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Justin Liew @justin_liew North Vancouver

Software Developer @fastly. Ex-gamedev. Feminist and proud dad to 2 wonderful kids. He/him. Opinions are my own and do not represent my company.

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@mat4nier That being said, I wouldn't mind a personal rack at my spot. @mat4nier Our previous strata was 72 and it was easy to be anonymous so I could see even 40 being an issue. With 12… @mat4nier How many units do you have? We only have 12 so it might be easier to police a shared rack.xCloud on my phone worked well on the home wifi. Was able to jump into Goose Game within 15 seconds of realizing it… @david_b @richard_a_sim AFAIK we have never had random people get into our garage. Our garage door is opaque, and t… @richard_a_sim I wonder if we can re-designate it or something? If it were no longer a parking stall maybe it would… anyone have a bike rack in their strata parking lot? Does it work well? We have a 12 unit complex and are look… @wongmjane @kylie_robison @patrickc I guess that's how good it was! @wongmjane @kylie_robison @patrickc I thought that was satire but nope, it's real.
@alicegoldfuss That is good to hear! @ProfMarkwick @BrentRichter @BowinnMa I would vote for Bowinn no matter her party. She is a fantastic MLA. @BeeMe Substituting the word head for clove has worked for me. @donnamatrix This headline could be a template for all domestic activity. "Nearly half of men say they do most of t… @ikarenmccluskey @LizaYuzda "(a tchr who believes caught virus at school being investigated)" @earthisadream @LizaYuzda "(a tchr who believes caught virus at school being investigated)" @kaksisa @LizaYuzda Did you know that science is never certain, and that as new information comes out, science is o… @ae_allchin @boston6913 @CanucksJays @TSN1040 @DhaliwalSports True. Here's the proof in case anyone asks: @JonOlick Accountable to the CPC, blackbox recommendation algorithm has implications. I've found this a useful read:
@Neoavatara @thehowie @JoeBiden Didn't this all go back to Reagan and deregulation. @rafaelangelh123 @csaltos @lmanul I wonder if you could just watch logged out. At least you're not keeping a watche… @Paul_Par @ScottWBradford Ah, I get where you're coming from. That's definitely a valid concern. @PnzrDrgoon @nqtspinner @rafaelangelh123 @csaltos @lmanul Those ones are tougher, for sure. I mean, you could go iOS for the latter if that… @rafaelangelh123 @csaltos @lmanul DuckDuckGo and Protonmail I assume? @JFreshHockey @NHLFoley Is Malcolm Subban a success in terms of a 1st rounder's expectations? @Paul_Par @ScottWBradford I don't necessarily agree. MS is highly incentivized to keep them around and healthy, and… @BruceDawson0xB @nothings @rygorous Qi Ming is what my son has, looks similar to this one. He says Gan is the best,…
@nothings @BruceDawson0xB @rygorous Pretty sure that's what we got for my kid too. It feels so good. He knows all t… @acordonnier I noticed that when I got home! I had adjusted it for my wife and didn't pay enough attention when putting it back up.First bike grocery shop. thread on shoddy science reporting
Retweeted by Justin Liew @BowinnMa One “newer” store to look out for now is Reckless at the Shipyards. Tony and his crew were extremely help… @spokesmama @donnamatrix One kid can ride on the back and it can still handle a bunch of cargo. Definitely a very p… @spokesmama @donnamatrix I actually ended up going in a different direction and got a Gazelle. With the ages of my…
@ChartingHockey @bradgardnerDBD Remember when 538 gave Trump a 29% chance to win and when he did everyone complaine… @garethlewin It's all gone to hell. And I can't even see friends in person to lament about it. @pedsdoc97 @meenaharris “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new President is installed.” R…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @alicegoldfuss I was a scavenger kid, always taking what my friends didn't want. @alicegoldfuss We are fans of trash candy aka candy corn and sugar rockets.No, not RBG. What a colossal loss. What a lioness. She taught us all how to fight, how to fight cancer, how to figh…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @alicegoldfuss I was so sad I ordered pizza and Halloween candy.2020 can go fuck itself.
@krisnova Likewise. I probably won't travel much for shows in the near future. @krisnova Exactly @krisnova Duh.
@BartWronsk @kenpex This is true, but I think teams need to come up with their own terms for their own systems. A f… @ReedSealFoss @JKashaar It's a way of thinking. DP focuses on applying solutions in a dogmatic way, while the probl… @kenpex Hard agree. @thingskatedid I impressed someone smart! See, I belong! @kenpex Yeah, I was sort of hedging by saying "maybe". I hadn't thought through it that much, other than thinking "… our latest interview short we chat to @biiigfoot about the history of @klei Entertainment. From Shank & Mark of…
Retweeted by Justin LiewYears ago this post demonstrated why Design Patterns don't work. The general idea behind them might be correct, but… you have to do this, maybe don't? The headline doesn't say "free climb" and the video clearly shows her using ro… @donnamatrix I didn't watch it either.TL;DR this issue is complicated. The right answer seems obvious but there are many people involved for which that a… of the most interesting talking points in the console wars isn't comparing the powerful PS5 and Xbox Series X,…
Retweeted by Justin LiewSalient points about the importance of this US election. @shanselman Are they Windows Mobile in 2020?
sometimes i remember that if a clown wants to trademark their makeup they have to paint it on an egg that is stored…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @Lemon_Cookie Yepyep. My kids still like the stories so we read them since we already own the book, and I'll croche… @donnamatrix I'm scared to start playing it... @amandawtwong Ruins a good curry laksa. @amandawtwong I dislike bean sprouts as well! @alicegoldfuss This looks like my graph from 2001 working in games...Jenkins is getting a huge raise at our company.
@amandawtwong @CitizenYan The monitor closest to my house is definitely showing lower AQI numbers this morning:
Trump on climate change: "It'll start getting cooler. You just watch ... I don't think science knows, actually."
Retweeted by Justin Liew @nothings @rygorous @JeffSmith888 So is the theory that perhaps at the larger sizes, magnetic might make more of a… @rygorous @nothings @JeffSmith888 I had to re-assemble a 4x4 of my son's that fell apart and that was harder than actually solving it. @mattesque For me it was Tool. My pants were vibrating like I was in a strong wind. @rygorous @JeffSmith888 @nothings My son feels like it's faster as it's more accurate. If a turn is "close" it tend… @nothings What is a modern Rubik's cube? Like a magnetic speedcube or something like that? My kid now has a Skewb,… game: FIFA 2002 (2001), last game: Don't Starve Together (2019) pasta.
@jessfraz Xbox because of Gamepass. @BBolander @johnnemann I found a good barometer for me is to follow people he has blocked. @fasterthanlime Oh wait I just found out about Uncle Bob you are right. @BBolander @johnnemann I somehow managed to, so I'm sure you can.
Retweeted by Justin LiewI think it's fair to say the message is starting to sink in. One wishes it hadn't taken this much time and this muc…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @fasterthanlime I thought he was the Elon Musk.We should improve public health somewhat
Retweeted by Justin Liew @alicegoldfuss Normally on a sunny day there's a ton of kids outside. Today, it was dead quiet all day. Was super eerie.
@rygorous Thanks to my 10 year old I know what you're talking about. @amandawtwong The kids are playing it right now, since they can't go outside.Check wildfire map. Work 5 minutes. Check twitter. Work 5 minutes. Check air quality map. Work 5 minutes. Check in…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @Reedbeta @despair Me too, I've seen none of these issues. I worked almost 100% in WSL at my last job which was wri… @bamfmoney @vetleforsland That's just elitism though. You're not going to have people with respiratory issues out t… @TheWeirdTeacher @MrPriceBC Even us in Vancouver @bamfmoney @vetleforsland What about when there's wildfires and we can't leave our houses? Or when it's 50C and uns… I will not be joining NETFLIX’s Dear White People for its fourth and final season due to my experienc…
Retweeted by Justin Liew @patersonjeff Is this the photo the VIPs waited over a month for? Worth it! @ev_rowe @rexy Sextin'
@thingskatedid @switchboard_op Ooh, definitely a cat-cat pairing.I’d like to nominate cardboard humans watching baseball in a dystopian hell scape for photo of the year, thanks.
Retweeted by Justin Liew @lizthegrey Hooray! Just stay here; we'd be lucky to have you. @garethlewin Happy Anniversary! We also celebrated our 12th by doing nothing and staying safe.
Based on our remote learning in June, this all seems extremely plausible. systemic issues aren't worth 4 minutes for them. @krisnova Is this your end goal? I think this could be your end goal: