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KNIGHTS Juna @Junafour she/they ♡ priv: @junafive

TO for @KnightsGG • GM for @ManILoveFwogs Immortal IGL for @TacThrowVAL

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We are now LIVE with Day 2 of the #KnightsGauntlet Circuit Weekly 3 🅰️ ( DNADIFF vs TLP R…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @ladykianaa Happy birthday! @AromaVAL Imma need 20 from u if we play @kayayalol SO PRETTYYYYYYFreedom#iwnl with some fan behavior out here 😂calling me boosted when he's negative on jett GLG w/ @KanpekisKittens ! 😎 So thankful for the opportunity, here’s a cool clip :p
Retweeted by KNIGHTS JunaCongratulations to @KanpekisKittens !! 👑They are your #PitofValor 90 Champions👑 🥇 @DeroEttv 🥇 @nlineofficial 🥇…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @FlippyBitsGG @KegShouts I saw, not that mine is any good sadge 😔 @PhyCasts @ComplexLiquid LMFAOAyo check out @Junafour shes 10 away from 2400 , i gotta take a look at thier val team
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@Saulsrevenge @FloatsPC I’ll delete it when it stops being true ;) @FloatsPC @Saulsrevenge cap if anyone was sliding into your dms instead of the other way around, you wouldn’t be do… 2... 3... Just like that @florscnt saves the day once more! 😎 ⚔️ #KnightsGauntlet 📺
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @416naru W naru :D @BokalooVt THIS IS SO CUTE AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 @sfX_x1 @SilverNyx_ 0_o @andersin_val VOUCH PLEASE PICK HIM UPLooking for paid opportunities in Valorant, I'm still competiting and practicing with Nearest Airport. Open to any…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS JunaLFT Duelist / Flex Willing to learn / Ready to grind and exploring all of my options <3 DM's open
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @Bankroft VOUCHLooking for paid opportunities in VALORANT. I am adept at playing all sentinel and controller agents. I also have…
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Valorant Titanmail Bundle Giveaway (or $ equivalent) - Like + RT - Follow @dnosVAL - Winner must have PayPal Than…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @kayavlr @egirlofurdreams @nnzoee @kazzz_x @Saderrrrrrr @aheartout @eevux @AerithReborn MWAH :3 @khxmeron Cap @CarbynVAL @lickitnsendit I JUST WANTED TO GET MY BROTHER @lickitnsendit I WAS NOT COMPLETELY DRY @khxmeron Says u LMFAOOOOO @builtbygamers @kayavlr#VALORANT 100$ GIVEAWAY ✅ Like & Retweet ✅ Tag A Friend ✅ Follow @builtbygamers ⚠️ Winner Drawn 5/23
Retweeted by KNIGHTS JunaThank you for everything 💜 Looking for opportunities ideally in management, events and/or broadcast production! Pr…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @Bankroft LMAO @ahad @AromaVAL LOL DOING AROMA DIRTY @ahad @AromaVAL LMFAO L AROMA @902Creed Where r u?? @lickitnsendit Honestly one of the best ones I’ve seenthis is a @Junafour appreciation tweet. Follow her if you aren't already and call her short (5'2 lol).
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @AromaVAL LMFAO U TRYING SO HARD OUT HERE @902Creed Who’s gonna miss him tho :) @ComplexLiquid i am eating mac n cheese pog
@lickitnsendit LMFAO NO WAY @Zoessielol congrats!! @trueIov3 YAS GLGLGLGL @sfX_x1 @chiwymiwy LMAO @sfX_x1 @chiwymiwy :P @Formula @416naru
I ALMOST HAD THE PERFECT GAME 😭 should have just saved the one round I was last alive :( @ScrewFaceVAL LMFAO @sophfri LMFAOOOOOO @kayavlr @animesfeeI @Bankroft oo their eyes are so prettyThe time has come! Join us on Twitch as we are about to go live with the Grand Final of this month's $2,000…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Junamade a priv @junafive follow if we're close :3
@Zncxyy @KnightsGG no ur grinding val with me, I’m hitting imm3 let’s go @902Creed @AerithReborn take notes @dnossoup @awysia I would do it! Not SUPER expensive and it looks super good on you :3 it's ok to treat urself once in a while @jamesmichael840 This man be out here harassing minors (not talking about me, this has happened to 10+ women now) +… @swampyhag @Jesurka LMAO @ComplexLiquid one day at a time 🙂 @valesports_na @Kanpeki_XD @SicK_cs @Sentinels kampeki :P @mellinieee 💙💙 thank u for speaking up@/raedyn . had a weird feeling about him since i’ve known him & seeing other people speak up about their experience…
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@Bankroft It be like that sometimes @RiotBallerina :/ people will always find reasons to be hateful, but there will also always be people who support you <3 @taelou_ thank you <3 @yazzyxz ty yazzy @dnosVAL @1yzma @sophfri you are so cute omg 🥺 @vesleepynap thank u @Jasprrx ty <3Knights Gauntlet Week #2 - Top 8 Results! (#VALORANT) Event by @KnightsGG & @KnightsArena 1st: @OXG_Esports Aca…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @wrIdw1de ty <3 @tytitv @902Creed thank u <3 @tupperwareplays :( sucks how many people have had a similar experience, ty tupp 💚apparently THERE'S MORE @ExaltVAL thank u 💚 @sfX_x1 Said they were nonbinary, but basically told someone in priv dms they were “getting the bag” because they w… @Bankroft thank you benji 💙 @DazedDreamx thank you dazed ❤️I know of 4-5 other girls AT LEAST who have similar experiences and don't feel comfortable speaking up either, but… twitlonger:'s another twitlonger going around about @/raedyn. I didn't speak up months ago because I have seen how this c… @ancientoatmeal @Zncxyy no. both are so wrong, but I have never seen anything as wrong as saying the default knife is fire @Zncxyy @ancientoatmeal my god, I've already bought skins on an alt, i can't fall deeper down the rabbit hole @nnzoee GM :DHi! I'm Betty a @PlayVALORANT POV observer with a new reel :) ✉️Email: 👾Discord: bettea#7524
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @keencval I’m sitting at triple digit RR, will push higher this weekend or something idk @keencval It’s finals week man I don’t got that time 😔 @minaweeb thanks kevinSlept for 13 hours and now I’m taking a morning shower, I am a changed woman @Chadlantistv @Warbirds_ @OXG_Esports Massive WYour #KnightsGauntlet Circuit CHAMPIONS @OXG_Esports Academy 🏆 🏅 @Nurfed | @NotReduxx | @Virtyyyy | @RustunL |…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @VernoFPS @NYXL Congrats!! @BCollamer @eevux @kayavlr @nnzoee @Bankroft :P @eevux @kayavlr @BCollamer @nnzoee @Bankroft my most recent jett game btw's Grand Final time! Join us in witnessing the last match of #KnightsGauntlet Circuit Weekly #2. 🙌 📺…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Juna @BCollamer @kayavlr @nnzoee There are tons of them at every elo, it’s a rite of passage @kayavlr @BCollamer @nnzoee @Bankroft what if I want to be the 25-12 jett 😳 @kayavlr @nnzoee down bad @BCollamer @kayavlr @nnzoee LMAO @kayavlr @nnzoee OH OK SO UR JUST GONNA CHEAT WITH WHOEVER DOES ONE NICE THING WITH U OK