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Looking for mixer streamers to check out, new or old, partnered or not. Most important - positive vibes and growth mindset 👊 tag em 🙌
Retweeted by JulzD4W @artscoul Dude I’m loving these gender swaps! Great job!Too epic!
Trunks &Mai😆😆😆😆😆
Retweeted by JulzD4WNot sure who is interested in this but I'm seeing a big increase in companies asking for stream consulting right n…
Retweeted by JulzD4WCorrect, im peeping game for later.
Retweeted by JulzD4WOur @Streamloots payout was $731 this month and it came at a time when we were really worried about groceries for u…
Retweeted by JulzD4WDue to recently events lots of people have started hoarding food and donating less(which sucks because now more tha…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @ahhreggi Take your time Reggi. Burnouts happen but youre doing the necessary thing to take time out for yourself.This has to be a tough time for #SquareEnix with dealing with the leaks for #FF7R As a fan I personally will be avo… that rig has to have a power level over 9000! time. Read this and you could win a code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 6 months on Xbox One.…
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🔴 LIVE NOW on @WatchMixer Now playing the Resident Evil Resistance OPEN BETA followed by more Dead by Daylight!… Faves: -Color: Blue but I like wearing Red -Food: Lasagna and/or anything Italian -Song: One more road to cross… won’t be live til later this afternoon folks. I’ll give an update if this changes at all. Hope all of you have a good morning! @disobey Hey yoooo @KarimCheeseGG and @vNogi get on it brothasFREE ways to support your favourite creators: ✅ Consume - Watch their videos new and old, lives, stream their musi…
Retweeted by JulzD4WMan time flies.. @chefroblake @WatchMixer’t wait til APRIL 3RD!!!! is dope! And in case you didn’t know, the #RE3/Resistance OPEN BETA launched today and available now for conso…! I've been looking forward to this. Tomorrow, the Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta goes live! I really h…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @curiousjoi Content creator struggles. I did a whole workout video and realized that I had it set for time-lapse. L… @BigEOtsusuki Bruh you wasn’t born in no 95! , more like 85. Yeah this makes more sense.’s a big year for the Solar System! Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus will all take turns looking their best throug…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @BigEOtsusuki Tf was this? The first summer slam? @MissLust18 Whaaaaaat!? Man old school TMNT will always be the best. @MPDEL0X3 @5un_fl0wer My reaction.. Dude obviously needs to get laid or something. Can’t be salty for not getting modded lo… on it! @carrzi83 @Target You have greatness in you and you’ve learned so much leading to getting that degree. Don’t let th… @MPDEL0X3 Word fam. Can’t wait for that seafood! @TyLuGames That man BishopType the year you turned 10 into the GIF search the club was grooving tonight! Had a great time jamming and can’t wait to do it again. We kept the funk alive…
🔴 LIVE NOW We in the club tonight with more #DeadbyDaylight and getting blood points! Swing through and live it up… on Creator Camp yesterday was just nutty. Thanks to all 12k people who were in there (pardon my flex) 👉🏼…
Retweeted by JulzD4WJoin me and @jeffrubenstein today for a video podcast on @WatchMixer - we'll go live at 4p ET/1p PT right here
Retweeted by JulzD4W @YoungRetroLIVE Lmfao!Say whaaaaaaaa!? we need to push ourselves, sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. Right now, it's break time. Whic…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @BobDuckNWeave @WatchMixer I love it! Start them while they’re young. Good game choice too 👌 @finalfantasyvii We need play arts Kai figures of this trio too please!I'm just gonna say this on the whole COVID-19 thing. STAY. HOME. People are dying. Hospitals are running low on sup…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @iMrsVoorhees YESSSSSS!!! @illspit313 Pre-ordered mine last night, I just had to. @MunchkinDoom!☄️#GIVEAWAY⭐️ In honor of the franchise that shaped my passion for gaming and the upcoming release of…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @MunchkinDoom im saying where that crab rangoon at tho? @Nelstar15 Does this count?
#YouKnowTheVibes We're LIVE on @watchmixer proud to be apart of the #GAFam Premium glasses starting at $99 and now helping their partners with payouts… @GamerAdvantage @gamergoo You guys are the best! @Nvad3 @oWcFury No no no... dont do that. Just catch me when you can. Im not sure when im going live yet, i havent even started my morning regimen. @oWcFury Oh no day off, just late to the party on Mixer. You'll see my face for sure. @oWcFury Lmfaooo. You’re the 3rd person that hit me up asking where am I this morning. I’m in bed like know what.. f*** it. should I play?
@BleedingEdgeNT Had a dope time playing this today. Did have some issues with movement on PC when using KB&M. Outsi… @NinjaTheory just a heads up, when playing on keyboard and mouse there’s seems to be huge frame drop when movin…🔴 NOW LIVE on @WatchMixer Playing the newly released #BleedingEdge from @NinjaTheory The gangs all here! Let’s s… @tingo0324 @HAMMER_BOT17 peeps!Loved this interview. Over 20 years later and these creators had to relive those feelings they had when they first… It’s live papa.
Retweeted by JulzD4WSince aquariums are shut down, they let penguins wander around the place and it's honestly the news we need to see.
Retweeted by JulzD4W🔥Giveaway🔥 I've teamed up with some streamers to giveaway the ultimate set up for Xbox streaming! Wanted to get st…
Retweeted by JulzD4WCan’t wait to play. It’ll have to wait til I finish FF7 but looking forward to the changes and more with this. of War: Fallen God follows Kratos after destroying the Greek pantheon, where he sets sail for the desert… only…
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GET ON IT! and use code "D4W" at checkout! a super dope time playing Crisis Core today and reminiscing with the fans today. We still have much to cover bu… tale, different hero. Witness the events that lead to Final Fantasy 7! #ff7 🔴 Now Live with Crisis Core:FI… morning everyone! I’m running a little behind but I’ll be live soon! @ZachButera us tonight for the celebration as we celebrate 1 year of being a @WatchMixer PARTNER :
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When you throw in some Selena and the Mixer community wants you to dance! TEXAS REPRESENT! Thank you everyone for g…
Retweeted by JulzD4W @MsKreationKat Hey!!!! This that jam!’s a #RockBand4 type of mornin’ NOW LIVE on @WatchMixer ideas to help bring more awareness to the #COVID19 situation: If “generation z” isn’t concerned about the vir…
Retweeted by JulzD4WStreaming platforms during quarantine
Retweeted by JulzD4WWe managed to practice social distancing while still serving our homeless community. ❤️❤️🙏
Retweeted by JulzD4W @EscoBlades Or “Wait The Whisper” song, need some creativity! 😂
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#YouKnowTheVibes We're LIVE on @watchmixer @Firefighter__Pz It’s too early for that fam! Hopefully the rest of your day gets better. @openmikke_ peeps! Hows everyone doing today?Ok everybody. Here's a quick video about working out at home. Starting off with chest/tricep for Monday. Part one…
Retweeted by JulzD4WPixar's Onward will be released on demand tonight and on Disney+ on April 3 in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Retweeted by JulzD4W🐶 Nintendo Switch & Animal Crossing #ForTheGamers 🐶 🤳 Like & RT ✌ Tag 2 Friends 🥰 Follow @eFuseOfficial &…
Retweeted by JulzD4WOne of the biggest issues with Humans through out all time is we have YET to accept others for BEING DIFFERENT. I… types of gamers today. 1. Enjoying a sunny tropical island with cute characters and new adventures. 🏝⛺🍃 2. Ra…
Retweeted by JulzD4WCome say hey! 🦄💕
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Here is another transparency tweet about #StreamBeats and monetizing your YouTube videos with them. Just trying t…
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