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Instructional Designer @Twitter. I ♥️ 90s Hip Hop 🎧 Karaoke 🎤 and Southern Home Cookin’ 🍳 y’all.

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@TomGreen This headline is about 3.5yrs late IMHO… @jimbryant Gotcha. Understandable. Very sorry to hear it 😞 @jimbryant You ok? @MikeVPerry @liz_len I’m not in this photo, but… yeah… 😭
if we can get this to 2000 RT @beberexha said she'll do the #distancedance and challenge one of her friends to do i…
Retweeted by Justin Seeley♥️ 👀 ♥️’s #WorldHealthDay so let’s all give a round of 👏 to the healthcare workers keeping us safe! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏… @theyeezymafia 13👏👏👏👏 I clapped, will you? Tap below to #ClapBecauseWeCare @livingsobol
@MikeVPerry… it’s bed time! when quarantine began: I’m gonna come out of this speaking 4 languages and playing the guitar… Me one month in: @weatherman_0521 False
We actually got some exercise today. Nearly a 6mi walk along the water. Beautiful. Yes, we kept our distance and wo… @austinjevers Thanks. I needed that 🤜🤛 @MichaelTringe Thanks, Mike! Much appreciated 😊 @akacolleen You’re the best 😂 @mikegolicjr Right? Like quarantine doesn’t have me at my fattest already.Carvel delivers?!? I’m in BIG trouble… @mikegolicjr @GolicAndWingo @wingoz @espngolic 1, 2, 3It’s becoming more apparent to me that I should’ve made a bigger effort to cultivate a group of close adult friends… someone @GolfChannel play a marathon of @TigerWoods @TheMasters victories today, please? 🧢 @LilJon is a straight legend!As if we needed it to be easier for people to *call* us during the day 🙄 @brokenantlerws @JustCallMeSio FactsTime to party w/ @TPAIN and @LilJon yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh @henrytcasey I was skeptical of the boneyard. They killed it. I agree with you btw... only way we should see taker from now on. @henrytcasey can you imagine what the funhouse match is gonna look like? 😱 @JESnowden Best thing I’ve seen from WWE creative in a LOOOOONG time. @mikegolicjr HAHA well playedDude, @mikegolicjr you should pack on the pounds in quarantine and be Kevin Owens for Halloween. @mikegolicjr Like the dude with 6 pack abs, a chiseled jaw, and flawless hair needed a fictional trophy to make his… made air fryer “baked” potatoes tonight… it weird that I thought this was some sort of @JimmyDean sausage mobile? I’ve been home for waaaaay too long 😂, I’m sorry… WHAT?!? 👀
The only person I want to see on #Wrestlemania36 tonight (or tomorrow) is…… @espngolic @mikegolicjr @JGolic88 bedroom NYC apartments were not designed for 24/7 occupancy. @ejsamson @helenjstoddard Most people bought food, water, masks… EJ was worried about his biceps 😂 @ogfamhype @nicekicks Nope. But I got the non-rf already, so my girl would’ve killed me anyway lol @mikegolicjr I miss sports @ogfamhype @nicekicks You get the cinder rf? @nicekicks @ogfamhype Hype. Plus we all gonna take L’s on SNKRS anyway. What’s the point?My hometown, my university #proud is literally impossible to remember what day it is… @tldtoday Stupid people gonna stupid... unfortunately, for all of us. 😞 @MikeVPerry @MikeVPerry Uhhh, so, can we go to WWE together? Cuz my lady is not a fan! LOL @MichaelTringe Yep. Looong night!
@phreddyl @CaseysCut No, it’s liquid. But... mom also included this @weatherman_0521 @CaseysCut IndeedMy mom sent us hand sanitizer from a distillery in KY. If there’s one thing my home state knows, it’s high-octane a… @ejsamson @stephenossola I muted those @MikeVPerry #RentStrikeSo thankful to be working for a company that gets it. @Twitter has made the pivot to remote work pretty seamless, a… has been an uptick in domestic violence incidents. We want you to know: If you are in a dangerous domestic s…
Retweeted by Justin SeeleyNothing like a gas leak in your apartment building to ruin your social distancing plans… 🙄Wait, today was THURSDAY?!? @austinjevers @ejsamson *goes to find Austin’s ig* @austinjevers @ejsamson Wait, Austin won’t let you follow him on Instagram?!?
BIG FACTS 👇 @pastorlocke @richardmarx Stop 👏 being 👏 irresponsible 👏Feeling much better today 💪💙 Twitter
Retweeted by Justin Seeley @garyvee I wish someone could buy my prints to help me out through this.
Retweeted by Justin Seeley @austinjevers I can confirm that it has been raised to 3,900 cal per day. @davidblaine is on tv?!? Dude, I hit the quarantine lottery tonight! #TheMagicWay @joliemiller 🤜🤛I proudly drove the struggle bus today. I think it’s inevitable to have days like this but, damn, it’s tough. Liter… you @garthbrooks! This #GarthAndTrishaLIVE concert is exactly what I needed after a difficult day 🙌
Tank made a quick cameo in one of my meetings today. He’s now exhausted. 💤 🐶 @theyeezymafia Red October V2 🔥 @GodisRivera Same! Putting it into practice is the only way to stay fresh. @stefsull Umm, good? @GodisRivera Yes! Drawing/painting. Brushing up on my Spanish is also a good idea. Maybe we should start a study gr…👇 💯 👇 @nedsegal @austinjevers don’t think journalists who have #COVID19 should be on-air doing their show while sick. This might cause some peo… @racsterls @austinjevers My grey hair would indicate I’m now 74, after starting March at 35yrs old… @racsterls @austinjevers The answer you’re looking for is… A LOT younger than those of us asking this question. LOL
This concludes day 74 of March, and I look forward to all 300 days of April… 🥴 @AmericasRealist @Blackbirds These are so good! 📸 @austinjevers @NYC_LAE @angelasobol @jgconley3 is the news I needed today👀 @angelasobol @jgconley3 Space heater + sweatpants = 🔥OMG! That’s the Tweet! 👇's your day going, Justin? Well, I set my pants on fire while I was on a hangout w/ @jgconley3, how about you? 🔥😫🔥 @JESnowden Yeah, but why wait til mid April?!? Just pull the trigger now. It’s a streaming series, right? Just, lik… trans and non-binary communities around the world this #TransDayOfVisibility: We see you, we support you, and we stand with you.
Retweeted by Justin SeeleyMe to my Blueberry Muffin this morning… @DesignsSmiths @davidlylejones I feel like I should let @DelReid design my sleeves if I do… 🤔 @Tim535353 Tim is a smart cookie… #NoChips @BukkyOjeifo @helenjstoddard OMG! Happy Birthday, Helen! 😂 @davidlylejones Don't tempt me, David.American deaths from the coronavirus now exceed American deaths from 9/11. This is no big deal, according to the pe…
Retweeted by Justin Seeley