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@ChoboMe @jessicahkim see u 2 soonty to everyone that has shown interest so far! i'll be emailing people by 09/25 with more information if selected :) @SeanDNguyen omg thank u for sharing 😭 @AsianGuyStream serious inquiries only. don't play w my hearthi i'm looking for a tiktok vïdeo edïtor that is familiar with valorant and is also open to edïting variety content… @yoojpls i've heard that one a few too many times in my life... @hakukaze_ it rly do be.. im gonna go lay down forever @yoojpls as long as ur ever just get betrayed by someone you love? well i have @yoojpls yooj.. i really trusted you here not to throw that one at me because i held back really hard not using it… @yoojpls ALPACA SUPREMACY
@hernys_ ?my trust issues run deep @yueyings_ ok @faiwywink she can dom me anytime omg @faiwywink YES LMFAO AOITJEIOGJIOAGJIOGJi keep forgetting the #1 rule when watching shows that have a lot of death involved: never get attached to a character 🤧i can't believe my best friends are moving to la soon 😭 @finalken show @eluiulol im so excited for you!!
@cheeryio happy birthday cheeery :3 @plooful you look so soft n huggable
@Kyrokana sorry maybe in the future 😭 @xSassafraz i think thats where im goin @_LeQT oop im going to primal D: @NotNezba primal! @Kyrokana im not playing on russian serversi've been convinced to play ffxiv. see u there @yoojpls nice painting! @Maineyxc ok @yoojpls this is partially ur doing
@hakukaze_ PINK HAIR HAKU SUPREMACYcreds to genericthanks for the 1k subs. if i hit 1.6k subs i will paint my skin green n wear a maid outfit. gn @juwiaTV
Retweeted by -` juwia ’-feelin swampy tonight @kaz_u97 @RawrDong @yoojpls that was the most painful/scary round of my life @peterparkTV everyone looks so good 😌✌️ @RawrDong @yoojpls it was the most painful game of my lifePLEASE SHARE THIS BECAUSE IT’S AN ONGOING DISCORD SCAM. Please read images for context because it isn’t like the…
Retweeted by -` juwia ’- @yoojpls is that why you didn't wake up for the in-house @GreshyPoo thank u for getting that sick wallbang. it gave me an assist to pad my score up 😈
@_skag skag @plooful ANY TIMEi don't want to hear it @yueyings_ LMFAOO STOPPPPP HASOIAOIGGJ. i miss the dsholga days @Loldear EAT UP QUEEN @floaromaa I LOVE THIS SMMM. more irl-esque valorant content plsssssmaybe i was the cause of the earthquake. i literally did not feel it. mb y'all
@AidenSPhan @benjyfishy ok @haeunem you're so beautiful holy heckfeel like sun
Retweeted by -` juwia ’- @ggKuya I KNEW U COULD DO IT @jessicahkim @shreketc u n me? @karagii idk how you get prettier and prettier every day
@catsgomao thank u mrs mime :3 @yueyings_ thank u for not thinking im shit behind my back 😭 i feel bad for everyone that plays w me @yueyings_ i get performance anxiety even w people i normally game w @bloodyfasterTV nice 😈 @plooful i swear it feels like your clip is in x2 speed cause of how quick your flicks are @sproutling @NaniTalent thank u rina!! 😌 @xpori @NaniTalent aww thank u joyce 🥺 @Konfyoozed thank u darryl!! @kwistenkim love u too kwisten mwahh @EatMyPhannnie thank u lovely 🥺 @waifuouo 😭 i just remember being kinda shy/scared to say hi but it's not cause you're intimidating persay, i'm jus…
@TinaKitten 😭 you've come such a far way. let's GOOOOOO @hernys_ now u gotta get me another one @AidenSPhan ;-; u can always talk to me about whatever @hernys_ im blocking youimagine passionately talking about one of your interests and then they hit you with "damn that's crazy" @yoojpls fbi agent working a little too hard 😭 @Maineyxc @GreshyPoo @AidenSPhan @ggKuya @yueyings_ @baekariibae vouchBirthday commission for @juwiaTV c: <3
Retweeted by -` juwia ’- @floaromaa THANK U LOVELY 🥺💜 @gokhuu THANK U BRANDONN @Heyyrad THANKS CONRAD @W1shYouTheWorst THANK U LOVELY PB MWAH
@xSojin THANKS MAT!! @leeholic thank u my precious dear. 😚 smoochies for u @eXe_Des THANK U @ishfaruu TENKQ LOVELY HEHEthank you for all the birthday wishes! i feel very special and loved today. instead of getting me a gift, consider… @Aiervon @NaniTalent u could have just pretended to laugh on the TL but u decided to roast me. ill remember this bajaiervon @Aiervon @NaniTalent thank u bajaiervon @yutencha thank u qtpie. miss u 🥺 @sammytruee thank u sammyy 💜💜 @hanubuu THANK U QUEEN OF THE TRACKS & MY HEART @kiisumii aww thank u cawwiee 🥺💜 LOV U @kimchkim_ @NaniTalent thanks kimch 😌 @viavmber thank u amber!! @bluejaysong thank u jenny ;v; @NaniTalent THANK YOU!! y'all are the besthappy happy birthday to the most eggscellent @juwiaTV!! we hope you have a wonderful birthday full of great snacks…
Retweeted by -` juwia ’- @leeholic ur so adorbs sawah ;-; MISS UR FACE @Maineyxc THANK MAYNAY (tf would i want all those beans for tho) @lunalyxx thank u luna 🥺💜 @YenaTweets may i inspect deez nuts u speak of?? THANK U YENAAA @hakukaze_ AWW HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAKU 😭 i would love to get my nails done by you again!! ANYTIME WHEN UR NOT BUSY HEHE @canahry THANK YOU EMMA DEARESTT