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Chicago Born, Suburb Raised. Father First, Piece of Shit Second. Chicago sports break my heart. My tweets are my opinion

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@KingMac1129 I’d love to see someone do this in the west side of Chicago, odds are when you go to pull for it, you… Jones has to be on phone with Ryan pace right now about Mitch. I’m not even trying to troll. @wiscoszn Bears defense this year is better than 2018 imo, they’re just not getting the numbers they did in 18. But… @wiscoszn Bears have to get a defining win. Bucs was okay, if they go 2-1 over next 3 they’re contenders. They’ll g… @wiscoszn Exactly, prob will come down to 3 teams in nfc, packers Seahawks and bucs. So definitely health will help @wiscoszn I would sit him until you face a good defense, maybe bring him back against the Colts? Colts and bears ar… @KingMac1129 Same ones who think WAR defines a player. WAR is comical, a lead off home run equates to a walk off so… @wiscoszn Haha I know. Was just curious how bakhtari’a backup has been playing. Big blow if he misses extended peri… @wiscoszn Real talk, I’m house hunting, how is the back up for bakthari playing?I didn’t think the Texans were this bad. I truly think Mitch could beat Watson lolCC: @LRiddickESPN Tell your place of employment not to act like this. @CorinnaKopf No I need your onlyfans
@CBSSportsHQ @ChicagoBears @AaronLemingNFL @TomFornelli @WCGridiron @WillBrinson @jjones9 @NFLonCBS @DawgsByNature @LRiddickESPN There is a guy on the other side of the field playing All Pro CB play right now...🤷🏻‍♂️ @georgyjj09 Basically he still agreed to being racist lol @wiscoszn No shot
If dodgers lose, do they part ways with Dave Roberts?
@LRiddickESPN @The_Dream99 @BBuzick021 @iKollin @espn You could’ve says this about the packers last year. They could’ve went 6-10 or some stupid shit.
@RoquanSmith1 @RoquanSmith1 Chicago loves you man, you embody the blue collar hard working person we love. We are t… @RoquanSmith1 Fuck, this hit home. Same thing with happiness, I love seeing others happy before myself. @NFLonFOX They’re 5-0 in the conference going into week 7, what will they finish? As a bears fan, idk. But being 5-…
@Peter_Bukowski @MichaelKistNFL Brady just slapped his cock on packers face, meanwhile the bears made him forget what down it was. GG’s.This @RamsNFL team is a 6.5 point favorite against the @ChicagoBears next Monday? I expect tomorrow morning for it to be lower. @KingMac1129 @KenWo4LiFe He runs his mouth just as much as a Cubs fan, or yankees fan. They’re both the same.
@_willjeffrey @AaronLemingNFL Bears still played better. They held the offense in check both years.If one more person says packers defense is just as good as bears I’ll die. @AaronLemingNFL whats upsetting is the last 2 years we have absolutely dominated the rams, sure this year could be… would be a good time to see jordan love rig....... oh nvm he doesnt dress for the gameI think this is 3 games in a row that @BoJack39 doesn’t get any targets, and he’s still out there making plays. Whe… @Gobbles78 @SoxyBack @JasonLaCanfora He’s gonna pick the Rams next week, and he may get that right, if he does I’m… Rodgers is human. Confirmed. @Panthers @AJDesai4 @OldTakesExposedI like following other teams fans, who are unbiased and to see their opinion on things. @wiscoszn is a good packers… @AaronLemingNFL @minakimes @JasonLaCanfora @KingMac1129 His play calling has made people hate him. But winning is winning and that’s all that matters. Offense 100% has to get better.It was a team with a good defense and bad offense vs a team with a bad offense and defense. Was honestly a toss up.… not running the ball right there is going to cost us this game.This panthers rush defense is 32nd in the league and we can’t do shit against them. Unreal.I usually dog on Chuck Pagano. But I believe he has to withhold the blitzing packages he wants to and not take a ch… @KingMac1129 He lobbed the ball on his back foot, he’s not going to make that throw. He’s not good. That’s not on Nagy. @EddieBarstool Where the fuck is the chairBaker mayfield woke up and felt dangerous today. Can the hype over baker finally stop?That’s not a penalty. Nfl is so soft @JShot360 What’s frustrating is Miller is so talented but just dumb.If I see Cole Kmet subbed in for a play again and it’s a run play I’m going to lose my mind.I wish Jose Fernandez was still alive, he was electrifying, loved watching him pitch every 5 days @KingMac1129 heres a name no one is bringing up that i wouldnt mind getting the nod to be the skipper... ron washington @WasteOfMind00 They’re Both still terrible Options for the country @WasteOfMind00 Trump is just as bad as an option than Biden. @GlasNoNo @fred_huebner Even though I believe the Dodgers slide their fat cocks all over y’all, I do like an underdog. @wiscoszn Whoever made this is dumb. He didn’t even play in 94 lol
@KBx315x @JWMiller8050 Please find “on this record” of him saying he wants to play in Buffalo. @mrushton78 @AaronLemingNFL At the end of the day they have 4 wins. Have they been pretty? No. But it’s a win. It’s hard to win in the NFL. @KingMac1129 @KenWo4LiFe @thebennettk @Muzzkill7 @KenWo4LiFe @thebennettk @Muzzkill7 @KingMac1129 😂😂 @KenWo4LiFe @thebennettk @Muzzkill7 @KingMac1129 🙋🏻‍♂️
@JShot360 @DanBilzerian What he do now @JShot360 I do not. Skrine has played fine. Callahan can’t stay healthy to save his life. Your best ability is availability🐐
@Titans @TaylorLewan77 You do roids. Shut up @wiscoszn Texans? Bears? Rams? Cardinals? Steelers? Lot of teams can use his services
just put an offer in on a house, nervous, scared but so damn excited. good vibes blue bird app friends @RobbieGould09 @49ers @FrogmanRecovery @AdamSchefter @Patriots 1st rounder for trubisky. @KenWo4LiFe That separates a bad manager from a good. Francona, Cash etc isn’t putting in a shit pitcher like rodon. @KenWo4LiFe Can step up in a big moment in October... then in October you bring the fuck in for relief and he shits… @KenWo4LiFe I’m blaming the last 2 weeks on Renteria. Not the whole Oakland series. His last 2 weeks managing that… @KenWo4LiFe I agree. He did shit his pants. My tweets after the game have me agreeing with you. But you saying Rick… @KenWo4LiFe You just said you thought Ricky did a good job Ken. He was fucking terrible in his tenure. And the last… @KenWo4LiFe You cry more about the sox than I do the bears lmao. @KenWo4LiFe BECAUSE RICKY CANT MANAGE A BULLPEN!!! Also doesn’t help that not a single starter can’t go 5+ any give… @KenWo4LiFe This is where your twitter character gets annoying because you start splattering bullshit all over. Cor… @KenWo4LiFe And if Jimmy Cordero didn’t have a 900 ERA in the regular season maybe we win an extra few games and wi… @KenWo4LiFe At one point you could say he had the best team in the AL, he did what he could? Pitching Jimmy Cordero… @KenWo4LiFe But you won’t discredit and say Ricky was wrong for mismanaging the bullpen every game in the last 2 we… @KenWo4LiFe Thank God you’re not manager
@swindler1217 What did he say, he has me blocked? @DavidHaugh You’re about as dumb as they come. @WaddleandSilvy @DriveToyota Call Cleveland to trade for Francona @MarkMyWords35 Call Cleveland for Francona @BrianKnights3 @barstoolWSD @barstoolcarl Trade for FranconaLast Thursday night in Chicago, a beast awakened.... His name is Khalil Mack. And he's coming for you.
Retweeted by JuniorYou need to get on the phone with Cleveland right now and go after Terry Francona.I’m on the phone with Hinch and Cora today. Also trying to trade for Terry Francona. @KingMac1129 Agree. Cousins is a turnover machine. Trubisky isn’t good, but he doesn’t give the ball to the other t… @KingMac1129 Hes not good
@GBraggsJr23 Is CMC back? If he’s not, I can’t see why they’re getting 3 points. I was always told if you’re the ro… @GBraggsJr23 I’m a unbias person and realistic. Bears are better than this team, the disrespect is real.Dak is a guy you are forced to like. He’s a good dude. Fuck that sucks.Ain’t even gonna lie. Was a good win for them. @wiscoszn That doesn’t mean anything. You and I both know that @wiscoszn Chiefs are still better. In the nfc? Possibly. I think it’s a toss up between y’all and Seattle @KingMac1129 @KingMac1129 Stop. Because we’ve seen zero of Vaughn and 45~ games of Madrigal. Jury is still out on them. @KingMac1129 Hahn has sucked at drafting. Lol. He’s not better than pace. Sure pace has missed on all first rounder… Jackson has zero targets sunday. I’m not going to say it because haters will hate, but E-word players will do that. #DaBears