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Top 10 in #VCT completely unprepared and with a sub, ggs to everyone we played. I AM HANGRY gnvery sadge day @maddiesuun ggs 💜
2021 come watch us compete for a spot in the main event in 15ish minutes #VCT send all the vibes our way #SRNWIN 🔮 @slaze444 @clgaming ur the bestYesterday i was running on 2 hrs of sleep and 8 hrs of work idk how i even got a single kill @itsmarouS @Avxrsive @PlayVALORANT Sometimes i get scared to comm in ranked so Joey does it for me I’m too sensitiv…
Currently 2-1 in groups #VCT waiting for next game :) @leeleefps good luck qt @Jazzyk1ns Good luck 💜Get ready to watch Serenity Purple DOMINATE in the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers NA, presented by @dignitas today!…
Retweeted by SRN julia ♡VCT today let's fucking go baby you guys got this @kxtieoh @angelltaub @kayvalorant @juliaaiis @zoee_val
Retweeted by SRN julia ♡Super excited for #VCT game changers qualifiers today at 1!! Let’s get iti can’t sleep and i have work at 7 someone kill mewhat girls experience when playing valorant. @PlayVALORANT
Retweeted by SRN julia ♡ @Glorinsz @Avxrsive Best cypher na
@FrostyValorant vouchI cannot stream and play ranked nope nopeSRN EGO plays ranked w/ joey i stream my ranked adventures with Joey? :)))
@Glorinsz .... @pinkk_gg already did that today :((Im so cranky tonight pls kill me @emijuju_ @mavixchairs why are these chairs so expensive I’m so broke 🥺 @AstonLorenzoval wtf @HoellywoodFPS LMFAOOO @dxnovan Iknow where she lives don’t make me show up there @triskkkk FUCK:)
@Avxrsive @Glorinsz Joey only enjoys it with me cus Im the best u know @kayvalorant It will never be okay @ciaolyx Ok u can delete now @Avxrsive NO WAY U GOT MY CRINGENESS PLS STOP @phoFPS what did i just watchi actually can’t do anything today
@BetrayedFPS @Inf4mousEnergy Best astra NA @sh0pguy @kxtieoh @wokezval def wrong person on that one @kxtieoh @sh0pguy @wokezval ive never seen this shopguy in my life no offense LMFAOLF2 players to complete a project roster with myself, @sw1ndal and possibly @SkimVal (unsure of atm) wanting to mak…
Retweeted by SRN julia ♡
@Glorinsz @ciaolyx @kinxps @climbs vouch vouch vouc @slaze444 Saw the crosshair and knew where it was going @MC_Lelicious let’s gooo kevinnn!!!! @YoiAim @Avxrsive would be colder if i joined yoi aimwtf @Glorinsz @triskkkk LMFAOO i was literally telling him how funny the tweet was @stephanieserFPS LMFAOOOO not the roomba @triskkkk @HitBox_Hiros @Avxrsive LMFAOOOO @HitBox_Hiros @Avxrsive i would never let him quit @MayaValorant @TorseFPS @palepocky @sznyawn @valorant_gf i agree she is a goddesssthe worst feeling in the world is when someone really close to you replaces you
@AstonLorenzoval @SPL_illume Thats mean @SPL_illume @AstonLorenzoval oh shit lory the manager @OkeanosQT omg see u tomorrow @OkeanosQT ETA? @OkeanosQT SURE @OkeanosQT did u just say... unrated?????????sad sad day @AstonLorenzoval @_Whiske @juliaaiis
RT AND LIKE RN OR ELSE @FrostyValorant @m7rcy @TeamSerenity Vouch @sznyawn OláHuge opportunity for streamers out there @OkeanosQT LMFAOOO STOP @Unofficialjj1 Hi @Avxrsive @FrostyValorant u cheated on ur own crosshair smh @FrostyValorant !crosshair @kayvalorant @Avxrsive LMFAOOOOO @kayvalorant Olá como estás @marynah_1 i miss u more lets play soon <3 @marynah_1 hiii @FrostyValorant 😢 @saevalorant SAE literally one of my good friends who always messages me random shit on valorant LMFAO, but youre c… @bumpaah @yrkiee @BumpFan69 LMFAOOO @DerekJoon HI @_Whiske STOP UR GONNA MKE ME CRY THANK U FOR EVERYTHING @LayziVAL hi @Skydeunnn dont know you that well but all ik is that ur cracked at fortnite, keep grinding and winning @Avxrsive ok but did u see that game yesterday yea me too @Avxrsive ily 💜 @NikkieTV NIKKIE i literally love u, the sweetest person ive met <3 @ItzBoltzy ur insane at the game, you'll go far just keep grinding :) @obiaurahh very good player, keep grinding :) @sznyawn nothing but funny interactions with you LMFAO, but ur super funny and cracked at valorant keep grinding @OnlyDrop_ DROP, literally the person whos supported me ever since the fortnite days. i appreciate you and for bein… @BetrayedFPS ur super nice and vry good at what you do, keep grinding :))) @_Whiske ola @ThumbtackVAL THUMBTACK, very good friend and im so happy with all that you've taught me, youre super smart and ver… @Avxrsive hands down my favorite person ever, youre literally the best boyfriend/bestfriend and i cant imagine wher… @FrostyValorant very funny and very cracked at valorant, im confused on why you're not signed yet they're missing out @notMattVA ur such a good friend and super nice and always down to carry me in ranked. ur a vry cracked valorante player @yrkiee @BumpFan69 @bumpaah bumfan69 is bumpaah on an alt @Avxrsive @wafflenomster12 stop rn @AyeeTrain im ur #1 fan ur literally the funniest person ive played with also super nice that u keep the old man whiskers company everyday @ChoicePlays vry good friend and hands down the nicest person ive met ever since that vcs production thing, ty for… @Avxrsive give me ur opinion rude @_Whiske HANDS DOWN THE BEST PERSON IVE MET IN THIS COMMUNITY, ur literally always there for me 24/7 and always kno… @ReactsNA reacts idk u that well but all i have to say is everytime we play against eachother its always the sweatiest games and i HATE IT @Avxrsive hey stop ignoring me thanx @Laysix_ LAYS we've gotten so close the past 3 days and i already adore u, ur the sweetest and the best viper main NA