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Retweeted by JUNKWORX @BennyRhubarb I'm so annoyed that the rights for the manga were handled so badly that we'll never get it printed in the US!!!!!Omg I forgot the eyebrows @PomuRainpuff I'm so sorry sweetieI'm not going to have time to finish this but best of luck on your debut, Pomu! #LazuLight (134/365)
Retweeted by JUNKWORXblood flower fairy
Retweeted by JUNKWORXI'm not going to have time to finish this but best of luck on your debut, Pomu! #LazuLight (134/365) have known Demon Core-kun for 5 seconds and I already love him. doing *checks notes* hot girl shit. (133/365)
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @NeilaK20 @SanfordAndPals Hey, no need to apologize! Phobias are weird and not really in our control. My apologies again for the hassle! @NeilaK20 @SanfordAndPals My apologies! I can delete my replies if you'd like, just so they aren't sitting in your… @SanfordAndPals @NeilaK20 I mean, it's not outside of the realm of reality, I do remember following someone who was… @trevlox That dude makes great videos so if you liked his voice def check out more of his videos @SanfordAndPals @NeilaK20 that most recent pic tho on that page, with the tied up women.... that wasn't created for fun >:( @SanfordAndPals @NeilaK20 It's a trend, apparently there was a tv thing about it recently, one person drew it, and… @MEGASONGER It's ok, she totally won't accidentally drop that screwdriver :DIf you don't know what this round thing is, here's a fun lil video about THE DEMON CORE @NeilaK20 here is a small sampling, but I've seen others that aren't here as wellI don't know why I've seen so many anime girls fucking with the demon core these past few days but who am I to not join inRhody doing *checks notes* hot girl shit. (133/365)
Somewhere out there are people who need to hear a story you're uniquely able to tell. Art by others, even better art, won't do; only yours.
Retweeted by JUNKWORXdrawing a gal with big pomu energy
Retweeted by JUNKWORXBUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY BUNNY @newyorkcreepy BNUUYdrawing a gal with big pomu energy
Retweeted by JUNKWORXCan we just talk about how ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS these Faeries are? My favs Glen Elendra Archmage by @rianbowart an…
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @OolongEarlGrey Same to you my friend*pointing at nijisanji en* FAIRY! FAIRY!!! MERMAID??? FAIRY!!!!RETOUCHED + bonus Mermayd/Mayd doodle ^p^/// 🧜‍♀️🧹 (Still no feet)
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @_hiiragishino IM SCREAMINGThe best piece of advice anyone could offer in comics. RIP
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @HebrewMagic WHAT @HebrewMagic I'm still losing my mind over the "lgbtq" crypto called. Gay.Day 1 of making matcha lattes at home instead of getting one at Starbucks. Bro. This shit good!When you live alone you don't have to share and can eat your ice cream however you like. (131/365)
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @lumiereatelier_ That's just human nature.When you live alone you don't have to share and can eat your ice cream however you like. (131/365)
@DocCrog Sometimes you can find chunky aloe drink in the Asian section of the grocery store! @DocCrog Have u ever had fresh aloe cubes in ur drink.... It's so good. Love the aloe texture/taste @amphi_VT @OolongEarlGrey HELLO??? THIS IS SO GORGEOUS??? @catuallie @valkwise LOVE THIS!!!yeah you lazy shits
Retweeted by JUNKWORXIt feels weird to call my work "content" but I feel like I have to if I want to take myself more serious and make a… @sleepsights WAH TY Lee!! It's definitely a limitations learning experience lmaoooI going to pay Charles Martinet to say this so I can have the sound byte forever.Every time I post and I get more than 10 likes I want to reply to the tweet with "*Mario voice* Thank you for like-… feel like at the very least I'm going to come out of this year with a bunch of nice followers who are here for my… far my year of posting once per day has me thinking a lot about how people consume content and how, once this ye… morning gamers
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A tiny #mermay and #メイドの日 crossover @shingworks Oh, hi! Ten Earth Shattering Blows is a fantasy action adventure full of lizard-riding bandits and cree…
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @FlutterSprite PETAL CRASH HAS CENTAURS TOO? ok u know what I was thinking of waiting until it was on sale but nah… girls who make up CLAMP are geniuses because they put mechs into MKR but never did anything with them, so they… the reaping/sowing meme right now. morning gamers @CliffNordman I scheduled it for 6:30 orzyeah I drew today no you don't get to see it until tomorrow (129/365) @MAEPOP I AM IN LOVE!!cw gore 🫁 I AM in the process of making a bunch of ref sheets for OCs since i never really had proper refs of them…
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @OolongEarlGrey You're doing great, buckaroo!
@beesmygod_ @number_one_twit Hello I can't DM you but I'm interested!She caught you bullying the shrimps. #mermay (128/365)
Retweeted by JUNKWORXHappy black fae day!
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @nox_the_ox OOOH drawing a pistol shrimp could be fun!*voice with big reverb* LOBTERShe caught you bullying the shrimps. #mermay (128/365)
just a little mermaid @CinnarenArt Just a random thought lol @Stacy_Platypus You have great taste!Fairy OnlyFans
Fairy times are coming!! I’m so ecstatic about it!! #tinkerbell #fairy #blackfaeday
Retweeted by JUNKWORXDo I have any cute vtuber followers who would be ok w/ me drawing them as a mermaid? 🥺
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @TheBrobe its fine i'm making matcha lattes with it because i'm now addicted to that green shit @DocCrog i like coconut milk in other drinks! if you are ever feeling fancy, order the Pink Drink at starbucks. It's good! :9Hey I just tried oat milk plain and I'm surprised by how much i like it. I could drink this forever. This is a good beverage!! @Beas_nees081418 TY!! I actually just bought my first thing of oat milk and I am surprised by now much I like it by itself! @SunnySatellites i think a goblin mermaid sounds RAD, do you have refs? @JennyVtuber I DRAW YOU ENOUGH MOTHER FUCKERbringing back a friend :) (126/365) I have any cute vtuber followers who would be ok w/ me drawing them as a mermaid? 🥺 @NettleLemonade Sorry but I can't help but see it as incredibly tasteless to out someone's family issues. Its unkin…
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The the little shrimp maid in this newest series of PreCure is soooo cute! ; 0 ; Eldaaaa #mermay
Retweeted by JUNKWORXRunning this back from last year since #mermay is happening Angler fish mermaid
Retweeted by JUNKWORXI FORGOT TO PUT A NUMBER ON THIS (125/365)The the little shrimp maid in this newest series of PreCure is soooo cute! ; 0 ; Eldaaaa #mermay @FPSCarol Thank you!! ; 0 ;
@BennyRhubarb LongWhen people complain about an indie project becoming too popular what do they expect the author to do? In their min…
Retweeted by JUNKWORXNo crop >:3Lava lamp (19/365)
Retweeted by JUNKWORXJust normal girls leaving normal stuff in each other's dorms. Regular, average girls. (26/365)
Retweeted by JUNKWORX> As you approach the 7/11, you see a creature hanging out near the front doors. What would you like to do? 1. G…
Retweeted by JUNKWORX @Ed_The_Robot You can have both, but to be both hot and empowered, you have to do more than just say she's empowere… @lumiereatelier_ Honestly every design of his is so powerful.For the record I'm talking about Roger, who is from my other, currently dead webcomic lol @FlutterSprite Oh I meant the tall green dead lady from my (equally returning from the dead) webcomic lolSigned, a woman who designed her perfect GF for her own webcomic LMAOOOOI get that maybe there's pressure if you're working for other people's IPs, but hey. Just make your own IP. If you…, some people go bonkers when someone points out the male gaze in their work, but I think more people should em…