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So you want me to say my name and all that? writer + producer | Lazor Wulf | ENTERGALACTIC

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the millennial Aunties pullin up to every emo tour in 2020 with the blunt you hear me!!!!!!! @dstfelix DID. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 OKAY! @dstfelix hood blassic. on driver has such a banger bluetooth station on that i became convinced i took an edible which i most certainly did not.baths before flights >>>>>>>>>Portraits at the Staples Center on Sunday. Sad day in LA. #angelenos
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @OverAnalystVera right! like there were empty dryers when i pulled up which means he coulda gave it ten mins.mostly i just wanna slap 60% of the yt pipo in my building because they are piece of shit slobs.when i tell you i’m fighting the urge to literally throw everyone’s laundry into the street. don’t let your children be Cancers.the asshole who left his laundry in the washer for 2.5 hours decided to be in a rush and take MY clothes out one o… @The_SummerMan i’m CACKLING at this.Zola wore a fascinator to Sundance. I HAVE to stan.
there are people of color and there are persons of colour. make sure you know the difference. lolWhy you should use SPF & Moisturizer separately can be found in this video:
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKhey! my book comes out next week :))) pre-order for your loved ones now :)))) <3
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKis this Zola?plz send answers only. @tass_boogie @_ksfee hug a firm pillow (they have side sleeper ones at bed bath n beyond). eases the curl up. @sacharmathias 🥰🥰🥰😘in a severe depressive episode i started using Bell MT at 11 and here we are. @notfolu i just booked one with a copper bathtub amongst a bunch of soulless penthouse listings.Yo @beanpieTy just informed me (again) that the man who randomly asked me for gum at Shabba was Ramriddlz 😭😭😭😭😭 @kfrastar 😘😘 @dances king. 🙏🏾💕can we talk about Er*ca Mena’s lip/filler situation?
@dstfelix 😛😈😈😈 @metroadlib fooler this hair is perfection. @jazzedloon i haven’t washed my face since saturday. 😰😭 @dstfelix @youngsinick oh yesssssss @notfolu i hot.butch queen first time in bundles. thinking about the classmates who have to go to school today with the heaviest, heaviest of hearts.
The Sikorsky S-76 helicopter had five people on board and there appeared to be no survivors. We have not yet confir…
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKfive families broken on a sunday morning. sending energy to them.i’m honestly just teared up. man just had a baby. his four children. his wife. damn.i’m ppl make the best jokes til they get one minute on them awards stages. Y’all better get up there and make fu… @dances went back to sober last night about shabba and left b4 rih appeared cuz i’m too old for 2 don julio hangove… @redheadLEN i literally feel like you just announced he was born and he’s already a speed demon.when Loyal come on at the function i feel like shooting the ceiling open and floating up like Thor. @kateschwed mine is setting six alarms so i can take the nap i’m convinced i’ll need.
@Nigerianscamsss it’s not a wig?i really don’t want a white person running Amerikkka again. @CantSeeMyEyes hahahahaha 🙏🏾🥰🥰🥰realizing this hangover is more about the fact i was smoking spliffs rather than the tequila. @dances LMAOOOO this spectrum of demographic is killing me. i’m 33 years old lmao. @catchdini wow Happy Birthday King. @JubileeDJ i like when they just walk over to you as you’re getting in OR OR when they text you and say “it’s xyz” bc you’ve never texted. @dances i’m definitely being classist because i’ve switched over to person whose name is called but i feel like i o… we have a discussion about nightlife and the etiquette of asking ppl to get you in? bc the yelling ppls name from off the line..... @The_SummerMan @ADiaz456 if i win, we all win and y’all know the fuckin vibes. 😤😤😤😈if i wanted to flex i would’ve just said i got a friday night reservation at Pujol with a weeks notice. @katieyoungXO 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @TylerIAm hahhahahahah yes. i’m pretty good at it. might make it a thing.broke dry january to do tequila shots with rihanna last night. it’s a good year. @ojozdegitana we all here!i try to do laundry before i fly home cuz that’s the only way anything leaves the bag before seven days.’m too fuckin old for you niggas to be tryina flag me down from across a four lane street.
fresh and perfect wax so i’ll be peeing down my leg for the next six days.I saw this and blacked out
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @emelindabaez factual. thicc smoke. 🤟🏾🤟🏾😤 @hatecopy a good grinder and the gods grace. 🥰J Hus and Burna back together on Big Conspiracy’m honestly too good at this shit. took me 4 mins. you live alone you forget to flush more often than you think.Christian Nationalists Are Drafting GOP State Laws: Report
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKthe mute feature is my favorite thing on this app.
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKsmfh. y’all gon keep letting the church abuse kids in the name of christ and i’m just gon sit here and ask what hea… someone can tell you in a review exactly what they liked and exactly what turned them off about your music, show… is not a bad writer because they critiqued your shit. As a creator you should support critics who have tale… @dances i know. i would be more in agreement if artists were discerning about that but they treat every writer like… @CraigSJ and somehow niggas still seem to have forgot.Lord father god this shit gone go on til november.This is me
Retweeted by FLEEKNIKniggas love pretending like writers are sell-out creatives with nefarious and indulgent agendas. like they don’t as…’s hilarious that ppl who make music think that ppl who write for a living are somehow less genuine in their creativity.
@Povediitz REFUSES @Nigerianscamsss i was just talking about how i never picked up my official one.a lot of you would benefit from saying your insult tweet response out loud to yourself and exclaiming “BLOOP” after… @ira bloop!i’ll never forget when a man i was dating said he simply didn’t want anyone else to have me. A lot of you treat you… @dances jesus christ it’s already time for that again? @cor__values i didn’t send this to you cuz i was tryina control the horny. 😭😭😭 @iSmashFizzle nah i’m LEGIT dying. @iSmashFizzle 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😭😭😭😩😩I deserve to have sex with a friend.. as a treat
Retweeted by FLEEKNIK @JamalJimoh it’s kinda close tho. @ira i didn’t think so but it always been the right one.will we ever talk about ain’t it funny being the better collab or is that a popular take?Womanizer is the original Bad Romance. i won’t be taking any questions at this time. @chungover 💕
think ima have to WHEEL UP that a fall from grace. @JubileeDJ hotel tonight takes over my life.i wonder why my shortest and best business phone calls are always with Black women... @TASH__P this nigga hate bacon too 😭😭😭😭people without boundaries live to love me i tell you!made the pivot to sending bernie money quite smoothly. it’s called common sense. @Nigerianscamsss wow this like your greatest dream. lmaoo.keep it a buck, Jen hasn’t even talked to that man in half a decade at least.rihanna really got a billion ppl on Earth on some unrequited love shit. 😭😭😭