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abolitionist; software engineer trying to get journalists paid at @tryscroll. alum @codeforamerica @zendesk . they/them/elle

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if you're a big account in portland would you mind terribly RTing this 👇👇👇 this would be an amazing program that wo…
Retweeted by juno @krave Yeah, a little weird 😝
🙌🏼 @bitandbang each iteration gets better. the way i see it, you kind of owe it to your audience to give it multiple times @caraesten I love how this like, totally uncritically (ironically?) preserves the gender binary by positioning male…
don't forget, also! 3. upholding private property"not pitched as..." idgi, everyone always knew this "smart cities" trend was about consolidating control via surve… @steveklabnik true benevolent dictatorship of the proletariat has not yet been tried @MylesBorins what is it tho
i'm beginning to think that the way we have our society arranged is sub-optimal i could go back in time and change one thing in the course of modern consumer tech it would probably be to keep…
Advice for budding SREs h/t @FireHydrantIO
Retweeted by junoBeware anyone in any industry, including journalism and publishing, who attempt to use the “diversity of thought” a…
Retweeted by junoJournalists are biased toward sharing information. That’s our job. But we have to recognize that doing our jobs can…
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Abolish Facebook tbh it racism? I bet the answer is racism.
Retweeted by junoThe Onion is reality now
Retweeted by juno"build the future we want" define "we" cannot reorder the world or redistribute wealth, especially land, back to its rightful owners. Non-Natives beli…"racial anxiety" reminds me of a quote from "Our history is the future": "…the implicit admission from non-Native…
Totally normal and cool industry. guess when you're a platform company selling compute by the minute your incentives are a little misaligned with your clients'just, impressively badlmfao where caching your node_modules directory is slower than just reinstalling every time 😒
It doesn't have to be this way, folks. Every other OS manages to allow meaningful browser choice and/or have leadin…
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Is this technique called "hire only white people?" past decade of consumer technology development hasn't done much to change my mind that phones are bad and folks… to try to do some programming this week!When you have an extremely wrong definition of "clean energy" @yoshuawuyts @zkat__ hi fellow white latinxs. this podcast ep is really helpful
@keithkurson hey there, could you dm me re cfa?
Actual prison systems are ending their ties with ICE but @github still won't.
Retweeted by juno @internetrebecca There is no number of public comments that matters. In Portland, OR, over 70,000 public comments w… not, that colonizer bullshit can stay home.
Defunding the Portland police: The local abolition movement, explained
Retweeted by junoAngela Davis: ‘We knew the role of the police was to protect white supremacy’
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Everything about this is roundly embarrassing. Even me RTing this is embarrassing. @DEGoodmanWilson Turns out I was wrong. The master terminology in Git is historically tied to the master/slave meta…
Retweeted by juno"Computers and Open Source have never been political" is a hot take that show a complete lack of critical thinking…
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Do you know what happened to #BreonnaTaylor?#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #SayHerName
Retweeted by junoFor anyone working with troglodytes who need an appeal to authority to take the bare-minimum step to stop using opp… reflective thread from a former colleague: @hackyourcity tldr: yes
2020 Internet Archive is important.
Slavery wasn’t abolished. It was reformed.
Retweeted by juno @zkat__ how do i install this important utilitytech bros in code reviews foam at the mouth about naming variables concisely and accurately but in any discussion a…
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You only need two fields in your database: "name" and "pronouns" is why structures of oppression are also bad for the people doing the oppression. they may not have built the…
Retweeted by juno @internetrebecca @hackyourcity either way, it locates power. @internetrebecca @hackyourcity or maybe it was "transparency for the state" @internetrebecca as @hackyourcity once put it, privacy for us, surveilance for the state
Weapons of war have no place.... anywhere, really.
2020 As you can see I was extremely upset to see a man with a knee on his neck, but I was no th…
Retweeted by junoLast night I was assaulted by @PortlandPolice while covering the protest. This went above and beyond and occurred a…
Retweeted by junoif you're mad you can sign this petition in support of Black journalists who need a show of support right now.
Retweeted by junoShow this one too. Retweet this one too. Be moved by this one too.
Retweeted by junoI talked to @inafutureage about the use of tear gas against protesters. He was tear gassed Sunday night while actin…
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Only a few more #8cantwait reforms and policing in your city can be as racially equitable as *checks notes* Baltimo…
Retweeted by junoOkay, I've seen a number of people on social media share this #8cantwait campaign. I wanted to put my thoughts (and…
Retweeted by junoSound on. our grandkids asking what “police” were and why they existed and being so confused by the answer. Can’t wait.
Retweeted by junotear gas tastes bad. love too have a war criminal for a mayor.I refuse to use “whitelist”/“blacklist” or “master”/“slave” terminology for computers. Join me. Words matter.
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The "8 Can't Wait" policies are the hydroxychloroquine argument all over again, but for police brutality. Tons of e…
Retweeted by junoHere’s the same cop taking a kneel. Fuck police pr
Retweeted by juno"origins of the police"
Retweeted by junoThis piece by @tiffani is my new ringtone. It’s spectacular. Share widely.
Retweeted by junoIt's rarely discussed, but in the 1800s there were those who thought abolitionists went too far, that all we needed…
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In the middle of a respiratory pandemic, law enforcement agencies have used tear gas in especially dangerous ways.…
Retweeted by junoAmong other things, the riot v peaceful protest narrative that we get from the establishment is always a revisionis…
Retweeted by junoRight now someone is getting fired for being 3min late for their shift or for not walking fast enough in the Amazon…
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“Acknowledging the rights and humanity of people is not a ‘side.’ The cost of being neutral is an ill-informed publ…
Retweeted by juno“If you do, you are party to and accomplice to the most unspeakable crimes and consequences.” - Christiane Amanpour…
Retweeted by junoI better not see another fucking police department marching at Pride ever again.
Retweeted by junoIt’s fascinating how these stories always follow the same script! In Ferguson, about one week in, there was a wave…
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It's okay, folks! He was just frustrated! Didn’t Spend Millions On Awesome Tank Just To Let Protests Stay Peaceful
Retweeted by junoChange in Abstract
Retweeted by junoI worry that the act of producing a glossy and professionalized graphic is a static mismatch for the moving energy…
Retweeted by junoThe limited imagination of the press, masquerading under journalistic best practice, limits our imagination of the…
Retweeted by junoi remember that this graphic for the Freddie Gray protests was one of the reasons I decided to stop working at the…
Retweeted by junoThread:"Trump has been a boon to Twitter’s user base, even though the president is a nexus of abuse on the platform." Ther…! These Cops Just Kneeled In Protest Of The Police Violence They're Going To Do Two Hours From Now
Retweeted by junoSeattle police just fired what appears to be multiple canisters of tear gas directly at ⁦@MSNBC⁩ news crew. Lots of…
Retweeted by juno"Can I ask you what's going to happen at 8, sir?" "What's going to happen is we're going to start beating the fuck…
Retweeted by junoIt is your duty to defy your local curfew.
@troycroz I agree- the best way to fund projects to end police violence is to transfer money from police budgets an… @troycroz Literally anything would be better than giving that money to the cops. neighbors are beginning to gather in the Russell neighborhood of Louisville after waking up to news that D…
Retweeted by junoA man was shot and killed in Louisville after law enforcement said they had to "return fire" at a crowd of people.…
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