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practitioner; human-identified tech worker @twitter; holobiont (boricua aunque naciera en la luna) 𐄫 they/them/elle. still learning.

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@jesslynnrose mostly disorientation 😹 @jongold i have shoulder length type 3 curls. i use coconut oil and argan oil. my secret refresher is the spray from @RizosCurls @jesslynnrose now i'm tempted to look up reports for all the weird tech i use in my stack @BlaineBublitz @github Is sponsors in the API? Could a bot post a thanks-but-no-thanks message and auto close them? @harikakalluri 🥳 @EdgarArout only thing that's changed is it's a different ~100 people :) @keithkurson this next class of things is going to be: - multiplayer by default - portable / decentralized / extens… @keithkurson i am so incredibly excited when i think about the next 5 years of dev tools. i have no stake in any of… @nvcexploder @brycebaril i don't really wear ties anymore, but a cicada tie would be rad @funcOfJoe @spara @lstoll @PulumiCorp i have no connection with pulumi the company and i haven’t used it in product… @jensantamaria squeeeeeeeeeeeee @cloudhead @radicle this rocks! @nvcexploder that’s amazing!Foundation is, with zero doubt, the hottest social graph being built right now. Jaw-to-floor level talent in these…
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨A meteor recently fell into the most active volcano in Indonesia, Mount Merapi Photographed by Gunarto Song
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨“The marginalization of certain aesthetics often comes from the discomfort of confronting the lived experience of “…
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨Foundation is, with zero doubt, the hottest social graph being built right now. Jaw-to-floor level talent in these… for big & press play @mae_1031_ i am obsessed with this style 😻
the hardest problem in computer science is getting intellij to properly index a java project you haven't opened in a month @alexstran a situation where people will need to be clear and direct? the west coast is doomed @drmitchpdx all that matters is that the inflation in my account is higher than the inflation in everyone else's and i'll call it good @rabbyte hear hear @juliaferraioli omg hi! hello! welcome!who is building a web3 calendar product, i'm begging you, put gcal out of its misery. @alexstran I think this is a super smart takesmaller piece, bigger pie shop @Snowden @spindlypete have you ever had Mt Dew Baja Blast? that's the stuffthinking hard about serendipity and path dependency @palvaro @lenazun ignore the liquefaction risk, what i'm saying is, for the kind of person i am, it's got amenities @palvaro @lenazun grandview is sine qua non. you're right on the n, but far enough away to where you can hide from… @lenazun hugely underrated sf zone, honestly @hootalex omg this is the cutest thing i've ever seen!
For #NationalPigeonDay, photographs taken by Dr Julius Neubronner’s ingenious "pigeon camera", circa 1908. More pic…
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨ @tbreisacher i would just post through it @DRMacIver dna-based life @DRMacIver bilateral symmetry1) it takes work to build knowledge, but the best ideas come when you’re *not* working...
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨i would be very happy if i never had to wait for an ach transfer ever againall alliances are temporary and contingent @macheteada 🤣Happy #PigeonDay 🐦 #DYK pigeons are the oldest domesticated bird, 1st domesticated in Egypt & Mesopotamia ~5000 ye…
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨ @jarroddicker this is a big aspect of it- at this point in time, it's really important to also be asking what other… volunteer to be a labeler for the training set (send me yr borb pics) @awrigh01 adding value sure, but also specifically in the form of agency
ethereum is myceliumOk but the pandemic pushed Portland's parklet game forward 10 yearsspace station dj @cburniske s/crypto/humanity/ @EclecticMethod @miguelgarest yes.if you're in NYC, please go to this so i can fomo vicariously✨ SAVE THE DATE! Proceeds will go to @LOVERBARPR. 🌈🇵🇷
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@tragicbios i don't know you, i'm sorry for this tweet, i'm trying to delete it: data don't exist sans substrate,… @drmitchpdx @tragicbios "i" maintain a position of radical intersubjectivity with(in) this room-whole @steveruizok looks earth wormy @rehatttt lfggggggggFriday thread: @jeffpatton @johncutlefish importantly in this case vs linear maturity model, it lets you sequence work better, par… @johncutlefish @jeffpatton because really it's more like @jacksondame no zune :( @reactjs this has been so great- yes, would love this more often / on a regular (monthly?) basis :)this Space is better than most conference sessions i've been to. Is this the future? who wants to work with me? 👀 @krave 🥴i'm very impressed by the cinematography in netflix's fresh, fried & crispy. kudos to the director of photography f… this pre-quar tbh
cw: snakes water surface tension is one of those things that still seems like magic to me. like, i accept that it'… @tobie 👀can not get much more cyber secure than that tbh
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨ @tiffani that's still so wild to me. i used to go and just gawk when i lived in PA. i think i only ever bought anything from the chipotleI feel like Portlanders should send a writer to New York to produce a thinkpiece about their mayoral race and the t…
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨vibe check. how're you doing?missed this yesterday, but this is incredible news! would not want to organize with anyone whose primary object of organizing is the organizaon itself @Adron true but i might move to the country for a house
the “creator economy,” or, as I like to call it, the economy
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨ @jacksondame influencer status unlocked @drmitchpdx throw in some yards of linen and you got a deal @drmitchpdx collateralize them - the appreciation will offset the interest, and you get to keep the 2x4sinformation is always already materialspeaking specifically of crypto, some groups are set on using it to reinscribe a sort of Randian libertarian egoism… is not neutral, but nor is it teleologically predestined. in any planet-scale technology, there will b… @EthereumJesus please learn the tiniest thing about the history of Central Americaa priori prior priory prioritywould watch
reading a google doc from 2015 counts as archival research @DavidKPiano not worried about it, but happily using it 😊 @corbpage operations/execution/agency, if they're doing anything "on the ground" or that isn't relatively automated. @jongold ferreal. i'm in it as praxis- coordination is the only problem worth solvingI have successfully used iOS 15 to focus on what I do the most.
Retweeted by junosz.eth ✨ @TaliaRinger moodTis the season- any creative and/or tech ppl in Portland want to grab a bagel or a beberage sometime? Dm me! @arctictony followed by me being the only person in the Meet at like 6 after wondering where everyone is & if I'm in the right room 😅 @jacksondame @kabosumama @knowyourmeme @ourZORA amaze!i live every day like it's otter day the past year, it's feeling really good to start planning a trip back to california @xeenon Thanks for the reply!i should get back to retweeting more stunning animal pics. starting now: @whatdotcd @jongold here's a thread from earlier today that i think gets a lot right i don… me a revolutionary defeatist of the nation state-multinational firm world system