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@meredithnudo I like knowing where Evangelion got its design ideas.#TheHappiestSeason is such a scalding experience. That is not a happy season at all. @gimpnelly I feel like if you wanna learn Kristen Stewart’s skills from *checks notes* a porn actress who kinda loo… I hate sharing a last name with Geraldo. @gimpnelly Yeah, uh, those tests are a great way to find out someone is married to their own cousin or some nonsens… @FoxyJazzabelle Have teachers been going around murdering black people with impunity? Just wondering.I...Um...I guess I'm staying home? k-Stew ever get to be a vampire Hunter instead of a vampire victim? We should crowdfund something garlic and w… gets forgiven for literally all her dickbaggery because she’s pretty and white. Trust if you destroy a pai… are a lot of parallels between Get Out and #HappiestSeason but weirdly I see a lot of Twilight in here too.… Becky throws her horrible blood sucker magic at poor K-Stew which means they’re gonna be adopting/conceiving… Round: in case Harper wasn’t a big enough dick, now she’s destroyed her sister’s painting. Like she should no…“She’s lying! I’m not a lesbian!” -Becky in front of her lesbian girlfriend. This is not a happy season at all. #HappiestSeasonEw wife swapping #HappiestSeasonUgh god Becky’s just gonna manipulate K-Stew into taking more abuse, isn’t she? This is now a horror movie with…“I am John. Abby’s heterosexual ex boyfriend.” Bless him I love him. #HappiestSeasonWeird sister Jane is kind of fun when she’s not wrapping you up in her arms like a kraken. #HappiestSeasonBold choice of #HappiestSeason to make the love interest the antagonist. This is some war of the Roses shit.HAHA! Basic Becky saw K-Stew hanging with the correct woman and got all huffy. Die mad. #HappiestSeason“It’ll cost me $1000 to get a ride back” They don’t have any bus stations or train stations nearby? #HappiestSeason“I need some space!” Good! Leave! Get out! Aubrey Plaza is still out there. Believe in your dreams, K-stew. #HappiestSeasonGoddamn, Becky lies to everybody. You can’t date someone who’s that good a liar. Trust me on this. I divorced that. #HappiestSeason“This girl viciously outed me to her friends to cover up that we were dating.” “I should marry her.” K-Stew why #HappiestSeasonOkay no running away together yet but Aubrey Plaza drops the bomb that Harper is beyond an asshole. She had vicious… K-Stew finally grew a brain and had magically ended up on a date with Aubrey Plaza. I can stop the movie here… it I’m fast forwarding this shit. This is the longest hour and a half of my life #HappiestSeasonK-Stew finds herself in the closet after fist fighting with a roomba, when she could’ve been snogging Aubrey Plaza.… steal Aubrey Plaza, K-Stew. Theres no reason to hang around this dumb Becky. #HappiestSeasonOh damn. K-Stew’s all alone at a party with Aubrey Plaza. Whatever shall happen? (Let’s hope they make out)… The oldest sister is in cahoots with GOOP. K-Stew! Jump! Jump from the car right now! #HappiestSeason never mind he’s in the sunken place. Anybody handing out moisturizer is not okay. #HappiestSeasonThings take kind of a weird turn when Harper’s older sister shows up with two a black husband. Which ma… else exists in this movie but Aubrey Plaza #HappiestSeason @ElPesoHero @ArtsyPabster @HenryBarajas You better be joking because I don’t know you like that.The family dinner with the ex-boyfriend is so awful and emotionally violent that I want to send k-Stew all the Aubr… course Harper’s Ex-boyfriend (who’s somehow even more basic than she is) shows up because her parents really rea… isn’t a fish out of water story. This is a fish in the shark tank story. #HappiestSeasonHarper’s entire family is a nightmare. This isn’t cute. This is terrifying. #HappiestSeasonAre we sure this isn’t the hotel from The Shining? #HappiestSeason, lemme tell you something. If I fall off a roof because you put me up there, we will not be friends let alone…"How bad can it be?" K-Stew says as her girlfriend manipulates her into this bullshit. The same girlfriend who go… it, K-Stew, carry some garlic! You get taken by evil bloodsuckers more times than Princess Peach. #HappiestSeasonHarper and K-Stew drive to wherever the hell remote ass place her parents live, and that's when Harper drops the bo… @HiPhylecia Word I'm gonna recommend this. @nataliereed84 The messed up part is that she doesn't know she's closeted to her family! Bitch pulls a bait and switch!So K-Stew gets all sucked in with her girlfriend's wide-eyed Becky gaze. She's even talking about popping the quest…"Come with me to my parents on Christmas" Oh hell no, I'm leaving this movie right now. That's the unsexiest thin…, so Harper has already put our poor girl in terrifying danger, causing her to fall off a roof. It's played for…, I definitely owe Kristen Stewart an apology for ragging on her Twilight acting. If I were a lesbian being forc… movie opens on K-Stew in love with a tall sexy bloodsucker. Only this time she's allowed to have a personality and be a lesbian.LRT the whole reason I avoid dating people with yt families is this exact movie here. You can never avoid their insane families forever.Taking another stab at watching #HappiestSeason You guys this is a horror movie for me. Bear with me. @ArtsyPabster @HenryBarajas Everyone must stay home except to go to church and lick all the hand rails.Mark Trail Plaidbod ornaments @fleenguy Sadly I don’t have the space.Gotta get onto my Christmas decorations. Something nice, tasteful, demu— OH SHIT ELECTRIC PALM TREE @BOUNCE_COMIC Still counts.If people don’t like “defund the police” I’m cool with going back to “fuck the police”.
Retweeted by Jules Rivera #StayMad @BOUNCE_COMIC You’re related to this dude?? @victoriaying Too cute! Love it. @shannonrwatts @laloalcaraz But I thought Republicans were job creators?Vallarta marinated fajita meat is a blessing from the skies. @thenoirguy You’re an out of the bowl thinker? @Rude_Astrology Lol literally my ex @azure_lor Damn. This is wild. @fleenguy When there are shoots like that, the dog is about to flower soon. @indiedynamo I assigned it to myself because the basic bitch stuff in school wasn’t engaging.Neon Genesis Evangelion. people with their own reflection is literally my battle tactic omg Jim Davis is nostradamus.The Garfield that came out in the day you were born is your astrology sign and... ....Garfield predicted Love, Joo… @PeteWhiz I wonder if this is something I should add to my Tiktok. @NewMutant @TaylorEspo California - A hippie pinko land that’s blue AF. This should go well. @nesgritton This is Latinexcellence. @nesgritton @dammitfranky So what you’re telling me is the curriculum got Mark Trail’d.“To Kill a Mockingbird” - This book is an act of violence especially to students of color. If you think this is a… @DrMRFrancis Absolutely.“The Lord of the Flies” is “Tiny, white sociopaths: the novel.” Students are already living in that. Can we not?“The Count of Monte Cristo” is aight. Pair with more Alexandre Dumas stuff for fun. Keep.“The Scarlet Letter” is just “Slut-Shaming: the novel.” Can we cancel this one too? It’s also trash.I just got my first real long term art gig and I’m 37. Spielberg actually invented the zolly shot. Alfred Hitchcock doesn’t exist. B-b-but Jules! He invented the zolly shot! JR: It’s a button on a machine on wheels. Calm TF down. It’s not like he cured cancer. @TerryBlas I made that tire rolling downhill scene pop. I even got myself interested in the story.Also also in my storyboarding class I teach very few classics. I believe it’s worth while for students to know what… @johnlees927 T-T-T-Tea???? SCONES?? Put it in my face! @katiedidwhat That sounds rad AF. good job! Sorry the other teacher was a dusty hag.Hell yeah I gave some of those kids my comics. They loved me so hard. @MrMacCrocodile I... any teacher who assigns students “The Great Gatsby” and calls it a classic: how dare you. once sat through a lesson on To Kill a Mockingbird. Mostly Latin kids. Teacher teaching the most driest boring sh… Or Trashics? @TaylorEspo He seems to be under the impression he’s going to be governor so sadly this man is very delusional and needs treatment. @TiredFairy How thirsty are these TERFs if they’re this controlling and territorial about their little club? Mad dry pussy energy there. @Lexialex Why are they hot?? @RachelJoStewart @teaberryblue Tall! Is! Good!I’m not gonna look at a few family members the same way again. @ryanlecount At least when she gets older, she’ll knead you to make sure you’re a soft squishy place to suit. Be warned. Claws get involved. @CamComicCorner I...
Mortal Kombat. I don’t know if I’m obsessed though.