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Julia Rosen @juliarosen Los Angeles, CA

partner @tweetfireside. doing the digi thing for candidate and orgs. retired rugger. yinzer. mom. she/her/hers.

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I was today's years old when I learned that Tom Brady throws underwater.
@Scout_Finch Ok now my mouth is actually watering. @frantomatic 🙄 @dmcrawford And yet... @steveolson That's good. Vet bills are expensive. @steveolson The peacemaker huh. Naturally, I am giving you shit, while I am also sitting in an office. And will be again tomorrow. @steveolson Because it's Saturday and your ass is working instead of at the dog park.You think? is an excellent subject line from @tedlieu @Scout_Finch My mouth is watering.Oh FFS. from multiple friends that @KatieHill4CA got a loud and long standing ovation at the @CA_Dem Women's Caucus. 💙💙💙Gosh, it feels like AB1B was just yesterday. 💙💙🌊🌊 @noboa This is when I wish the NFL acted like the NHL when going through these reviews. They breakdown every second… @noboa NFL is only going to fine him since he was mostly the victim here. He started it because there was a late hit. Context matters.
@SaraLang @BurtonsGrill That's great. Gluten free + kosher makes it extra. Related: I eat all the gluten/treif when I am out of the house. @SaraLang @BurtonsGrill Yeah, I've got to be her advocate and protector whenever we go to other people's houses inc… @SaraLang @BurtonsGrill Ugh this is similar to my wife and gluten. There are very few places we can eat out at that… @ericming5 The donuts are powering it all!It's Friday afternoon, I am exhausted AF and will be working all weekend. But man do I love this new gig. Today I s… @TweetFireside @bradbaumn @RyanAlexander And we're hiring! Come work with us. Please help spread the word. Happy to… @TweetFireside @bradbaumn @RyanAlexander We approach this work as a constant collaboration with our clients, workin… @TweetFireside @bradbaumn @RyanAlexander In the end, it’s all just communication in the service of a goal, no matte… @TweetFireside @bradbaumn @RyanAlexander We don’t think digital and communications are different things here at Fir… the kids say: I have *personal news*. Please welcome Fireside Campaigns to the world (@TweetFireside). Incredi… Holy fucking shit. Also me: Nothing matters. Myles Garrett was frustrated last night when he swung a helmet with full force at Mason Rudolph. Frustration is…
Retweeted by Julia Rosen @Scout_Finch Shit. My bralette isn't gonna do a GD thing. What was I thinking??
@kimrogers Omg 😍
@DanteAtkins bwahaha @danielmintz Nope. But ours works. @danielmintz You do realize I live in LA, right? @danielmintz I don’t miss this.
Ignorance and fear are causing so much pain. #trans
@just_jenna @briandevine Your wife.
My favorite Sunday mornings are when multiple platforms shit the bed at once.My nearly 2 yo is wandering around the house clutching a plunger shouting: “This is my daddy” Guess this is why th…
The piece that comes out of this adventure is going to be pure comedic gold. h/t @BenC00 SEVEN - that’s the number of jobs currently open within the HGL portfolio. Our companies are looking for the…
Retweeted by Julia Rosen @just_jenna 😂
@SnyderAndrew @VeracityMedia 😂 I AM NOT ALONE! @heftypropaganda Prolly.I need a rage room just for Facebook Business Manager. The worst piece of UI I have to deal with and it's not even… @runforsomething I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours's a damn fucking shame that @runforsomething is working off a $2.2M budget instead of the $3.3M they really need… teeing up another sternly worded letter. @KarlFrisch Congrats dude!!!!PS it’s national run for office day next Tuesday! is the icing on the cake of a very good night. yes, they are both clients of my firm but I can take zero credit. Just an excited cheerleader on what is shapin… love to the @DLCC and @runforsomething today. HUGE victories in VA and more to come!!The 🌊 🌊 🌊 continues!
@steveolson @spedwybabs @spedwybabs I'm not that batshit. But I do have inbox zero. Just lots of unread in promotions/updates tabs.Should I be embarrassed or proud that I have 69.5GB of emails in my personal gmail? And no there are not any attachments larger than 50MB.YUP. Which is why we need to keep our heads down and do the work. Fund the campaigns. Staff the vol shifts. @mattkbh @JAdomian @BernieSanders This is amazing
@ggreeneva @jess_mc Yep! And they are finding ways to get more trains going faster because demand is so high! @jess_mc Meh. It's not so bad if you don't have a commute like me ;) Fires suck tho.This is 100% unsurprising. Anybody that thinks we have the advantage going into 2020 is wrong. The folks we picked…
These are the moments when we either retain talented staff in the progressive movement or lose them to something el… @derekwillis Depends on if the buyer is running for Senate in TX or not. But don’t buy lists.Beto inspired so many Americans across the country. I look forward to seeing what he does next. And campaign staff… all the things you read today, this is the most important. And I encourage you to share it with your networks to…, I’ve noticed that there is a gender divide. Way more women offering to help people out to find their next thi…, I am hiring for this role right now. Also, if you are about to lose your job and you're doing digital on a presidential DM me. I am hiring and k… days respecting your child’s autonomy over their own body means you don’t get pictures of them in their really cute Elmo costume. 😭
@KatieHill4CA Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for getting out of bed, which was no easy task. Thank you fo… @NRCC is trying to deny its role in sharing these photos BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING ILLEGAL. Anyone involved should b… damn I love sports. Especially game 7 championship sports. Going to be with a smile on my face for all my Nats… @msager Happy for you my friendThis team sure makes it easy to root for them. #NLpartisan real impact from the news today that @Twitter is banning political ads is less about Twitter (not a major vendo…
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@woodhull Yes it will and it will make it harder for scrappy candidates to break out. The winners in this are incumbents and tv firms. @holdie1 Extremely. @woodhull I think it’s because it’s response to bad actors on the right. Failure to see beyond that. @MichaelLink @MattOrtega Sigh. And it’s only going to get worse.Reminder that we are only talking about a couple million dollars in spend here. But it's a much different story wh…'s be really clear about what happened. Republicans like Trump made shameless bald-faced lies in political ads.… And watch labor will be banned from posting ads to encourage people to join a local. But companies will be abl… subtweet gets at something important. Twitter doing this will not have that big of an impact unless Facebook/G… @BrianLeubitz YUPBest subtweet ever?, Twitter just did. folks who have overlooked Tom Steyer's impact on this race: Whatever 7-figure buy she saves up to air, it'll be…
Retweeted by Julia RosenIncreasing the likelihood that Facebook just says "fuck it" and refuses to take any political ads. now knows to chant “Let’s go Nats.” Tomorrows goals include “Finish the Fight.”That was fun. Let’s do it again tomorrow night.“You know I’m starting to think the Talmud was written by 2 year olds given all of its associative thinking.” - Rabbi @kerrychaplin
I am outraged that Republicans on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee attempted to hijack a bipartisan bill expan…
Retweeted by Julia Rosen @nancyscola 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @nancyscola I assume you're either holding your pants up with a length of climbing rope or a dog leash like a proper lesbian.
OMG they figured it out. Political advertisers serve ads to... Wait for it. Wait for it. VOTERS! Honestly, this is…"I will not let my experience scare off other young women or girls from running for office. For the sake of all of… news: Former US Sen. Kay Hagan has died.
Retweeted by Julia RosenUPDATE: The CHP is now closing the 405 freeway southbound between the 101 freeway and Sunset due to emergency opera…
Retweeted by Julia RosenThe injustice here is so over the top. #KatieHill doesn't deserve this. No one does.
Retweeted by Julia RosenOur Senate campaigns are looking for: 📹 videographers 🚪🤳digital organizers Add your resume here:
Retweeted by Julia Rosen @Scout_Finch Me too.