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Vegan, progressive. Enough about me. I'm here to resist. #fbr #TheResistance #impeach

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7/ How many more Gordon Sondlands are there, filthy-rich fuckwads who midwifed this mafia presidency into existence…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump"Sondland told Trump that Zelensky 'loves your ass,' " Holmes said...."I then heard President Trump ask, 'So, he's…
The right to free speech exists. Intimidating a witness while the witness is testifying is a crime, not free speec… single GOP House member at today's impeachment hearing has been a total embarrassment to their office, their…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrumpI feel so bad for Ambassador Yovanovitch having to sit through the Republican disrespect and dismissal of her testi… @EliseStefanik The House passed rules. Only the Chairman or counsel can ask questions in the first round, rest of m… @XSovietNews Trump is still getting away with it. His minions are falling but he's still standing. Sad to think tha… @AaronBlake @qjurecic It's weird to us lay people too..@ewarren just shared her plan for how we'll transition to #MedicareForAll within her first term as president of th…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrumpI truly continue to be astounded at the new levels of debasement and humiliation that Republican politicians will s…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @coreyreynoldsLA Because he is a trumper who gave trump $1m and is willing to lie for him and extort foreign governments for him.
#IHopeOurNextPresident speaks English, can read, only engages in consensual sex acts, isn’t a Russian puppet, isn't… billionaire
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrumpI sure wish I could hear what Trump is discussing with AG Barr in the Oval Office right now, but we can’t all be Putin. @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrumpUtter disregard for national security needs to be its own article: using private non-secure phones at the very leas… @jeffmason1 This is really sad. Thia is the fate of our country not a reality show.
@PaulLidicul I usually go with this one. on mobile @washingtonpost, @nytimes, and @CNN right now. Wtaf, CNN? This ia NOT what we need to hear abou… testifying that the President of the United States ordered the President of Ukraine to go to a microphone an…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrumpThis makes me so happy. Congratulations, @cmkshama! @Varla_of_NC @CommittoVote We should all worry about that dog. @harrylitman
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump
@DPRK_News @TheRickWilson Maybe when they "cover" sports, they can have knowledgeable people actually talk about sp… @CynthiaELong2 @Medic6940 @MikeBloomberg 🤣 @djrothkopf 💯 @joncoopertweets That would be fine.As an actual voter: we have way too many effing candidates. We should be reducing not adding. How arrogant must y…
@nancylevine @joncoopertweets Add workplace harassment and retribution against govt employees who speak out to the… @laryn_ok @djrothkopf @jilltwiss @iamjohnoliver @LastWeekTonight Can't watch until Monday night. Please tell me the…
@waltshaub Reported. This is disgusting.Air Force 1?
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrumpI get the impression that there's some sporting events this weekend. (/s, in case I have to say it) @GeorgeTakei What's up with trump's right eye? It's been half closed every time I've seen him recently. @FaceTheNation @RepSwalwell #GymJordan is the last person you want involved if you want Republicans to wake up to facts. @ProudResister I don't know what kind of voodoo math these economists are doing (I am no expert in this), but this… @justkiddingjeez @cwolmak Lol - love it @justkiddingjeez @cwolmak Cherry flavored popsicle
@EvanMcMullin Is it time for his annual performance review?#Thank10Women and keep it going: @maddow @ewarren @PramilaJayapal @cmkshama @KamalaHarris @SallyQYates @AOC saw the news that @KshamaSocialist is now ahead! My faith in my neighborhood has been restored. Now let's fig… @IlhanMN Some billionaire I've never heard of supports a billionaire that nobody wants in the race. That's it - I'm voting billionaire! /s @RepSwalwell @RepMarkMeadows Wow.For impeachment hearings, @RepAdamSchiff should set a rule that you can't participate or be present if you're a mal…
@slider2004 @RadioFreeTom @TheRickWilson Don't worry - Bloomberg goes nowhere in the race. Just like de Blasio.Welcome to the race, @MikeBloomberg! If you're looking for policy plans that will make a huge difference for workin…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @MittRomney (Covered by govt health insurance) @MittRomney Really? Because in the UK, you can get mindfulness training.Has any Democratic 2020 candidate bothered to come ro Seattle, @ewarren excluded? It's great being an afterthought… @LannyDavis @MichaelCohen212 @RudyGiuliani Omg @meslackman @AndrewKramerNYT Whoever these Senators are CANNOT be jurors in a Senate impeachment trial. Cc:… @tylergarret2 @PeteForAmerica @PeteButtigieg Thanks! I wasn't sure if "choice" was only "get m4a if you have no oth… @PeteForAmerica @PeteButtigieg I have 2 of "the best" private healthcare plans & I despise them. I'd love M4A for a… @kyledcheney @IndivisibleTeam This is great @RepAdamSchiff! Keep the Republicans on target. This isn't a debate abo… @DevinCow He could also try the block function. @davidfrum Thank youThe biggest crime of all: #TrumpExtorted at the cost of these men's lives. #GOPComplicitTraitors
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @funder #TrumpExtorted PELOSI : you should clone yourself Mr Trump. TRUMP : why is that ? PELOSI : so you can go a…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @ShimonPro Who are the prosecutors at the trial? @adamcbest Well it is PAM BONDI speaking. @EugeneDaniels2 @AndrewYang Also Manafort alum. Don't skip that.Elizabeth Warren has Wall Street shook.
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@AyannaPressley @ProudResister Thank you! @stevenportnoy @LindseyGrahamSC Amazing how Lindsey's excuses for trump change daily. We've now worked through all… @ProudResister Once upon a time before our lives, Democrats were the party of the blue collar voters. @AshleyRParker Even if that was true then (it wasn't), it's definitely not true a second time. @GarrettHaake @LindseyGrahamSC This was a bs excuse during the Mueller investigation, and it's bs now. @mayormcginn @TeresaCMosqueda Losing Sawant is devastating to those of us in that district. I guess Amazon installe… @qjurecic Nobody should publish that name. Just because right wing crackpots do it doesn't mean everyone else should. @PostOpinions @JRubinBlogger Why don't we talk about candidate's actual positions and activities, not make sure we… scene outside the WH...
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @briantylercohen @joncoopertweets Yes, there was only one, in Mississippi.Effing Fabio 🤣😂🙄😂🤣😂😅😂 @Amy_Siskind @DevinNunes Doesn't Nunes know how to just block someone?and the blue wave just keeps rolling 🌊🌊🌊
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@ProudResister Beautiful. AG Harris once they win! @AriMelber Bribery or extortion? Or both? @chrislhayes @ryanlcooper 4-day work weeks, not still 40 hours a week! @john_yazek @JRubinBlogger @axios Isn't he the head of Senate Judiciary still? He didn't leave yet, did he? That's a big problem. @TeaPainUSA Yes. Or extortion. @qjurecic He assumed that everyone would either not testify or would engage in a coverup. Oops. @tedlieu @POTUS Sondland's sudden fix of his testimony after being caught lying does not absolve his initial perjury. Just saying.Correcting your testimony after other witness expose your lies is still perjury. @taragolshan @AsteadWesley I still can't figure out who he is & what he stands for. I'm looking for candidates who…'s literally the point of M4A. @WalshFreedom Thank you. Preserving democracy, the rule of law, and the status of the US worldwide are by far more… @bravolii @eriktarloff @JRubinBlogger Oh agree! Debating policy differences are what this process is about. I'm ref… @DinahBernista @eriktarloff @JRubinBlogger Wait... She literally signed onto the same plan as Bernie. @eriktarloff @bravolii @JRubinBlogger I just can't quite stomach advocating for someone who doesn't really share my… @eriktarloff @bravolii @JRubinBlogger I hear ya. I decided somewhere along the way to support the candidate I felt…
@bravolii @eriktarloff @JRubinBlogger I agree with the sentiment. That's why I'm a Warren girl. It just never works… @RepAdamSchiff Thank you @HelenArmstrong5 How about on a weekend when people can attend? I see a lot of local events in the middle of the workday for 9 to 5ers. @Mike_P_Williams Is he still a thing?!Going to re-ask the question asked 1000 times by far smarter people: If a similar brand of economic populism doesn’…
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @eriktarloff @JRubinBlogger It shouldn’t. Every president has to compromise to pass new policies. Obama wanted a si… @SarahBCalif @joncoopertweets A lot MORE beersRead the Constitution.
Retweeted by justVi01a #ImpeachTrump @AshaRangappa_ Simpler: read the book vs watch the movie. Us readers and wonks read. Most people watch and listen. @SpeakerPelosi Thank you @ElieNYC @MalcolmNance I wish we could. It's embarrassing.