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Pop tarts are actually grimI honestly rly wanna make some new girly friends who aren’t bitchy n acc make an effort back with me lol
Retweeted by Justineconsider yourself blessed 🙏🏼
Retweeted by JustineI just got an unexpected and unwanted nude.. from a girl, erm ok
There is nothing like feeling your glutes burning after a workoutI don't understand why people care so much about what others think, it's not worth it, you are you, just do you, fuck everyone elsetaurus, you just want to be free. i get it
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It’s actually so important to have friends who will educate you on topics you think you know about
Retweeted by JustineLook at your game girlDealers*Drug dealer are so bait these days lool live off scYou don’t have to be Nigerian to raise awareness btw
Retweeted by JustineI cannot believe what is happening 💔🇳🇬
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Good places to eat in Portsmouth?I just hope I'm still alive when primark start selling onlineSadness literally can just hit you out of nowhere it’s so frustrating, two steps forward and then 100 steps back
Retweeted by Justineremember how you treat me & stand on it.
Retweeted by Justine @b0mbshell_xo Oh really?! 😳 maybe not 😅😅😅xxxxWhen are kids going to stop carrying knives around because they think it's cool??? It's fucking embarrassingAny man who isn’t loyal to his kids isn’t loyal to anyone.
Retweeted by Justine @b0mbshell_xo Ahhh I don't know whether to bother 😫😅xxxx @BroganMcKay2 Oooh ok! Thank you xxxDoes a daith piercing actually work for migraines??Do you know how hard it is to try and workout at home when your 1 year old is trying to use you as a climbing frame 🙃🙃🙃 no chancei fear the death of my parents more than my own
Retweeted by Justine @BryonnyLittle Some 18 year old girl in Brighton 😪 so sad! XMy problem is I don't know how to say no
Who could leave their baby home alone for 6 days?!?! My heart breaks 😭 poor princessAfter a shit day a relaxing bath, a face mask, getting into my pjs/fluffy socks and snuggling up with a cuppa is ju… fact that my son points and says "dad dad" when we walk past Ladbrokes is pretty sad isn't it hahahaLool girls are weird 🤣 picking is a whole ass moodIt is crazy how much depression convinces you that no one cares about you, shit is so drainingI dont get even, I get distantThose waves of depression hit you like a ton of bricks
Why is it your phone randomly goes quiet sometimes when you've got your headphones in??? I don't care if it causes… put ur happiness in someone else hands you gon lose every time
Retweeted by Justineu did what u did, i felt how i felt, and it is what it is.
Retweeted by JustineWhy are the laces on 97's so unnecessary long like tf ???YOUR TRAUMA IS NOT YOUR FAULT BUT HEALING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
Retweeted by JustineThis is the affection I need everyone can bake but me 🥴choose. yourself. every. single. time.
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Retweeted by JustineI obviously wasn’t the problem if my ex’s always try and come backThe most upsetting thing ever is how rare it is to meet a girl who hasn’t had a sexual abuse or harassment story
Retweeted by JustineIt is not even normal how sensitive i am these daysIs it even Sunday if you don't feel mad depressed loolWhat is your favourite fruit and why is it mango?I bet that person who ate that bat feels like a right cunt
Will I ever put my own happiness first? Probably notI love my own company wayyyy too muchLove n loyalty is all I needImagine going to Nandos and asking for your order to be plain, nonce behaviorI think twice about who really deserves my energy these days
Retweeted by JustineThe sexual tension between me and a full night's sleep is realUncontrollable laughter is honestly one of the best feeling ever.
Retweeted by JustineLexii alijaii would of been HUGE such a shame 😪
Only i could pick up a prescription and fucking lose itThese ick quote tweets show me that women are truly funnier than men
Retweeted by Justinemy problem is that i'd rather just not eat than cook a meal
Retweeted by JustineWe both know I look peng and you’ve said nothing to me? Bye
Retweeted by JustineDo you ever just randomly choke on nothing or are you normal??? @xDinxii 😂😂😂😂 @Wesbelit IndeedWeird how all men think women should have pornstar bodies, lay off pornhub n go get laid my friendJhene Aiko The Worst will always bangOver thinking is all i'm good forthis waking up in the morning thing is starting to get a bit ghetto
Retweeted by Justineif ya shorty got anxiety just let her know sumn son. reassurance works wonders against anxiety.
Retweeted by Justinemy mother didn’t carry me 9 months to settle for the bare minimum. yall be safe tho
Retweeted by Justine"I don't eat pussy" just made Travis a sandwich for lunch and he went straight into the kitchen and put it in the bin.. Nice one son, cheeeerssmall town mentality is dangerous, big world out there uno
Retweeted by JustineHeavy on the Princess treatment but give me my space you feel me?
How much does a tummy tuck cost??? Asking for a friendFeeling so damn ugly BRUH
At the end of the day you've just gotta do what makes you happyMy life summed up lmao @CaelaBradx Ok Jhene 👀
Girls dead ass dont be wearing t-shirts under their hoodies, it just be straght to the tiddy... its me, i am girls😭
Retweeted by JustineI just want my man to be madly obsessed with me and I'm not wrong for thinking that @TheNwebo Bless you, thank you 😊just a reminder
Retweeted by JustineI prefer winter simply because I can hide my fat with baggy clothes💜🦋 replying to messages when YOU want to reply to themDo u know how much I envy them girls with boyfriends that take them away for their bday and decorate the hotel room…
Retweeted by JustineI hate being a person who feels things so heavilyFeeling so fat and uncomfortable in everything you wear is so drainingIf Twitter isn't your favourite app then you're doing it wrongI've been dieting for about 12 hours why have I not lost a stone yetHappy Tuesday morning girls n boys I just stood in dog shit, happy days xIt’s the preaching about mental health day on Saturday and then continuing to unnecessarily rip into someone on Monday for me
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Offset willing to do everything to get Cardi back except stop cheating 😂😂😂
Retweeted by JustineI cannot cope with migraines any longer 😭😭😭 killerIf you understand purpose you will never be in competitionSquirting Lucozade sport in someone’s face will never not be funny
Retweeted by JustineI sincerely apologise to anyone who witnesses me dancing around my kitchen cookingHow it started How it’s going