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@garbagehuman69 thank! you!work asked me if I could do a 12 hr shift tomorrow and I kinda hesitated because the date seemed important to me an… @alexandra_ewing that sounds like a good idea. 💜 @alexandra_ewing yeah I havent seen it as common knowledge! @alexandra_ewing not to scare you but pink eye is considered a covid symptom and people at my work are encouraged to get tested. @chutson99 Chris 🥺 @justineraisin the falling leaves drift by pepito the autumn leaves of red and gold
Retweeted by bargain harold’sI need to see photos of your dogs in leaf piles for legal reasons @justineraisin Same!
Retweeted by bargain harold’s @ughfinewhatever this reminds me of a photo from a few years ago @ughfinewhatever how so beautiful 😍 you want to see pepito with some autumn leaves
@andmarywaslike yay! @jinxland happy birthday!!We saw 4 cats on our walk tonight and they were all on the same lawn!! also a off leash dog approached us but thank… leaves are falling on me watching my dog do literally anything
Retweeted by bargain harold’sa beautiful day to sit in the backyard and eat chicken strips @thingsKTtweets 😈 @thingsKTtweets we will educate you @thingsKTtweets lit and feels are over!! @thingsKTtweets I will think of more terminology to use around you @thingsKTtweets I know but it was easier to tell the story this way lololExcited to have two poems "Pan Dulce" & "Tecolote" from my full-length published in @poetrymagazine. The first poem…
Retweeted by bargain harold’sthinking about this traci brimhall poem
Retweeted by bargain harold’s @Tangy__ tyalso my friend said im too old to say a song slaps but SOMEBODY TOLD ME STILLS SLAPS @justineraisin @anaees you’re tired now, but did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day?
Retweeted by bargain harold’s @justincousson @anaees justin pls. im emotional. @anaees @justincousson im too tired to sing but I love this energy you’re bringing to the table @anaees @justincousson the power Train has! bringing people together! @anaees @justincousson 🗣🗣🗣sang along to drops of jupiter with the homies 😭 @humblecore disgustingomg @comburo sent me this meme and look at the exact outfit I was wearing (also not my bday)
@ughfinewhatever yes!! im like pls, give your mother a break it’s Saturday @ughfinewhatever me this morning 😿Remake Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as Noah Cho and the Ramyun Factory you cowards @wbpictures
Retweeted by bargain harold’s @forever_is_fine @JaredGonia it’s his hotline 😈 @forever_is_fine @JaredGonia that’s a cordless phone 🙄 what is math? @JaredGonia gm! walked to the vet. i pretended im a mom who wakes up early and takes their kid on a jog to think that dog days aren’t over :/
Retweeted by bargain harold’smy knees and i aren’t on speaking terms this week @etherealbunny 🙏🥺i still think dogs are dumb but explain how Pete cries at 5 pm (dinner) 8 pm (when mom comes home and gives him man… @etherealbunny in my perfect world you are in this video with himi put the honey that had pooled on my plate from the baklava in my tea!i had to craving cranberry juice after watching that video @liiivf congrats 🥳
@ACNHseawitch OMG YESI want what this guy has
Retweeted by bargain harold’s @carvalhostewart I’m a 6saves threads on here like I’m ever going to go back to read them 🤡 @liiivf your mind! @liiivf im still not over thisthe pork belly was worth burning my hand forthere was this perfect moment at dinner when i dropped a slice of pork belly and instead of falling to the floor it… the world could end. im going to watch magic mike xxl this weekendWhere is Magical Michael 3
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i burned my hand 😫 why are we so fragilealso love my other coworker who commented on my earrings today “justine has a new hole every day” 🥴People with large thighs or wide hips are less likely to die early, according to scientists
Retweeted by bargain harold’sobsessed with this song and this image out to @ESN_TO expropriate these buildings (WE real estate!) and use it as housing!
Retweeted by bargain harold’smy coworker says i look “young and youthful but mature”. And I told her my age and she said she will bake me a cake… Wave of sorrow, Do not drown me now: I see the island Still ahead somehow. I see the island And its sands…
Retweeted by bargain harold’sdon’t talk to me if you don’t wake up like this @garbagehuman69 this morning pepito had half of my pizza crust
@garbagehuman69 y @comburo 😝JU ST Ine 👈 have been blessed 🙏👼 by the jackhammer 🔨📢 of morning 🌞🌞🌞 which only affects the sexiest bitches 💃 send ➡️ thi…
Retweeted by bargain harold’s @yulimarubashi I love my blank screen!! @seaoats_ gm sweets @teresaafinney gm golden girlsomeone say gm to pete
Retweeted by bargain harold’sdoubting myself was a hobby, now is my profession
Retweeted by bargain harold’sI do not think therefore I do not am
Retweeted by bargain harold’sI worked for 5 minutes so it’s time to take a break
Retweeted by bargain harold’sHey, hi, hello. Just a quick reminder. You are under an EXCESSIVE amount of stress right now. Even if no-one you…
Retweeted by bargain harold’soh no listening to fleet foxes @liiivf 🥰 @liiivf I love Olivia’s facelooking at pictures of my good friend pingu
Retweeted by bargain harold’sI'm tired of this Earth, these people. I'm tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives
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@tanzmosis I held one nicu baby, I think she was 26 weeks 😭I got free money in the mail today! I take back all the mean things I said today 😇 @aaaisela they are hordeing it for themselvesthis back tap feature is good!im going to stay inside and make soup @andmarywaslike hope the move goes smoothly !478! :( @liiivf I can do this @etherealbunny You’re so important to Loretta, I know she does! @liiivf I have no idea yet. All I know if that the company next door is sending us lunch. I come to work in the eve… @liiivf she’s trying to sleep and I’m like “guess what we’re getting free sandwiches at work tomorrow”