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Jason Heyward: "Kaepernick... he started a movement but was still shunned... Then you look baseball ... and we're l…
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @SportsD24733772 @AlexJNaveja @MLBFA01 Alright I’ll give you that but it still doesn’t make him any worse than Monc… @SportsD24733772 @AlexJNaveja @MLBFA01 It doesn’t because Moncada hasn’t made it, and that’s not how you evulate pl… news His next start will be on Friday for an intrasquad matchup. This will give him an extra day of rest befor… news: Judge is swinging the bat again and Tuesday’s intrasquad game remains up in the air. #NYY #PinstripePride #AllRise @JulianGuilarte1 Judge wasn’t getting pitches tipped either! Soringer’s stats aren’t real.
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @GreggPaschal Another great point! @SportsD24733772 @AlexJNaveja @MLBFA01 Bro it doesn’t matter Belly is way better then Wade post season is irreveren… sure to check out the latest episode of Sideline Sports Podcast with baseball analyst @suavemeave breaking dow…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteAaron Judge is feeling a bit "better" and Aaron Boon didn't rule Judge playing tomorrow. Judge has more range of mo…
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @yankeereport28 2011 his first year in the league and only year as a Cub. @yankeereport28 What year was this?DJ Lemahieu As a Cub also Yankees and Cubs seem to share 2nd baseman. Soriano, Castro,Torres and DJ. 3 are in this…
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @WatchYourTone4 Lets go!UPDATE: Tony has opted IN and is ready for playoff hockey!! #LGR 🗽
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilartePics or it didn’t happen... That time I met the voice of yankees @TMKSESPN
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteHicks is the 13th player to decide not to play this year, but I believe he is the first who falls under the pre-exi…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteThe 13 who have so far decided not to play this year: Welington Castillo Ian Desmond Felix Hernandez Jordan Hicks M…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteRemembering George Steinbrenner
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteI don't know how often the Yankees will bunt in extra innings. But they are getting their work in during BP agains…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteKraken out here making waves:
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @MLBFA01 Bellinger is the better player! He’s been in the league for a shorter amount of time and he has done more than Moncada!
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteBreaking MLB: CP Jordan Hicks has opted out of the season. #MLB2020 #STLCards #Covid19I'm not eligible to win $100K, but you should try! Play MLB Opening Day Pick 'Em now: And…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteBreaking Balls coming in at #43 on the Top 100 baseball podcasts on Apple podcasts! Not too bad for a 15-week-old h…
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @EmSheDoesIt @JohnnyDoesIt2 @djbingington Congrats! @EmSheDoesIt @JohnnyDoesIt2 @djbingington Where you see this list? @kevinfinnertyy RightExactly bro enough said! @JulianGuilarte1 Again take the vote off Twitter and watch what happens.
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteYankees Summer Camp coverage returns TODAY at 2pm on YES! ⚾
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteConnor McGovern's 1,013 snaps without a penalty in 2019 was the 3rd-most by a center since 2010.
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @ciscobeanie Hahaha if the Rockies somehow make it I’ll take the L 😂 @JulianGuilarte1 @MLBFA01 Fraudulence. The real matchup would’ve been Bellinger vs Judge
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @HtownWheelhouse @MLBFA01 Judge hasn’t played as long and I already posted the graphic since Judge joined the leagu… @HtownWheelhouse @MLBFA01 He didn’t play the same amount of games lmao but go off @rich29uk He’s good but White Sox Twitter goes hard for him. @ken_millerlopez @MLBFA01 Yup we were hoping to get that @Miss_AshleyFox @MLBFA01 Exactly that’s all that really counts!Video from @Deivigarcia01 sim game this afternoon 🔥 #NYY #PinstripePride #BabyBombers worked on this for months, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Thank you to all the brave players, de…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteDodgers Twitter vs White Sox Twitter Belly vs Moncada. #BestInBaseball our next matchup the young Cuban from Chicago battles against the reigning NL MVP! #BestInBaseball
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @JulianGuilarte1 @MLBFA01 Springer knew what pitches were coming. Disqualified
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @Eric_M888 @MLBFA01 Facts! @ken_millerlopez @MLBFA01 Yankees twitter didn’t step up and Astros Twitter went crazyI’m sad to report Springer won great effort but horrendous defeat @MLBFA01 Belly or Moncada will redeem us and Cole… @ProGenitor09 @MLBFA01 We lost Astros twitter got us 🤦🏻‍♂️Yankee fans if you haven’t voted now is the time @TheJudge44 #AllRise JUDGE NOW 50-50 click this link #AllRise @MLBFA01 @ProGenitor09 @MLBFA01 We’re close can you see it exactly? @ciscobeanie He has to be lol because if he isn’t they don’t have anyone else. My point still stands their pitching… @ciscobeanie Gray is a starter @ciscobeanie Do they really though with what bullpenVote for Judge Yankee fans, you’ve been summoned to #AllRise
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteAaron Judge needs a push follow @MLBFA01 and vote for him he’s trailing Springer 49-51 under 2 hrs left we can’t lo… MORNING!! VOTE FOR JUDGE!! THANKS.
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte3.5 hours to go and it’s tied at 50%. Let’s get Judge over and win this battle against Springer. #MLB
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteThe takeover is about to happen, vote judge
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteI am not okay.
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @kevinfinnertyy WCan we agree the sound of a Home Run is the best sound in sports?
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteNow or never lets go it’s 50-50! @YANKEES_TWlTTER stand up for @TheJudge44 we have around two hrs left! #NYY you fucks now is your time to show how much you really love Aaron Judge
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @TonyKinia @GerritCole45 It’s next level can’t wait to see it for real 🔥 @TLuvsBaseball Yes same but it was way too much coin. @HouStrosBroncos Thank you for being a reasonable fan and admitting that this is why I always respect your takes.Biggest L of all time! @TalkinBaseball_ Reds over Red Sox under also your welcome!Gerrit Cole’s 9 K’s yesterday our hitters weren’t even relatively close the ball was in the catchers mitt when they… official: #Redskins announce they are no longer the #Redskins. Change is coming.
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @MLBFA01 @MansplainBBpod We got Acuna vs Bregman soon and you know I’m fully with you on that! @MLBFA01 @MansplainBBpod help us out! @J_Nova_Kane Best on Earth & Paranoid are good also. @tylersramos 25So refreshing to see is alive and well again 🥺
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @OffTheBallPod Le’Veon or Matt Kemp @kkempf_17 Same much better than Astros! PLEASE VOTE FOR JUDGE 💯⚾👍💪✊ #AllRise #Yankees
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @SportsD24733772 You’re really dying on this hill your vote could be that different that’s also make sense because… @SportsD24733772 @WayneGretzky @GretzkySchool @LGretzky @dallasmavs @mcuban @swish41 @RealJasonKidd @matrix31 @NHL
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @BThomps81 deadline for NFL teams to reach a long term deal with franchise tagged, and transition tagged players is this W…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteRIP To The Talented, Amazing, Inspiring & Hard Working Actress Kelly Preston She Was Battling Breast Cancer & Was O…
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @SportsD24733772 It’s only 33 difference though. @SailorTurnee It’s only 33 less games but I get it. @SportsD24733772Games played Judge 369 Springer 402 do the right thing and fix this madness! @DanAlanRourke @MLBFA01 Thanks for this great graphic!The Judge Springer comparison even though Judge has missed more games. Astros fans will say Judge strikes out more… @MLBFA01 Don’t care about a poll but in case anyone needs help with their decision
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @MLBFA01 @mrevandanielYou can knock me, but you can’t knock me down. #MondayMotivation @CantH0LDMe 😂😂😂 @TLuvsBaseball Nice I have that exact ticket also but I went in May that season!(!!!!) New York City health officials reported zero deaths related to the novel coronavirus for the first time sinc…
Retweeted by G.T Julian GuilarteMorning everyone lets go @TheJudge44 has almost came back he’s currently down 49-51 vote 👨🏽‍⚖️ and get him the win!… epic Home Runs check them out! More Homeruns that left you speechless!
Retweeted by G.T Julian Guilarte @blackrebirth52 Louder for the people in the back! #AllRise