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I just want equality and tacos✨💗Insta: justky1018✨💗 Black Lives ALWAYS matter ✨💕

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@RobDenBleyker This is serious business 😭😂 @RobDenBleyker ROB @climaxximus They don’t need those, you on the ground before they can get them on @tennisonok @bigsharkguy @adamgreattweet @PallaviGunalan @sherrysworld @FireBeets @getlaidan @AbbiGreenGiant @Keally22 Justky1018 @drivingmemadi It’s lit @drivingmemadi Umm hi @sgtballsvevo Man lmao @discpix FfsIf you said tequila you’re wrongOkay okay okay...Vodka or TequilaSo you’re telling me I can’t keep blaming my problems on 2020 when the year ends?
Retweeted by 𝒦𝓎 @bocxtop I need to see Lmaoo
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@LlamaInaTux Gosh dammit @LlamaInaTux HiMy tweet might be depressing but I got you a gift, and that’s a free month to my fanhouse code: KyTime I mean...I… @sherrysworld 💕🥺🥺 @sherrysworld Yesss baby ✨😍ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS! Have you been naughty 😈 or nice 😇either way, I got you all a gift! 1 month free to my Fanhous… list✨🎄 1. A fucking break @Skoog I’m unfollowing at this point @Skoog What @video_jame What I should call James: annoyingStop telling retail workers TGIF, we work tomorrow. @MNateShyamalan Yes❤️you’re welcomeOnly 28 more days until we are in the same exact position we were in in 2021 @ItsLumberzack ZACK 😭💕🥺 @dxxnya Are we still in high school? @itmeaubrea Dude I’m doing this now lolI bought a ball gown. I’m 23 in the middle of a pandemic and bought a ball gown. @MillieMouse13 You’re hot?? @MillieMouse13 Fucking stunning
@ashhhhhhole Ty 🥺 @desukidesu Suki....Black lives still fucking matter. @AshyMalik I chose kill. Have a nice day ❤️ @showmetheyamz @memetazaa @sahana_srini @sheriadidthat @leah_sampson1 @c_lapuhl @verymimi @becca_oneal Ily 💕🥺 @mayaisfiya @bocxtop This is my favorite tweetPeople who don’t have any cream or sugar in their coffee and just raw dog it. Y’all are a special breed.White friend: do you wanna get a ouija board?? Me: baby, I’m black.
Retweeted by 𝒦𝓎 @Skoog No but thanks for hyping me up lol 💕 @Skoog Oh shit good morning 🥰 @Skoog Skoog @RobDenBleyker @desukidesu I’m calling a Priest for you @RobDenBleyker @desukidesu If you’re back on the ground I’m sorry there’s still a spider there @desukidesu Did you land on the ground or did you flyGood morning, fun fact, there’s always a spider within 3ft of you. Have fun with that information.Like the tweet you cowards 😭😂God: *creates Adam* Adam, immediately:
Retweeted by 𝒦𝓎 @TheAugoosetus We making memes now 😭😂Y’all. NOT HIM HOLDING THE COTTON afsgdhdjejwkeagwhwkwl @badboychadhoy I fuckin SCREAMEDI went on Facebook for 5 minutes and I see why I never go on Facebook friend: do you wanna get a ouija board?? Me: baby, I’m black.
Wow @Spotify you don’t have to call me names when all we cared about was that movie Bird Box?
Retweeted by 𝒦𝓎Pro tip of the day: please use common sense. @TheAugoosetus Bro I hate people lololol @kaylaspencer_ I fucking hate people lmaoIsn’t it common knowledge that with buy one, get one YOU PAY FOR THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM?! @discpix @bocxtop can you answer thisI knew humanity went downhill when someone got stabbed over a Popeyes chicken sandwichWhy do we think 2021 will fix everything 😭😂we are going to be just as locked down as we wereDo y’all remember the last movie you saw in theaters?Remember when all we cared about was that movie Bird Box? @swisha_24 Listen to music @Skoog Skoog wtf
@video_jame Except you James. You know I like you 🥺When God created winter he thought Florida would have better people @_justwinnie Dope af @Skoog Makes sense @AshyMalik went to target for eye primer the other day, forgot the eye primer, still walked out with $250 worth of stuff
@lincnotfound Inner circle huh 😋 @VinMan17 I’m concerned @Quantum_King_ @TheAugoosetus Take your L king @TheAugoosetus @Quantum_King_ bro was starving @video_jame Can we get a slush too @Skoog So you wanna go to target or notWomen go there for absolutely no reason. We go there if we are sad, happy, mad. TARGETMen, just go to Target if you’re single.When Katy Perry said do you ever feel like a plastic bag...and we didn’t question does that even mean
Retweeted by 𝒦𝓎 @angel_0f_deathx I love you so much Lolol @desukidesu We are too much alike to be dating hahaha you’re a Leo! @desukidesu Omg you have co star too?? @angel_0f_deathx Bitch how did I not know this was your account omg @crocodilethumbs @homemadebyirene is
Tequila 🤢Name a drink that makes you gag at the thought of it @FireBeets Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious @crayon_colours I mean yeah but shhh for the tweetI admit, when my white friends do something to me I say, “is it because I’m black” to scare them back into their placeI’m only mad because I’m working today lmaoIf America is so “Christian” why are businesses open on Sunday 😂😭 @AshyMalik See you on the other side after you choke @VinMan17 I got work tomorrow man😭
@Skoog Very humble of youGood morning to everyone but racist, if you’re racist I hope you burn your tongue on your coffeeThe daylight is saving too much time