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Justin Farrar @JustinFarrar Grand Rapids, MI

Freelance writer and playlist builder. Host of Strawberry Flats on @gimmecountry. Loves: #bluegrass, radical politics, metaphysics. All opinions belong to me.

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My eyes glaze over when the Russiagaters burst into my feed.Today is the 40th anniversary of Damn the Torpedoes. Putting it on now. My mom, an Elvis teen, watched a lot of MTV… @spookymachines @TheMagnificast Awesome. Thanks for the rec. I dove into this epic last year: @TheMagnificast @spookymachines That era is fascinating (from the outside looking in, that is). Seems like Jesus Pe… crossed paths with someone else who reps for the #ozarkmountaindaredevils' Lost Cabin Sessions, a collecti… @TheMagnificast Great episode. Have you ever dug into the Jesus People/Lonnie Frisbee/hippie xtian zone? @NostalgiaTrap @davidlparsons @nycjrc after being freed from it. I think this is where leftists can falter 'cause i… @NostalgiaTrap @davidlparsons @nycjrc the former, but I don’t buy it. I think challenging the dominance of the indi… @NostalgiaTrap @davidlparsons @nycjrc always personal & never geared towards collective or structural change. Is th… @NostalgiaTrap @davidlparsons @nycjrc to post-’60s Buddhist businessmen traveling the middle way. This ties into st… @NostalgiaTrap @davidlparsons @nycjrc succeeds at capitalism yet transcends its evils 'cause they’ve achieved perso… @NostalgiaTrap @davidlparsons @nycjrc A+ episode. Love idea of couching self-actualization in neo-liberalism. This…
dream bill/bandmates/vanmates — spread the word/pass it on/see you there 🤠
Retweeted by Justin FarrarRemembering Jessie Mae Hemphill, born on this day in 1923 near Senatobia, Mississippi. Here she is playing “Train,…
Retweeted by Justin Farrar @MarvinsMuseum That one pick of hooded monks is from a coin-operated mechanical simulating torture during the Inqui…, I hit up @MarvinsMuseum, outside Detroit. A far out collection of vintage games & mechanical oddities from c…
Back in the spring, we had my man @davidlparsons on @WorkingPod to talk about his big new venture w/ @PeterSabatino
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Liberals make a big production of criticizing Tr*mp's mafioso imperialism, yet they themselves are, in fact, imperi… @rvngintl @betaworldpeace @pitchfork Great cover! Will have to dive in.New @campgreensky record has been in heavy rotation for most of 2019. Each week I obsess over a diff song. This wee… good thread.
This series is a must-read.
There' s a thread in this talk that echoes @rushkoff and a cluster of Expanding Mind episodes (@erik_davis). It has… week's @WFMU show is now archived and streamable, featuring new music and some nice segues (if I do say so mys…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarAnd here's part two of @RevLeftRadio's excellent dive into #rosaluxemburg with @whysimonewhy.
Awesome convo w/Kate Evans, author/illustrator of a new graphic biography on the one and only #rosaluxemburg. think Dolly is a badass artist and seems very cool. That said, I think Dolly the working-class icon should be mea… @magicalbody My dad--who is a fuckface--had a tv/living room in a storage unit for a while. @strugglesesh @HorrorVanguard @TheLitCritGuy Fun episode! I think looking at Cronenberg as belonging to the Burroug… @dustysexton Totally. Grisman was a student of Frank Wakefield, who helped bridge '50s and '70s bluegrass. Wakefiel… that concludes another episode of Bluegrass Reflections. On next week's episode we'll dive into the reasons why… course, there's nostalgia in the lyrics. So yeah, there;s tension between a singer looking back & a band speedin… emergence of the Blue Grass Boys' classic sound (with Flatt/Scruggs) arrives at the same time (mid '40s) as bot…, this is why I think it's misleading to draw hard lines between traditional and progressive bluegrass,… can see this dance in Monroe. On one hand, he talked of the "ancient tones" in his music, yet he invented a fie… still haven't scratched the surface.' There’s still so much left to learn about Bill Monroe, and David has bee… quote from @bstrings1 about @David_Grisman: "I was riding around in a van with David for a week. And the whole…
@SarahLouisemusi If you're looking at the full spectrum, I would endorse Gorguts' Obscura from 1998. It's a classic… listen to this if you are a goof who genuinely thinks liberal idpol and revolutionary anti-white supremacism…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarEarly heads up: amazing folk-blues artist @theCharlieParr is playing Benton Harbor's @LiveryBrew on 11/9. Never mis…'s The Seldom Scene shifting into atmospheric mode. So much space, restraint and quiet in this song. Such a gre…
Lastly, there's @TheMagnificast's look at Bethany Moreton's book To Serve God and Walmart: The Making of Christian…, this excellent series over at @BrasilWire (part 2 of 4 has just been published) pick up some of those th… episode of @seasonoftheB features Brazilian scholar/activist #mayracotta, who offers up ways to link the sexism… it when diff media projects synchronize to create new frameworks for looking at history/politics. Example:… @davidlparsons My guess says that in the coming decades we'll see a shift of people from drought zones to Great Lak… @theCharlieParr @redhousefolk The older "Don't Send Your Child to War" also fits: "I set up camp one day on the str… @theCharlieParr @redhousefolk .@theCharlieParr is carrying Great Lakes progressivism / socialism into the future. C… is forever flying under the radar, so you may not know he has a new album out on @redhousefolk. It… records out today you should buy: Wet Tuna - Water Weird Owen Tromans - Between Stone…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarSome Gene... version of "I Know You Rider" from The Seldom Scene. This jam was a biggie the band during their '70s… @thetrillbillies The idea of law enforcement & crime intertwined to such a degree that their (perceived) boundaries…
Now let's turn back to music for a spell. Here's a great live clip from @domflemons, whom I played on the last epis… @CitationsPod One more podcast to highlight in this thread: @MediaRootsNews. They're great at deconstructing what T… def are folks who can explain these things far better than me. (My anti-imperialism devolves into convulsions… upset about this Bush stuff, as well as how mainstream Americans (libs/cons, Dems/Repubs, even progressives) a… convo w/longtime labor journalist Steven Greenhouse drives home the point that labor struggles cannot be separ… @MikeBilbeTaylor It's a piece of media art. brilliant piece of political art. Liberals are imperialists.
@davidlparsons @NostalgiaTrap I was going to mention the mission of your podcast, David. I think learning from thos… 'n' roll is church music...
@davidlparsons I love Buffalo '66, but I think these are impressive debuts... Night of the Living Dead (Romero) Ba… @HaveYouHeardPod A recent development that @HaveYouHeardPod might like to know about is the formation of Grand Rapi… = invaluable education podcast. Just caught up w/their look at school choice in MI. It's very goo… @modernistwitch It makes them sound more like Reiki and craniosacral specialistsFor Grand Rapids people: UAW Local 167 (over in Wyoming) could use baby needs (diapers, formula, lotion) & non-peri… @bstrings1 Here's is a direct line from Bill Monroe to Muleskinner to @bstrings1. This is what I love about his evo… the phrase #acidgrass, but by jumping from Bill Monroe to @bstrings1 reviewer misses the rich lineage on which…
Joe Hill's influence is massive... "There Is Power in a Union" "The Rebel Girl"… @tabsout How much longer before the Fernow/Rob Zombie collab?
@FPERecs That messed me up, too.Jason runs the excellent Black Dirt Studio in Westtown, New York. It's a proudly DIY enterprise. He's exploring dif… Ogan Gunning's "I Hate the Company Bosses" in its original incarnation as "I Hate the Capitalist System":… @ryleywalker Not an area of expertise for me. I love Scott Tuma. Then again, he blurs lines with so many instrument… @mayamiller Little did we know the dude scaring the hell out of us was probably bombed. @mayamiller Our generation needs to start support groups for anybody who saw this thing. @MatthewRegula That's hilarious. Yeah, blue turban guy was scary. I recall him entering a control room, sitting dow… @MatthewRegula I recall one part where Welles says something like "man shall turn into maneater." That scared me shitless.This hilarious Tweet (dude is so funny) got me thinking about the scariest things I saw on TV in the '80s. One of t… early Cream footage also is aces: RIP #gingerbakerRIP #gingerbaker. Here's some great footage of Air Force live:
Independent media...“Because of the distortions it creates in housing markets” Yes that’s very bad! The market has decided that a 37 s…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarRiver = far and away my wife's biggest teen idol crush when she was in high school. @magicalbody Their dance singles are great. These got a lot of play at noise-rock shows in the early '00s (at least… used to be noncommittal about the funky, jammy end of #progressivebluegrass /#newgrass, but no longer: my love fo… @davidlparsons When you leave the Northeast the butchering of Italian names turns ugly. @jasonpwoodbury @aquadrunkard @erik_davis Diving in now! Erik is a wonderful conversationalist..@aquadrunkard talking with @erik_davis. @avantghettonyc A new artist for me, so thank you!.@avantghettonyc is spot on with this recommendation.
@AbdulElSayed @MichiganRadio @ProgressMich More coverage on the state board's attempt to "strip Licensed Profession… @AbdulElSayed @MichiganRadio @ProgressMich I should put a personal touch on this and say my therapist is a LPC. He'… @AbdulElSayed @MichiganRadio Here's the @MichiganRadio piece: Maybe @ProgressMich would like to cover this, too?My wife passed along info from LARA hearing. LPCs showed up from across MI. Packed out meeting & spilled outside. T… @nycjrc @davidlparsons @NostalgiaTrap Excited for this. Do you guys know about the connection between Groundhog Day… on gatefold of @bstrings1's new 2 x LP on @RounderRecords. Touches of psych while embracing what I dig abo… piece from @maximillian_alv, whose dedication to documenting the voices of the working class is so vital. with all the LPCs descending on Lansing today, attempting to prevent the Michigan Department of Licensin…