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16 | Epic Minecrafter | Autistic | Goal to make as much people happy as possible | Opinions are my own | :):

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GoodnightGonna make a slime farm tomorrow My first time making a big farm and I'm excited @fuckdiepuck @appelkaass maar wat als ja? :o @appelkaass maar wat als ja uitroepteken vraagteken?!11 @appelkaass #APPELKAAL @ProsafiaGaming I don't watch your videos cuz of your thumbnails but why the fck would someone do something like this @behagelslag HAHAHHA @justbanaany 😂😂😂😅🤣Happy bday @AntVenom I did it
Goodnight @sfctoby Goodnight (: @travespog no:( @Marc_IRL @kingbdogz Look this, is awesome! Credits for u/BoxOfRandomness
Retweeted by Banaany @ItIsB3n Minecraft Steve @Frosycmp4 I hate it @behagelslag Ah En wat is dat op de achtergrond dan?! @SlavicDreamer Oh frick
@travespog They're perfect @ArkDoggOwO Don't question Obama @stxngx Emotional soup @kloteginger Maat ik begin weer addicted te worden op Minecraft Heb nu net een endermen farm af en leef nu ook al m… @ACNHCentral @Yolwoocle2 @ACNHCentral @Yolwoocle2Stars make me think about some of my online friends They're far away but it feels like they're close:) @SlavicDreamer Aaaaaaa @discordapp to call with the bois B) @Nina_Dattebayo ye @MarcusVeltri Just shows that you care (: @DogGirl51MC @HelenAngel YouTubers probs get priority @TheRealPatarHD Minecraft @twip98 I'm not too excited about this one either
Retweeted by Banaany @ParsecTeam I did @TheRealPatarHD I'm probably too late but it would be pretty epic @DogGirl51MC nope, i would've been in big trouble if that happened @wChiwi @Marc_IRL @kingbdogz I want to unsee thisdid a thing E S PROTECT IT AT ALL COST @SlavicDreamer your phone is charged
Goodnight @WaluigiWorld Je bent Minecraft vergeten :(((((( @smbmovie The reply did not load in for me I'm sorryHow the strider shakes when it's not in lava :(( That little boy is getting cold :(((Repeat after me The strider is the cutest mob in Minecraft and should be protected at all cost @Lindsie_Rose @smbmovie @smbmovie you forgot to reply with "trust the fungus" @BedwarsPrince @HelenAngel @Chupacaubrey @adrian_ivl I love how ugly and cute it is aa @Xilefian @mattp_12 He should get a flamingo cape lolDoes Minecraft Steve wash his hands @Xilefian @GameXplain Please laugh it's sans Also have a good day @GameXplain the hell but Servers like Mineplex, and lifeboat (you have to be vip for multiplayer) I really think this is unbelieva… some bedrock edition with a friend yesterday And I gotta be honest I absolutely hate it We had fun but Ha… @NetherNinja @JasperBoerstra I love how ugly and adorable he is I hope it won't change aaProbably why peta blocked me wonder what Mojang's gonna do for April fools this yearKinda just want a in real life hug Missed those Not now tho because corona and wash your hands @kingbdogz @O_enputessido Why would you kill such a defenseless, cute mob :( @veteran_dino Lit eraly's shaking cuz he's cold :c @FoxsyatinGD uwuwu @FoxsyatinGD Mayhaps you could play Minecraft @FoxsyatinGD Me neither Hru @FoxsyatinGD Sup @ibxtoycat @enderdragonpig i think unbreaking @ThisBrodieLee Minecraft snapshot day @Spyro_Homie Pokemon snap is a N64 game eis een verklaring @GameMeneer
Retweeted by Banaanybest deal in history @idontwantmelon Please talk about it when you feel sad:( @travespog Hug @idontwantmelon I'm here if you wanna talk about it bud @SlavicDreamer By lowering the bandwidth Dunno how it really works @SlavicDreamer So online schools can operate betteryoutube hasn't lowered the default resolution for me yet @bol_com Social distancingOnze afstandsbedieningen werken van dichtbij goed, maar zijn ook met afstand de beste. 📺
Retweeted by Banaany @m00nslug Technically @idontwantmelon What's wrong :( @idontwantmelon U okay#coronAdventkalender - 25 maart
Retweeted by Banaany @kagep98 @NetherNinja @peta BruhhhhGoodnight
@AirbornMartin @sylo It's 2020 @sylo Might wanna change the date if you decide to promote a tweet in 2020 @enderdragonpig You're not bruh You're awake @JasperBoerstra Oof @enderdragonpig Bruh congrats you epic gamerim happy @enderdragonpig You what @MeoWtalisK Haha congratsWait what When @enderdragonpig Uwuwuwuwuwuuwu @appelkaass (: @enderdragonpig uwu @enderdragonpig uwu ?💙My friends are awesome