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principal @gpsimpact | alum @actblue @moveon @couragecampaign @commoncause @vassar. rebbitzin. retired rugger. yinzer. mom.

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It looks so different in each state. @EqualityMaine is running summer camps for rural queer youth. @EqualityOhio ha… time I come to an @EqualityFed Leadership Conference I come away in awe of the work the member groups are doi…
@Kristen_Arnett made me laugh @jdesmondharris saaaaaaaaameNot gonna lie. I teared up watching this. government is holding children hostage. Children. Held hostage. By our government. In America. say following the @Stl_Manifest is chilling today. #NeverAgain @steveolson Only 5?She earned these shitty numbers. Can’t wait to finally beat her. @TheStefanSmith Yes, and you should know @brandonenglish. Senior Advisor to Biden (and basically the DD). Fellow homosexual.
Someone ought to start a bet pool for when we're under 10 candidates. you are ever having deliverability problems use a shared IP. Getting your own is a giant waste of money and coul… excited to see the new cohort of @newmediaventure grantees. Got to see several of them present at the New Too… is no small amount of irony that the root of the procedural ruling against Pelosi yesterday calling Trump rac… @daveweigel... It you? The RSLC just took down (link: since it owns the domain regi… @actblue The average dropped a couple bucks over that time too. Just more sheer volume of donations/donors. 3.3M un… @actblue This is not about the presidentials. Bigger trend line is that each campaign/org/committee raising more mo… @actblue announced they raised $420M in the first half of the year. Here's their insane historical growth sho… @LauraClawson @dailykos 😂Netroots Nation was it’s biggest yet and @dailykos is a massive organization. Digital communications is now woven i… @cruickshank Yep and reached a much more diverse audience. Not the blog readers but the staffers that make up the… piece is dumb. The blogosphere collapsed because of lack of advertising revenue. And presidentials didn’t show…
@lpackard 💯 @dgordon52 Not at all surprising. Basic tension of the org in an era where Roe really is threatened and so is funding.It's way too common for a new ED/CEO to last less than a year due to major conflicts over the direction of the org.…'ve long believed that organizations need to have an interim leader after a long-time CEO/ED departs the org. You… curious to hear what direction Dr. Wen wanted to head in vs the board. @derekwillis @BetoORourke Good luck! If you are running on WP or Drupal I suggest switching to @getpantheon. They c… @derekwillis @BetoORourke Looks like you guys need to improve your hosting. Throwing some bad gateway errors.Trump's AG overruled his own DOJ to protect the white cop who murdered an unarmed Black man on camera with his bare…
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@kombiz @mcbyrne Yes, please! I’m out of town Thurs-Sun. But otherwise around. @kombiz @mcbyrne I made my wife come pick me up last week rather than do this solo. I have no regrets.If you are writing comparisons to the Ds and their debate numbers keep in mind that they are counting unique donors… @just_jenna I dont... hate it? But it's a ton of fucking text in 3 columns.Oooooh. Collins really told him. I'm sure this will change everything. 🙄 @kombiz @mcbyrne Yes, but you have to go downstairs to get luggage and then go upstairs to get Uber/Lyft. @kombiz Stroller load with small bags underneath. Pull the stroller backward with one hand as you push the luggage…
@3vanSutton @michaelwhitney Ugh. They need to fix that shit.McGrath smartly kept her email list alive after her loss last year. That combined with a great video, hatred of Mit… @3vanSutton @michaelwhitney Next time don’t order from the official team store. Got mine in 5 days from Fanatics, official not knockoff.
Congrats @rpbp! is horrible. reminds me of every single rugby party/drink-up I've ever had after a winning match and it makes me deliriousl…
Nobody: Social media managers:
Retweeted by Julia Rosen, Pinoe StanAfter winning the 2019 World Cup, Megan Rapinoe gives her brother, Brian, a birthday shoutout on national TV. If yo…
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Apologies in advance to anyone on SW1468 to PIT. I’m flying by myself with my toddler who is too young to really be…
i stan: "This country was founded on a lot of good ideals, but it was also founded on slavery." - @mPinoe @_ksl Sex Education! Gillian Anderson. Need I say more?Transcript of judge's conference call in Census case following Trump tweets. Oy veh.
Retweeted by Julia Rosen, Pinoe Stan @JuddLegum @facebook Lots of people turned off their ads when Facebook images were down for several hours today. Ot…🚨🚨🚨 in case you like me thought that this was over... here hoping this #NEDvSWE match goes the full 120 + PKs and ends in dramatic fashion making the winner phys… @ZachWahls @aseitzwald It's no fish fry... No seriously, great idea. Raise all the money. @adamconner @WeWork #memoriesLOLing at the Republicans in my feed wondering if FB is censoring patriotic messages because their images are broken.Biden next with the $20M haul. Now I bet you'll see a few others announce their totals today after a wave of commen…
Now this is a #TeaParty I want to be a part of. #USWNT @kasie AAAAAHHHH @shelbylcole I AM ON A CALL AND CANT SO IM SCREAMING NOW AT YOU @MattOrtega @lauraolin I would. We've been living off of goals in the first 15. Instead, you start this game with d… if they think Press matches up better against Bronze than Pinoe, this doesn't make sense. Not every player sta… 17 mo just pointed to my @mPinoe jersey and said Pinoe and I couldn't be more proud. #USAvENG #FWWC.@kasie and @KamalaHarris nerding out over Mark Hamill is the content I need. And I'm not even a big Star Wars fan. @3vanSutton @DanteAtkins White folks with education are backing him. They make up a minority of the primary elector… hated your opponent is makes a big difference in your fundraising. @mjhegar raised $1M. @harrisonjaime $1.5M in… @mPinoe Also, I love the shoutout from @S10Bird. @debracleaver might be losing her little l… @mPinoe This is the most adorable fucking thing I've read in weeks. I'm literally smiling from ear-to-ear. Wearing my @mPinoe jersey and reading this piece from her GIRLFRIEND Sue Bird.'s decision to go first looks even better with the Bernie $18M haul (plus $6M in transfers). Possible tho they…
@3vanSutton @danielmintz Yeah, thought that's always been true. Tho obvi Trump and less educated Whites is a newer phenomenon. @3vanSutton Agreed. There was no downside to going big with that number, especially since everyone knew how Biden w… @danielmintz @3vanSutton Yeah, I wonder what demo trends have influenced that. @nikbroduff @ashquenneville Mike Johnson just announced $1.6M. Things are gonna be nutty.A historic photo from Annie Leibovitz: The women, plural, running for a major political party’s nomination for pr…
Retweeted by Julia Rosen, Pinoe Stan @PoliticoScott Yep. When I was at ActBlue we had an Apple trashcan mac just to be able to query the massive sets of… @kwcollins I believe that ActBlue is delaying that release so they don't have reporters scooping the campaigns by l…'s part of the reason why Ohio isn't really being considered a swing state this cycle. @kwcollins Agreed. COH is all about what bets they're making. And we get to see how savvy the reporters about evalu… I'm almost as interested in the strategy of announcing Q3 numbers than the numbers themselves. Says a lot about… @MalindaFrevert @actblue Spoiler alert, they aren't. But it'd be interesting to see that broken down.This is why A) California needs to be able to write it's own vehicle rules B) We need to reduce the number of miles… imagine what Q3 '20 is going to look like. had more fun at #Pride: Straight Bette Porter or Warren? is so broken.
Honestly, I'm just surprised this hadn't already happened.!!!!!!!!!!!Dear @SlackHQ: EOQ is NOT THE TIME TO SHIT THE BED.I often think back to the deal that Gavin and Kamala made for him to run for gov and her for senate. Really worked… @lizzaretsky welcome! the water is warm. the women are fit. and the drama is high.Stonewall was a riot. Led by trans women of color. Never forget it. #Stonewall50She may be in the top few in the polls but isn’t all that well known. Signs of a good night. wife just noticed the @dnc logo and goes: “What’s with that circle and the D? It looks like a kashrut stamp.”… you are so on... something. @MattOrtega Me either. He was clearly prepped for it tho.Gloves are off. Daaaaamn. @JoeSudbay Ugh why did you have to remind me that Chuck is up next?Guess Kamala stopped the food fight because this is less of a shit show. We’ll see if it devolves again in the second half. #demdebatePart of what makes Kamala good at this is sheer stage presence behind a podium from her proscecutor days. Radiates…