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PBS NewsHour, mom, advocate for those with disabilities

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@EUAmbUS @NewsHour @nickschifrin We were very glad to have you visit the @NewsHour and to talk about what values ma… is big, diverse, and up next on the 2020 Democratic primary and caucus calendar. So who do voters on the gr…
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"you can argue the @Astros paying a fine..and losing managers..was punishment" but nothing happened to the players… @mfbiggs @NewsHour one mother tells @MFBiggs she places a small cup of coffee in front of her son's photograph ever… @mfbiggs "Venezuela has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world" a country where political turmoil… teacher and mother of three in #Venezuela, asked by @MFBiggs what she sees as the future for her country's childr… announces, for women his company signed 3 non-disclosure agreements with, to address complaints "ab… you to @matthewjdowd @IanSams & @MichaelPMeehan for joining us @NewsHour with smart analysis of the Democrati… Santa Ana, CA just now @BernieSanders urges the many state voters registered "NPP" or "no party preference" to b…
@paulsolman @NewsHour "traditional retirement is out of the question" as laid-off former manager Jay Crist tells… than half of American workers in their 50's experience an unwanted separation from their job, creating a chall… @latimes @anitachabria @johnyangtv @NewsHour and "there is tremendous support for action...people just want to see… California's homeless crisis, @latimes reporter @anitachabria tells @johnyangtv "about a third of the state con… many months of political turmoil in #Venezuela has taken a terrible toll on its people, as they wrestle with wh… confidant Roger Stone has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for obstructing a Congressional investigation…
Retweeted by Judy Woodruff.⁦@nytopinion⁩ has printed an op-ed by Siraj Haqqani. For anyone who has lived in, covered, or otherwise cared abou…
Retweeted by Judy Woodruff“I’ve been knocked down a lot.. I’m the only one who’s beaten the NRA...and Bernie Sanders voted against comprehens… promise you this. Give me a chance. I’ll go to the White House and I’ll fight for your family” @ewarren“The President needs to be a manager. I’m a manager” @MikeBloomberg“What unites us is so much greater than what divides us” @amyklobuchar after a mostly divisive debateAfter @peteButtigieg takes her to task for voting for a Trump border official and conservative judges,…, sharp questioning by @RalstonReports about environmental crisis facing Nevada, what exactly would candidates do about itNot much love on the stage tonight.Hot moment as moderator presses @amyklobuchar on her failing to remember name of President of Mexico“I’ve been nice to some women” is how @ewarren characterizes @MikeBloomberg answer to question about his record of… from @PeteButtigieg that adding up all @berniesanders proposals would cost over $50 trillion - need a fact check?newly aggressive @ewarren goes after both @PeteButtigieg “his health plan is a power point program” and… his first comment in debate, @MikeBloomberg says @BernieSanders would lose to President Trump“Let’s put forward somebody who’s actually a Democrat” @PeteButtigieg
if the premise of the book is ten-year-old twins who literally catch on fire when they get into an argument, what s… the "Florida-sized" Thwaites glacier in #Antarctica to learn how its rapid melting could affect the rest o… @MalcolmBrabant @NewsHour ."MalcolmBrabant reports on a standoff between advocates for migrants and refugees who ha… @MalcolmBrabant @NewsHour women in the Moria Camp fear sexual violence, are afraid to go out at night; health risks…"he sees himself as a different kind of billionaire...and he's promised to give his money away before he dies, whic…"they say that confidence is high..but the proof will be in the tally results" @IAmAmnaNawaz reports from Las Vegas… Nevada just now @JoeBiden says he'll "tell the truth" at tonight's debate; as for @MikeBloomberg "he's been a Re…
see @JeffreyBrown's report from a unique museum exhibit designed to reach many with disabilities, different sensory… is the largest movement of people of the entire #Syrian war? @NickSchifrin reports on the nearly one million S… is President Trump's strategy for upping his vote among African Americans this fall? @Yamiche reports and she… smart analysis of this new poll: @DomenicoNPR joins us @NewsHour tonight judge @NGertner says Atty General Barr's reducing prosecutors' sentence recommendation for Roger Stone is "e… national poll has Sanders first, Bloomberg rising to second @NewsHour @NPR @Marist
.@CraigFehrman's new book on the books Presidents write "Author in Chief" - considering John Adams, Ulysses Grant (…"we can't allow any more camps to be built...the lives of the people have been destroyed" Greek citizens protest th…
love the surprise @SNL tonight: re-run of @PBS @NewsHour @politico December Democratic debate w/ @AlecBaldwin
meet @ShekuKM the 20 year old who's inspired so many young people in Britain to sign up for classical music lessons… to @LauraSanthanam !
Retweeted by Judy Woodruffwe are jealous! (not really...happy to have competition!) interview last night with @bernieSanders on the race ahead in Nevada and SC, health care, higher ed debt, his he…
"I taught in prisons, youth in crisis programs...everywhere conditions are most wretched." ..hear from award winnin… the number of novel coronavirus cases just jumped
Retweeted by Judy Woodruffciting the story of Indiana teachers at one school, lined up "execution style" & use of pellets, "what happened was… @PhilipRucker @CarolLeonnig @NewsHour "it's taken this long because he fears retribution from the President"… @PhilipRucker @CarolLeonnig "the north star for this President has been Donald Trump's image and what is best for D…"they are worried for the country..he rejects information and knowledge from those around him..and it is the cause… @hari @NewsHour "misinformation is the only thing more dangerous than the virus" more on #measles, report from @Hari @NewsHourwith all focus on #coronavirus it's important to remember deadly toll #measles is still taking around the globe: Dr…"there's a long tradition among top level Chinese officials of throwing local officials under the bus"… a not so thinly veiled attack on @PeteButtigieg , @BernieSanders says "I don't go to billionaires homes, or wi…
Retweeted by Judy Woodruffcoming up @NewsHour tonight, I sit down with @BernieSanders winner of the #NewHampshire primary, heading next to… with @PierreTABC the sake of local journalism in so many parts of the country, Charlotte, Miami, Kansas City, Fort Worth, Sacram…"for voters..who do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive coalition for victory, the…
"if I have a solid foundation, I can create the first job is to include facts you can believe..not alt… you know there's a new type of concrete that could be a "game changer" in rebuilding U.S. crumbling infrastruct… 10 minutes learning what #NewHampshire results tell us & what they mean for upcoming Democratic primaries in… @Yamiche @NewsHour "historically and for very good reason the Dept of Justice and White House have had very clear g…"the real narrow issue is what's fair in the case of this guy named Stone, and a lot would look at this sentence an… his record in among African Americans as he prepares to campaign in S.C. @PeteButtigieg tells me "I'm not…"we won't have one face to one set of voters, different face in a different place. But different concerns are being… on DOJ reducing Roger Stone prison sentence: “While I certainly believe there ought to be an invest… South Carolina @JoeBiden minimizes importance of #Iowa and #NewHampshire votes - says they are not a…🚨 Andrew Yang is getting out of the 2020 presidential race. Read the full story from @Yamiche with quotes from cam…
Retweeted by Judy WoodruffElizabeth Warren: “I respect the vote” …. She’s now running a distant fourth in New Hampshire.
Retweeted by Judy Woodruffone hour till all polls close in #NewHampshire - watch @PBS for our election special at 11 pm eastern - and in the…
This morning @berniesanders tells me complaints from his primary opponents he is too extremist discount the views o… keep talking to voters until every poll is closed- ⁦@MichaelBennet⁩ speaks to Boston public radio ⁦… place to be in Manchester NH this morning to talk to decided, and still undecided, voters - Margie’s Dream Diner argument from ⁦@PeteButtigieg⁩ to voters in New Hampshire: if you are discouraged by events in Washington,… who surprised everyone at ⁦⁦@PeteButtigieg⁩ last rally before voting starts tomorrow? Kevin Costner says he’…‘twas the night before the New Hampshire primary and voters were queuing up at Exeter High School to see ⁦…
@wgbh @wgbhnews @NewsHour @GreaterBoston @jimbraude Loved talking with @jimbraude one of our great public media col…“This election is probably the most consequential election in the modern history of our country” ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ n… and Jerry of ice cream fame say “you can choose a candidate who has wavered back and forth over what they belie… added event for @berniesanders at a warehouse-like sports facility in Manchester, I see 6 television interview… @sarajust @NewsHour @jameswdigital And I’m in New Hampshire! Enjoy!
.@AmyKlobuchar talks about need to save social security and Medicaid, to fire Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and… view of ⁦@amyklobuchar⁩ from behind the camera stand in Nashua, NH “we can win it with a fired up Democratic base… evidence of growing interest in ⁦⁦@amyklobuchar⁩ with voting just a day and a half away, this crowd in Nashua…“tell people it’s not too late, no one here has voted yet! @DevalPatrick to supporters, “don’t be defensive abt my…“The answer is ‘no’ it’s not too late, and to people who say he doesn’t have a chance to win, I say ‘that’s up to y… Massachusetts Governor ⁦@DevalPatrick⁩ is in neighboring New Hampshire to pump up volunteers as they head ou… for ⁦@DevalPatrick⁩ will divide up, take stacks of these flyers before they go door to door in Nashua, NH amount of calculation that goes into decisions by NH voters: Bernie & Shirley Marchowsky of Nashua are… in long line to see @PeteButtigieg we found a number of @amyklobuchar fans, considering both and dismissing… one piece of huge line waiting to see ⁦@PeteButtigieg⁩ in Nashua - many are for him but others still deciding,… @RosenbergLit @NewsHour Thank you, great to meet you!.⁦@AndrewYang⁩ tells crowd in Hopkinton NH each of their votes is worth 1,000 in California, urges them to vote for… SRO Hopkinton NH town hall gathers to hear ⁦@AndrewYang⁩ 9 am Sunday, 2 days before voting begins @nbcsnl no better way to end the week