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Penny @juneandaisy United States

Marc Martel Rocks! I love Queen, Van Halen, Nickelback, Journey, Bad company. I love all music! I am an advocate for Autism Awareness 💜

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Wow beautiful @notcapnamerica Wha wha what??? @LisaHunting Majestic beautiful creature, innocent 💜🦌 @KayaJones Wow that's great🌹❤ @ohsweetashh que não tem comparação, mas só Deus sabe a emoção que eu senti quando consegui comprar meu ingresso para o sh…
Retweeted by Penny @Holly25x Sick @WWNope ❤❤👍🌹 @truedream416 Unbelievable @ExposedInHell @ChrisMo43777531 @JamesB_65 @Corinth42030281 @RachaelGreensm4 @D0N0 @TShaffer919 @0_TruthHurts_0 @taylorswift13 saw your twin working at one of our hospitals in Spfld Il today, I said you look just like Taylor sw… @Holly25x Yep, right back at ya friend💗#サイクリング #紅葉狩り 狩らないけどね。 Sexy autumn in Japan!!!
Retweeted by Penny @EjieKan Pretty🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 @ChrisKitchen78 @peterframpton @peterframpton 🎶🎵🎼🎸💗 @ChrisKitchen78 @peterframpton Great job!!One of my students 11 year old Alex D playing the 2nd solo to @peterframpton "Show me the way " Would love if Pete…
Retweeted by Penny @JanieVanHalen Bout time, #thestruggleisreal @Holly25x Absolutely understandableThat face!!!!! 😠
Retweeted by Penny @Holly25x That's great Holly, you have some relief ❤❤💗
@1Humble_Heart 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤ @_carlabarros_ Exactly 💜💜💜💜 @TheLadyYorke Oh my, think I would say something to Dr. Take care❤ @TheLadyYorke So you got a stick instead of accessing the port?Now through 10/31/19 Enter for a chance to win the Bad Company Shopping Spree Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will ge…
Retweeted by PennyWhen @Nickelback is on, one must sing along 🎶🖤😍🥰 #songonfire #nickelbackrocksmysocks #feedthemachine #lovethissong
Retweeted by Penny @circleofsun 🙏🙏🙏❤Truth @WilliamShatner Great pic❤❤healing marks what would have been '02 Inductee and American rock icon @tompetty's birthday. Revisit the performance…
Retweeted by Penny @crockpics Steve Perry? @_paulrodgers Bet it was fun🎤✌Can’t stop us now! 💃🕺 Coming soon…Oct 24th to @youtube & @youtubemusic #YouAreTheChampions
Retweeted by Penny @NotsoScarySheri @Holly25x Never underestimate the power of prayer❤👍 @JanieVanHalen @dncnlouie @OttoVonClutch Very much! @JanieVanHalen @dncnlouie @OttoVonClutch Lol louie took some bad hits, having fun is always good😁My pretty puppy, hes smiling 😁 a great #SundayFunday !!👍🏻 🐼🍃🐼🍃🐼🍃🐼🍃🐼🍃🐼🍃 #weekendvibes #SundayThoughts 🔉Sound on 🎵😂
Retweeted by PennyLove @marcmartel #ultimatequeencelebration @marcmartel
@Ash_Pro1 Good news!Lolololol otter making sure her pup is comfy
Retweeted by PennyThat's what mama's do., even when they're older😊always Are The Reason [violin version] this one always puts me to tears
Retweeted by Penny❤JAMES Pupdate: 1st Day of Freedom. #Rescued fr MAS yesterday, James is enjoying a quiet walk on a pretty Fall day…
Retweeted by PennyI’M A 1YO PUPPY LOCKED AWAY IN A CEMENT BOX & THEY EXPECT ME TO BE HAPPY TO BE HERE I will die for the crazy excuse…
Retweeted by Penny @NB_Dudeness 👍 @oldmanbroons YesIt's National Wolf Awareness Week 🐺 An opportunity to recognize wolves as an ESSENTIAL part of our natural landscap…
Retweeted by Penny @ava Time waits for no one @JohnnyEAwesome Nope unfortunately @NB_Dudeness Only, but health means more definitely ❤❤❤❤ @LoriKinsey1 Oh honey praying for your sweet baby 💕🙏🙏🙏 God lay your Hands on this baby and heal him💕🙏Trust God's timing!
Retweeted by PennyHorrible @nywolforg HorribleNinguém: Absolutamente ninguém: Eu: O @marcmartel AMOR DA MINHA VIDA TÁ VINDO PRO BRASIL, VOCÊ JÁ COMPROU O SEU I…
Retweeted by Penny @_carlabarros_ @marcmartel Awesome 💜🎤🎵🎶Watch 23-Year-Old Guitarist Joshua Jones Shred Van Halen Classics
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Retweeted by Penny @KayaJones Truth @humorandanimals Awe @nnj_irene Awe you're welcome 💗 @_carlabarros_ @marcmartel Yes we do💜 @aumkeshavsharma Thank you🧡🙏 @aumkeshavsharma Beautiful @_carlabarros_ @marcmartel That will be wonderful!! He is so enchanting 💜💜 @JuniaSchneider7 PreciousI need a new hairstyle, good sir!!! 💛🐶
Retweeted by Penny @CarlosSimancas Loved thatSo cool and fun! @_carlabarros_ Did the same thing myself, helps, helped me to. What is it about this time of year??POOR LITTLE DRAKE WAS MURDERED 10/19 2 YRS OLD DUMPED 10/7 SOCIAL LOVED PETTING & SHARING TOYS POLITE W/DOGS HOUSET…
Retweeted by Penny @SergioGor @RandPaul Does she realize how ridiculous she is looking and acting, childish, growup @_IHateEvery0ne @kicker2012r They do!Never forgotten. #MIA #POW #NeverForget #GodBlessAmerica @DerekWadeWeller This was at a county courthouse in Arka…
Retweeted by PennyTruth!! @ohsweetashh So much truth in that!!!!!!💜💜 @NotsoScarySheri 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤ @_carlabarros_ @marcmartel 💜💜💜💜💜😘 @RescuePaws2 Sickos🤬🤬🤬🤬 @nnj_irene I like your hair color! @twitweeting 🙏🙏🙏💕 @bigricanman Agree it ravaging💔Stunning landscape with orange golden sky and colorful clouds over tranquil ocean at sunset #photography #art
Retweeted by Penny @CalLica45 Beautiful @steveffootball Great pic! @JanieVanHalen @dncnlouie Hey show us some clips Janie💜 #discosnotdead love it!
Retweeted by Penny @D_E_C @idkpinecone Me to?? @idkpinecone Was it just a random dude???? @Ligia1712M Num num🐻🐻❤ @JBONAMASSA Lolololol💥🆘MANHATTAN ANIMAL CARE CENTER 🆘 EUTH LISTED 💥SATURDAY 19TH #OCTOBER REX #A78678 (N) (M) 6yrs.. Sweet boy is goi…
Retweeted by Penny @Kiaz19 She deserved it, hope it bit the shit out of her