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Justin Farrar @JustinFarrar Grand Rapids, MI

Interests: Music, radical politics, weirdness, metaphysics, obscure culture and history.

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“... young people are saying now: ‘Give us a chance to be [...] respected as a [human], as we know this country wa…
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Michigan! There is a new bail fund, the Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund, & they intend to help as many people targete…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarEvery fucking Democrat who voted to give Trump a humongous military budget, while claiming that he’s dangerous for…
Retweeted by Justin Farrar @JNiemandweet Hell yeah! @RadioMisterioso Very cool. Thanks!Playing heavy music for heavy times tonight on @WFMU / 10pm ET @
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@RadioMisterioso Gotta ask a question: at the end of your 1st convo w/Whitley Strieber (an excellent one, btw) you… @nuekerk Dr. West is so powerful in this clip.
@danselzer @davegkelly @JonSavage1966 Damn. Gene is ripped.Once again, I'm typing the words key thread from @ztsamudzi. be aware that I am a civil rights attorney and will do pro bono work for anyone arrested in tonight's politi…
Retweeted by Justin Farrar @avantghettonyc @PacificRange I'd be down for that.Thanks to @avantghettonyc for getting the word out about @PacificRange. Digging new record. Rooted in classic West…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarHeavy song, moving rendition from @JoanShelley and @twosandfews. thread definitely worth reading from @IGD_News. @SamAdlerBell I think you're right! @AbstractTruth Life = super intense right now. Need some owl pix injected into the mix.Last owl update of the day (I promise): nest has been located. Two more barred owlets staring down at us. @avantghettonyc I'm watching Billy Strings, who just wrapped up a psychedelic version of "Little Maggie." @FansBelongHere @bstrings1 @capitoltheatre Just to watch I'm getting an "off air" screen. Did it start yet, or am I having an issue? Thanks!
I like to talk up @IGD_News, but right now their reporting is even more important. They post tons of links and shar… diving in. body checked owlet twice today. The first skirmish involved two running at owlet then throwing their asse… owlet updates with pix. 2 of owlet; 1 of mom/dad watching me. Really exploring today while mom/dad watch fr… @thetrillbillies A phenomenal singer. So much character and drama.Jake Xerxes Fussell doing a live-in-home set. Very cool. You can also find links to performances by @kayla_itasca a… @jknotjk I have been reading about what owl visitations mean in terms of prophecy.
@Scazzafazza Fuckin' pretty owls.Matched, my friend. Heads up to everybody else: if you can match, that would be amazing. repost this guide to bystander intervention and de-escalation for people who need it (contains info on copwat…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarNot in the title, but Ola Belle Reed's "I've Endured" turns the title into a question during the chorus. Shifts the… thread from @ztsamudzi. Afterwards, dig into the epic thread from @Trillharmonic that she retweets. couple more pix of the barred owlet in our yard.'ve mentioned the barred owls in our yard a bunch. They are celebrities on the block. One of the owlets leaves the… @KeriLeighMerrit For sure!If you're watching the protests unfold in Minneapolis, please consider donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, whic…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarA vital read from historian @KeriLeighMerrit. @jpreyes90 Such a big part of the noisy/hardcore/weirdo zones I traveled in throughout the '90s and into the early '00s.So in my zone, @allisonhussey. My show on @GimmeCountry is named after the Feats' tune "Strawberry Flats."
@slagthompson Van Ronk, yes, and Mississippi John Hurt and I think Sonny Terry.The one and only. #johnleehooker @slagthompson Agreed. Doc was special. Got to see him a couple years before he passed away.For those outside MI, it wasn't the rain responsible for dam failures; it was privatization. People have lost every… on @bstrings1 for grappling w/the murder of #GeorgeFloyd across his social media. Billy is in the bluegrass zo… for this. #docwatson conversation with Salazar. I grew up in the age of Red Dawn/red scare propaganda, so to have a… a fun read by @betaworldpeace.
Retweeted by Justin Farrar @JNiemandweet I need to hear this.Laughing at us for buying into their two-party shtick. @davidlparsons Seriousness cuteness. Our younger one is a beast of a cat, too.
Check it out... #alicecoltrane... @FPERecs That one looks great. @buckcurran I'm always going on and on about early PPL. Ronson's playing on this is aces. @FPERecs Their designers/programmers def were heads.A Ronson guest spot that I LOVE: #pureprairieleague #delmccouryband line-up (plus Travelin' McCourys w/Cody Kilby on guitar) should go down as one of the great… @FPERecs Me too. Imagic had those silver cartridges with the added lip at the end. about anything Imagic released for Atari 2600. for Paul Simon slipping into my feed. Dark times.
I have a deep sadness in my heart, being unable to return home for our spring ceremonies. But I support our Lakota…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarThe @nytimes COVID cover invokes the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ("the wall"), a blank catalog of names totally detac…
Retweeted by Justin FarrarI guess this means he slept just fine as the Bush regime slaughtered and tortured humans across the Middle East and… do statements like this even mean? Talk about a painful lack of political imagination. This person invokes Woo… give GWB any credit at all--which you & so many other libs do--is fucked up. He is a racist, war criminal & mass… love GWB. footage of Joe and Odell Thompson from the '80s: #oldtimemusic #stringband.@avantghettonyc going deep into the Dylan-zone tonight. Older kid in my neighborhood spent time on computer interacting with people. This was way early. He played Farm…
My Twitter pal @sandungacat always turning me onto to great music. Someday, I will make it down to PR for a proper… can’t imagine that, but I can remember him golfing while murdering thousands of people via drones.
Retweeted by Justin Farrar @sandungacat As always, thanks for these recs, my man! I have a feeling they will suck me in. @modernistwitch Same here in MI. Ridiculous. @sandungacat Where do I begin? @ronniemccoury @DelFest What a line-up right now!Jumping into #delfestathome. On stage right now: Del, Sam, Ricky and Ronnie... just to name few. @daily_corpse That is far out! Orbs are biggies in terms of key paranormal things. As a child, I had a weird seance… Rock's America in all its fucked-up glory this weekend. Brutal shit. @daily_corpse Not my own. My wife & roommates lived in a haunted house in K'zoo during college. Just about every ro… @JohnELTenney I don't think it's unreasonable at all to question. Scientists have pushed earliest U.S. cases furthe… the entire summer in my backyard. High as a kite. Listening to The Stanley Brothers' gospel recordings and… it: livestream from #imaginarysoftwoods (@MineralDisk) this afternoon... a #bluegrass tune for #BobDylan's b'day. Let's go with Tim O'Brien's "The Wicked Messenger." This is from h… on, and extends to so many different activities. @ztsamudzi Just brutal @ztsamudzi If what I'm seeing in this vid is correct, these freakers are surrounded by beautiful nature (lake, hill… should also mention: the show contains a set of Dylan-meet-bluegrass tunes that I put it together a couple of wee… latest episode of Strawberry Flats on @GimmeCountry *re-airs* this morning at 11 a.m. EST / 8 a.m. PST. Tunes fr… @avantghettonyc Classic clip! @UrOrientalist @RokhlK For me, I think it's a tie between this and 3 Women for best Altman. Love them both.The late night go-to for stoner vegetarians. @trvlnmccourys set is seriously expansive, jumping from jazzy, chamber-grass to a folk-rock rendition of "Fal… @maximillian_alv @proteanmag Sure thing. Great writing (as always), Max!
Well I'm tired of working my life way And givin' someone else all of my pay While they get rich on the profits that… thread & amazing clip featuring Nelson Mandela who eloquently dismantles the faux-humanitarian facade of U.S.… @proteanmag-published piece from @maximillian_alv is aces. This line from the beginning--"His baseball cap had… @tabsout Six Feet From Paradise: How to Hold a Rave in the Age of Covid-19. @MatthewRegula The whole package was far out because getting into Priest also meant opening yourself up to their in… being able to travel back in time and listen to Stained Class (or Sin After Sin or Painkiller or Screaming…