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Design + film + comedy @pinataplay and @objectivlyfunny 🥳 from Leeds | bi | he/him

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oh great
Retweeted by Julingsmake bread losers @ifancykitkat think I've got it down nowcry me a river @jellycrone thanks lovenew short film idea - 16 minutes of using cutlery for the wrong stuff 182 only in 2nd place this year! I’m changing.
hey baby how about some speed chess best we go! it’s Stone with the jokes, I’m drawing the doors, #advent is all month, good people lotta stuff today! Anyone fancy a walk in some trees?Are you bready for @jellycrone’s guide to sourdough?
Retweeted by Julings @jabboabbo Yeah I just read a Guardian review saying it was anti-climactic, but ALSO too silly? Surely any other en… IT’S LIVE! Spavs teaches you sourdough, go learn, friends come and untie my stomach please The Undoing has really done me in. Loved the whole experience.
no one with "creative drive" can actually drive
Retweeted by Julings @thejazzemu love it𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐂𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐑𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞
Retweeted by Julings'...wish that I could let you loooove me' barging back in as the prophetic lockdown anthem we needI mean we're all listening to Rita Ora rn aren't wenever not been Ora's party: fans: I’m LAUNCHING A NEWSLETTER for all of your comedy gig recommendation needs! It's called LMAOnaise - pl…
Retweeted by JulingsI ,for one, am excited about the new David Lynch show on Netflix
Retweeted by JulingsReckon it'd make everything ok if Body Shop started making these lads again
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Sainsbury's in 2011: will say it's not the real @TomCruise! 😁 I made this #Loop for @ARTEfr Watch more on
Retweeted by JulingsMum was genuinely upset when she found out Nicola Adams was dancing with a woman on Strictly coz she hoped I would…
Retweeted by JulingsMe and the boys when we get the Covid vaccination
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the four genders
Retweeted by JulingsThe Queen’s Gambit
Retweeted by JulingsLeeds Utd are so good and that’s all the tweet I haveCommentator on German sky...”Leeds fans are divided on bielsa. Half think he’s god, the other half think he’s God’s…
Retweeted by JulingsI've teamed up with the amazing guys at @pinataplay to put together a comedy advent calendar, featuring ace artwork…
Retweeted by JulingsTiers
Retweeted by Julings @kd1ddy 🥰🥰If you're feeling lonely this weekend.... Call Rob.
Retweeted by Julings @jo_bazz 🥰🥰
@Monsterlander thanks! @Isabelwriter @livi27 hey thanks! @livi27 😍🥰😍😘 @accid_pop fanks!Tiers related sign of the day.
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@phil_lindsey I'm **enjoying** myself! top workCan I recommend the Skewer? yes. it is brilliant. Can I recommend it if you need a break from 2020? no, absolutely… you just followed me: welcome! And sorry. I have a comedy-horror sketch podcast showcasing new womxn writers cal…
Retweeted by Julingswho’s Napoli won the UEFA cup the day I was born. There’s one for your pub quiz!!!!
got Mariokart anyone wanna racewho wants to learn BREAD 👇 !!! @_samuelwilliams 😔 @_samuelwilliams I wishIt’s lasagne hourI think we'll give em this one
If there's a festival of Brexit i'm doing a festival of Michael @jo_bazz Did she just say well designed? @CharlieDinkin Congrats! And 👋where is my one belti want lockdown to be over so i can go to flying tiger and spend all of my money, my grandmother's money, the money…
Retweeted by JulingsIf I was in the market for a new printer/scanner would anyone care to recommend one?
Design studies for the Humana Building in Louisville, Kentucky, Michael Graves, 1982
Retweeted by Julings @TweesaintDoglas actaully is the only reason I’ve left the house todayanybody in Camberwell/Peckham/Nunhead/New Cross/Dulwich have or know of any nice rooms in nice households going tha…
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#SmallAxe Lovers Rock was beautiful! This shot👇😍 love Masterchef but if you’re looking for ‘edge’ in a rice pudding you’ve lost me
November 2020, Leeds go above City with Arsenal win. This will age v wellIf you haven’t seen the #Gogglebox folk responding to pegging being mentioned on Naked Attraction I can highly recommend itWhich brands do you swear by but know deep down you don’t mind or even notice the difference? Yorkshire Tea for mePEN15 gets so sad series 2 doesn’t it!Homophobic FPL team names. Racist symbols in FIFA Pro Clubs. This week's column is on the subject of online abuse i…
Retweeted by JulingsThe Weakest Link once did a celebrity lookalikes special and it's some of the most cursed shit I've seen in my enti…
Retweeted by Julingsイチョウ通りのベンチ
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@_samuelwilliams but it might be the biting commentary we need to spark the revolution @DuffMarvel @KathrynBond I put a little flat bear in there too just in caseshall I do more ‘political art’ or no @KathrynBond so satisfyingMy favourite thing to do when packing at the supermarket is putting the flat salmon in the laptop sleeve of my rucksackshopping list is going well few Arts grants that do exist, almost all say you’re not eligible if you have received furlough, SIESS, or a si…
Retweeted by Julings @LukeRollason I am falling behind @BenSutton91 @madeleinebye333I love The Mandolarian, the production design is exactly right and it’s funny! S2E2 baby yoda eating those froggy eggs I had a big ol laugh @craftyglassldn yayy!Is Twitch just for pro-gamers? Not anymore. For @VICEUK I spoke to the excellent @weeclaire, @weareshura and…
Retweeted by Julings“Giant bees the size of a human thumb” - the bbc news, just now
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I’m going to post so many fleets watching them won’t actually be fleeting at allAn actual banger tho would have listened to a lot @TomMayhew is that soooo, I did wonder why it was so low... @TomMayhew wait, wha? straight to video! @DarrenMaskell ahhh I have seen it, with Liam Neeson and Holly Valance? @kaffeetante_ omg you've just reminded me that I never finished watching that!not only is the puppetry absolute magic this whole scene and its dumb punchline are just incredibly funny…
Retweeted by Julingsthese are the next few as we move in to 'B'. I've never seen the Bambi sequel! @missiecrissie so far away haha! but that will be a treatRobin Williams returns! Here we see Desperate Dan Genie, Mrs Doubtfire Genie, Elvis Genie and... Ozzie Nelson Genie? Aladdin and the King of Thieves - 1996 ~ the real winner here. If ur dad was a wanted th… @jo_bazz Be more specific