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I feel an earnest and humble desire, and shall till I die, to increase the stock of harmless cheerfulness.

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@shwood I think Quibi is a neat idea and I hope it does great but it's truly the worst possible moment in recorded history for it to launch.Quibi: Good news! Our bite-sized shows only distract you from your day for 10 minutes! Earth: @ninajacobson Over the hardest part! @sydneemcelroy I love you, Sydster. Thanks for being my rock when things are crummy.line forms behind humanity, glue boy thought the Walt Disney World Reddit would love my Carousel of Progress theme but I can’t get any heat with those… but THIS
No sorry it’s this days it’s this days, this is my favorite commercial of all time Friday, @hellotybeeren and I are hosting the first LIVESTREAM Cincinnati Underground Society Show! 10+ AMAZING…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyWell, ouch that’s 3 months of income. This feels like a great time to remind folks that you can buy games directly…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyICYMI: Episode 504 of #MBMBaM is all about those pillowy, soft, good, buns, and liberal use of commas.…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyEverything here is fine. This is all going well. No problems here.
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyMy King Lear is inventing a game in which the I pretend the vacuum is a hungry alien which must be fed scraps of tr…
@TheClaudacity @TravusWhite Yeah it’s beautifulWe’d like to take a moment on #NationalDoctorsDay to celebrate the courage and hard work that medical professionals…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyThis week on #Sawbones, we discuss how masks changed the world of medicine, and what happens when there aren’t enou…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyWe're live now!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyRealized I needed to spread the word about @blankcheckpod in #ACNH. I'm gonna start quizzing the residents of EPCOT…’s the link for the new episode! We’re talking about Baijiu and Chinese a Drinking Culture!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyJoin us for Episode 504 of #MBMBaM, in which we find a hero in these trying times: A hero with a cybernetic, social…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyThis Friday (4/3) 8-11pm ET, I will be cohosting a LIVESTREAM Cincinnati Underground Society Show! We have a truly…
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@BearCleric What a perfect human @liz_izz_da_shiz @Polygon @Pizza_Suplex @doomquasar @RussFrushtick Guys, things have rarely been more awful, and wh…
@MollyMarieSweet You should write and read and write and read and write and read and write until find the writing t… @travismcelroy
Correction: I said “most important game of all time” to give The Besties a try or need an episode to introduce a friend to the show? This week is a great time to s…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @TheNephromancer @griffinmcelroy @travismcelroy @DocCurm Hang in there, Derek!Many things are bad, and when things are bad, I feel so grateful to have a light in the darkness. Happy birthday,… @hallublin @JoelEmbiid @BenSimmons25 @JuliusErving @alleniverson @AaronFever @PeteTheRetailer @Julian_Burrell 1. Ai…’m kidding of course. If I did a rewatch podcast it would be about Amazing Stories and I’d call it Amazing Amazing Stories Storiesand not watching it for the second time either?can I technically call it a young sheldon rewatch podcast if I’m not watching it for the first time now?
@AlexBoniello @travismcelroy I will be celebrating my wonderful wife’s birthday or I fully would. Next time! @AlexBoniello @travismcelroy travis mcelroy, the toast of broadway @JustinMcElroy aw dude I just heard about how the celebs cut you out of the Imagine video because the talent was to…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @guy_mont hey bud, I was just curious why you hadn’t weighed in on the covid thing yet, some of us have started ass…’ve recently found hand washing strangely pleasant and soothing and once the pandemic ends I’ll be sad to give it up.
Lookin’ good, Tey! Now for my #OOTD by Charlie McElroy...
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyIf you want it, I made this, #ACNH's a video that practically anyone who's into home audio production should watch by @BoothJunkie A gentle remin… @ninajacobson Good luck! You can do it! I found Alan Carr’s book Easy Way to Quit Smoking really helpful many moons agoICYMI: Episode 503 of #MBMBaM is out now! Join us as we try to get astride the anti-anxiety bronco and solve the my…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyI’m glad my immortal friend Russ has found ways to while away infinity on our mortal coil
This was a VERY GOOD @JustinMcElroy moment on the @NightValeRadio live stream
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @quespeon @MBMBaM @griffinmcelroy Still Monday normally. This one was delayed because we were gonna originally run… there's a new @NightValeRadio novel!! It's a great day for books! @cameronesposito has a memoir out that I'm sure is delightful!'m on now! this is extremely good @ThatOneGM @MBMBaM fuck that's goodJokes won't be stopped to have helped launch this site to help West Virginians find free meals and other resources amidst #COVID19.…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyWhat is the most Doom moment in Doom Eternal? Probably Doomguy listening to Doom albums in his messy office at the…
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We're live now!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyTo you, from us, a small bit of sunshine: The Charlie and Daddy Show: What’s Your Favorite Candy From Around the Wo…
Reference: week our medical history podcast is about the biggest medical history event in any of our lifetimes. Let’s tal…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroywhat keeps me going is dreaming of that distant day when we all emerge from our homes and discover we all spent a y… @BinForBen Uhh probably. It’s not the focus, but yeah.Hi! I manage the neighborhood hardware store you love so much. We're exempted from the shutdown bc we provide *esse…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyFor a certain sort of person (me) Tiger King is EXACTLY what you need right now, I’m not trying to censor anybody, but before you casually joke about “the apocalypse” please consider that’s a…
We're live now - Come join us!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyThis starts soon, still time to send em in!
Don’t let entertainment workers fall through the cracks, y’all y'all, Griffin is currently playing Animal Crossing on livestream, come hang out in the chat!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @Lin_Manuel @EmptyBowlShow I got youYou deserve a break ☕️Make a warm drink 🎧Put on some headphones 🧠Let our sweet ASMR voices tell you about de-brain…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyThey say it's always soggiest just before the dawn—of a new crunch, a new day, and a new episode of The Empty Bowl.…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @romanmars Good source of fiber
@misterarnie @heyitsmikeyv @TheTrudger @misterarnie Yeah, it hit me deepMaybe I’m missing something (I don’t think I am) but judging by this, @GameStop is a BAD COMPANY @misterarnie @decafjedi Jess, I can’t help but feel that Frostop taking the mug down is what started all this @Robert_Clifford The BK I normally drive by got fucking demolished, it’s a literal parking lot nowThe McDonald’s sign? “Dining Room Closed, The Safety Of All Is Important” so I have no idea if my favorites will st… sign on my local Wendy’s said the drive-thru was still open and ready to “rock my favorites.” I think it’s fuck… @heyitsmikeyv @TheTrudger @misterarnie fuck meThis thread rules THERE IS THIS
@JustinMcElroy Hey Justin why did all my friends just call me what's going on
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyFinally, call your dumbest friend and tell them it’s OK to be freaked out and that you’re freaked out too. And tell… your dumbest friend and tell them that we have basically NO IDEA how many people are carrying COVID-19 because… your dumbest friend and tell them to stop buying all the fucking toilet paper. We’re all pooping the SAME AMOUNT as always.Call your dumbest friend and tell their dumb ass to stay the fuck at home and just stay there unless they have to l… lot of people are probably wondering what they can do from their homes to help the world weather this storm. I ha… watch Travis make beer bread on livestream!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyHey! I’m talking Disney World over here! @davidlsims NOW I CAN BE ON EVERY EPISODE @travismcelroy Hi, ya know this already but we're costume designers at Sleep No More! Which is now closed. We speci…
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Hey y’all! Just a reminder that this year our St. Patrick’s Day celebration should be safe and responsible, and we’…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyLend a helping hand to these great people if you can!
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyWhy should you introduce The Besties to all of your friends? Let's just say, "D&D Cow Milking." Listen to full ep…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyA new semester has begun and with it comes new guests, new questions, and new mysteries. Episode 10 of #TheZoneCast
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyATTN: Unfortunately, the #TwentyFunny tour dates that were originally scheduled for April are being postponed until…
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Hello friends. @jessethorn has written an important message regarding the MaxFunDrive. Please read it here: ❤️
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