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Pro Bowl long napper. Don't let your children grow up to be refs. @acmepackingco

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@pgpgh5 Dirt bikes are okay with me bubbaWhy did they make coconut water without pulp? Was it needed? Whomst asked for this? @dirtbagqueer
@LionPride8123 So many hands to the face penalties going uncalled wow @LionPride8123 Please don't make me see him play GB twice a year. I'm beggingWhy's he gotta pick on Tuf like that? @LionPride8123 It feels like they're one like star DL away from having a really good DL honestly. I'm interested in… @mattyfbrown We need a pass-rusher who can play special teams bbyA Gilbert vs Tipa battle for a roster spot is as close to the most degenerate thing I would pay money for in this moment(GB kind of needs another OLB as it stands today) @le_jokerman Why not both? @le_jokerman (Is it bad I kinda think it will work?*) *it's working on me @JuMosq Gamepass needs more original content
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda Campbell dip review Youtube channel. Let's make it happen sniper got the RT from The SB Nation NFL Show, it's NFL University #1 w/@StephenSerda, @KP_Show & @JuMosq making you the best fan…
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda @BrianMFloyd That’s absolutely right @MichaelKistNFL Bay signed a guy who played at Last Chance U...and he's really athletic and big?
@AaronNagler Only took me like 1700 words @PFF_Steve I think this Aaron Rodgers kid can play a littleLiked Pete Carroll's answer on letting youth play multiple sports opposed to specializing.
Retweeted by Justis MosquedaPackers sign TE Daniel Crawford after Bailey Gaither’s retirement
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda @neilrao OH. SB Nation NFL pod of course but The Athletic NFL show and PFF Forecast are v good IMO. I usually liste… @JuMosq
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda @neilrao What is thatSack Lowry on DC Joe Barry: “The thing that I’ve been impressed with is that, for our run defense, he’s very detai… Matthew Canada GO “Crowd noise affects offensive linemen the most.” Talked about how linemen hearing the snap count is hu… Camp Wrap Up
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda#NewProfilePic him all the money your questions ready — our own @KrisBurke will be doing a live Q&A following #Packers practice today.
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda @CallMeMatub Chutes, lev sled, and pencil pads are getting drafted before the traditional sled imo.1) follow Kris, who is at Packers camp 2) the tackling donut is the most underrated piece of football equipment @benbbaldwin People have different thoughts about that angle @ZacheryNunberg Not enough truck bed shoulders @mikegolicjr Every passing day it becomes more clear why they left. Somehow they're almost giving Texas the moral high ground?Let’s talk about it cuz wtf
Retweeted by Justis MosquedaBest unis since at least the Mariota era's shoulders look like a truck bed again. We're back, baby @doylenoir Never forget your past
@pff_seth Seth "Tears and Vodka Diet" Galina. I've often said that"Dude, I'm trying to keep his trade value up. Stop asking questions." @BenjaminSolak Let’s talk about MariotaDoing work for Rog. You don't need to do that at all that was fun until it wasn't. I trust Vegas. It had come through so many times
@LuhChance Always have an exit strategy
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda @Nate_Tice Oh they’re not playing aroundThat first rounder for Kumerow might not be enough:
Retweeted by Justis Mosqueda
Post-practice notebook, July 31st: Simon Stepaniak placed on reserve/retired list, NFL Network comes to town
Retweeted by Justis MosquedaThe BOURNEBLESSEDFOUNDATION love to supports those in need! We love and support the autism community!!
Retweeted by Justis MosquedaIf you want to act like a child, you're going to be treated like a child @ArifHasanNFL Speak the gospel into existence Arif @dirtbagqueer Soon being the HC at Oregon won't (hopefully) @dirtbagqueer His old OC is a HC now and the OC who replaced him is a world better than him @evanreier Confirmed @evanreier It's promotion-relegation, but I think the only ones left are UGA, Florida, Alabama, LSU and A&M.Having a Friday night
2021 @shubs_shah The amount of executives is the big difference, but probably 2-3 times as many scouts.The Bengals have three scouts and eight people in their front office (pro and college), so It's not like there's a… @ShortDolphin Fair's fair. I think there are probably more people in the building over Tua than guys willing to giv… @ShortDolphin I think they would have made that same pick if I were their QB, though. I think they really just want… don't know if estimated is the word I would use Bengals just took Joe Burrow’s LSU WR (he’s solid!) over a franchise tackle (he’s better!) at #5 7/30/2021 Stay away from my QB Tom Brady Von Miller Kliff Kingsbury Kyler Murray Stay away from my WR Dere… Kingsbury and Kyler Murray stay away from my quarterback? @Peter_Bukowski @solvingfootball I would, honestly. Keep Billy on the right side for continuity's sake. Hone in on… @solvingfootball @Peter_Bukowski I like him inside more than at tackle, for sure. Not saying there isn't value to t… @Peter_Bukowski Come playoff time, I wouldn't be surprised if they rolled out: Bakh-Jenkins-Myers-Turner-KellyThe NBA making players wear the wrong hats because they can't come out and say a team traded for a pick on draft da… @le_jokerman Let's talk about it @faygounchained Better than three, I guess? I mean that's basically what he got out of the deal. Free agent in 2023… is what Rodgers had to say about controlling his own destiny in 2022. you want to read between the lines here, the dead cap to trade Aaron Rodgers in 2022 would be the second-largest… @all22GB
Green Bay just made it easier to add players in 2021 but harder to trade Rodgers in 2022. @mikeybigshow Strong agree. My favorite conference to watch the last two years is the Sun BeltI hate to break it to you but would love to see more competitive high quality games all season long instead of just in Week 1, rivalry week and… @ArifHasanNFL @benbbaldwin Shouts to Chuey tho. Glad I didn't let him give me a tattoo with his electric toothbrush… @ArifHasanNFL @benbbaldwin What are you, my parents? Mind your business. I was just trying to stay eligible for spo… @ArifHasanNFL @benbbaldwin How not up. Idiot @ArifHasanNFL @benbbaldwin Even Justis knows up to use Private Internet Acess so he won't get sued for using Popcor… back friendly reminder that @NFL Gamepass subscriptions renew on July 31st.
Retweeted by Justis MosquedaRog's been asleep at the wheel all summer @FemiAbebefe Condensed games clutch for preseason betting. I'll give them thatNo one uses Game Pass for anything other than coaches film in-season and Game Pass is saying that's the thing that…