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Julie Nilsson Smith @julnilsmith

#medialiteracy prof, author & speaker. Loud laugher, fast driver, Diet Coke drinker. NAMLE Board. My other car is an SR-71 Blackbird.

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@edburmila Agreed! Such a clever name! And a simpler time...when a simple gator dominated the news cycle.....
MAJOR wind & rain in south county #stlwx @shspjones DEEP FAKE!?!? HahahahI can’t believe she is still alive the plan will change 10x @MathGuru7 My sis is a UofI alum. They revered the Chief! @korytellers Same w Sean in Kansas City. Webster limited by space so only around 10 kids per classroom, which is ha… @NatashaCaseyIRL Thanks my friend!!! @cyndyscheibe @ithacalooksharp @IthacaCollege Please let me know how/if I can help! 😊QUESTION: How many of you think your #highered institution won’t go 100% online until after the drop deadline?
Hey #medialiteracy friends: My pal @RachelBalducci will be teaching ML this fall for the FIRST TIME!!! 😃 Univ leve… @Kari_Williams Creepy as hell! They used to put herbs etc in those “beaks” to help w smell, they also thought it wo… keeps bringing it
@MediatedReality Yeah I’d like to have a dollar for every time I’ve said “we analyze MESSAGES - regardless who the sender is!!” UGH🙄#medialiteracy to save the Republic @mrskellylove Good lord, people are nuts @kcurriesmith Saw it live in 2017 - nothing will top that! (Plus, we’re not renewing Disney+ til the Madalorian S2! 😉) @philosophypaul But my car has a rebel alliance sticker. I don’t play favorites 😉 @WordUpBuck And the last ten minutes!!!!! Can barely breathe😳 @WordUpBuck It’s sooooo good!!!!Last ten minutes of #rogueone ?? Some of the BEST Star Wars. like the whole city is making microwave popcorn
My three introverted sons would thank you for this!!! @MediaLawProf Love it!!!Two guys who aren’t very smart try to return a suitcase. am “I don’t know who all these divorcing celebrities are” years old.
@phdinweed @ChrisMayor @ChahtaSmmr @mousterpiece @MatthewACherry Quick!! Take a screenshot! 😂 @ChahtaSmmr @ChrisMayor @mousterpiece @MatthewACherry Ooh I keep learning. Thank you! @ChrisMayor @mousterpiece @MatthewACherry oh wow - didn't know that! Thanks for teaching me. @mousterpiece @MatthewACherry Don’t forget Florida State tooYES PLEASE. @marykienstra all poets ages 13-21 Youth Be Heard Virtual Poetry Slam July 10 8pm - @Bali_Maha
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson SmithIs #GislaineMaxwell still alive @Aaron_AuBuchon this is a really interesting thread. Perhaps a different angle on recruitment....?’s the “3pm Friday Holiday Weekend News Dump” going to be today?
I watch this every July 2nd, the day they actually voted. Remember when statesmen existed?? Instagram - why do you suddenly think I need dozens of paint-by-numbers sets?? how many famous people are absolutely terrified now.....? @LeslieP70 LOL great way to put it!!! @LeslieP70 It’s all so gross. Bragging, “debating”, virtue signaling, weird groups, irrelevant notifications.... @LeslieP70 Okay there are several links here that might help: I will keep looking as well @LeslieP70 Oh gosh did I write an article for that?? 😂. Let me see what I can find. Stay tuned for links 😊 @krowleytweet @PalmBeachTan HI Kelly! Someone called me on Monday morning and said they are issuing a refund. The…
@momv331 At least I can curate on here 😉 @Stax_Madly Yeah I quit 12-31-18 but got back on to share media lit info for the election year. Had no idea it woul… @Stax_Madly Yikes. Lots of "You disagree with me, so you're stupid" kind of stuff. Plus, WHO HAS THE TIME TO BE O… just spent five minutes on Facebook. I'm so worried for humanity. @CwebbMrs Students love pointing out the mistakes of others! 😂 @CwebbMrs @mediasee Isnt that so cool????Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the entire world - @JoTomlin !!!!
This is a fantastic clip to use in #medialiteracy class - thank you @mediasee for sharing! @VictoriaTheTech @VictoriaTheTech Totally with you on the bread. Feel the same re chips/salsa at Mexican restaurants. My brother's f…
@NatashaCaseyIRL Did you see the pics of the renno in STL magazine? House was originally built for one of the Busch family🍺🍺🍺 @eibroscheva Ugh I miss you!!!OMG THIS THIS THIS @jedikermit is this a friend of yours? xo @MicheleCMueller @Cru33 As someone who grew up somewhere else, I can tell you it's very off-putting. Because my res… @SynirJake It's just a pic I pulled off Twitter. Now that I'm on my laptop I can see the quality isn't very good. @Cru33 There's this weird STL thing where the first thing someone asks you is where you went to HS. Can then know r… @DonnellProbst Waiting for someone to have the obnoxious STL “where they went to high school” convo. God, sometimes I hate this cityDon’t do the stinky roll if you can’t pay the toll. @JonahDispatch Louis people - where did they go to high school? You know you’ve wondered...and I have my suspicions!! with the Wind returns to the streaming services.
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@kz_bridge Deep fakes don’t seem to be as prevalent as previously thought. But - look for fuzziness around face, je…
@MBonvoyAssist I'm not asking to book on a social media platform. I'm asking you to fix the site of the Sheraton in… @MBonvoyAssist with a 22 minute wait?? Seriously, you guys can't do better than that? @MBonvoyAssist The website won't even let me LOOK past July, the emp at front desk won't take my reservation, sugge… @MBonvoyAssist No inventory from July on.....?? Reservation line says 22 minute wait. You all are making it VERY hard to book..... @MBonvoyAssist any idea why the Indy website won't let me book past July? @Marriott is there a reason that this site won't let me book past July? And that the reservation line has a wait lo… @amelandrea79 @discord I dont get groups suggested to me on Discord. And you can control who has access to your ser… @amelandrea79 I was abt to say WhatsApp — but it’s owned by Facebook! 😂🙄 How about @discord ? That site SAVED my spring ‘20 semester... @bethgsanders @NytReview Ooooh impressive!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 @LindsayFultz And MaryKay, and Southern Living, and Pampered Chef etc etc🙄 @mariagalanis Oh I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing can replace a Dad. ❤️Or uncomfortable shoes!! there are no original ideas left.... grieve over this one... @jameshamblin 😍 @DonnellProbst @SheilaDHart1 I think the platform enables the people....?
@PalmBeachTan voice mailbox full at my location, cust service # for MO not working. You just billed me $70 for so… @SheilaDHart1 The closed groups rev each other up and feed each other's desire to "know a secret" etcReason no. 28361 that Facebook is problematic:"We're fighting the pandemic - now we need to fight the infodemic" #medialiteracy #newsliteracy @VictoriaTheTech Hey congrats!! Cheers!!The freaking United Nations documented Facebook’s role in genocide yet advertisers are still to this day debating w…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith.@mediawise is expanding to equip people 50 and older with the skills to navigate misinformation about politics, he…
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@cheffernan75 Was going to come up and visit my sis for a day or two. Now I think I am back to “home lockdown”😞 @kyleupenn 😞 I am wondering if the numbers keep going up, if my univ will make fall 100% online.....Pssst....the virus is still a huge story.!! 100% loud and me.😊
Watching now and transfixed. in 2020: please be prepared to teach online, in person, both simultaneously, on a moving train, while jugglin…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson SmithThank you @reneehobbs for the webinar and all the connections today! I'm inspired!! =) #medialiteracy #weareallinsalesThis site fascinates me: @wiobyrne fun to “see” you in person! ☀️😄 @WebsterOnline @Aaron_AuBuchon @deb_k_alex I still have “aliens make contact” on my card. At this point, anything is possibleI had #lochnessmonster on my 2020 Bingo Card! I win!