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Creative Strategy, @Twitch | Prev work: Beats, Microsoft, Spotify, & bunches of game launches | Rebel Scum | Clippers fan | 🏀🎧🎮🥃🍽

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@AishaAnnHakim @griner It’s not good enough to be worth the time it saved, imoIf you want something done right, d̶o̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ find a partner who’s just as invested because doing… @griner I was bored one night and tried one of those breakfast sandwich things where they toss the tortilla in with the eggs. @stephensonmc All timer for meWhat was the best article you read this week? Any topic is fair game.
Retweeted by Jack ApplebyTotally hooked on @seawayband’s new album. Bright, loud, feel-good, pop-rock. It’s ultra fun. @APompliano brother & his wife are having a baby & I’M GONNA BE AN UNCLE!!!You know the restaurant is family owned & authentic when the menu’s written in Papyrus.@ChainReactionCA is wildly important to the CA music scene. There are very few all ages venues out there - giving… of my freelance work since May has been because of Twitter. I’m just being myself on here. Keep tweeting y…
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@SantamariaCode Found a GOAT tutorial. This is ridiculous @theashelina @Adweek This is a v v v good answer @mkobach Foo Fighters. I had The Colour & The Shape on cassette - would listen on the bus literally every day. Only… positive that’s come out of pandemic: I’ve gotten wayyy better about not worrying. I’ve been anxious most of m… @Adweek Managing up.Pleasantly shocked the NBA might be back in 2 months? Honestly thought it’d be Feb / March 2021.People are not who you perceive them to be on social media. You’d be shocked to discover what their worlds are trul…
Retweeted by Jack Appleby @blakeir @Spotify With the power of Release Radar, the follow button on the artist's page is far more important than any social media followRemember when Wikipedia first launched and every teacher got incredibly nervous and told you trust them and books,… @Joanna_Renteria We out herefun and surprising fact: for the vast majority of its existence, Quibi has actually ranked 2x–5x higher in the iOS…
Retweeted by Jack Appleby @theashelina I want to take The Child on a walkAnyone else go through these and follow new amazing people every time? Just me?
Retweeted by Jack Appleby @brianne2k A4: Hulu would like a word #PopChatWho’s someone you’re learning from on Twitter that more people should follow? @apackard1 @TaylorLorenz Fortnite was much more immediate after they launched BR. not right away, but definitely not 1.5 years later @nikkisunstrum My favorite hoodie came from the one IG ad I ever bought from @theaubservation Gaga has Little Monsters Taylor has Swifties What will you call your fans? @that @TaylorLorenz I would never tweet this today specifically because of a bad take on streaming from someone, no… Us released in 2018 & didn’t cause much of a stir. Then a Twitch streamer started broadcasting it in July 20… @enrodjim Okay this is my favorite response.PSA: You can still basic retweet. When the quote RT screen appears, just click retweet without typing anything. Wh…
Retweeted by Jack Appleby @maidmentfaye @iamaliceophelia Someone start the most random gathering of humans, I’m in @intoitoverit firmly believe pitch decks are best with a strong narrative structure, with ~insights~ baked into prose instead o… wish someone explained the definition of *wealth* to me at an early age. Like, the difference between “a good s…
Retweeted by Jack ApplebyMarriage proposals are a high risk CTA with questionable ROI in America7 days until The Mandalorian returns & I'm incredibly ready to rampantly text everyone incredibly nerdy plot & char…’m someone who usually upgrades my phone to the latest & greatest immediately, but I just don’t see much reason to… @janetmachuka_ Think of it more as a homepage ad buy than a way to get people using the hashtag. We all want our br… @jasvetz @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel A glaring omission @AdamSinger The user habit just doesn’t exist on twitter. Badly wish there was a way to natively share music without having to redirect.Every artist should have every song on Instagram Stories Music Stickers. There isn’t a single downside. Give your…'s a hidden camera film, which means we all technically live in the Borat Cinematic Universe @nitzbluv Start with The First Borat before moving to the Boratters, gotta make sure you understand the Borat Cinematic UniverseIt remains a total mystery to me why more brands do not play around more with co-branding. It has almost no downsid…
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to remind you
Retweeted by Jack Appleby @brandonhassler Exactly. @dogfather Here we go. Last tweet up. @dogfather You beat me to my second example! @catchVifyoucan Ad based accounts have longer!The most immature pride of Twitter is taking joy in causing someone to delete a tweet, or screenshotting previously…’s dumb that people think there’s shame in deleting a tweet, either instantly or long after. You’re allowed to c… @williambchr Billboard @web It could’ve been a total parody, but it’s a super legit record. Most of my old pals dig it @SX2Gaming It could've been parody, and it's NOT AT ALL. Honestly so damn fun.Legitimately appreciative Machine Gun Kelly tackled pop-punk. For a guitar-based punk sound to debut #1 in 2020 is… @elikasadeghi @lesmicek This is my favorite twitter exchange of the day.I'm fairly certain a colossal amount of video game devs & publishers are thankful that amateur & pro streamers have… @chrismkayser THIS. @LizRudloff @alischwanke #nightmare @akhmourne @TaylorLorenz Hard agree. @LizRudloff @alischwanke Did I speak in threads or? @robbielehman Glad it’s helped! Nice reminder for me today as well. @TaylorLorenz It’s bizarre that people who complain about their 9-5 jobs also tend to rip influencers for creating… few months ago @JuiceboxCA tweeted that the best advice he ever got as an overthinking marketer was this: "Make…
Retweeted by Jack Appleby @gracietech @xloubellxx Forbes was used as an example here. I’d argue their Contributor tag is actually more transparent than ad trades. @gracietech @xloubellxx The number of Forbes Contributor “AR is the future” pieces I’ve read from people who it tur… @gracietech @xloubellxx Couldn’t disagree more. I love many editors & who they bring in to write, but even within o… @xloubellxx I think Adweek, AdAge, & all the other outlets are important for our worlds. I just wanna make sure whe… @Sam__Weber Bingo. @MisterMaurer With you 100%. I'm not much of a RTer, so it didn't change much for me. @Jetts_Quick Okay, I'm confused. I wasn't talking about whether you're tweeting from the correct account - this is… @Jetts_Quick Not sure what you're referencing - I'm tweeting about a change made yesterday, as announced by Twitter. @Whatleydude WOW. @ishverduzco GOOD ADVICE @jzjakez Weird. I saw it zero, and many of the most frequent tweeters I know are very confused. @divergent_ideas Eh. I think only power users talk about twitter that way. Gen Pop probably just shrugs. @jonrojas I've seen some of the most frequent tweeters I know massively confused.PSA: You can still basic retweet. When the quote RT screen appears, just click retweet without typing anything. Wh… @mkobach There’s definitely a small sect of humans who use quote RTs that way, though are we sure the general twitter user does?I have mixed feelings on this. I do think people RT wayyy too quickly, but discouraging simple RTs also makes socia… @ishverduzco Little early to say! I’m mostly just tossing tweets over there to see what happens. Most interesting t… @markusfrieske @morningbrew is exceptionally good at this with their staff.Your employees could be your most successful influencers if you let them. @MorningBrew Short form content, short form company @AishaAnnHakim !!!!! @JunaeBrown @ToriTidwell @sirtorchington @elliotcoleman Agreed. He is a stiff. @JayKranda You can, just hit retweet again. @rebeccaaaf Ouchhhh @thecultureofme It’s so easy to go from 0 to full sleeve gone @thecultureofme Which shows? Again, I’m not trolling at all, just curious what they’ve got
@princessology @AmandaMGoetz Hardest of agrees @AmandaMGoetz Shout out to my boss who believed in flat mgmt so much she wouldn’t promote me from Sr Strategist to… @aubreystrobel I lived pretty sheltered from news. 9/11 hit during 8th grade for me - that always felt like the “th…’s nothing better than major celebs with that Ryan Reynoldsish interest in making great promo content. Borat… @AndrewFogliato I think you identified Quibi’s problem.Turns out Quibi specialized in short-form c̶o̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶ company