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A bird that draws and rigs @ Mercury Filmworks || 23 || They/Them || Non-Binary Butch Lesbian || 🔞 No Minors Please🔞

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@ChosenOnesDnD Oh I'll take a look when I'm working tomorrow!I am once again, mad at myself for not buying some form of salty snack as my body loves that and I have NONEsaving up all my primogems for Ayaka or Yao Yao if she is a 5 star @Regence_Royale THERE IS A REASON WHY... I DONT CALL HER OFTEN..... @Regence_Royale Oh man.... Don't get me started about why I almost fought her bc the guy who she was close friends… @alusapt2 If your old pair is falling apart, yeah? Why not?Racism // Off the phone with mom today and we talked about me buying a house and the first thing she said was to… cw // Perks of living with my mom: couldn't order take out bc she didn't want me to get fat but oh man the money I could save??? @Regence_Royale I SHOULD HAVE HAD THAT FIST FIGHT AT THE MALL FOOD COURT. @Regence_Royale I once almost had a fist fight with my ex friend who is white BC I told her that she needs to stop…
Picrewの「doodly friend creator」でつくったよ! #Picrew #doodly_friend_creatorHue hue新作の華シリーズです\( ⍢ )/ なかなかお披露目出来ず… やっと描き彫って完成しました。 ご覧いただけたら嬉しいです! #消しゴムはんこ #橡皮章 #橡皮擦印章 #猫
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖U can tell you that in corporate life, the higher you are up on the ladder the lazier and less work you do. @Fish__Hell Reveal the other 6 and I'm coming for youI so BADLY want a teal set up. Just. Give me teal. I love teal. @Fish__Hell I am one of them @meglikestodraw YES. I just wanna go out for brunch with friends!!Cannot wait for quarantine to be over so that I can wear my froggy earrings and get that froggy hoodie and go out with friends @holymahou_eydis I can do probably! But for now I'll stick with my studsI wanna wear dangly earrings but the sensation of it makes me go *~no~*Learned about clip charts and how they are used and wow. I am mad.Looking at the genshineyal charms and I am SWEATING at trying to not drop my money on themLRT: you know, shorter winters are nice. But hellish summers in a place where it doesn't have central AC and isn'… nobody concerned that we literally didn’t have a winter??
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @taylorcnly Always that. ITS ALWAYS THAT!! "We are a voice to the voiceless" Indigenous and POC talks about the in… @DaisyMiaou Wide stance @taylorcnly The entire time I watched it my audio processing disorder ganged up and made her make no sense to me. L… is a web site compiling all the restaurants in Toronto that manage their own delivery so they don’t have to pa…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @furryyuris Oh I love her?I wanna wear... A hanfu so badly!!! But they don't make it in my size it seems 😭😭😭White vegans saying questioning if they should be talking about BLM shows that they are not the voice for the voiceless.The way that people saying teenagers don't need a livable wage tells me that y'all are so privileged to have suppor…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @Hawluchadoras She said that vegans should not be talking about BLM because "if we have to care about BLM we also g… @nish_gay She once asked if vegans should be talking about BLM and she never apologized and refuses to listen. 🤡🤡🤡 @ainsleyikes Her take on the BLM movement was a huge yikes from me
I have this radical idea that it should be free to survive
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @puffinique Maybe? Who knows but I know a lot who likes it @FEMMEKlSS OMGG THIS ONE ALWAYS MAKES ME CRYYY’s design I finished up based on a defunct constellation of a stargazer fish, Uranoscopus! She’s the ringleade…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @FEMMEKlSS What video?do any of these "we can't raise the minimum wage because then prices will rise" people have any explanation for why…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖
@Lindsey4869 AAA LUCK @SailorHannibal @deve It has the right texture and taste so just crunch on!! I love it. @Kunaike YOOOOO THIS STYLE LOOKS SO SIIICKGen 4 had some FIRE designs tho @alusapt2 Hopefully when this all settled down you can catch a break??? That sounds like a lot to juggle rnAnyone got some dnd podcasts to recommend?? I want some story stuff to listen to @j_jennyle Cannot wait for the day when I can get a character that can nuke all of Timmy's birds @victoriaramonah Noidk why people think it smells like rotting flesh but I am so sad that I can't eat it since I live in an apartmentHonestly, if there is a challenge to eat durian with a poker face on, I would win that because I actually love durian and the taste of it @alusapt2 @furryyuris @Pockicchi Yeah same. One day they just decided to go "hey what's up my friend 👁️👄👁️" just out of nowhere @furryyuris @alusapt2 @Pockicchi I got mine out 2 days after my trip from Vancouver and then half way thru recovery… @alusapt2 @Pockicchi Oops. But yeah, my dentist warned me about it so I was scared LMAO @alusapt2 @Pockicchi Did you ever get scared of dry socket? @Pockicchi I had to get mine removed because they caused me a lot of issues 😭😭 everytime I ate it was SO painful
@knifemage Wha @dah0nggou You got another cat? @alusapt2 Too little too late. I was hoping to visit this spring but I guess not... @alusapt2 I am so sad that I cannot visit Toronto!!! I miss it 😭😭😭 I really wish this ended earlierdid i do this right
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @KillShields Oh no,,,,, so scary!!!!I AM TIRED BUT I ALSO WANNA DRAW!!! LET ME SLEEP AND HAVE THE ENERGY TO DO ART!!! @KillShields That's just gonna give you more fuel to make more gay shit LMAO. @KillShields omg I'm in love with the TeiflingI have three Dnd adoptables that need a good home. To care and love for always ;) All three of them are 80USD Each…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @FEMMEKlSS that's me @mukbangs4life Gotta take your job with you even when you're on the shitter huh
@kathleenneeley Oh my god this is so beautiful!!! @Bophette Yeah. I never knew him but I'm just glad that he isn't in pain anymore. I'll be okay tho. Thank you @meglikestodraw hhhH???? why are white people..... like this....Death cw My grandpa died last night... Not from Covid but his health was always bad and was bedridden for a while.… @Fish__Hell Witch hunt timeWhen we say “pay people to stay home” this is why:
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @burgerpaws Omg same. Like. That ending was just. So good? Bitter sweet as we had to say good bye. And we don't often get that? @alusapt2 I hope it went well?! BIT GOOD JOB THO.
Whew, this has been a long time coming, a new banner for 2021! And a snazzy new logo for all sorts of things. Depen…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖Oh now that she is doing numbers y'all love her?? Honestly the sexism is very apparentThe hate that people had over ganyu just... Reeks of sexism to me lolWell folks, it looks like I’ll be out of work for another couple months. I have approx $1000 to pay off my credit c…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖✨Promoing my store too✨ Currently prepping for a restock launch, but some goodies are still available! 🍎@Sulkypup 🍊…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖Hi #portfolioday !✨🐯 I'm a trans illustrator looking for work related to editorial, narrative, and other fun creati…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖I really really really really miss everyone back home. I gotta learn how to drive so that I can visit more easily.
@FEMMEKlSS Weird BC I'm getting Google service still. And I'm on a Huawei, unless it might be bc of the country I live in. @FEMMEKlSS The a71 has the issue of it just randomly not charging one day. It happened to a lot of my friends sadly. @alusapt2 Honestly of you can, do it. So worth it plus the ability to seperate work space from sleep space has made… @alusapt2 I mean moving to a whole new city was why my MH tanked. But it's better to have your own space. @alusapt2 It's great to be away from my mom, I do miss her but living with her? Nah. It's worth moving out. @alusapt2 At first it wasn't so great. But when I got new friends I got a lot better while you gotta do all the cho… spends weekend just fucking unloading on Tumblr #TrumpInsurrection #CoupAttempt…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖So I got fresh, cotton sheets on and omg I forgot how nice they feel. Too bad organic fabric is so expensive or else I would get more.I MISS THIS SO MUCH AAAHHH really.... Want..... Sweet and sour pork..... @doggyboxers JUST U WAIT.jan-feb commissions are now open! please dm me to grab a slot! paypal only 🐶🩳 these are not fcfs + i will be accep…
Retweeted by JULES 💰✂️🐖 @doggyboxers Me, saving up my birthday money so I can snag one from u 👁️👄👁️ @dah0nggou she's so BIG
I've been watching a bunch of these tiktoks and it's so heart-warming to watch people show how they're done and I'm…