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@Darbmilne Yes! @Darbmilne It’s weird to see them play in an empty Buffalo stadium, but Buck Martinez is still part of the broadcasting team! @Darbmilne I forget lol. @tj_mackey432 @tj_mackey432 @tj_mackey432! Blue Jays win! Playoffs, baby!!!4-0 Jays bottom of the 7th!Toronto Blue Jays lead 2-0 over the Yankees in the bottom of the 6th inning. If the Jays win, they’re in the playof…
@MikeVanderbilt @Ruth_A_Buzzi And stars Oscar winner and Moonbase Alpha commander, Martin Landau! Enjoy, Chicago! @ManuIntiraymi @realDonaldTrump A world of no @JerryisjustOK @DreadCentral I always appreciate your heads up to articles, Jerry! @madmanmarz85 Having just watched VISITING HOURS, I was very curious about Ms Zann and I just found this out on my… @HouseofGlib @MikeVanderbilt 👌 @TheMike31 @scrawfish Batlock Suppose They Gave a Bat and Nobody Came?DID YOU KNOW: Canadian actress Lenore Zann (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, VISITING HOURS, MURDER BY PHONE, etc.) is a Membe… @normwilner He is The Soderbergh after all. @Darbmilne @normwilner Hey, both seasons are on Crave right now! @scrawfish Haha okay, pitch your 3 Bat movies, but one of them better have the Mad Hatter as the primary villain! @scrawfish I read that as "bad" movies lol. @normwilner Wow, can 2020 be any crazier? (rhetorical, for god's sake) @Firstscreamto I've brought it up to the front of the queue accordingly, Adrian! @ghoulieschool Who are all these Canucks?!? I thought I was the only Canadian, Elbee! 😛 @ghoulieschool @madmanmarz85 May the Blessed Balk forgive you, Elbee.Aw man, do I have mute "Snyder Cut" again??? @ghoulieschool @madmanmarz85 But it's okay if we like THE WITCHES and THE CRAFT, right?THIS is why I'm honoured to be a part of @grumpireonline. I like movies you'd shake your head at and vicey versey,… @TyPosting @ghoulieschool @madmanmarz85 Thirdededed! Fuck that cutesy witch shit. @madmanmarz85 @ghoulieschool Very true! It's not like I don't own the theatrical AND the separate Producer's Cut Blu... 🤓 @madmanmarz85 @ghoulieschool You'd keep Paul Rudd and his Rune stones? Interesting! I need to see '18 again--I enjo… @madmanmarz85 I LOVE Halloween (1978) and its grimy hospital-with-no-patients sequel, but I do appreciate people not digging it. @ghoulieschool @madmanmarz85 Let me keep the first two (HIII is fine on its own, if a bit overpraised) and maybe 4… @madmanmarz85 @maxfischers WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME, RACHAEL??? 🤣 @maxfischers @maxfischers Same. At least not having cherry colas around helps with my healthy eating (other than the box of Eggos I'm picking up)! 😉 @maxfischers @danpullenbooks I know, America has an abundance of flavours with its 330M population. Having a much s… @maxfischers It's available as a fountain drink selection at Circle K and Popeyes, but Cherry Coke wasn't brought b… @danpullenbooks @maxfischers Full-sized?!? WOW. We just have Mini-Wheats up here (regular, brown sugar, and maple). @maxfischers Yeah, Apple Jacks used to be available all the time, but then it became a "seasonal" product, and now… @DosDedosMiAmigo Boredom is indeed painful, so I hope it doesn't last! @ShakExcellence @maxfischers Sold! I'm going to pick up a box on my home today! @DosDedosMiAmigo Send food? @maxfischers Stoner junk food version: Cap'n Crunch (I only ate it for the first time a couple of years ago!) Regul… @ShakExcellence @maxfischers Is it that good? I might have to pick up a box! @brianna_ashby @annetdonahue 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @nickandhislens Red definitely suited him!Happy birthday, Jim Henson. Every day, you helped in making my childhood a little easier.
Retweeted by The Ghost of Tommy Douglas👻 @nickandhislens Yes indeed. Worf's inclusion may have been an attempt to boost the ratings, but he was a really goo… @nickandhislens I did like the callback to Star Trek VI! The Klingons are whiny! 😉48 YEARS AGO TODAY, Sept 24/72, GAME 6, Stellar penalty killing, netminding from Dryden along with 3 quick 2nd peri…
Retweeted by The Ghost of Tommy Douglas👻 @nickandhislens Agreed! Like all Treks, it gets better as it goes along. @TyPosting @gimetzco You’re right! And I just revisited the Xindi arc... @nutellanate @MikeVanderbilt That's dark, Nate! 😉 @TyPosting @gimetzco If DS9 had been made today, Quark would have his minions mop up the holosuites! Vulcan Love Slave indeed!🤣 @gimetzco @TyPosting The original Trek and the others had space drugs too. They didn't in Enterprise because Bakula… @gimetzco There isn't much profanity though. I wouldn't say they swear for the sake of swearing, so it's not an iss… @MikeVanderbilt @gimetzco Ohhh, you're thinking Picard--Seven of Nine has a potty mouth! There are two F-bombs in a Disco episode,… @sjcalgary HOPEFULLY. We were so sure Clinton was a shoo-in... @gimetzco Rated R? That's weird. And yes, TNG was a bit "doofy", but that's why DS9 exists as much-superior Trek. 🤓 @CromartyHeather It's madness!If you've never seen Star Trek: Discovery, now is your chance! It's on CBS network tonight! It's definitely not cut… @writerfox2 Oh! Yes, those individuals are wankers--gentle typing on the train, please! @writerfox2 It's cathartic in these dark times! @RifewithKatie I still wish we could do away with passports when travelling back and forth (pre-COVID), sigh. @RifewithKatie Haha that's better! Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and the like! And far enough away from Doug Ford in Toronto. 😉 @JimReding2 Happy anniversary! @RifewithKatie Sorry, I'm sure you know a lot of that already if you have family up here (I hope they're not in Alb… @RifewithKatie And police relations with visible minorities in Toronto and Montréal are...not so good. And Québec t… @RifewithKatie Shhhhhhh, don't give away our secrets, Katie! Seriously though, we have a lot of socially conservati… @RifewithKatie We like a lot of you, but please no. If you must, go to Winnipeg! 😉 @RifewithKatie Not to mention the average house price in Vancouver is ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Also very expensive in Toronto! @ThatNeilGuy It's a great moment. @voyagevixen @theBurlyChef That's incredibly short-sighted nowadays! I hope they reconsider. @RachelNotley It's a good reminder that I need to order a beef dip from nearby Alumni--such good sandwiches! 😋 @JimReding2 Drive-ins are awesome and I'm now regretting neither having a license nor a vehicle! 🤣 @JimReding2 Hells yeah! Is that the one where Loomis also picks up the wino minister? I've been fortunate to see HA… @HouseofGlib Okay, that's good to know. I'm glad you endured the special treat to yourself! Cue the '70s WW themes!Good luck and stay safe, Disco cast and crew! Trek has begun filming again!
Retweeted by The Ghost of Tommy Douglas👻 @HouseofGlib Did it hurt much? I'm a baby and I survived the '90s with nary a tattoo or piercing, but I've been cur… @HouseofGlib You're right, I didn't see it! If you were to get any tattoo, that would be it lol. It looks good, you… @StarfireLounge Ooh, I just watched VISITING HOURS last night--Lee Grant is wonderful! @scarymarilynn Happy Birthday! May you have a day of tranquility and good vibes in your high-elevation paradise. 😊Broken Lizard's slasher spoof CLUB DREAD ranks among the best in horror comedy. @madmanmarz85 talks with…
Retweeted by The Ghost of Tommy Douglas👻 @jessehawken Perhaps Americans will soon learn how to pronounce his name? @neuroticmonkey Yes, weird things are afoot on Twitter lately!Laszlo AKA Jackie Daytona!!! @gimetzco is brilliant! Buy his Laszlo tee!!! @TheRealMattC What?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! @madmanmarz85 @Darbmilne Yeah, just trying to lighten the mood. It's really scary down there. I hope things improve… @Darbmilne @madmanmarz85 Nathan is like, "Okay, scratch Winnipeg and Calgary. Edmonton sounds appealing!" 😉 @Darbmilne @madmanmarz85 We don't have those either. Based on the TV ads from Boston 25, I don't think we're missin… @Darbmilne @madmanmarz85 Well it IS the home of Scott Drebit and rents are dropping, but the average house price he… @Darbmilne @madmanmarz85 VACANCIES, not VACCINES, Brad! You doing all right there, buddy? That coffee is really weak, eh? 😛 @Darbmilne @madmanmarz85 Brad just wants people to move to Winnipeg, Nathan. Just because they finally got an IKEA. 😛 @madmanmarz85 I know, right? It's getting scary! Saskatoon, my birthplace (pop. 325 000), is a bustling prairie met… @Darbmilne You know I couldn't resist!