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Julie Nilsson Smith @julnilsmith

#medialiteracy prof, author & speaker. Loud laugher, fast driver, Diet Coke drinker. NAMLE Board. My other car is an SR-71 Blackbird.

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OMG MY TWO FAVE THINGS @HerbCarmen @bubbaprog Yikes. Worse than I expected. Shame on him.THIS ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @HerbCarmen @CBSSports Just saw the clip. What did he say? @JCasaTodd @mrsleban @jantechnj @breicher @RiderCEHS @mbfxc @mgcjusa @The_Tech_Lady @kerszi @EdumatchBooks Millie is jazzed for #TheMandalorian #starwars @NRGehl Haha the side-eye is always ok! Stay skeptical without being cynical, if you can.....I dance around that line all the time ;) @pneid Thanks Paula!! :) @breicher @mrsleban @jantechnj @RiderCEHS @mbfxc @mgcjusa @The_Tech_Lady @kerszi @EdumatchBooks @Glennr1809 @pneid @mrsleban @jantechnj @breicher @RiderCEHS @mbfxc @mgcjusa @The_Tech_Lady @kerszi @EdumatchBooks @Glennr1809 @pneid there a bigger scam in the world than @Ticketmaster ?? @jantechnj @breicher @RiderCEHS @mbfxc @mgcjusa @The_Tech_Lady @kerszi @EdumatchBooks @Glennr1809 @pneid
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @mrsleban @jantechnj @breicher @RiderCEHS @mbfxc @mgcjusa @The_Tech_Lady @kerszi @EdumatchBooks @Glennr1809 @pneid @JoyKirr @kimdarche @MrsJones_Merton I’ll come up, let’s get Heidi to come down! Bet @marykienstra would join us too!! :) @JoyKirr @MrsJones_Merton Can I put this on my business cards,Joy?😂😘❤️ @korytellers Right back atchya, Kory !! 😘😘 @cheffernan75 (And maybe the vid is legit - but are we right to always assume and not ask these questions?) 😘 @cheffernan75 You’ve gotten the whole Julie Sandwich right there! Lack of critical questioning w a side order of virtue signaling!! @MrsJones_Merton @JoyKirr 😘😘😘 @JoyKirr @MrsJones_Merton True story. Hugged her once for me, and then once for you!! 😊 @aliciaduell @mrmatera I loved that too!! :) @teacherMrMic What a skill! She made it look so easy!! 😳 @JoyKirr @iCoachLindsay @kimdarche Oh my goodness 😍😍😍😍 @MrsJones_Merton You were missed and spoken of SO highly!!!😘😘😘 @MrsJones_Merton @JoyKirr AND, she made a quick trip to McDonald’s with me today, Heidi!! She is one of us!! 😁 @polonerd @theipodteacher Hey shouldn’t I get a piece of that prize then?? Haha I was *horrified* - and in the zone…
@AdamGeisen Of course! Troy is right down the road - plus, I’m an Edwardsville Tiger at heart! 😄 @iCoachLindsay @JoyKirr @mrmatera Thank you so much for doing this!! @katiejfrey I love flood shark so much!!😁 @mrsphelpscodes Whoops Sarah!!! 😄 @mrsphelpscodes Oh wow Thanks Sara!! 😊😊😊 @mrmatera @JoyKirr !! So happy to see my friend share her stories re change at #IETC19 row seat for my buddy @mrmatera at #IETC19 exposure with media: we tend to only look at what we agree with. It's not a #liberal or #conservative bia…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @cheffernan75 Yes but much easier to curate. Less performing, less drama and NO POLITICS =)My friend @JoyKirr preaching healthy grading at #IETC19 !! Love her!! @Chris_Sagovac @Webster_SOC @e_rothenbuhler @ChancellorBeth That’s awesome!! Wish Poe had been there!! Haha😍I'm so proud and amazed by @HeckAwesome and her beautiful and thoughtful #sketchnote projects. Did you know she's g…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @polonerd @theipodteacher Looking forward to seeing you Sean!! @mrmatera Hurry!! 😄
@DjDaciart Got my tix! But the show is P&P!Now at Windsor! The 2019 ELA Summit with Julie Smith, author of Master the Media. Educators are learning how to tra…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @HeckAwesome @kimdarche @MrsCford_tweets @mrmatera @JoyKirr Can’t wait!! See you late this afternoon!! 😄😄😄😄April fool's day joke from the German magazine Echo Continental in 1926, it is a trick-photo, or as modern people…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @DrMonicaCox HI! I am usually on campus by 7am. I teach at @websteru Love getting work done in a silent bldng, no…
When you pre-order a book AND THEN FORGET and then get all excited when it arrives!! 😁🥐🍗🥓🥗. @TheJoyofCooking
@MrSilva Haha no kidding - it’s like a car wreck!! 😂Join educators everywhere and wear a cardigan in honor of #MisterRogers for #CardiganDay & #WorldKindnessDay!…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @deborah91473 I havent deleted my acct yet- just logged off Dec 31. I get 5+ texts or emails daily telling me what… @cgoodwoman And somehow surviving quite well! 😉Just another reason I'm glad I quit. Facebook free since Dec 31, 2018. @BenBo370 I often wonder that myself! R is Thurs in our course schedules. I wonder if that's because TPTB needed E… time writing a book is when you get to catch up with fellow academic friends over in the US 😘@julnilsmith
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @VirtualSarahJ Lovely to see you, my dear! And thanks for the plug!! =) xo #valencia #makeithappen #watchoutdaniel
@julnilsmith Even those who seem like they are brimming with confidence have #inbetween minutes and days...unshakab…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson SmithI dunno..... @websteru students were pretty happy when the campus closed! 😉😂 happens #inbetween all our great social media posts? REALITY. Let's start sharing it & being real.…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @huhlaynuh Dogs are the best.Yay!! #inbetween @kimdarche @kimdarche oh no!!! @RebeccaSoffer Loved the piece on CBS, THANK YOU - really hit home. Wanted to share what I wrote when my mom died,… is outstanding. Thank you @jaheuer for the tip. #grief a wonderful student suggest we need to stop performing on social media & share what happens #inbetween the grea… @9thBHSLibrary Oh no!!! Hope she is doing okay. And hope YOU are okay. @njkraai @JoyKirr A student suggested we only post the highlights - and never what happens “in between” the highlig… @JoyKirr @kaitlinmhiggs That’s where it came from, Joy! My students rock! :) @cheffernan75 Oh I’ve cried in other cars too, don’t you worry!! 😂 @eibroscheva Check the “you can’t unsend” from hidden brain podcast - sooo good @eibroscheva Oooh is that a podcast? @LLexpLORIum All Latin. I felt like I was at my fave Mexican restaurant and wanted cheese dip! @eibroscheva Check my post - a brilliant student wants #inbetween to become a thing! :) all my fun posts abt teaching and traveling is a girl who frequently cries in her car @DrKMattson Love this so hard. And emotional breakdowns happen here regularly. And usually in the McDonald’s drive-…
@MrsCford_tweets You’re in “the middle place”- caring for parents AND kids. Exhausting. Hang in there sister, can… out this must read post by @julnilsmith: A truly sincere and real post. #inbetween
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson SmithSmart and timely and something I can totally relate to!!! #Inbetween
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @JoTomlin But the cocktail looked divine!!! @julnilsmith @burgessdave @BethHouf @JayBilly2 @MrsJones_Merton @HeatherATurner @Lccartier @spkowalski This happens…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @spkowalski @TheWeirdTeacher @RafranzDavis or that it's owned by a Chinese company? @kcurriesmith @burgessdave @BethHouf @JayBilly2 @MrsJones_Merton @HeatherATurner @Lccartier @spkowalski I quit FB o… happens #inbetween all our great social media posts? REALITY. Let's start sharing it & being real.… @LLexpLORIum I went! And it didn’t kill me! 😂Okay. Should I try out this Zumba class this morning?? @MonteSyrie One time a student at one of my talks said I had "no chill". I was afraid to look it up on Urban Dictio…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson Smith @MonteSyrie 😍 @jon_rogers @BLewis2080 Great article in today's WSJ about Iowa fans....thought of you.
@busybookshelves You had me at Guy Pearce. @BenBo370 @reneehobbs In STL. Six gigs this week..... @BenBo370 @reneehobbs Wish I was there with you trailblazers!!!Crying is ok. Complaining is ok. Working with me to come up with solutions is ok. Not knowing is ok. Failing is ok.…
Retweeted by Julie Nilsson SmithI know that @tiktok_us is basically “short attention span theatre” but DANG some of those clips are clever!!! @ECal15 Oh my gosh - me too. And I don’t have reliable tools (yet) to spot the deep fakes so I am always skeptical#medialiteracy morning everyone, here a a Tik Tok of a bunch of raccoons in a trash can set to Adele, just because.
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