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Comic book writer incl. @StarWars. Video game PR at Golin. Former ToyFare editor. Husband & father to wonderful people. He/Him

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@alexhcranz Happy birthday!
Don't know what to say besides black lives matter and we need a multitude of reforms in this country, including and…
@abrahamjoseph I often wonder how much being in NY would insulate us from any full-on authoritarian action.
@alex_segura That whole album's such a gift. @neilkleid @AshcanPress Neil, we need to commiserate on this. @MLukeBrown Yeah, I'm thinking I need to find the time to squeeze this in. Maybe instead of sleeping! @MLukeBrown Yes! Been feeling it with Fargo, Justified and Terriers too. But there's too much new stuff to take all that time!The Play Nintendo website has been updated with new jigsaw puzzles, a paint-by-number picture, and more themed afte…
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @alex_segura I dreamed about trying to use a public restroom the other night. HOO boy. That's going to be a thing in the future. @alex_segura I've always been a champion sleeper, but I have been having a lot of dreams lately about being in the… @alex_segura Oh man, I'm sorry. Which is a COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE RESPONSE to "the baby had a checkup." @alex_segura Or having a plumber over, or getting any sort of food, really. Or seeing family. Or traveling more tha… @alex_segura Yeah, really interesting how things that used to be completely thoughtless and innocuous are now spike… must be the looting everyone is talking about
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Daaamn @geminibros @brandonRohwer Speaking of nightmares, I was kind of looking forward to digging into some of this stuff… @brandonRohwer What I want to know is how come there's Arli$$ but no Dream On? @brandonRohwer Dick Tracy. @geekgirldiva Depends on your cable provider, apparently. I have Spectrum and it works! @UncleFahey Has anyone done a coffee table book of pinball tables yet? Because they are beautiful. @kenlowery Max has a bunch of Ghibli stuff, if you're into that.
@EvNarc Speedy recovery, sir!
@SGTnutters @arune Jeez! No, I'm small potatoes compared to that. I was just trying to avoid taking a bath. @SGTnutters @arune No worries, found a place to sell in the end! @fandads @StumptownABC I still need to watch that! Or, maybe rewatch Terriers again.You are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon, and vehicle? Retweet with the answer.
@dadarocks No, I need someone to buy mine off me! Lol @Chad_Concelmo This is the first week they've been terrible all week. So weird! @Chad_Concelmo?Anyone have a halfway decent turnip price right now? I flew too close to the sun and now my prices are garbage. Thanks!!
@Guerrillascribe @Guerrillascribe That song's a little too on the nose these days.
Funky Koooooooooong! #client @benyt DAMN, @JeremyMBent
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @jetscott And a snake in every third basket!🚨POE DAMERON: FREE FALL excerpt alert! 🚨 The fine folks at @IGN (specifically, old pal @JoshuaYehl) unveiled a firs…
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @alex_segura @IGN @JoshuaYehl @starwars @DisneyBooks Yeah, Griffis Pinter. How fun is it coming up with SW names? @alex_segura @RobBricken Also, a special shout-out to @joemoscone77 who pulled me into the PR world, and to all my… be @RobBricken, who convinced our boss to hire me at ToyFare after my internship, and Mr. Dave Marshall, a pr… @HalfMajesty Hulu, brother! @KLA_HVL We'll have to chat some time. (Though I thought TROS was fine. It's fine.)The title of this strip also served as our two-word review: "Sith Sandwich"Happy 15th anniversary to Revenge of the Sith - or at least our Twisted ToyFare version of it, which I always found… @PoppaDietsch @zachoat @Dasgoot1 Predates me! Those celeb columns were the bane of my existence, though. Couldn't cut it fast enough! @HalfMajesty Totally agree. It's missing the group dynamic, but something about Terriers gives me a slightly simila…
@PoppaDietsch I'm sorry, sir, but that looks too delicious. *writes ticket*LOLOLOLOL Sounds like Wizard World is doing great. A very natural pivot. Wishing them the best.…
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @KielPhegley It's a perfect movie and I think about it constantly. My wife is always saying it's a logical candidat…
My condolences!
Retweeted by Justin AclinThe absolute greatest.
I went looking for a personalized birthday song I had as a kid about a guy named Zoom who lives on the moon. I disc…
@KielPhegley That's why I'm hopeful, but not smitten.I feel...hopeful? (Note: this is not an invitation to jump in and tell me why I'm mistaken. kthanx) @sebsational A gift from the universe. @WorldOfWard @HankAzaria I'll have to check it out. (But The Band still rule.) @bigredrobot F YOU HARLEY JARVIS @WorldOfWard @HankAzaria Only because The Band are mostly Canadian.
@AlexJamesFitz It's horseradish mayo in our house, but same.It's like the time my mom told me "It's half of one, or six dozen of the other," but on purpose.This was prompted by a survey asking "How much would you be willing to pay for bi-weekly lessons?" So, definitely a… @SarahAW I WISH we used fortnightly in this country!What is the actual purpose of a word that means "every two weeks" OR "twice a week"?
@ianmcginty I just tried reaching through my computer screen.Today’s Star Wars conversation reminds me that in “Clerks,” the Death Star conversation was memorably funny bc it w…
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@ArtEddy3 @charliecapen Daddy birthday, dads! (That's dad talk for happy birthday, dudes!)Even more psyched for Alex's Poe Dameron novel after reading this preview/seeing the @philnoto cover!
@WorldOfWard Except for the kids who read Stephen King at inappropriately young ages, who all grew up to be writers. @EricDrumm @badcoverversion @calebandrew I like both those people! Happy joint birthday!
Happy May the 4th! My Star Wars comics are out of print and three times cover price, so I guess just celebrate however.This was an epic project. Shout-out to @brandonRohwer for this massive undertaking! @brandonRohwer I'm sorry I stood in your way.Excited to see Jemaine Clement as a Loth-cat
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @neilkleid @bibbymoynihan DUDE! Mazel tov!
@alex_segura AM I, though?
@PoppaDietsch Oh man. I'm sorry, dude.May?! #30Rock
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @UncleFahey Happy birthday, you beautiful man.
@Alejandrobot Did you already start seeding the protective prophecies? Gotta jump on that early. @Joe_Hunter I feel off-balance. @Joe_Hunter Mind blown costumes, mini-games, & more come jam-packed into #LuigisMansion3 DLC Part 2! Don the new Cap’n Weegee costume…
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @alex_segura What can I say? I see Paul Rudd on a talk show, my mind goes to that, the big meeting is tomorrow...i’ll save my good metroid t-shirt until then
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@caseyseijas @kthorjensen 💯💯💯 @kthorjensen Drake meme: Bad Drake: Completely random memes my kids are into, generated by teenagers, which I don't… @kthorjensen Crying.
Every time someone at the DoD or USAF has the idea to do a flyover or military display they should calculate the co…
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @Alejandrobot I personally have a soft spot for Brosnan as he was my primary non-Connery Bond as a kid. That said,… Francis York Morgan returns! Track down a vicious serial killer and explore the fictional town of Le Carré in…
Retweeted by Justin Aclin @Alejandrobot It's splitting hairs, to be sure. Also, Lazenby got a raw deal! @Alejandrobot One could quibble, though, that Connery was a Moore in that crapass movie. @Alejandrobot I was going to call you on Roger Moore being a Connery in this theory, but then I remembered Diamonds Are Forever. @BossFightBooks @sebsational Holy crap, @sebsational! @alex_segura @samthielman A perfect joke? A perfect joke.William Safire Orders Two Whoppers Junior
NEW: Coronavirus warnings appeared in the PDB more than a dozen times in Jan/Feb. All while Trump, who doesn't rea…
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If you're looking for a good dumb movie to watch with people on Netflix Party, Mortal Kombat is it.