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@fordynffc @ShutUpWithTheBS @StanCollymore No one is going to be dancing in front of sick patients. Confidentiality… @UnwinStanley @fordynffc @ShutUpWithTheBS @StanCollymore Let me get this straight. You've concluded from a couple… @UnwinStanley @ShelaghFogarty @ShaunLintern @hsib_org @fordynffc @ShutUpWithTheBS @StanCollymore So, you work 12 hours straight with no break? Bearing in mind that a Tik… @keepsafebesmart @Iamlistening666 @piersmorgan Councils haven't been in charge of the COVID-19 response. Councils c… @Bullster70 @piersmorgan That's what the article says. $47,000 fines for non-compliance with an over 99% compliance rateThis article is definitely worth a read. Great summary from Faisal, if you can't be arsed to read it @LauraLovesRocks @Cornish_Damo @spencermorgan93 Whether there is lockdown or not many NHS appointments will be canc… @spencermorgan93 There's a positive correlation between locking down and economic impact. Or to explain it in words… @UnwinStanley @ShelaghFogarty @ShaunLintern @hsib_org Supermarkets don't tend to be full of sick people with a high… @TuckerCarlson Did a dog eat them? @grahamlithgow @JamesMelville The point is a national lockdown on its own only buys time. Narrowing down a set of m… @fordynffc @ShutUpWithTheBS @StanCollymore They were cancelling surgeries before. The reason being the beds were fu… good an ad about Trump as I've seen. I hope you'll retweet it.
Retweeted by Justin Collings @Alex_Stafford Let me count the ways in which my mum is not a slagLet me count the ways in which my mum is not a slag @ShutUpWithTheBS @StanCollymore Do you have any evidence to back up your no excess deaths claim (65,000 and rising)… @Nigel_Farage Is there another Donald Trump, because the tangerine turd in your video dodged the draft several time… @Gord76 @JimMFelton Yes, the very sameBold of the owner of Pret to go full “they had better die and decrease the surplus population” this close to Christ…
Retweeted by Justin Collings @AndyhHolt @DCMS @premierleague I'm inclined to believe that it does suit the agenda of some for a smaller professi… @SnimTell @RichTea86 @JamesMelville Even if NZ had have had this, then the mandatory 2 weeks quarantine from coming…
London Police are looking for this man in connection with an assault on an NHS worker on Saturday night. Allegedly…
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Retweeted by Justin Collings @david_pickworth I'd go, but then I'm a massive football fan. The Olympic stadium in Rome is impressive when full o… @david_pickworth Good question. I don't know what Italy is like at the moment for COVID-19. Quite a few variables a… @david_pickworth As long as travel to and from is okay, then worth going, in my opinion100% this. Something the Covidiots don't get @david_pickworth Given the choice in normal circumstances, then I'd definitely go. What I don't know is how COVID-19 safe it'll beTory MPs always seem to have a lot to say about people who live in poverty. But they never have anything to say ab…
Retweeted by Justin Collings @PaulRic88894489 @piersmorgan @mrpaulseddon @Coldwar_Steve @piersmorgan Fingers crossed @FordDawe @swillis100 @RogerHelmerMEP Mate, mate. Antibodies test is a test for people that have had COVID-19. Th… Kardashian isn't special for spending her birthday on an island, most of us did it this year but it was called Britain and it was awful.
Retweeted by Justin Collings @Otto_English He can be remarkably perspectiveWeirdly, this is the lockdown that no one wanted but is the one we are going to get. We are here, because: Governm… @lisa01403 @JuliaHB1
@BrexitMeals His mum really does want him to move out of her basement @jjsalmo @Eddystone506 @Housemartin73 @MichelleMone Finally, someone that approaches life in the same way I do @Mike_Pence What the fuck have you been doing for the last 4 years if you need to make America great again? You mea… @1000yardstare @JuliaHB1 Mate, mate. Less than a month and you've been proven wrong. Ever thought of being a Tory MP?🤣🤣🤣 | 27th October 2020 Official figures show there have been an additional 367 deaths using the 28-…
Retweeted by Justin CollingsHere's this week's cartoon:
Retweeted by Justin CollingsTory Jesus is bad Jesus
@patsy_murrell Marcus also went hungry under a Conservative government given that he was born in 1997. This is not… take note, this is a very useful thrift tip from concerned citizen Dominic. I'm just a bit concerned…
Retweeted by Justin CollingsI think you should sit this one out. We've seen how bad a Tory government is with dealing with a pandemic as UC is online only only people defunding the police are the Tories, as by the cuts over the last 10 years. this @DominicFarrell TWO MINUTES! You've never boiled an egg in your life, mate @JoannaLePut It's because you're lying. It would be practical if you added context to it, but you fell at the first… @DanielJHannan You do know that 100% of not very much is still not very much
If you watch one thing today, then watch this. And watch the UK in the 2010s. I have to credit @PJKleiweg here bec… @JohnnyMercerUK is this what you mean by making a difference and looking after veterans? @DarrenGuy @Otto_English May made a political decision to give the NHS an extra £350m a week. She didn't say how it… the date @OBroinG @Otto_English The NHS did get an extra £350m a week. May was in charge then. Channel 4 did some work to ve… @dbirkinshaw32 @JasonManford @BBradley_Mans David is a liar. Dont be like DavidAmazing @Baddiel Those mushrooms look horrendous 😳Two short planks. One is 'the chilling hand of the state...' The other 'makes so much sense...'
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@SimonDelicato @jackbowles_jack @JamesMelville @EssexPR @CMO_England I'd also add that when a hospital is full of p… last Labour government reduced child poverty by 900,000 – rising poverty is a choice, not an inevitability. Ha…
Retweeted by Justin Collings @JohnnyMercerUK @mariacaulfield @Shaun4WBW That's literally what you voted for. Therefore, it is true. If the truth… @BenBradleyTV You lucky bastard not knowing what a "Farage" is @RichardCanning @Jochurchill4 She don't care. And why should she? Bury St Edmunds will vote for a Tory MP even if t… @rishisunakmp1 @SelaineSaxby #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY #NoChildGoesHungry #ToryScum
Retweeted by Justin Collings @80sAging I'm voting for Henry because I'm not convinced Ruben is aliveNarrator note. There isn't extensive financial support because Johnny and the Tories slashed it all do. It's all called Council Tax. Until recently, Councils were restricted as to how much they could increase C… @JohnnyMercerUK Not to those children that will go hungry because of you you work in a bar in Liverpool, you work hard every day then suddenly, through no fault of your own, the ba…
Retweeted by Justin CollingsTories: “We cannot allow refugee children into this country. We need to look after our own children” Also the Tori…
Retweeted by Justin Collings @SelaineSaxby You said that businesses shouldn't receive government support if they donate food to make sure childr… @kerrydixon11111 @ceribooth @amandamilling @Keir_Starmer @AngelaRayner They only did that because they were shamed… @KspmSean @jsubi71 @KarlTurnerMP @BorisJohnson Yet, if you're working in a low income job and you can't save? It do… @KspmSean @KarlTurnerMP @BorisJohnson Your opinion counts to you, but not to me. Some basic research proved that yo…
A thread on why @MarcusRashford is the Tories' worst nightmare:
Retweeted by Justin CollingsPerfection.
Retweeted by Justin CollingsThat's because you're talking shite, lad. So much shite even the media won't print this rubbish @skyejromance @talkRADIO @TVKev True. Radio Gammon does have theme about the people it invites on @KspmSean @KarlTurnerMP @BorisJohnson Yes, you are going to get shot on this thread. Not just because you're wrong.… People on universal credit don't get £30k a year @nickclarkeleave @piersmorgan @MarcusRashford Except that he isn't making the whole country proud of him. Tory MPs aren't proud of h… Ben Bradley, an elected MP, pathetically provoking people on Twitter while Marcus Rashford, a footballer,…
Retweeted by Justin Collings @vivphil3 @W_F_Magee Feeding hungry kids is virtue signalling? Aren't you nasty? @talkRADIO @TVKev He actually said this? About a virus that has killed a million people worldwide this year?How it started How it’s going
Retweeted by Justin CollingsI thought this was the case. Bad Tories. @StevePeers I don't think he understands what he's just tweeted. He's not exactly known for his intelligenceGood counterpoint to the parents spend their money on other things argument @agoodfireburns It was a good readRemember, these are the same people who object to foreign aid on the grounds that we should be looking after kids i…
Retweeted by Justin CollingsTORY GUIDE TO VIRTUE SIGNALLING Virtue Not virtue Signalling Signall…
Retweeted by Justin CollingsYORKSHIRE EVENING POST: Just how could you starve our city’s children? #TomorrowsPapersToday
Retweeted by Justin CollingsAll good ideas. I've thought that non-doms shouldn't be owning British media for ages and have yet to read an argum…