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Julie Buxbaum @juliebux Los Angeles, California

ADMISSION out now! NYT Bestselling Author of TELL ME THREE THINGS & WHAT TO SAY NEXT & HOPE AND OTHER PUNCHLINES. Has Resting Ask Me For Directions Face

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Oh my gosh, I am very late in wishing @sabaatahir a happy book birthday for Sky Beyond the Storm!!! Congrats!!!! @writerkmc @JackieFolck Thank you!!!!’
@SarahEnni Thanks Sarah! @maurenegoo @elockhart Thank you Maurene! Now go kiss that baby's beautiful head for me!Thank you @POPSUGAR!!!!!! @SarvenazTash Thank you! @katiecotugno Thank you!!!! xoxo @mimi_albert Thanks so much! @juliettefay Thank you! @jpennforreal @aswinn Yay! Happy reading! @jennylhowe I hope you and Murray enjoy!!! Look at that face!!! @courtney_s Thanks so much Courtney! @aswinn Thank you Allison!Congratulations to my friend @juliebux on the release of ADMISSION, out today!! I'll be celebrating with her tonigh…
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @JuliaClaiborneJ Thank you!!!! XOXO @jenniferniven Thank you so much, Jennifer! @NicolaYoon Thank you! Can't wait to celebrate with you in person eventually! @sam_aye_ahm So appreciate it!!!!! @unitedbybks @DelacortePress Thank you!!! @writerkmc Thank you! And happy pub date right back! Can't wait to read THE COUSINS! @sam_aye_ahm Thank you Samira! @AngeloSurmelis Thanks Angelo! @ivamarie Thank you!!! @nicolemaggi Thank you so much Nicole! @lancerubinparty Thank so much, Lance! @charlottexhuang Thanks Charlotte!!!! XOXOX @cdawg2610 @fuggirls I LOVE TO DEPRIVE PEOPLE OF SLEEP! Yay! @fuggirls Thank you H&J! You guys are the BEST!Congrats to @juliebux!!! (We're hosting a giveaway of Admission later this week!) - J
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @BrendaJanowitz Thank you! @mrstevenrowley Thanks so much Steven! @theames Thank you Amy, and YOU have gotten me through this garbage year. are A LOT of books I'm excited about out today, but an extra special congrats to @juliebux and ADMISSION! Jul…
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @LeslieLehr1 THANK YOU Leslie!!! @demetrabrodsky Thank you Demetra! @Carynbooks Thank you! @mariekeyn Thank you Marieke! @rlynn_solomon OMG how did I not know this! I can't wait to chat with you soon! And thank you!!! @JillianCantor Thank you so much Jillian! @JillianCantor Thank you!!! @LindsayJCameron Me too! And thank you! @cbakerbooks Thank you! @KaylaCagan Thank you Kayla! You're the best!Happy ADMISSION book release day to @juliebux! Thanks for providing a juicy new novel to get through December. I ne…
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @yabooknerd Thank you so much Jennifer! @TheNormanNation Thank you!! @StephOlivieri Thank you!!! @MissJaniBrooks Thank you Jani! @katemac429 Thank so much Katie!!! @RachelTKenyon Thank you! @jessicastrawser Thank you Jessica! @lincolnwoodlib Love this! @robinkall Ha! If only you could see what was happening behind the camera the first time I logged on! @leia_315 Thank you Leia!!! xoxoxo @robinnelee Thank you!!! @megdonohue Thank you!!! @kkletter Thank you Kerry! @CEMcKenzie1 Thank you Catherine!!!!! @kierstenwhite Thanks so much Kiersten! Can't wait to chat with you tomorrow and SEE YOUR FACE! @msheatherwebb Thank so much Heather! @WeAreTheTempest @sabaatahir @DarkMarkTarryn @QaderiHomeira @AyadeLeon @KiaAbdullah Thank you for including me! @courtneywrites Thank you Courtney!!! @frankmoewriter Thanks so much Frank! @eastcitybooks Thank you!!! @GigiLevangie Ty! @RobinBenway Thank you Robin!!! xoxo @JamesPonti Thanks James!If you still have holiday shopping to do, perhaps one of these books will fit the bill @TheBookMaven @soho_press
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @avalonlibrary @JP_Books @colleenhoover @IjeomaOluo @ChristophGolden @DarkMarkTarryn @CazziF @nicwillwrites @thecontentedrea @NicoleBTyndall @robin_talley @MarieMyungOkLee @DianaJunYiMa @PenguinTeenCa @HMHteen @HCCFrenzy @kathglasgow Thank you Kathleen!🔥🔥🔥It #PUBDAY, y’all! 📚🚀HIP HIP HOORAY 12/01 authors ⬇️📚🚀⬇️ @lesliedbrody @crissyvanmeter @ReadAlessandra
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @JillJemmett @writerkmc @nicwillwrites @QuirkyRican @hellhoneyyy @sabaatahir @kacencallender @kathleenatucker @soontornvat Thank you Christina! @MaryKubica @skylightbooks @ChevaliersBooks You are THE BEST! Thank you!Happiest pub day to the incomparable @juliebux!! Order your copy today AND check out her event with E. Lockhart ton…
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @ElizEulberg Thank you!!!!!EEEP the incomparable @jodipicoult shouting out ADMISSION! Thank you so much! @JenCalonita @NTTBFest @DelacortePress Thank you!!!!Yes! Happy pub day to @writerkmc too who is awesome and writes AMAZING books! Can't wait to get my greedy hands on…, the new novel out today by @juliebux asks the question “How far would you go to get in?” to college tha…
Retweeted by Julie BuxbaumFriendly reminder! Tonight I'm virtually launching Admission with the help of the amazing @elockhart and…! Big day over here! Admission on this E! 17 Books to Read This December List! I was covered in kid vomit and today, ADMISSION made Amazon’s Best of December 2020 List!!! I don’t think…! This was the best surprise to wake up to on pub day!!!’s here! ADMISSION is out now! Go get her! She totally wants to hang with you! Get it? Hang with you? Because of… novel Admission wasn't based on Felicity Huffman's story, but it was inspired by the scandal. After living so lo… @ivamarie Highly recommend having your kids watch The Marie Kondo show and the Home Edit and then they’ll do the dr… @MissymariaMaria Thank you! @StephOlivieri Thanks!!!Listen to Ian!, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You're only a day away! Lest anyone think the life of a writer is glamorou… know how there are authors that when you read their books, you think: someday if I could be on the shelf next t…
Retweeted by Julie Buxbaum @RachelTKenyon This is so kind! I look forward to sharing a shelf with YOU!This is an excellent book. If you know someone who needs a hard look at what privilege looks like, this might be ea…
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@thelaurengraham @JenESmith I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCHFor signed and/or personalized copies: @skylightbooks and @ChevaliersBooks! For all your purchasing options: I mentioned that ADMISSION is coming out tomorrow? BECAUSE ADMISSION IS COMING OUT TOMORROW! @azaksiwbai THANK YOU!!!Monday happiness is realizing the @juliebux book you pre-ordered in March comes out tomorrow!!
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