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Laura Palmer understudy. Contributor: @Wired Weekend Editor @io9 Trans girl. She/Her. juliemuncy23 AT gmail

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@JuniperTheory @jenn_raye Samei just keep thinking about how different peoples' reactions would be to covid quarantine stuff if it was a visible… @Sabriality it's a nice GBAI've been seeing female Goku designs floating around lately so here's my take on her! #DragonBall #DragonBallZ
Retweeted by Julie Alexis MuncyGive her an explosive sword 🗡 Trigger styled coloring for this one #characterart #marvel #xmen #jubilee
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncyokay, but the ps5 controller would look great in pastelsjulie lazy smoothie recipe: -a buncha frozen fruit, any fruit, whatever, follow your heart -a spoon or two of greek… like smoothies, this is the most bougie healthy thing about meor, if you're nintendo, you can use a modified proprietary usb-c derivative, which is BOTH usb-c and a bad choicethere are two usb choices to make if you're designing consumer tech in 2020: usb-c, and bad choicesUSB-C !!! do kind of feel like xbox and playstation are both going conservative by not incorporating back bumpers into thei… i cut myself shaving but the focus of this picture is my tits, so, like, ignore thatHow are y'all fellow gays have bitch-presenting nipples actually @dirtbagboyfren oh hey same @SamFateKeeper i mean, look, if the government wants to provide me with hazmat suits, i will gladly wear them to vote for a third partythis is the pandemic version of the memetoday? again? no problemCute bitch with mask fashion wizards does this for magic next @sandcastletyrnt girls are the bestOne month ago I got fired because of COVID 19 and started to make a game. Today I am very excited to release Gutwh…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncy @CortanaV cheesecake factory has great cheesecake, and drunk con cheesecake factory sounds amazing?maybe I just read too much genre fiction but honestly, going purely by my historical experience, I feel like the ra…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncyinstead of doing drugs, I just clean my incredibly filthy kitchen at 1amWhich is to say I adore it? It's so good. So many people asking each other pointed questions and dialoguing about fate.Devs has massive The Matrix Reloaded energy @SamFateKeeper It's extremely harrowing to read but it turns out literally every lesson we could have learned from… @SamFateKeeper The Sedition Act kept many journalists from publicizing the risk of the 1918 Flu to avoid weakening public morale.I just had a really good sandwich ideaThink of it less like a quarantine and more like a state-mandated masturbation workshop
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncy @JordanWMinor (insert that one speech from fight club here) @hmwsgx
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncy @riningear i'm not ready, i was prepared for horny on main but not thisthinking about how i chose to write a fanfic about xion, the only kingdom hearts protagonist who's legitimately art…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncythese really are the blurst of times @Autumnal_Coffee yesokay apparently there are ways to do this, there are wireless hdmi systems, but it, uh, is very expensive?2, 4, and either 1 or 9 wish I could easily play my consoles on my computer monitors even though they're across the room is there a way… @brockwilbur guess they don't like having clients
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncyas the spouse of a therapist: nearly every therapist in the country is switching to doing therapy via webcam or pho… the country has only existed for like 200 something but we've been doing this long before we did it officially honestlyDiction aside: American history is a history of us growing increasingly authoritarian during crises and then fighti… so it’s funny to you that boris johnson stepped into a bucket, got that bucket stuck on his foot, and while tryi…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis MuncyLike, Boris Johnson's slow, petty reaction to this pandemic killed people. Undoubtedly. Not to mention all his othe… I feel the slightest bit of vindication when someone evil dies, I'm inhuman, but the people that person hurt don… @bairfanx I said this after retweeting smut lol @bairfanx whatQuick reminder that unnecessarily saying "people who identify as a woman" when just "woman" would do implies that y…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncy @emfromthesea as a flirty gay girl i'm so into the spiciness it's keeping this place entertainingThe control scheme is a big ol' mess. @Benladen i love the design of her moves, the visual and mechanical design is so expressive and good and oh my god…'s lockdown if i wanna share smut on main you can't stop me, turn off my RTs if you don't want to see it lolMore sapphic Smut Day 5 First Time | Day 6 Untied #art #smutember #wlw
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncyhomemade pizza fucking rules, actuallyThe aesthetics are often absolutely golden, no matter what else is true about any particular game. has lost its shit @jessjoho my wife doesn't have more twitter because she's significantly more emotionally healthy than I amyeah, that's the thing: trump shouted it out in a bad way, but it IS an experimental treatment scientists came up w… @vogon WOW it really is something huh @juliemuncy23 "what do you call this again?" "... bread. it's called bread, julie."
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncywhen this is over and we can go to restaurants again i'm absolutely going to have forgotten how everything works @katsyxo it's a nice sound, i'll give you that
Ooh I'm really torn on this game, so I'm going to give a good and a bad. Good: The Water Temple is exceptionally co… Moon Aventador
Retweeted by Julie Alexis Muncy#cuomosexual i will piss in the ear of everyone tweeting this unironically. i will rearrange your kitchen cabinets…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis MuncyI played this game for review, pre-release, so this happened and I couldn't come and shout about it in front of eve… myself doing dishes while singing to myself, to the tune of "We've Got the Beat," "I've got the tits I've got… of the music is really very cheery, which is nice. @Hoeyboey it's a very large wolf @Hoeyboey that was one of the better boss fights in the early part of the game @riningear but, see, I enjoyed both of those worlds, possibly because the environments weren't all just SNOW EVERYWHERE @BatBumblebee the first. The second is a RHYTHM GAME and it's awful. Cursed place. is pretty wonderful. (My Overwatch feelings have gone from good! to okay! to oh why is bl… Frozen world is interminable disaster, a bad labyrinth with a literal labyrinth inside of it that is somehow wo… Atlantica world is exhausting. Exhausting! level design gets less interesting in the back half of the game, though I still think those levels are better t… cosmetic unlockables, easily one of the most simply fun parts of the game, aren't available until the very end,… keep meaning to play it but never have. Seems cool. So, here's a negative: I don't already know the rules. @Carin_McLeoud tidus is garbagethis seems fun @Carin_McLeoud Final Fantasy X-2i have a friend who did work in zoo activism against animal cruelty and i think he harassed her once? lolStarting up folding@home, joining the Tom's Hardware team because @ChelleEhrhardt works thereyeah i don't really get enjoying the animal cruelty guy honestly @kayleighqueue house five would have no drama, amazing food, no contest @atrocious_lemon perfect gif usagethe new personality test is whether you say "the rich" or "pussy/ass/dick" need some sort of benevolent ghost creature to come clean my kitchen @SatansJacuzzi looking forward to Teen Vogue's latest, Don't Chop Your Dick Off to Own Us, Seriously, Don't, We'd Be Very MadHave you had a chance to read Bullet Points' March coverage of Kentucky Route Zero yet? Come check out four really…
Retweeted by Julie Alexis MuncyI'll have words on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake later this week. In the meantime I need lots of Jesse fan art.Quibi more like... Peebi @Carin_McLeoud I'm okay! Alive, which ain't nothing.