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Christian @JustSayCJ Zierikzee, the Netherlands

Dutch / English • Competitive RL player for Ascension • 1545 peak • @HZICT student • Discord HypeSquad • PSV • MV • @VaraneMusic • Stephanie ♥️ 1/1/2020

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Oh man this is really something. Lando’s final lap with the uncensored team radio too 🤯👏
Retweeted by ChristianBeste tiktok die ik tot nu toe gezien heb 🔈
Retweeted by ChristianNice world if Hamilton didn't touch Albon off the track today 🧡
Retweeted by ChristianIt’s been a long break, but it was worth the wait. 👏 @LandoNorris #AustrianGP 🇦🇹
Retweeted by ChristianYES LANDO! 🇦🇹 #L4NDO #AustrianGP #F1
Retweeted by ChristianIncluding boardradioI want to see Lando's last lapThird place = 15 points Fastest lap = one point Champagne trickshot... what do we think? 😜🍾 #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 #F1
Retweeted by ChristianLando Norris met zijn eerste podiumplek in de Formule 1 🎉 Of hij daar bij mee is? Oordeel zelf 😂👇 #ZiggoSportF1
Retweeted by ChristianThis race was crazy dude wtfLET'S GO LANDOBOT @Prokonover @HasRussellScore F @wtf1official So I wasn't the only one who saw @ArchX_RL Vouch 💪🏻LF2 for a Permanent team 1800+ pref UK, Willing to grind and stick it long term Org lined up Serious enquires only DM :)
Retweeted by ChristianGood statement, but also good that everyone does it in his own way. Not everyone on their knees, like Lewis wanted… Appa to heal your soul ✨
Retweeted by ChristianUPDATED STARTING GRID Verstappen moves up to the front row, as Hamilton drops to P5 #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 #F1
Retweeted by ChristianNice not 🅱️tolen do this so often I don't even notice it anymore but other people tell me to stop and I CAN'T juli 2014. Dé wissel. Dé penaltyserie. Dé ontlading 🧡🧡🧡
Retweeted by Christiandon't mind the rank, am 3 ranks down in 2s compared to 3s you realize 2020 is only half over.
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Retweeted by Christianbig up @gReazymeister dropping some fire knowledge in today's stream
Retweeted by Christian @SASBurnerAcct @Daperc301 @FBI @this_vid
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@KingDucky_RL @ssyyriinn @brianchase__ @Athena Nah man keep ya head up, you'll get back to it :) @ScintillaRL Yeah the wind up here is kinda annoying tho, so loud and cold @Verantwoord_ @mrverheul @NS_online 😂😂😂 @QueenBee_RL @timbowiliams c:🔥PC ONLY GIVEAWAY🔥 💖PINK INTERSTELLAR💖 Winner will be announced on 7/11/2020 ❇️Here’s what you need to do 👇🏽 ✅…
Retweeted by Christian @ScintillaRL I thought 6'1 was average tbh xd @haserenaa Tiktiokfrozen is way overrated idc
Retweeted by Christian @KingDucky_RL @ssyyriinn @brianchase__ @Athena Quite similar to my last season. From C1 div 3 to GC back to C1 was… of y'all addicted af are everywhere smh
Retweeted by ChristianNiets aan toe te voegen.
Retweeted by Christian @ssyyriinn @brianchase__ @Athena Damn lol, nice I got shit on so much by teammates when I played so much better all… @brianchase__ @ssyyriinn @Athena Good teammates? Who's your dealer? I need those tooCan @gifyourgame stop changing their logo I keep wondering who messaged me on Discord dammit @RZerd97 Bottas' 2nd Q3 lap tho, what a beauty of a lap that was @TeamLiquid @fruityl0l @Speed_RL @kuxir97 LET'S GOOOWe're here and we're ready. Introducing Team Liquid Rocket League @fruityl0l // @speed_rl // @kuxir97 #LetsGoLiquid
Retweeted by Christian @kuxir97 HE TWEETED POG @LandoNorris @McLarenF1 @F1 Big ladWat prettig zeg @Kortom_Tom Sup
Retweeted by Christian @Dennis_RLeague @ThatsSavi This?
Retweeted by Christian @marz__rl @PGRish0 @Cooleales @cooleknorSKY BLUE OCTANE GIVEAWAY 🚗 Winner will be chosen on July 15th! 1. Follow me 2. Like and retweet this post…
Retweeted by Christian @CheriCheriSir @Alpha_Yui @MachtFisch @ThatMumboJumbo Lmfaooo @ScintillaRL Mood af @MachtFisch @CheriCheriSir @CheriCheriSir I'll show you when I'm home @CheriCheriSir No??Using the wrong fingers for WASD tho Utrecht zet deur wagenwijd open voor Sneijder, maar die past er niet doorheen
Retweeted by Christian @FelkoN_RL I know they generally don't but these 2 guys My god even my grandma would play betterOh boy it's on @Dennis_RLeague I finished 1/10 in 13 @Carlossainz55 @McLarenF1 @EG00 @jake_zao yissssss @visionrxsee The ones I encountered did do 1600s play worse than me LOL7/10 wins omg I'm getting that title this season @ScintillaRL @Fact I know this law lol @F1 @Carlossainz55 @this_vidA VERY early contender for team radio of the season 😂 #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 #F1 @Carlossainz55
Retweeted by Christian @cooleknor Het gaat super vlot bij onsSlowly but surely... IS BACK TODAYGiving away Interstellar :) To Enter: Retweet + Follow Winner announced in 2 weeks. Good luck PC only.
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@gitteglitter @NinaNameless @doewatleuks Maar waarom stroom er af??? @devinconnors All I want is that title man, been working so hard lol @pokketrut GEFELICITAARTSebastian Vettel spoke about how his departure from Ferrari came about on Thursday in Spielberg #AustrianGP 🇦🇹 #F1
Retweeted by Christianyey win off of GC boys let's get those rewards @HesthervG Het is gelukt haha @ScintillaRL All I want is for me to reach GC and get 10 wins before the end of the season so I can have that title…'re extending Competitive Season 14 and Rocket Pass 6. Check out the new dates, plus the latest Season Rewards! 📖…
Retweeted by Christian @TexoRL LOLSomeone make me a car design foe both colours with these dracos pls @TexoRL I bought themWat is het plakken van raamfolie nog verdomd lastig om te doen zegyo @SethEverman care to explain this? 🧐
Retweeted by Christianc: @gifyourgame Depay's first game back for Lyon since his injury last year. 90 minutes 4 goals 4 assists Only against P…
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