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bey! @jujngkook she / her

β˜…. π‚πš β€” π…πš!Β‘ the biggest simp over Jungkook. . . β€ΉπŸΉ getting the limerence feelings nor hiraeth whenever hail the man I fell for, ethereal enchantment. α΄₯ !

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gue tu kalo nangis jangan ditanya kenapa, malah tambah kejer yang ada @jnxcok jd gabut @brilliawnt ini si yg paling masuk akal wkwkwkmantan kalo blg kangen tu knp? @mudntalk waduu yg lebi cantik bisa ajh @dinjk_ AD AK @_cheetospuff okwee @brigadigr takut risih ajaa klo gue hype grup lain;( @wuniqlo okaayy thankyouu! @brigadigr gue army nih gapapa kahh mutualan? @_cheetospuff gue army nih gapapa kahh mutualan? @thesocieby gue army nih gapapa kahh mutualan? @wuniqlo gue army nih gapapa kahh mutualan? @bentavla mauu @ceIlebrity hi @HRJWIFEE_ akwoakwoak @chizlu kmfandom lo apa aja? @bitiesfess πŸ’œ @algbrnfvk ya gua ngerasa nya gtu @ggukieIoveIy bli @carvtkook wae @reegasm d @krewpes ra @cacakimuwuuu ca @taebyours rame @taebyours mau dong @bitiesfess army @junggoch mw @choxkookie hy @krewpes si lemon kan ini @chizlu y @saktii hahaha sanss @algbrnfvk gimana dong;( @mintmyoon2 tp ak merasakan nya:( @saktii ngga luse, keknya lu salah orang @saktii iya tapi gapernah pake indentitas yg skrng, kenapa??gue merasa annoying @loffvelyjk bio @oxvvcly layout @babs usn @choxkookie layout @starlyvantae layout @adoipt usernamerep 'oy' @jjkclever @jweeiy subete for you kotainante eee @seokiedaisy sukanya ap? ak? @minyakteloniee sukaa @meowyongii pp @taenieblue malemmdari senin - minggu, hari fav lo apa?jimin moved closer to the screen so that armys could see him πŸ₯Ί
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Retweeted by bey!Jungkook's eyes Performing Looking at armys
Retweeted by bey! @purplelight01 belii @jaellyyy ppppppppppppsuka taro / matcha? @convomf 15 @sugargrvtyy mwah @blogfsahi mwah @convomf 100% @jinfairy__ lopu more @naymjoon @naymjoon @seijuvro bangsatt @bonjocvi hai @DiMabokTaekook jgnnn @flurrqy bener asli mending cari yg bisa diajak jalan yega @adoipt kasian bener loe @meowyongii ,krenn @purplelight01 ad, ak perna soalnya awikwok @dinjk_ trs abistu di ghosting ea @filtrpjmm jgn dha, cari yg real real aja @cutejmiin mengjamet bersama @carrotpiupiu jgn dha, cari yg real real aja @bertanyarl mcd pizza hut jco aw wendy's hokben @cakegoogie reo @jeongukthejeon lucuu pol @chizlu 1kok bisa si pacaran di twitter? lo pernah? @unitfed jgn tawa, bau @mrkleegfiee @K0196EZ mw km @APIN90_ ily @lilgguks rep @chiefkoo mauuu @K0196EZ mw @tekookcoty lopyu @unitfed ngaca @makeusby njir @bertanyarl aing tenanaon @ttaepoodle mandi oli @yoongilucu anisss @aesvntae ad @unitfed mna @naymjoon ak @iCakeJeno gk kgt @algbrnfvk sayini twitter for apa? @bitiesfess jeon junhlopl @eiagrows 9