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Justin Liew @justin_liew North Vancouver

Software Developer @fastly. Feminist and proud dad to 2 wonderful kids. He/him. Opinions are my own and do not represent my company.

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@ThatJBrown Wrong Rick. @ThatJBrown Reminds me of finaling a game with a questionable code base and trying to fix a networking bug by re-ex… Climb is my most played game in the first week of the Quest. Beat Saber is definitely my wife's favourite. And… @gdmplanning @CBCStephenQuinn Which is a necessity in this city as most of us have to have 2 working parents to afford to live here.This was brought up in our Slack and a remote employee joked that we didn't have gummies at our houses so our Presi… @KyleWIIM Beat Sabre.This is why I'm extremely happy at Fastly. "Families matter. Take time to prioritize yourself and your loved ones…
This is my experience as well. Lots of bad managers who try to force sense of urgency,impose artificial deadlines (…
Retweeted by Justin Liew“Principled centrist” is a red flag.Beat Saber is our new workout regimen. @leirazamzam Antlers!Why, again, isn't Warren leading this field? @justkelly_ok Here's a start:
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@samanthacp_ Player that made you fall in love with hockey: Al MacInnis Favorite player today: Quinn Hughes Rival y… @RyanHockeyGuy @samanthacp_ Oh hey it's nice to know Benning's not the only GM that makes head scratcher deals. @KevinSMcArthur @j_mcelroy Ah, okay.Silence of the Lambs. @KevinSMcArthur @j_mcelroy That's not income tax though; it's capital gains and thus shouldn't be affected by this.… Garlic Knot.
2020 @GeoffHarrower @SonySantaMonica Having a home office has definitely helped. When I was working in the dining room i… @GeoffHarrower @SonySantaMonica Congrats Geoff! I looked far and wide for a remote friendly gamedev job and I know…“Gestures wildly at the wreckage of my life” is definitely a phrase I’m using more often. thread is a treat
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@Mark_Medina @garethlewin It even brought us all the way to this weekend when we played Rock Band 4 with our 2 kids. @Mark_Medina Xbox 360 and Rock Band thanks to @garethlewin and the best wedding gift ever!Me too! @olson_dan @BartWronsk We absolutely need the memory safety that Rust gives and a lot of folks have embraced it at…
@donnamatrix Other than a will, nothing else. @Suzwarto @philritz1 Phil is arguing the best transportation is biking or public transit.Well this hits a bit close to home.
Retweeted by Justin LiewIt sucks that in 2020 people still don't understand the extent to which our countries and societies are founded on…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @AnimatedErica Happy Birthday! @samanthacp_ @Bosa_13 @risingaction It annoys him because you're right.
@bradfitz Honestly my favourite thing is seeing that others with kids have houses that don't look like they're from… @garethlewin So it's.... okay? My main concern is that it won't be used much especially among the competing tech we… bought an Oculus Quest and still uses it on a semi regular basis? Is it worth getting one? @alicegoldfuss That’s ok, it teaches the kids patience and delayed gratification :) @alicegoldfuss We literally waited to get candy for the kids until tomorrow because of said influencer. @BuffTuffKRuff We were playing Rock Band so we would fit in.
@BigHotSneeze @BourassaArt @tylersigman Or is that all the talent? @krisnova @phish Aww last year I was onboarding in SF at that time. Maybe I can make the Gorge this year. @everywhereist @iPullRank Absolutely this. If airlines didn’t want people to do this why would they include it as a… @SidneyMiller2 I'm doing well! Ended up finding a remote job at Fastly which has been amazing.I've talked with Sidney and although I never worked at Github, she was a pleasure to deal with. @jilljubs @jilljubs @bikeloveny @philritz1
@hannahgamiel We drive to Bellevue from Canada mostly just to eat here. @BuffTuffKRuff I guess some of them have moved on... @j_mcelroy I can still remember how I felt every second of this.Henrik and Daniel start off by offering their best to Jay Bouwmeester and his family. That is what the twins are all about. #Canucks
Retweeted by Justin Liew @sehurlburt @becFernand3z Definitely a great resource. @BuffTuffKRuff I'm so happy that when you're famous I'll get to say I worked with you.1) Amazing as that will sound, there is, in fact, thorough research in topics that are NOT engineering, math, physi…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @samanthacp_ Wow. I should not have clicked that thread.
@joewintergreen @TimSweeneyEpic @mcclure111 Especially if you're providing a platform, because then you'll end up w… PITB! @WillHGraham takes a look at the leadership of the Sedins: In a sport full of macho posturing, the Sedins…
Retweeted by Justin LiewA huge congrats to our friends @FOXSports for a successful #SuperBowlLIV - Fastly is proud to have been part of the…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @ChuckToney @ThatJBrown Yeah you’re just being disingenuous now. People are divided whether you or I say they are a… @malcolmert @Peteisneat @ThomasDrance @UbikWintermute @samanthacp_ @TheAthleticVAN I cancelled my cable because the… @ChuckToney @ThatJBrown A lot of us have privilege to varying degrees but there are many marginalized folks still.… is privileged BS and results in media that serves to perpetuate the majority worldview and alienate marginaliz… approve of Sign Guy! @vicki_ferg Yeah I think this is one instance of not using this tech the right way. I think this would irreparably… @ChuckToney @ThatJBrown It’s privilege. If you think getting a job is easy, saving money is easy, then congrats, th… @raiden19_ @patersonjeff @Canucks @SNJohnGarrett @ThomasDrance @DhaliwalSports @sportsnetmurph @FriedgeHNIC And the… up Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned. We spent at least 3 years on that and Disney cancelled it a… @cw_kettenacker @DavidMcDarnold @BradyTrett Block and report them. @G0CubsGo @WickedPissah11 @BradyTrett Block and report them like I did.I'm not tweeting for a while. It's great. But this is more important than my silence: Alexis Kennedy is a serial l…
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@johnregehr @sw17ch Mmm beet mole. Pairs well with an earthy Pinot Noir. @despair This has been, and will continue to be true, indefinitely. @taj1944 They’d be Nashville, but worse. @rayferrarotsn Budweiser usually makes me tear up at how piss poor the beer is, but this is a different feeling. @tomcr2100 @kenpex I think this was Ben's point; the iPad makes things easier to do, that is undisputable, but the… @gwalli They came last Friday! @CoreyRollins Is there any way to get that background for a screensaver or wallpaper? It's super awesome. Also this is great coding music.So which was the best kind of Canadian Cheez-Its?
Retweeted by Justin Liew @pskude @PezRadar Miele or GTFOIf anyone doubted Pettersson's mastery of the English language, this pun is elite level wordsmithing. is the best place to work in AAA videogame rendering. Bar none. But I think I don’t need to say it, people in…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @nafeesakarim @CTVVancouver I got lucky he came right past me. @nafeesakarim @CTVVancouver I was there too! @garethlewin @nathankpeck I wasn't sure if that one meant "I use bookmarks on an e-Reader" or not, TBH.
True neutral and chaotic good, depending on how many books I'm reading at once and if I've run out of bookmarks. @fahickman Right? The first thing I do every afternoon is throw on a bunch of onions on low heat and then start thi… may be a long 🧵 so here’s the TL;DR After a six month sabbatical I’m recharged and ready to go back to helpin…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @doramilitaru @fastly Welcome to Fastly!If you, like me, are in 'huh, I'm pretty fucking sure I don't support the RCMP doin' terrorism against Indigenous p…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @alicegoldfuss @dbsmasher I think it’s stressful, from what I’ve heard.I adored Knives Out. @garethlewin Some of my biggest successes (IMO) have come from these situations. Not even tech, but worldview thing…
@GoKupsGo Booooo!Also, I’ve spent 20 years working with many intelligent folks who couldn’t do this and now one of my main criteria…“The way to be right all the time is to admit when you’re wrong”. Heard this on @stratechery and thought it was a good rule of thumb. @Kotaku Return of the Obra Dinn.Electric cars are far better for climate change, even when looking at the carbon costs of making batteries. A nice…
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“Canada, which is 0.5% of the planet’s population, plans to use up nearly a third of the planet’s remaining carbon…
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