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@Governor_Val fair, but you were floating in the air while perfectly accurate after using a free dash so idk @Governor_Val Another jett clip, another clip I won’t like @vinnerwinner ratio @jacobcavern losing* not playingranked.. time to smile ^.^ @MadySmacks you literally look the exact same
@Virtyyyy I had this issue to & I fixed it by @mxddylol 😕 @mxddylol but… the chickens…NOT playing in vct today, NOT on a team. Good luck to everyone today #VCT ps: I miss competing, I’m lft🥲mhmm yes we live @bumpaah @BellBopper @BumpFan69 i want you to rip me @BellBopper @BumpFan69 @bumpaah i got it
@ethoz @Nurfed @root7K Damn wouldn’t that be crazy if… @symrifle I’ve tried for a year🥲 just must not be for me man @unluckyVAL_ 🤍 @TheKristenRae I hope so :(I’m really sorry for the short & tilted streams lately, been super stressed out about my future & I wish things wer… @frostyZK These will change your life @frostyZK Dude I drink one adrenaline shoc (300mg) & pre workout (350mg) a day :) @frostyZK Caffeine doesn’t even effect me anymore :( @infamousbtw 50pts is fucking insane, don’t like the guy but props for sure @jcrueL_ @bumpaah wouldn’t be the first time papi @bumpaah so is my peter @hailewhy unfollowed @bumpaah @SoaRGaming please just fart in my inhaler
@Glorinsz it’s never all good @Glorinsz Blows my mind the amount of dogshit players that get to immortalimmortal ranked is fucking disgusting @Virtyyyy @bumpaah cringe + ratiogetting awped, getting right clicked, getting out aimed by really good jett players @katsumiFPS 150 damage is pretty reasonable imo @ItzBoltzy @JSUNGv1 @mxddylol woohoo!!!! @hazedCS Let’s go pay it up @bangzerra @Subroza
@Elittee__ all good @ValorINTEL 0 talent, broken character, not impressed, remove jett please, thanks. @TSM TSM FTX Sean2k Bang Bezerra @iiKlemm Fb? @mxddylol you deserve every bit of your success🥰 @mrmcgoov2 NO CAPI thought I did good here!😃👍 @Gale_Adelade happy birthday gale sir🤍 @Governor_Val ¿who’s crackN?!?!!!! @Governor_Val demon😈RIOT RIOT PLEASE MAN JUST PLEASE COME ON MAN PLEASE RIOT!! victory royale time!! @Gucc107 almonds & yogurt @theKingFPS_ Quit drinking drinks with sugar (soda), just drink water/flavored water & you’ll be chillin. Just limi… @c4Lypso_ @LogitechGesport Dude my super light spins out at least 4 times a day LMAO @WedidOfficial @symrifle good looks, unliked @symrifle @symrifle that’s a fluke & it’s photoshopped @symrifle if you’re on jett & or awping, I will not like your clip @fluctraa if its like where I live, “rain, & some more rain” @BumpFan69 @fluctraa @fluctraa according to google “an ego is not a drug, it is part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and… @SullyCasts thank the lord you’re done
@LaskiCS okokok laskerton @Jonaaa6_VAL 😔 @theKingFPS_ LMAO @DerrekOW steady @mxddylol yeah idk what to tell you then, all good @jmohGG LMAOOOO @mxddylol you weren’t supposed to see thisfeel like travis scott the way I jack boysLIFE'S TOO SHORT - Valorant Montage @IronWolfGG @bumpaah thank you sir❤️ @Governor_Val I agree, so stupid. Twitch just needs to take the delay option off. @mmagonewild Onto bellator for stephens @mmagonewild no, because fortnite chungus
@ahad @bumpaah yes. @bumpaah tytytake a seat buddy @bumpaah @Son1cVal I’ve tried brah they don’t care🥲 @Glorinsz @Glorinsz I know I know, just not something I can see myself doing. Parents are really strict & don’t really believ… stressed out, probably going to start working this fall along with taking classes. Won’t give me much time for d… @theKingFPS_ He needs to turn off streamer mode before I lose my mindHow we ALMOST choked a 10-2 LEAD on the competition
@BumpFan69 @bumpaah I would astra suck this character every game no cap @fakethos ❤️21 year old malds at video game @brawku LMAO yes couch @brawku tall & strong couch @Apidaez you can always just walk there @symrifle @Apidaez after gym yeah @Apidaez airplanes are an ez clapper, you’ll be chillin
@mxddylol can’t think of anyone else that deserves it more than you🤍 @LaskiCS @CoachTrippy “I top frag every game, drop 30 kills & I’m sentinel, people just instalock duelist and I lose, any tips?” @root7K bangerbro... you good? @root7K der @iiKlemm tell noelle I say hi😍
@JennahLeland we love a happy jennah @jacobcavern I do this all the time & she still don’t want me😔
@C0Mtweets @NRGgg @KnightsGG @Yonji_x1 it was too hot not to post mid game