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funny n relatable socially-conscious hot chick ✨✨Black lives ALWAYS matter✨Community manager for @fanhouseapp✨Insta: justky1018

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@nyquills We used to be a country a proper countryyeahIm in a weird place in my life and I just wanna be with another person who's also in a weird place in their livesIt was fun until your food was ready and your mom forced you to take a break when you’re in the middle of winningWe used to be a country, a proper country
Retweeted by 𝒦𝓎Mister Rogers would be so disappointed in usThis thing had me in a chokehold @RobDenBleyker Shhhh nostalgiaWe used to be a country, a proper country @atkerijean That’s very true 🥺❤️ @atkerijean I. Really. Wish.What’s your love language? Mine is a man who eats pussy @himbomedic @KaylaConnell711 Nah I order that shit
@himbomedic This is all I wantLol hey depression meal has been Taco Bell lately, what’s yours?“How are you?” Not good but I have giant knockersI’ve said this beforeIdk who needs to hear this but if you like me based on my tweets seek helpSay it with your chest lmaoI think he thinks I’m a snobby bitch sucks my tiddies and wants to be in charge men have life so backwards @SenpaiKoala LolololJust want a man who will bark at me when im nakedI am drunkForget kissing under the mistletoe I’m trying to get railed underneath itNo one ask me how I am I will immediately start sobbingI’m confident for 20 minutes a day tops
Gonna “I have big tiddies” my way into some dick @mikey99811 ?????????Like the tweet you cowardsDo I walk into oncoming traffic or do I eat Mac and cheeseI shouldn’t be sad with such huge boobsCould a depressed person do this feel like psychopaths drink gin and tonicsGet you a girl who tells jokes in the middle of sex (me)The depressed urge to buy a sun lampCan a guy let me hit simply because I’m goofy @angel_0f_deathx Idk how I got hereHow do yall afford apartments in major cities?????Me on twitter everyday thinking it’ll cure my depression if I took my Flintstone vitamins when I was younger I wouldn’t be depressed @KidneysJoe Okay and your point @fealios Im aware :(
@smithsara79 I love you so muchProbably both @AndrewsNotFunny DamnAm I depressed or do I just need the sun not to go down at 4pmJoking doesn’t make me any less sad it’s just a really bad coping mechanism lmaoI have giant boobs and a giant hole in my heartHow am I so sad yet still so hornyBad bitches have panic attacks in the bathroom and go right back to workI’m gonna tell you guys the truth I’m struggling mentally right now with a lot of things. It’s been hard. But I’m trying to be okay.I’m okay. It was my fathers death anniversary, my seasonal depression is kicking in and I’m being ignored by people… are you genuinelyMe: *drinking caffeine with anxiety* I’m awake but at what costYou would think blocking someone would be easy when they’ve hurt you but it’s not @NILES100 Settings and privacy turn off dmsMinding my business @PallaviGunalan @FunnilingusLA You’re so cute
This 🤏🏾close @Skoog Are you okay? @itsMalikEl This you? sane urge to delete Twitter and never come backI was off Twitter for 3 days and everyone is still Horny and sad @jasminericegirl @dragon_khoi @__Jerry______ @AlejoP_47 @imzaytri @breadwitchery @natwith__ @amygtownsend
BRBMaybe someday someone will fuck me so hard I’ll stop tweetingare men good now since no nut November is over ? @Paypig1341 I wish I wasWhy do men have ears? Y’all don’t listen to nothing. Are they decorative???I shaved my pussy for a man who ignores me now Smdh
People who drink tequila…who hurt you?Rihanna can produce a baby but not an album??? @maxoupial IlyFlirting with random Twitter users…as a bitBeing an adult is drinking coffee at 6pm and hating yourselfFor those saying that’s a red flag y’all are nerds lmao @fealios I knew I liked you @Colin_Cromien Do we @plagueboi_wow Never seen it @RobDenBleyker I have seen 0 but I’m proud of youI have huge tiddies, a great personality and I’m okay looking, but I’ve never seen one Star Wars movieEver want sad sex? Like you’re miserable but you want to be close to someone? Feel something?Cried like a baby in therapy today. @atkerijean Gemini men are worseGonna stuff my nipples in his nose. Assert my dominance. @Browtweaten @LlamaInaTux @DrakeGatsby @lolennui @50FirstTates @momjeansplease Adam ❤️🥺 @makjako I hate you LmfaooooThis the one Twitter after 11 horny hours??? @ElaniKitten Yes? @Paypig1341 Cashapp only
I just want a man who thinks I’m hot and funnyOne time I was fucking a man and I slapped his ass. Asserted dominanceAm I funny or am I just hot and you guys pretendBut the red flags are heart shaped @chazzofsheckys Give you blue by Allen stone @atkerijean Take me where your heart is by Q @Branden_EnotO Oh Devil by Electronic Guest