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Join us for a #MumbaiLocal at @kitabkhanabooks for an evening that joins the dots between science, philosophy and s…
Our zealous audience flocks over to catch a glimpse of Alvi and Dutt's magnificent world through @Sathyaistruth's b… you @Sathyaistruth for this enriching session at @BDLMuseum, and for transporting us to the magical land of o… for the much-awaited Q&A session! Our audience is brimming with questions for @Sathyaistruth ~ in a… our #MumbaiLocal session at @BDLMuseum, curated by @parodevi, @Sathyaistruth talks about Guru Dutt's love for sh…"Waheeda ne naam badalne se inkaar kar liya", @Sathyaistruth narrates a story about how Guru Dutt tried to change W… eager audience listens, as a reading of @Sathyaistruth's book, 'Ten Years with Guru Dutt' is conducted.…"If it wasn't for a buffalo, Waheeda would have never joined Guru Dutt films", @Sathyaistruth laughs as she quotes…"Guru Dutt had the mind of a child. He found wonder in everything." In a funny anecdote about how Guru Dutt would… Sahab used to tell me that him and Guru Dutt were opposites. Whilst Dutt had his head in the clouds, Alvi was… @Sathyaistruth recounts one of Abrar Alvi's narratives, about Guru Dutt's adamance to include famous Indian actress…"Does anyone know the story of Abrar Alvi and Guru Dutt's friendship?" @Sathyaistruth asks her audience ~ in a…"He would meander. He'd start talking about Meena Kumari and end up with Madhubala", she laughs." This went on for… @Sathyaistruth opens her session, 'A Filmi Friendship: Abrar Alvi & Guru Dutt' at @BDLMuseum, curated by @parodevi @Sathyaistruth narrates a humorous anecdote of her meeting with Abrar Alvi. "I just spent an hour with him, and I…"I often didn't get credit, whilst working in films and doing screen-plays. But it didn't matter to me, because I'd…
Looking for a person with a keen interest in education and a value for the role of the arts in the lives of childre…
Unable to make it to Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum for a #MumbaiLocal with Sathya Saran? No worries - you can catch her…
I loved Sathya Saran's book-length conversation with #AbrarAlvi on his collaboration with #GuruDutt, a wonderful wa…
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Join us for a #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum for a evening that is a must for all Guru Dutt fans, and for those keen to…
"Are you a politically charged individual who chose humour as a means to voice dissent, or are you a comedian who c…"To what extent does your ideology promote or hinder your projects?" asks an audience member. "Force-feeding your… audience member asks @varungrover about his sources of information ~ at a #MumbaiLocal session with… @varungrover discusses the fickle nature of human beings, through a humorous narrative about dissent and outrage ~…"The worst time for comedy is always the best time for comedy." It becomes easier to deliver satirical content due… you're a part of the minority that doesn't find a specific portion of a comedy performance - humorous, go home a… works because, as humans, darr and doubt form a part of our survival skills, due to evolutionary causes. De… intrigued audience listens as @varungrover discusses the importance of a seed of doubt, for the creation of diss…"Great comedy is equal parts darkness and light", @varungrover quotes one of the primary individuals involved with… @varungrover discusses with an enthralled audience, his awareness of his privilege as an upper caste Hindu male ~… would be "brave" if I were a Muslim or Dalit man. Currently, I'm merely using my privilege - I'm not breaking any… @varungrover holds the #MumbaiLocal audience spellbound talking about the history of comedy that has influenced him… @varungrover narrates "Sher Ki Gufa Mein Nyaay" to an enthralled audience ~ #MumbaiLocal with @JunoonTheatre at MCu… @varungrover explains to the audience, why he started seeking Sharad Joshi's work and other voices of dissent ~… anger we experienced due to the lack of resources available to us, resulted in dissent becoming a cathartic and… childhood, we've experienced a love-hate relationship with Establishment ~ says @varungrover at #MumbaiLocal's greatest power is that it can be rejected. "It's almost like a shield." ~ #MumbaiLocal with Junoon at MCub… @varungrover briefly discusses ancient Greek philosopher Democritus's penchant for satire and dissent ~… @varungrover opens the #MumbaiLocal session, "Laugh Because Your Heart Is Free" at MCubed Library, curated by…
Unable to make it to MCubed Library, Bandra for a #MumbaiLocal with Varun Grover? No worries - you can catch him li…
Join us for #MumbaiLocal at MCubed Library for a wonderful evening exploring comedy and dissent with @varungrover
Thank you @DanHusain for this wonderful #MumbaiLocal session at @KitabKhanaBooks. Thank you @ranjithoskote for cura… audience asks Danish the meaning of Arz Hai and its importance at the  #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooksUnderstand the meaning of story telling at  #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks explains the importance of literature and observation at  #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks you say in the real life there is an absolute truth? We are all characters in someone's story. We approximate t… shares some of his favourites at the #mumbailocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks story teller is a catalyst. The final product doesnt have anything of the catalyst. Aap ek zaria bannte hai. Fir… you're reciting the word clearly. Ofcourse clear reciration matters. Its not about text. Its about conveying t… is basically symbolism. But how do you make meaning in that language and in that sound. By building consen… gives structure to your nascent emotions. Those emotions become an emotional repository for you in the form… words leaving the audience awestruck at ~ #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks Ahmed Faiz by Danish Husain at~ #MumbaiLocal with @danhusain at @KitabKhanaBooks is nothing original. There is no pure culture. Everything is borrowing. Everything keeps evolving.~… audience going waah waah at every word ~ #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks to Danish perform Ghalib's words at ~ #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks an eloquent marsiya by Mrizab Abbir and Mir Aniz the contemporaries of Ghalib at ~ #MumbaiLocal with… marsiya for the audience at ~ #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks shares with the audience the meaning of Nazm and Ghazals~ #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooksSharing his life history from Eastern UP ~ #MumbaiLocal with @danhusain at @KitabKhanaBooks Husain begins his first story telling. ~ #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @KitabKhanaBooks your blind belief on me to take some precious time out and come here, I will tell you a story says @DanHusain a… @DanHusain opens his #MumbaiLocal session on ‘Theatre VS Storytelling - An Actor's View' at @KitabKhanaBooks curate… to make it to Kitab Khana, Fort for a #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain?No worries - you can catch him live on ou…
Join us for #MumbaiLocal with @DanHusain at @kitabkhanabooks for an evening to consummate storyteller recount his j…
Thank you #SukantSaran for this wonderful #MumbaiLocal session at @BDLMuseum. Thank you @tifrarnab for curating thi… audience asks #SukantSaran about the visualisation and depiction in 2 and 3 dimensions at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseumI tried to depict the idea of polarity..says #SukantSaran at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum should be taken with a pinch of salt says Sukant Saran. Audience going wow with every flipping images of… didnt want to just make 3 dimensional diagrams. I wanted to do much more than that. Which got me to making sculpt… had two strands where my work was flowing which brings me to the present phase of my journey. Phase 4 - Sculpti… dont think we can ever solve the mind body duality because it is a part of the structure itself. says… is after a realisation that the path that I am walking on is made up of atoms and that means that its almost e… 3 - picturing Science. I took up an editorial job and I had to make technical reports which started reflecti… 2 - storytelling! says #SukantSaran at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum was doodling on pads after pads that slowly started growing. I did not know what I was learning but I was. The c… sharing his methods of exploring the forms of art at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum sharing his journey with art at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum 1 - learning to speak! My journey started with phase one when I was 8 years old. says #SukantSaran at today’… the aesthetics of scientific and artistic abstractions with #SukantSaran at today’s #MumbaiLocal at… #SukantSaran at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum ? Catch him live on is considered as you are abstracting out certain ideas and certain aspects of what you are observing is… and art are two visions of reality says #SukantSaran at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum Science and art with #SukantSaran at today’s #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum is about the inner life. Science is objective and art celebrates subjectivity says #SukantSaran at today’s… opens his #MumbaiLocal session on ‘Fact & Fancy: A Journey Within' at @BDLMuseum curated by @tifrarnab
Unable to make it to Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla for a #MumbaiLocal with Sukant Saran? No worries - you can c…
Join us for #MumbaiLocal at @BDLMuseum for an evening that brings together Arts, science and philosophy through the…
Thank you @anandverite for this wonderful #MumbaiLocal session at #MCubedLibrary,Bandra. Thank you @sanjnawithjunoo or versions of history! Aundience discussions with Anand Patwardhan. ~ #MumbaiLocal with @anandverite at…'Slaying the Demons' another powerful documentary igniting an enriching discussion among the audience with Anand Pa… history, present day reality, perspectives and hope. ~ #MumbaiLocal with @anandverite at #MCubedLibrary,… to back documetaries by Anand Patwardhan collaborated with the curious audience questions ~ #MumbaiLocal with… laughing at the brilliant satire by Anand Patwardhan ~ #MumbaiLocal with @anandverite at #MCubedLibrary,Ba… ever so attentive audience holding on to every word of Anand Patwardhan~ #MumbaiLocal with @anandverite at… Patwardhan discussing his movie 'Kranti ki Tarange'~ #MumbaiLocal with @anandverite at #MCubedLibrary,Bandra @anandverite opens his #MumbaiLocal session on ‘Gandhi in my Films' at #MCubedLibrary,Bandra curated by… are sorry, but we are having technical issues for Facebook live. We will have the video ready for you in 2 weeks… will release seats to waitlist at 4:45pm on a first-come-first basis. In case the rains keep you away, join us… look forward to seeing you at #Mumbai Local with @anandverite today. GANDHI IN MY FILMS at 5pm | MCubed Library…