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principal software engineer, doing misogynists a frighten. no TERFs allowed. foul mouthed. she/her, cis

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@mikeshiplet Oof that is tough.I don't like to tie self-worth to work performance, but this is not that. Work FEELS better when what you do matter…, just about everyone is going through some shit atmDon't underestimate the power of positive feedback, especially with everything that's going on right now. It's almo… @angelmbanks @_raven_io I liked Lance best and it was the first of many times I've crushed on gay guys lolsobUber CEO says its service will probably shut down temporarily in California if it's forced to classify drivers as e… @lil_morgy ASL, string theory @_raven_io I didn't even know those girls existed @ReignOfApril Even if true, doesn't that just mean he descended from that man's victim? I don't understand what any… to your girl how NNNOOOOOObody wanted to talk about slavery just weeks ago because "it was in the past and we…
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @Robotbeat @erinbiba It's a tough call. But also, ineffective masks can provide a false sense of security, which is… @Robotbeat @erinbiba But yeah knit fabric is extremely, extremely porous. Just ask any knitter @Robotbeat @erinbiba Fair enough. Hopefully if someone is already willing to take the step to wear a neck gaiter as… @erinbiba @Robotbeat I mean, if you read the article you can see this is based on simple lab experimentation, relat… @DineshDSouza Bro I'm not remotely her biggest fan, but she was literally bused to school during integration. She i… because this is important health information - this is because they are TOO breathable. They don't actually con… @ekp @sm @FrancoiseBr @emilykramer @kmonkeyjam @ingridavendano @Ana_M_Medina @beabahn Thank you, this means a lot c…
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @robbystarbuck Feel free to point me to all your tweets calling out men for similar lyrics before #WAP was released. @wagatwe Someone should remake this and replace Kamala with Anita @MikeIsaac Wait was that the creepy kid who was obsessed with Betty? It's been so long since I've seen the show @EbThen My elderly dad fell from a really high ladder last year and was badly injured, but not as badly as this. I… @EbThen Oh my god, I am so sorry. Fuck. Let us know if there's anything we can do @ekp @sm @FrancoiseBr @emilykramer @kmonkeyjam @ingridavendano @Ana_M_Medina @beabahn Thank you, this means a lot c…
Never mind apparently it wasn't a tweet, found it by googlingI can't find the tweet, did he delete it? Someone please save me from searching for tweets by Ben Shapiro about vaginasWait wait how did I miss this one @robbystarbuck Showing women it's okay to be in touch with your sexuality is a good thing. It's a song about fun se… @PemoSale 1. These are ugly 2. Why is he standing like that????? @HaveYouGotItYet @RaxKingIsDead @MaraWilson Lmao @robbystarbuck It's pretty obvious that you only have this energy because it's women doing it. @robbystarbuck Which is what?"Hitler for Veep would be better than Trump" is not a take I expected to seeThis is where we're *starting* the discourse? Can I opt out of the remainder of 2020, please… @robbystarbuck You directed the video for Enormous by Gucci Mane, no? How is this not a double standard? story of double-standards in four parts:
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @GeorgeC44109461 @Chesschick01 The point is she needs to stop pretending it's not supposed to look like Nazi concentration camp patches. @loudstone @Chesschick01 Who made the image? Can we just ask them to confirm? It's pretty damn obvious, regardless… @Chesschick01 Clearly whoever designed it INTENDED for it to evoke the patches Nazis forced Jewish people to wear.… @erinbiba @textilehistory @Chesschick01 Also look at the background fabric: it's a yellow sewn patch on a blue/gray… @Chesschick01 @erinbiba Um, the typeface makes it pretty obvious. @eringriffith Thank you for the article. I myself am a lead plaintiff in the gender discrimination class action aga… it to figure out how to put an end to poverty porn accounts like yours.
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @CoalhouseTweets Yeah, I also got results about the programming language but added more terms about race and found… has enlisted Kamala Harris' family members and top campaign advisors in its clash with organized labor over a…
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @Wuod_Dala @skynetesq And what specifically my MO is? @Wuod_Dala @skynetesq Or what "type" I am @2ndTallestBear @LiviniusW @JimBake39988734 @ElaineKnuth @ACLU National socialism is not the same thing as socialism, sweetie @Wuod_Dala @skynetesq I would like to know which crowd I am part of. Thanks @Wuod_Dala @skynetesq You don’t know a single thing about me or my personal history. @dianelyssa @JulianCastro @ewarren I wanted Castro/Warren or Warren/Castro so much 😭I'm just laughing/tired because SO MANY PEOPLE said this would be an issue and it literally happened the first time… the first time I used this feature to make it so no one could reply, I had four antagonistic quote-retwee… at Twitter rolling out the ability to filter who can reply - which doesn't prevent quote retweeting - immediat… white women too @skynetesq Do you know a single thing about either of their records? Do you realize I live in California and am a… @skynetesq Lmao imagine being this uninformed about both Biden's and Harris's records on police brutality. And als… men who quote retweet this, even though I've disabled replies, just to tell me I should suck it up and vote for… @ElSangito I've found out I follow a lot more centrists on Twitter than I thought @keithkurson It's a good question for more senior roles because a lot of times you can dive deep technically but also organizationally @keithkurson I like to get someone to talk me through a challenging technical problem and how they solved it. For c… @BlueState4Life Abstaining is not the same as voting for Trump. @findgriffin No I'm doing the "both candidates have sexually assaulted women and as a survivor of sexual assault, o… @BlueState4Life Telling me I should vote for someone I believe committed sexual assault is vile. Unfollow me now. @BlueState4Life And unfollow me. Thanks. @BlueState4Life As a sexual assault survivor, I mean this sincerely: go FUCK yourself.It's not actually funny, I just laugh to keep from screaming.Oh wait, this wasn't clear enough lololol. Not planning to vote for *either* rapist @findgriffin Explain? What does his tweet have to do with mine? @dropdeadyeppeo @IWriteAllDay_ Are we talking about the rape denialism?Whatever, I wasn't planning to vote for the rapist anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️With everything I've heard over the last 72 hours by women subjected to Bret McGowen's abuse prior to me (verbal &…
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @mollylambert Google it But just be careful y’all don’t fall into the “The sassy angry aggressive Black woman is gon…
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @auburn1159 @propublica South Asian @itsa_talia I'm genuinely surprised at the level of enthusiasm from people I follow. People who were tweeting ACAB one month ago.boy the Dems really hate the left huh
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna TaylorAnyone else notice how Trump has just totally dropped Pence from campaign materials? That it’s all “Trump 2020”? Ha…
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylormy run mate? is me. my campain manger? yes me. cabinent, me. voters me.
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor"After losing, it fought to keep the newly released man from being compensated for the decade that he spent wrongfu…"Harris’s office didn’t merely fight to keep a man in prison after he’d demonstrated his innocence to the satisfact… @JTHVerhovek @KamalaHarris Her mother is Indian, her father is Jamaican. Neither of those are in Africa.I was literally about to tweet my prediction that it would be Kamala Harris when I saw the news. They have a lot in… have this feeling, and I'll add: frustrating FOMO as other people seem to be going back to their social lives but… @AndrewYang Go away already @marathondee You posted some shit about BEATING WOMEN because you're "bored?" It wasn't boredom that made you do t… Trump will suppress the vote enough to win again.finally at long last i shall know true peace
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor left out two pieces - gonna need a bigger mermaid room!Mermaid room ^_^ #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch never seen men condemn a rapist or an abuser as loudly and quickly as they've condemned Cardi and Meg's song about consensual sex.
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna TaylorAmerica: A Story In 4 Acts
Retweeted by Justice for Breonna Taylor @naomialderman Cryptic crosswords are great, I'm just learning them too! @Mike_Pence "Pro-life" is such a misnomer. @2ndTallestBear @LiviniusW @JimBake39988734 @ElaineKnuth @ACLU Homeland was literally a Nazi propaganda word.
@EmilyGorcenski Janelle Monae is how I knew. Ffs @EricaJoy Are we talking WAP or???? 🥴🥴Anyway if you're still unsure, this should clear it right up