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@thebonnie27 OMGG no whats humiliating is that a pro liked my tweet abt looking like imaqtpxe without following me ... lol @hyperspermias my precious smeagle voice asf @hyperspermias im scaredddd @hojpg2 perfect reply to weird questions 🤭🤭 @hojpg2 u are korean
@sissythatpatch real @huntichon like dam .. go twet to ur followers leave me tf alone... @huntichon i think theyre just talking to themself in ur replies 😭😭😭😭 @huntichon im so confused cus theyre like agreeing w u i think?? they worded it so confusingly @girlwidther8 when i tell ppl u took my virginity @girlwidther8 oki... @chibleee meow :3 @highupgrls i was watching in such angry anticipation 😭😭😭 like no way u said shit to their face!!! @hojpg2 hugs u @hojpg2 happy belated bday mia!!! hope u eat something yummy everyday for the whole month @chibleee hi (nightcore) @highupgrls i thiught the person in thumbnail was the one talking shit i was abt to be really hateful ..oh .. oh wow... my dms are open @wellbelow0 this is so scary야야 다 모여
Retweeted by junie @Seiolfur I WAZ SCARED LIKE WTF IS GOING ONNN아진짜 싸장님 손데여요 집들어가새요걍 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Retweeted by junie @Seiolfur they shud have done thid instead of that pikachu dance smh @Seiolfur reminds me of when the us *rmy twitter was beeing like uwu and shit 😭😭 exsqueeze me??
@snorkreloaded do thgey know 2chaengzi think dating has been hard for me lately because nobody wants to be captain save a ho anymore. people expect me t…
Retweeted by junieInstalled a mod on FFXIV that makes it playable
Retweeted by junieWe’re literally the same person
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@sissythatpatch as someone who doesnt know anything this lowkey feels cryptic @hyperspermias AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this song so fuckin slept onwtf u guys i have a fat ass.. i didnt know bc ive worn panties too big for me my whole life @junimojumper @krnnguyen_ @Olivia00262833 ok i do it in america and im korean and i LOVE COSTCO!!! n i got called r… @krnnguyen_ @junimojumper @Olivia00262833 DONT READ OUR MSGS BXTCH!!! @Olivia00262833 @krnnguyen_ WHEN U FIND THE FUGLY KAWAII TOYS!!! @Olivia00262833 @krnnguyen_ oh BITCH!!! @krnnguyen_ no this is me in target or walmart n im like omggg u guys got the hot cheeto puffs!!!
Retweeted by junie맥콜 집사님이 공유해주신 짤...너무 공감돼서 웃기다
Retweeted by junie @botoxdiet daebak
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pretty girl im like peacheshow come none of these are asian
@analhaseyo 3I WAS JUST THINKING ABT THEM @junimojumper i probably dgaf abt them so good job 😍😍😍😙😙 tucks u in @shuseph im right h3rethis altered my brain chemistrywhite complected but not white as in the race @junimojumper sleep well beautiful princess @junimojumper wow just like me
@junimojumper idc shes sexy @p8stie wheres ur dress from queen.. @evasoffline yeah u play games w ur friends to have fun and spend time together.. maybe ur friend is rly good at a… @hearteyeddoII i tryu are weird @hyperspermias im ctfu the pic says they taking a pic or screenshot like the shutter noisesometimes i think of shit so wise and sad i need to take a second to just meow in my head over n over until i feel better @JeIIybuns i think aabt this soooo much too like i have so much anxiety when im in big crowds now too 😭😭😭if my nails pop off does anyonr want themfinally was able to properly apply gel nail tips lets celebrate!! @botoxdiet omgggg do u like it @JeIIybuns ppl seriously dgafgrown ass man named kevin
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@JeIIybuns thank u ... lovey u @JeIIybuns i survived @RANNIESUSJEANS a revisiting today omg... need to get dalshabet viral @RANNIESUSJEANS OK THE WAY I LITTERALLY LISTENED TO THIS YYESTERDAY WTFFご飯の妖怪いた…💭
Retweeted by junieI’m sick of diet culture, food pyramid and all that bullshit. There are two major food groups: foods that give yo…
Retweeted by junie @bideogaymes 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@shuseph whos gonna mention fussy tho @highupgrls in my room sitting on this dammm chair“Only recently do I forgive myself”
Retweeted by junie @JeIIybuns bazoinga
@bonniequeue @sen_ebooks omggg im blushing.. @bonniequeue @sen_ebooks do we have lore too