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I'm Italian and I really love reading comics PLEASE DON'T REPOST MY WORKS WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!(RT is ok!!)

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when the mostro lounge is finally 99% done but you don't have anyone to show it to ingameone last slot! making an announcement about the moon next monday has me like ARE WE FIGHTING CENTRAL AXIS AT LAST?testing a tour visit order thing stuff #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @tako_amhero lol @tako_amhero sto ancora coi traumiThis gives me ptsd i got that song stuck in my head since i saw that video HHHHできたー!!やったー!!!できたー!!!!!!やったーーーーーーーー!!!!!!! 【ツイステ】I know #sm37679416 #ニコニコ動画
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaogni voltache penso a curriculum e concorsi mi sale un'ansia allucinante ma oh una volta senza ansia no eh?? @academyvladimir fixed! apparently i had some settings off?? i don't get when it happened but ty for making me notice! @academyvladimir oh? weird? i got a message yesterday i didn't close them? i can checkmaybe i should only focus on kofis in the meantime.... as it seems i don't have enough reach for commissions anymorethis cookie run event looks dun and the designs are amazing HHHyet i can't bring myself to draw outside of them anymore....idk if i should be sorry and apologize or not?? idk anymorei really am feeling the weight of the lack of activity , everytime i open commissions it's worst... but i can't do… upi love how i can jump from electroswing to darksynth to pop while listening musicStill 3 slots open
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i'm currently at 166pull... considering at least 6 more soloyolos from next week log in and kalim's bingo… @MelMariVT awww çVç @MelMariVT i...already counted you from ig fghjklstill 4 çVçsince apparently my tweel earring got lost during the shipping process(meh it was 2 euros worth whatever) i take… slots minimum(?) remaining
EEL QT people think moray eels are scary but i always found them cute i've just always been weak for aquatic cr…コロナでボーナス出なかった人がこんな感じだった
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽ also available in full shading on masks and other stuff this is also available as a print on many products on redbubbleopening quick commissions again,this time there's a flexible slot number, please contact me for more info (goal… @blakkastar lo è ma è enorme fghjkl @blakkastar tutto quel bordo bianco mi turba ma la stampa non è male!btw! the octavinelle magnets arrived here's a quick review @actual_mik Aaaa aaaa babies
Halloween gacha SSR charas be avoiding meart block
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽrip fuck it i'll roll for azazel he's one of the characters i want and i'll have time to gte more gems for january anywaywonder if i can make another yolo today....Ah to save gems or roll for azazel @tako_amhero In che sensoI was still thinking about this and I realized the things I'd be most comfortable on are those I either can't boy or afford yet kek
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽEVERYONE'S TENSE TOO??rgars also why i was like" i miss my 16y/o innocence" the other day cause i went to con dressed like shit buti di… of being happy i'm like...oh shit they are all so perfect i look like a potato they'd never wantto t… fear that i'm gonna get close to the burnout point with cosplay too rather for once that i'm fin… was thinking about my hobbies and i'm noticing that i keep getting stressed at whatever i do cause i tend to fe… at all those newborn setethfuckers awww @beamthechao Fbdhdueni qwqSunday I'll go trekking with my mom and bro but......... There's gonna be her friends too.....whom we never met....… location was the first mcdonald's to open in italy, and still retains its classical architecture theme.
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽpiazza di spagna mcdonald's (1986) piazza di spagna, rome, italy active
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽhalloween jack class riddle gym jamil gym jack total 141 pull..........HHHHH i wonfer if i'll even manageto get to…'s see what the daily soloyolos will bring @katsuki_cos beh si come base sembra buona!one day i'll aslo manage to find agood costume to cosplay seteth- @katsuki_cos thanks! io ne avevo presa una che alla fine aveva la frangia troppo folta e la ciocca scura troppo ini… meh enough of that time to go back to automn themed asmr vidsshould be the joycon pads, the tweel earring ( i'm still struggling to understand whether or not doing this cospla…'m like waiting for 4 packages and none of themhas an updated tracking since 5ever and i0m just sitting here...… my switch paw pads ever arrive? @katsuki_cos nii dove l'hai presa che volevo provare a prenderne un'altra? çVç ( comunque 👁️👁️👌 stai benissimo come sempre)🐟描けば出る🐟
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽCassius popularity keeps growing pls give us an SSR in Jan... Pls 🙏😔🥺
@mitsukiakari Posso immaginare fbdjdiso 💕💕 @mitsukiakari E' BELLISSIMO ELE! @xxnuj avevo il cappello da ago e filo e non ho resistito X°DDDafter a call with some friends i decided to add a mickey head lol #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch finger who retweets shall be wealthy this decade
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2020 bringing the tomnook design back cause yesterday i shared it in the poopiest way ever
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽ since i'm weak i made an octavinelle only set only cause i wanted to do some magnets for my…
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽ I would really appreciate fi you guys helped me spam a little, i only need to sell 1 stick…
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽyou know what i'll try to check if i have more stuff to sell as a designit's time to bring in the cute octoput necklace and the shroom pants new system on revenue is so annoying cause i could technically stay with my money frozen there forever if i do… there's even a sitewide discount code I would really appreciate fi you guys helped me spam a little, i only need to sell 1 stick… REDBU🅱️🅱️LE PAID ME THAT WOULD BE COOLi managed to shop a couple rolls but i can't afford more so soloyolos are my only hopeoh well time to farm stuff toat least gain more diamonds to do more soloyolosè tempo di mettere mano al portafogli it seemsripperoni didn't drop jade... got lilia(ofc) azul, ssr jack and kalim..... kalim was the 100 pull freebie ..i..i ev… i knew that but I thought it was important to shareI know there's a lot happening in the world right now, but it's extremely important that everyone know that the Ita…
Retweeted by July Marte‎(w/∴하\♥)ヽNOT THE EXTENDED MAINTENANCEthe island was amazing #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch dude made a moon themed island so... i went there as cassius #gbf #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@beamthechao It's so pretty I wish I had more places where to use it @novacinis *handshake* it happens to me too when the light definition and colors are too poppin' @MariaCh05819062 i'm actualy not super sensitive it doesn't happen that often but when it does it's annoying mostly… mean i won't watch gameplays otherwise i'd rather play it ghjkl idk why but i've been more sensitive lately? i d… lowkey want to play genshin inpact too-i even downloaded it a while ago but uninstalled it cause of the photosens… @ReaRyuugu io probabilmente invece ne abuserei nei messaggi privati coi mutual ( che conoscono la mia voce) ghjk fa… @ReaRyuugu gasp-