV show that made a statement.bro we don’t have to overthink the fact that Issa Rae impacted the culture. it’s just’s almost libra season which means i get to celebrate the most expensive and spiritually full ppl in my life.clapped is.... not even the word.regina in the dr manhattan fit. how is her hair always so perfect ?
2020 bunny man of the people 😭😭sigh. i might fly to new york to vote. smfh.i still feel the heat when we SHARE EACH OTHERRRRRRrich people don’t have anything to tell you about being poor. @Nigerianscamsss To....sighs deepand headie still took off on him. what a tune. time going in seven months survived the larchmont farmers market without cursing. truly a miracle.If you live in California please Vote NO on Prop 20 which makes shoplifting a felony by lowering the threshold from…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKUrsula K. Le Guin’s thoughts on JK Rowling’s writing are brutal
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKit’s sunday. let’s all listen to mary j blige.“A lot of nannies from the Caribbean have died. We have a nannies group, and they would post the people...A lot of…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKKnow what election story I truly want to see? Somebody interview a set of rich white women and their respective Wes…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKif i could count how many times a day i say this phrase out loud it might be a felony. me in the los feliz resistance.once the country turns into a warzone im installing a home security system comprised of a sign that says “don’t do… @caitiedelaney this is a chaotic evil.The fed bench has already transformed: 25% of active judges are Trump appointees. Trump has appointed more craven c…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKi think about kinfolk a lot. will probably still write about it. feels like i needed months just to find the words.alright twitter heaven is over.on a serious note, after the events of this week i can finally let out my true feelings: lawyers fucking suck and t… i never do the viral tweet formats right.personally i like to see the fire die in a white man’s eyes when he tells me he lives “outside the system” and i, t… @dances a chuckle fuckers. got it. @earlboykins been considering it but idk. prob not worth it.remember my mom was a nanny so white ppl been bothering me since birth.might be the longest run of my entire life, save for when i lived in other news, a white person hasn’t pissed me off in public in quite some time. a couple months at least. @dances explain.just like open the door to jumbo’s clown room a crack and let me in with my crocs.all the mealy mouthed niggas are asleep and it’s just the d a e m o n s3:30am EST still officially the best hour on twitter.smoking designer weed called ACAB and thinking about how they should open bars but like just for me and my four inv… fell asleep in the third quarter so naturally i’d like to leave my house for 3 tequilas and a beer right now.mentally i’ve always been here another goddamn day
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @PAPPADEMAS i havent not stopped thinking about how great this was, since i saw it. i remember almost nothing else from the video.Shia just eating up the role of Spicoli in front of actual Spicoli was the one transcendent part of whatever this t…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKup late, watching unreleased episodes of Lazor Wulf.12 piece. family meal. $1 donation.Im Clapped *sent with gentle effect*
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKtyler herro has the rare nba white guy fade that doesn't look referential or racist
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKsigh @coreystokesss got me blastin Moneybagg Yo v loud in this house.
@kima_jones HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE.Gonna try to remember two things @prisonculture says today - 1) hope is a discipline. 2) cynicism isn’t generative.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKban ytppl from brunch unless accompanied by a non-yt and lets get it. @JubileeDJ i’d pay $50 to ship you here2pm Today!
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKit’ll probably take 45 mins tops to put this bookcase together and i’d still rather pay someone $50 to do it.Donating to @actblue today cause we got to make sure as many decent people is in the senate as possible.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKI honestly cannot believe y'all are about to play this game with Susan Collins again.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKI wish there was time for the country to take a beat and just sit with how sad this is.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKDivest your energy from imagining the worst. Invest your energy in committing to and working for stra…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKinstead of reading doom and gloom obits, you should be tapping in with organizers and galvanizing for a long fight.Then maybe you can consider the matter of legacy, and what this president and these republican senators want theirs…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKI don't want to talk about this right now b/c I am particularly doom and gloomy, but I'd encourage everyone to not…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKabolish the Supreme Court, there were a lot of good reasons to do it even before this
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKif at some point you don’t get furious, well idk. drink more wine i guess.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @mdotbrown @bomani_jones ih8thisniggamandabke in the stilettos goes HARD. you love mess
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKbeen growing tomatoes on the roof and the first picking @TASH__P @JubileeDJ FOR ME."aye yo dont be knockin on da glass, it's a disrespect ting""eh vee su JEANS"the weeknd's dominican rebrand is.... v güdt."ya trousers are FUNNY fam"She deserves this for the magical way she says “Bubble Bath” alone.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKon the latest episode of #TheRightTime, i talk with @desusnice and @thekidmero and it turned into a discussion of n…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @The_SummerMan preciselyhow many times per day do you tell yourself to relax your shoulders?
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @coreystokesss at least 12 give or take.
@delashereen niggarie: the album.this is Black Nonsense™️
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKOk now arrest the corporations who did tax fraud this year ☺️
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK*clears throat* MUEVETE JEVIoutside gotta be a 2 for 1 these new favorite thing is walking for 30 mins and then calling the uber to where i’m going.the little man from boston with the little website WISHES. @mollylambert @nightcallpod i’m in.