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Justinovah @Justinovah Illinois, USA

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@karracus <3
@Glorinsz @kaiileymae @symrifle @bangiwnl @brawku @Virtyyyy Tyty @vohlii he even put that on god @bangiwnl @harmfoo Go to bed short man @Feoradah just wait until coach justin steps in... you’ll be pro in no time
@ExaltVAL Come play apex w me after scrims @C0Mtweets yeah @C0Mtweets I think to fix it you have to @itzHernando Nope no info @Governor_Val Yes you were. I heard about it too. Put your hands up. @Feoradah you're actually up next @flexinja I’ll take a 30 day at this point, better than a perma @ExaltVAL No sir @Glorinsz ily glo @JackIgoe Yeah just appealed againMY PERMA BAN IS NOW ONLY A 30 DAY BAN, SEE YOU GUYS IN 3 WEEKS LETS GOOOOO
@AstonLorenzoval @TwitchSupport <3 @koalanoob @symrifle @Ban_Val @bangiwnl you guys gotta stop this @bangiwnl nice dart @brawku , gave him 4 free kills @xCeeD_CS happy birthday bro🤍 @Bibhutigamer really hard on this new video "RAZE TECH that got me to RADIANT" Help support me through this twitch ban <3 @mxddylol I know a guy @Shanks_TTV happy birthday brodie <3 @voicechats its invisible @Jaomock @vohlii hey jao <3 @tytitv yessir @tytitv In my YouTube stream you can😈 @BiteoftheJaguar @Moechillasama I have absolutely 0 clue, along with the people that watch my streams regularly too… @DerrekOW ily derrek overwatch <3 @vohlii hey lol @Moechillasama I guess so, just that everything I worked for for the past year is just gone randomly. It is what it… @Moechillasama I really wish they would at least told me, just makes me wonder what it could of possibly been. @CyrusFPS tomorrow??? @Shanks_TTV onto youtube with you bro, everyone will have to move over at this pace @bumpaah @TwitchSupport @Twitch ily bumpie <3 ill miss our morning malds😔 @iiPolen :/ @ExaltVAL I physically can't queue with anyone/interact with anyone anymore. unlucky really. @ExaltVAL poggers @C0Mtweets ill miss you :( @ScrewFaceVAL it is what it is, everything happens for a reason brodieMy ban appeal got denied, apparently for being racist & sexist, still no clip or proof given. Going live in the nex…
@turntdais oh you weren’t joking.... @turntdais no one has seen this yet, you can delete it @PaincakesVAL happy birthday handsome @koalanoob Happy birthdayMight be banned on twitch but at least my boy supercoop_anderson can make me smile😎 @xsetnate @root7K @CorinnaKopf ayo tim you see this bro? @Glorinsz @root7K @symrifle @TwitchSupport good morning glo, I hope you grow the biggest fruits today @root7K @CorinnaKopf I can’t do that to your woman bro @Glorinsz @TwitchSupport I don’t think it’s happening :( @TheRiseNation @DerrekOW steady @iiPolen time will tell @RossyUA yeah idk chief @Shanks_TTV I know how you feel now, shit ain’t fun brah @voicechats ty Claudia🥺🤍#FREEJUSTINOVAH
Retweeted by Justinovah @Glorinsz @Twitch @TwitchSupport Ily glo @bumpaah @TwitchSupport I’ll miss malding with you in the morning😔 @yrkiee Wish I knew brotha, they won’t tell me. All they told me was for “Hateful Conduct”I’m so sad man, everything I’ve worked for this past year is just gone without any explanation😔 @Shaemmon @iiKlemm @COPEgg I dmed you! @C0Mtweets I can’t queue with streamers that are live on twitch @C0Mtweets Don’t think we can queue together if I’m banned on twitch :/I hope my brother @Justinovah gets unbanned hate to see another homie gone :-(
Retweeted by Justinovah @C0Mtweets I’ll miss our winning duos in the am🥺dude if @Justinovah doesn’t get unbanned that’s so messed up every1 try to help him out
Retweeted by Justinovah @koalanoob ❤️ @bangiwnl @Twitch for my boi @Justinovah to get unbanned, @Twitch 🖕
Retweeted by Justinovah @TheKristenRae @Khuna no clue brah @Khuna I wish I was capping but twitch doesn't like me it seems @DerrekOW @tetchraFN i wish i was :/ @DerrekOW I made an alt to watch streams and got permaed @zacheronieVAL correctmade a alt twitch account not knowing that it wasn't allowed and I just got perma banned😪 @lovellaxo twitch won’t tell me🥴
@bumpaah @chaseVALORANT happy birthday brodie <3 @Critical_Val @root7K but I wanna get sucked bro ya feel? @Kehmicals Don’t think I’ve ever related more to a tweetBanned on twitch = more grind time in the gym @root7K @bumpaah @aKisCSGO @SicK_cs @BumpFan69 @Sentinels @TenZOfficial what kind of sick joke does bumpaah think this is? @LettuceQT I’ll be back soon🥲day 3 without a @Justinovah stream i am starting to hallucinate and i dont know what day of the week it is anymore.…
Retweeted by Justinovah @crunchyyworld gotchu brodie <3 @crunchyyworld & you’d probably like my playlist, bunch of music like that @crunchyyworld surf curse is so underrated @zekkenVAL I don’t think you can get better brah... @ExaltVAL don’t think I asked bro
Tornado on the ground 2 minutes from my house, time to double satchel over it😈 @reltuC @TSM Best of luck bro🤍
@ethoz happy birthday handsome🤍 @Tennp0 Happy birthday goat @Ban_Val so talented @CoachTrippy Shiiiiiii @CoachTrippy It could of been “virgin” too🙂Twitch support responded to my appeal and said that they aren’t providing any details on my suspension. Looks like…