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Fuck it, The Past Is Perfect (he/him 21)

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Jackie Robinson, the least hated baseball player ever. No one hated him
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @aguycalledsquid never thatTulsi Gabbard urges Donald Trump to pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020nobody hates your sign, they just hate you.5 different artist did episodes of the cave and ended up with Grammy nominations a year later 🤔
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020sometimes we laugh sometimes we strike Yemen got droned now baby
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @wormslvt 5 inches i believe in you
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @boscaroli oh for sureWhere do you lean politically on the @shoe0nhead political compass?
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020We should gaslight Trump and say he was never president
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @shoe0nhead i inserted Mitch McConnell personallyBound 2 so fucking bad
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020So u telling me I had Conway,Benny,GIBBS,Roc Marci,Wale,Tylerthe Creator,Joey Badass, Cartier A williams tapdancing…
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020some of y’all really don’t need twitter in your life holy shit @allgroovybro or rather who did this happen to? @allgroovybro wait whoa what happened?J cole took the biggest (and most unnecessary) loss of the year by first attacking a wildly popular and talented ra…
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Jared sent me the soundcloud link to FEFE, i should ghost him love how it doesn't let anyone retweet or reply to this for some reason so you're all just sitting there unable t…
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @martino_jared hmuneck
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @martino_jared who’s moe and why he giving you queso?i love u . RT
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020newsmax told the truth once and their audince couldn't handle it
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @streamtun_ shortLe Djoliba- WSG
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @puffin_captain digital blackface is a stupid ass concept tho tbf @CrumpetTheUh you alright? @VandalianSystem anger a liberal, post a fake quote. To anger a conservative, point out their quote is fake
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020we're not doing this again
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020just @ me homie @CrumpetTheUh damn subtweeting now @IsaiahCollazo8 ofc you would @CrumpetTheUh @crustangel @jack i’m being threatened pls send assistance @BarackObama please drone strike England"Now Spiderman's got a SIDEKICK, one that displays the exaggerated SWAGGER of a BLACK TEEN!"
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Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @crustangel @CrumpetTheUh they won’t they know they lostsuck a man’s dick and he cums for a day. remove a man’s rib and he cums for a lifetime.
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @CrumpetTheUh @crustangel WHOAAAAA WHOS BULLYING NOW CRUMPET? even your fucking name is british as shit, your littl… @CrumpetTheUh @crustangel never heard of it @crustangel @CrumpetTheUh they trippin i told them it was lit cause i had three of them last night and they were li… know the life I’m supposed to live I just have to create it for myself
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020pls river dance on my soul, just absolutely grind me up into a fine dust @isharishami president of the united states just retweeted this onto my timeline
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020#IggyAzalea reacts to #PlayboiCarti after he tweets, "I told da bit to shut up! My son is crying.” 👀.
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020Genius Lyric Interview OUT NOW 🤘🏽 LINK:
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020jordan peterson is trending because he is apparently writing another "12 rule for life" which I think warrants a tr…
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @CrumpetTheUh you win i apologizeKanye’s albums in order 7 9 10 6 10 6 7 7 9 (KSG) 3 Smoke has been nominated for Best Rap Performance #Grammys
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @CrumpetTheUh you trying to get sassy with me?current mood: Zuckedburg applying the Sweet Baby Rays @CrumpetTheUh it’s 4:30 am @CrumpetTheUh you told me to go to sleep like i was a child, i took offense @CrumpetTheUh we squashing this beef? @CrumpetTheUh it’s beef 🥩drunk nuggies are better than sex @CrumpetTheUh nuggies bitch @CrumpetTheUh't wait for the Clean Your Room Guy's second set of rules.
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @CrumpetTheUh i’m gaslighting you @CrumpetTheUh @CrumpetTheUh good @CrumpetTheUh you say as you still hop in my DMs 🙄dinosaur nuggies for breakfast? uhhh i think yes @Animist_ honestly same @CrumpetTheUh’s beef with @CrumpetTheUh @Animist_ he loves me and supports my music 🥰 flex that mixtape money on her, treat her to some chipotle with your… you just... promote your OnlyFans under me saying I have Covid?????
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020 @CrumpetTheUh i won’t encourage it but if you choose that i will vibe @CrumpetTheUh fam, it’s like sunrise where you are, at least get breakfast first 😭😭😭Young Thug in the Jeffrey dress is my soulmate @Animist_ IM HIGH ON FUCKING WHITE CLAW BROTHER @Animist_ whatever you smokin, it’s hittini love @LILUZIVERT James Charles can get it tweetlove u @Corpse_Husband
Retweeted by YEARBOOK 2020Tweet Blitz all my funny ideas at onceJordan Peterson subtweet Kermitcoomer @CrumpetTheUh 😳😳😳 @CrumpetTheUh it’s the best flavor @CrumpetTheUh @CrumpetTheUh u just a hater homie, i’m vibing and it’s delicious @CrumpetTheUh @CrumpetTheUh it’s 3am over here dw @CrumpetTheUh yes i am drunk @Animist_ Piñata too