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I feel an earnest and humble desire, and shall till I die, to increase the stock of harmless cheerfulness. he/him

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@IannielloRick You ain’t wrongRemember I said that I stopped believing in you after Serenity came out? You could win me back!dear lord Jesus I haven’t asked you for much but PLEASE PLEASE let him do this I’m in bad shape and have knees of beefI’m Justin by the way, sorry @tonyhawk hey I’m 40 am I too old to learn skateboard
What ... what happened, gang?’m excited about this, but I hope before 12:01 pm tomorrow they can workshop whatever move this is! I got a few prints and stickers up in an etsy store! Just a few to start, but if there's a piece you've seen t…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyIt’s a true shame that the medical condition with perhaps the most adorable name, dropsy, doesn’t really exist. Wel…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @keo624 @cerealouslynet I’m good, but thank you!I’m starting to think he might not finish the wall @dieunomia That just shows you have discerning taste! @hellglass @MBMBaM Both are solids @dieunomia Hahahahaha I’m sorry
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Episode 544 of #MBMBaM is here, to refresh yourself on basic party etiquette, like how to provide a Cheez-It experi…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @cowboyred7 @travismcelroy @hodgman The Areas of My Expertise FIRST. Then ... I really love Vacationland @mcj756 Yup I got the real thing @MajinDruu not to my knowledge, but I have not done much testing on thatI’m living exactly the same as before, just with less anxiety. (Anxiety about COVID, that is. My many remaining anx… you have known that my side effects were not serious judging by how much I complained to my wife about the s… evidence shouldn’t matter a bit to you, but my experience (and the experience of everyone I know who got… say this only in the hopes it might slightly sway even a single solitary person: I got my second dose of the Astr… @unipublicfriend I wish that was true, but a lot lot lot of people aren’t.If you can’t get it yet, think if one person you know who would be eligible and give them a call. Reassure them. Th…
If you are offered a vaccine, get the vaccine. It’s safe and effective and hesitancy about it make the effort to ro… @InspiredByArt66 @netflix @Rodriguez Yes, they call it “Sharkman and Lava Girl When they Were Kids” they love itHey @netflix and @Rodriguez please, PLEASE make We Can Be Heroes toys. My kids ask me every day if they exist. Ever… @Amanda_Boone YupI can’t believe how quickly I went from semi-caring about WandaVision to being unable to stop thinking about what a…“THAT’S grace. THAT’S poise.”
Reed Richards is already popping up, that was my first thoughtInspired by a recent @DeadEyespodcast: If you had to cast Tom Hanks as a major, existing superhero in a film featur… lost a bunch of followers because they were all conspiracy-slinging lunatics and they got suspended, not becaus…, a journalist asks him to list some of the cool ways the WV AG is gonna boldly defend America from the fairl… actual government of america was attacked last week, that would have been a cool fucking time to hashtag defend… is a lie, nothing was “banned.” Seems like a great use of your time though. You know what West Virginians valu…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @SullyMovie @blankcheckpod man that looks like a whole lotta souls on there
@pcwattstx The bureau of balance tokens are like trackers I believe. Like, one enemy gets weaker each time you figh… @pcwattstx The action tokens you can trade in to help someone else’s roll (usually +2 before roll and +1 after) you… @pcwattstx Action tokens or the BoB tokens?It’s messed up that I got the bread sauce part (I make it every Christmas) before the shred part’re opening the traditional Jan 15 Christmas crackers, and this joke has really sent me out there, y’all got my Adventure Zone board game and I’m pretty sure this is the greatest card in gaming history @JustinMcElroy I'm a public defender and it's so upsetting how many cases I have where my clients are caught doing…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyit has only just now occurred to be that if the rioters weren’t so staunchly anti-mask they woulda been a lot tougher to catchOur much-requested Cyberpunk episode is here, featuring special guest @RonFunches! Bask in the glory of it, y'all!…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @joofrey @GameOverGreggy If we joined they’d have to call it “very funny” @GameOverGreggy Me too! Trying hard is great! You should be try hard!People commenting on my TikToks also overuse phrase like “muscle king” “sex boss” and “good face lord”I think this is the best thread I ever did @crypticwench no @Space_Mantis I fucking hate that one @aidenschmaiden @travismcelroy @griffinmcelroy My pleasure!If you could eliminate ONE word or phrase from the internet lexicon, what would it be? (I already called dibs on “feels”) @aidenschmaiden @travismcelroy @griffinmcelroy I am buying it now!
It's GREAT, you should get it!'re planning a heist and your mortal enemy shows up. Then one of your friends has confidence issues in the bathr…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @hoodoo I just have a little dewalt contractor saw @ThatShaneDavis I make a crosscut sled! @kstover I use that in my miter saw so I have to sand less(Sorry, I forgot you’re not all watching the Woodsmith Shop episode titled “Table Saw Secrets: Rip it Right” from 2009)I know they’re the experts, but honestly, I’ve used a 40 tooth Diablo combination blade for every cut I’ve ever mad… @Gerkuman @kittiah it rules @WashPA1 her name is charlie @larscasteen NOW you’re talking @DrugCrazed Oh shit! Buying thatY’all please, I’ve played Hades for over 250 hours, I can’t go back @TreeEmoji is the interface good on switch? @ElfLordFields I WISHyou playing anything good on switch lately? Dicey Dungeons has gotten too difficult for someone of my limited intellectThat is NOBODY’S first tweet. Everybody’s first tweet is “jus trying out this Twitter thang, seems kewl” that’s the lawHere is this account’s first tweet it a well-known thing that production companies create fake Twitter accounts to talk about their shows? Like, OK… @flightybuttlass pirates?every night, just before I go to sleep, I have the same thought: “I should have exercised today”winona ryder was 16 when she made Heathers. What a talent!the pandemic is bad, but ON THE OTHER HAND do you you remember watching someone on their phone and then realizing t… I can’t stop laughing at this didn’t know Kanye was Italian
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyWV’s premier bingo competition ends registration this Friday to @justinMcElroy I'm now streaming ps5 from my office! playing some Persona 5 Royal on @twitch . Come hang.…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @lukeisamazing I'm shocked that you dare to make fun of this. The left is just galvanizing a current tragedy, light…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyOh, and here's said sniff, from Episode Twenty-Four.
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Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroyHe was like “please don’t!” And I was like “sorry turkey, much like in Georgia which is the PEACH state, you just g… had a killer fucking line tooi got him again guys @MylesNye @MBMBaM Theme song by dr janes Buffett!if you want healing, Rep. Miller, you probably shouldn’t have participated in act of sedition. You and Mooney are a… wanna say a very happy birthday to a sibling-in-law who has style, work ethic and creativity that I can only aspi… my god what a week. But Episode 543 of #MBMBaM is here, so join us as we try to figure out both what pizza chain…
Retweeted by Justin “Hoops” McElroy @DaveTrippinWV Dave you have COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. If you do any hardwood stuff, I’ll save it. I’ve also got a b… just uploaded it to TikTok I bet it’s going to be EXTREMELY fucking engaged with over there. “A horizontal clip a… @jgiord He’s about to make some, don’t even trip @QueeringU @danbreyy Amazing’s up Woodsmith Shop Crew!? (That’s what I call people reading my tweets early in the morning when I’m watching…