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Author of children's books with titles that are too long for a Twitter bio. Your favorite tornado. She/her. Repped by @literaticat

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@CaraKrenn I'm not even bothering hiding the wrapped presents. @LydiaLukidis LUCKY @Brinton_Culp That is a great idea! And an idea which would take much more thought and planning than I have right now. @syntactics Rachel, that's IMPOSSIBLE. I only have to smuggle them upstairs to the overflowing closet, and then fig… @devpetty Ohhhh, I love that. @jon_dustin Thank you!Holiday 2020 so far is the year everyone in my family has already seen a significant number of their presents, BECAUSE I AM NEVER ALONE. @lisawyzlicbooks It would be if ribbon candy was more easily findable in my town. @AmeDyckman Now it's lip balm. @lisawyzlicbooks Sure, sure, but it's not "make this a tradition so I have to find it every year" good. @LaraSeaver Yesterday someone said, "Is today Tuesday?" and I was like "HELL IF I KNOW."Every December is a fun game when my kids remember weird one-offs from years past as "family traditions." Ramona ju…
Retweeted by Julie Falatko @RogerReads Someone else brilliantly said she should change the name of her shop to "Zuzu Peddles"! @acuevaswrites HA! @T_L_Mcbeth That would be a dream.Every day my 14-year-old comes downstairs and says, "I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow!" just to mess with me. @T_L_Mcbeth It has been so fun to watch her do all this. @agentemurph @MSWLMA Oh, what? Oops. Ha. I don't do that either.Slightly meta to have the art from my kid on the fridge to be the actual magnet. @agentemurph @MSWLMA Yahhhh, get yourself something cute! I have an orange hat that is adorable enough to wear all… Award for Best Adorably Flopping Ears goes to added a flower to her Redbubble shop, and I absolutely need it on a mug (and am tempted by the miniskirt, even… day 2 of Hindsight 2020! Our friends at Diverse Book Finder have chosen the incredible "A Map Into the World"…
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@couchmine I'm really into the orange slice shower curtain. @HannahRBarnaby @MCusolito Her whole shop is a real peek into the mind of a 12-year-old, and also a reminder that w… makes me so happy. @DenisMarkell @AmeDyckman I just saw. AMAZING. @dsantat @dsantat I told her you said that, while waving around Beekle + Drawn Together and she looked at me with the kind o…'s no reason to be bored if you live in Maine. just kidnap a moose or something idk
Retweeted by Julie FalatkoCheck this thread all month long for some Maine people (including me) and their favorite books of the year! @july_mom @RedElixier @gordonkorman @JonathanAuxier @kennethoppel @Jarrett_Lerner @JeremyRTankard @EricRWalters
Hi lovelies! Just a reminder to email me by midnight, if you know a kid in need of holiday cheer this year:
Retweeted by Julie Falatko @AudDayWilliams I mean, I think so. But I'm contractually obligated to think so. @realaftonnelson I am wavering between the orange slice shower curtain and this one, which would look great in our… @realaftonnelson She has always had a pencil in her hand, but has spent hundreds of hours drawing since March. It's been so fun to watch. @empetti Like, do you need a scrunchie sticker? PROBABLY. @kevinarts TWELVE! I know.What I love most about my 12-year-old's Redbubble shop is how much she doesn't care about any of my helpful suggest… at Falat Co., we provide you with all your toy needs! Or all your dumpling and beet soup needs. One of those. were so happy to be one of the test cases for in-store appointments at @printbookstore! It was SO RELAXING to br… @skeetermeeter Ooooo, this looks GREAT! @DenisMarkell @AmeDyckman I'd watch/star in that. @DenisMarkell @AmeDyckman I have seen her in the mirror @DenisMarkell We'll just keep that quiet here on this very niche social media platform. @DenisMarkell She is so talented. I can make no claim to where she gets it from. I just throw art supplies at her (… orange slice looks good on everything! Plus prevents scurvy. @corachacha ME TOO. I ordered a bunch of stuff before she added that one, and now I have to order more. I want a Sh… are some cheerful avocados on a bath mat and a face mask (among other things)."Radioactive lips" is totally the sort of thing I would have thought was super cool when I was 12. (Note: this desi… finally had to relent and draw a dog for her sister. spent the Thanksgiving break adding designs to her Redbubble shop ( First up: this pa… @ann_dibella If you don't one of these, I'll be so mad. @dawnkckbxr @CynthiaSchwind @minitreehouse @VikingBooks Hurray! I hope they like it! @genealogy_jill @MrsFridayNext The cutest burrito.
@GregAndree71 GREG! A DOG! I'm so excited. @ReemFaruqi Yay, Reem! I am cheering so hard for more books from you!I cannot WAIT to buy these and send letters with them! @mgtaitken Yup @ginamarieperry Oh good grief. @DenisMarkell ☹️ @AudDayWilliams Yeah. It's one thing to have to go to your job. But no one "has to" go skiing in Maine. @DenisMarkell I know! Like, what actually happens if you stay home? Maybe it's boring. BUT NO ONE DIES. @GrayDayShop Oh good grief. kids' high school just went virtual through December 5, and I'm betting this is going to cause all schools in ou… know we talk a lot about books being windows and doors, but this pandemic has also shown us that books can also b…
Retweeted by Julie FalatkoLooks like we got a publishing turducken
Retweeted by Julie FalatkoFor the love of beans, people. We live here. I know you think you're not infected, but you MIGHT be. Plus you're te… @emilyrmurtagh Oh no, me too! @lisawyzlicbooks Oh gosh @Casper_OzBryant Hurray!
Classic Maine kid move: reading The Shining to your little sister (and the dog). @StephenKing @MrAdamRex This is what my kids are doing.
@GoGirlsGoBooks @BritishBakeOff @MaineGrains I'll be watching that brown bread thing too! @BergerBooks She needs a sun hat instead of a winter hat!
@Casper_OzBryant Oh my gosh, me too. @Casper_OzBryant They are making me laugh so much. @muellerspace It seems very cozy!The Falatko Girls working on their vaudeville act. (sound on) @ann_dibella You'll be relieved to know I bought it. @Oh_Dinky @jchristie Uh, wait, DIBS! @WendyGreenley Oh yeah, I bought that thing so fast.I don't know what's happening.
@VTjdfCA There were actually 2 merit badge applications from 1977 tucked in there. I'm assuming he never earned them? @daisycakes Yes! I've asked for the book for Christmas! @ann_dibella I love Marinara so much.Dingle stick, Duck Fight, using your cravat for a head tourniquet. 4/4 like the part about the hard driving shower (even the FONT is right). 3/4 could easily convince me these are Moonrise Kingdom stills. 2/4 put this 1976 Boy Scout Fieldbook in our Little Free Library, and the whole thing is like the mood board fo… @Casper_OzBryant yessssss @LDemers77 @Casper_OzBryant You're amazing! She says thank you so much!
TACO GHOST You know you want a Taco Ghost mask from an amazing kid artist 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
Retweeted by Julie Falatko @Casper_OzBryant I love how inspired she is by your brain ideas! @Casper_OzBryant HELLO here is a ghost holding a taco, as drawn by Zuzu @Casper_OzBryant I think she's going to do it! @Casper_OzBryant OMG. Hang on. @Casper_OzBryant Next up, apparently, is drawing a taco. @Casper_OzBryant She was so excited! "My friend Casper says to draw a ghost." "A ghost on a BICYCLE!" "Well, that's…